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L ife in Kingdom of Saudi Ar abia Some consider it like a tornado, you’ll never know what hits you. To some it’s a flash of lightning, voltages your deep centered energy that energized your nerves to work endlessly. For others are sailing across shores who wonders across the sea. A fantasy for many rediscovering their true identity. Here, it eradicates all the basic values (whatever that are) that has been taught to us since our birth. New sets of norms and ideals are sprouting from end to end. True lies it is. We as individuals living far form our native land, far from our birth culture are really amazing. Amazingly, adopting these new sets of norms in our lives. Bending old sets of rules to be able to survive in these jungle where you must really have to find your strength, your wilderness and adoptability through your friends and oppositions which will help you find it and use it. Albeit, these has been experienced from time to time, generations to generations. Threat to those who will be caught, swimming back to their native land for those with weak hearts, fight to the finish for the braves, living hopelessly for the trapped ones, chaos for the individuals being caught in the middle. The impact really depends to everybody on how we look at our lives inside these danger zone. Bottom line, no matter where you are, no matter what you do, no matter who you are, as long as you know yourself where you stand, you are rest assured that life here in KSA is no different with the rest of the world living under one roof, our Mother Earth. ----------------------------

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