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Choking on Smoking By Arvid Brunsell Humphrey Bogart, seen smoking in Casablanca, smoked heavily and died of lung cancer at the age of 57. The average smoker has four to six times more chance of developing heart disease if he or she is in the 45-57 year age group than the average non- smoker. Some companies make cigarettes called Bidis that are marketed for teenagers and are more popular amongst 18 years old because they are cheaper than other cigarettes. Bidis hooks the 18 year old group into smoking and as they get older they get addicted to cigarettes. “I feel that people are making mistakes in their life,” says Jae Won Shin a fifth grader at the American school in Japan, “They are not thinking about their future and the consequences.” When asked how he feels about smoking, Kai Shimojo, a student from fifth grade at the American school in Japan answered, “I feel that they’re facing consequences and that smoking is a big mistake.” Smoking-related diseases kill more than 400,000 people every year! There are people that are not smokers that are dying just becauseof people that are first hand smokers. 400,000deaths from smoking is really sad and if there were no cigarettes in this world their deaths would not happen. Smokers don’t care who’s around them even if the people around them cough. I think that they should care about people around them.

When asked how it would feel to have someone smoking in front of him, Mark Brunsell, a parent from ASIJ responded, “I will be concerned…people are not thinking about their health.” Smoking harms not just the smoker but also family members, coworkers, and other people that breathe in the smoker’s cigarette smoke. If the smoker smokes two to four cigarettes in a row it increasesblood fat 200%to 400%. I think smoking should be banned. Banning smoking will make the earth clean too because people won’t throw away their cigarettes on the ground. In Shibuya, Tokyo, there are a lot of cigarettes on the ground and it’s disgusting. Think about how you will grow up. Smoking effectively makes your body ill and it will change health of everyone that is near the smoke.

Choking on smoking  

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