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Discover India Where Tradition meets modernity.

An AIESEC India Initiative

Discover India

AIESEC Indore Presents Discover India in Association with AIESEC India in the heart of India and in the city of rich culture and Tradition, Indore.

Where Tradition Meets Modernity

When was the last time you spoke about Peace and Art?

India: Where Culture and Natural Art both are defined.

Contents: 1. Discover India: Why India 2. The India Growth Story 3. AIESEC in India 4. AIESEC in Indore 5. Discover India Conference In Indore 6. Purpose of the Conference 7. Indian Map with Food 8. Indore City 9. Our National and Local Partners 10.Contact Us.

AIESEC India 2012: An AIESEC India Celebrating 31 Years of Glorious Existence.

AIESEC Indore: AIESEC Indore is one of the most promising an emerging Local Committee in Western and Central Region of AIESEC India. AIESEC Indore has 3 years of existence and in its first year in 2010 has shown a growth of 23,500% growth and was awarded as the most progressive AIESEC India entity in its Region. AIESEC Indore in the recent times have shown exponential growth in the local corporate and non corporate sector by delivering high volume of AIESEC experience to its Stakeholders. AIESEC Indore is now emerging as a promising Local Committee for the recent future.

AIESEC India: AIESEC India has a 31 Years of existence and present in over 23 cities in India. AIESEC India has been leading the association in delivering the highest volume of International Internship experience around the Global Network. With over 4000 Internship facilitated in 2011 in a variety of Companies, schools and Non Governmental Organizations. AIESEC India is the preferred destination for all candidates from all over the world. AIESEC India is present over 23 cities in India and is still growing every year by 100% of exchange and expansion rate. For more information

Discover India Conference In Indore A city with the richest Historical Culture with divine Structures.

Indore: The land of Rich Culture and Modern Indian Tradition

Discover India Conference with 200 Delegates from more than 20 countries in Indore will be hosted in an Authentic and Indian Stereo Type Style with Indian Essence and Cultural Blend from Malwa.

Indore being one of the emerging city in India promises to deliver a Wonderful experience with diverse localities from all corners of the country.

Indore being the biggest Educational Hub in Central India has a great opportunity for young students for better environment for quality Education with renowned Universities.

Discover India Conference will have a study tour of one day in few Historical places near Indore one is Ujjain and Mandu. These two places are one of the most wonderful and beautiful tourist places for travellers.

Discover India Conference in Indore!!!

Indore: The City, The People and The CultureThe cultural heritage of Indore include remains of its glorious royal past, historic religious shrines and various archaeological sites. Indore culture is a unique blend of various cultures from across the subcontinent. Persian, Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Western Indian, British, Classical Indian, Medieval Indian, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Baha’I, Bohra, Jain, Buddhist etc. influences are easily observed in the demography, clothing, architecture and cuisine. Indore is home to a multi-ethnic and culturally and linguistically diverse population. Being a former Marathi princely state of the Holkar Dynasty, the people usually converse in Marathi, but Hindi is the official language of the city, spoken by the majority of the populace. Various dialects of Hindi can be heard here, namely Bundelkhandi, Marwari and Chattisgarhi.

BOLIA MAHARAJ CHHATRI Another stone architecture near to the above Mentioned KRISHNAPURI CHHATRIS.

KANCH MANDIR A Jain temple made entirely of glass and mirrors. The walls, ceiling, floor, pillars, doors, everything here is entirely adorned with glass.

RAJWADA PALACE / HOLKAR PALACE : Two century old residence of the ruling Holkar family. Its 7 storey entrance is a landmark of the city.

Interior of GOMATGIRI Jain temple, Situated on the hill about 10-12 km away from the heart of the city, there is a 21 feet tall statue of Lord Gomateshwar, a replica of the Bahubali statue of Shravanbelagola. Also built here are 24 marble temples.

Discover India Conference’s Main purpose and Objective is to Showcase Indian Culture Diversity to all International Trainees at one place to make an Impact and build a platform for sharing thoughts and ideas and experiences of their Internship.

Discover India Conference will be hosted in AIESEC India’s one of the entity AIESEC Indore which is situated at the centre of India. The Conference will be on 10th, 11th and 12th of August in Indore. More than 150 Delegates and 20-25 countries will participate to make this conference a AIESEC forum which promises to deliver high volume of AIESEC Enriching experience.

Come in Discover India and experience the taste of the country.

About Indore City: The Centre City of India.

About Indore Indore is the commercial capital of the state Madhya Pradesh, and a major city in Central India, Indore was the capital of former princely state of Holkars. Indore Posses a diverse culture and a rich heritage, and its history date back more than 300 yrs. The nearby industrial hub Pithampur houses many leading industries such as Hindustan Motors, Eicher Motors, Bajaj, Nicholas Piramal, Bridgestone, Larsen & Toubro and Gajra Gears etc. The electronics complex in the city also Houses offices of some of the top IT companies in the country. Indore is biggest Contributor of revenues to the Madhya Pradesh government. Indore is located in the western region of Madhya Pradesh, on the southern edge Of the Malwa plateau, on the Saraswati and Khan rivers, which are tributaries of The Shipra River. Indore has an average elevation of 550 meter above sea level. Indore city has People here know to maintain harmony by intermixing and enjoying their life, irrespective of castes or region and by respecting every religion. A city with abundant social life, Indore was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the largest tea party in the world.

AIESEC Indore Welcomes You to AIESEC India’s


Discover India Conference 2012  
Discover India Conference 2012  

AIESEC India's Discover India Conference 2012