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2017 Selected work

Arun Kumar Industrial design ISD Rubika X DSK Internationals

Hello! Design is where I connect with people. My understanding and analysis of User’s needs help me to define the product vision and strategy. My knowledge of engineering helps me understand technical limitations and allows me to easily communicate my ideas with engineers to bring my designs to life!

Looking for 6 month internship program




Individual Project

Bubble Shower Individual Project




Individual Project


My Role I pushed my limits to be a junior designer, always involved in entire process carried out in the assigned projects. An active function in ethnography, creating design directions, preparing mood boards, ideation, CAD, visualization and preparing presentation for clients.

Learnings Constantly involved in the conversation between engineers and designers, that leads to learn about manufacturing limitations and different material processes from the manufacturing department.

Oriol Mogas Bartomeu Design Manager, VISAVIS.

It was a pleasure to have Arun as an intern at VISAVIS, everybody appreciated his personality and dynamism in the studio. Very quickly he adapted to the projects he was assigned to, working proactively and delivering very good results. He also contributed very positively on the discussions and workshops throughout the projects- he is great team player.

Bruno Peccoud Lead Designer, VISAVIS.

I still remember Arun’s motivation and passion for design which was clearly evident during his interview. We hired him for a six-month internship as an Industrial Designer at VISAVIS and he proved to be an asset for us. During his time with us, Arun gained our admiration for being a good listener, a great team player, and an excellent designer.

01 Food processor Accessories To design a range of mixer accessories Internship Experience 2 weeks.




Design Character Spectra

Understanding the design essence of spectra and extracting their strong design qualities by creating a mood board.

Sketch Canvas Generating sketches following the design theme and reflecting the product features integrating function and form to the product

Mock up iteration By creating different variation of the product silhouette, that brings better understanding of form and proportion to validate.

Spectra’s Accessories The product lines up with strainer, spatula and knife. The design language of the product harmoniously integrating to the Indian kitchens with a style statement

What’s in the box? To produce the holistic experience to the user, a well refined packaging created with product.

Design Geometry Applying consistency in the product design language.



Product Expression The colour scheme reflecting the values of user target’s needs in their environment.

02 Bubble Shower Re-designing the shower experience Personal project 3 weeks.

Same boring and sleepy shower experience everyday

Monotonous shower experience A mission to change the stereotypical boxy, boring industrial looking shower head to more friendly and approachable .

Nature to shower Looking into the different environmental bathing experience, trying to get the interesting interaction to your everyday shower experience.


3D model exploration


The design of the product inspired from the bubble wand, cherishing our childhood memories.



Bubble Shower The shower enhancing your bathing experience by producing bubbles from the shower gel.

Twist knob towards right to activate bubbles Twist knob towards left to activate Shower

Shower Head

Bubbles outlet

Water pipe

Interactive Knob Shower gel storage

Real scale mock up to validate the size logic

Experience Finding the exact balance between emotional and functional value of the experience and extracting those values to the design was challenging in this project

04 Citrus RE-designing lemon Squeezer Personal Project 3 weeks.

Small little interactions A detailed study on the micro scenario of the existing product usage, delivering bettering understanding to the design details

Knife + Lemon Squeezer




Concept stories Generating different typology and interaction to the innovation thoughts.

Citrus Citrus is a blend of both knife and a lemon squeezer, which seamlessly integrates to the product usage.

Press the handle


Place the lemon and slide the lid.

Squeezer Slid back the lid


Press the handle to squeeze the lemon

Arun Kumar M Masters in product design student. ”I am currently looking for 6-8 months internship program” E-Mail : Contact : +91 9003169731 D.O.B : 09- July- 1993

Summary My understanding and analysis of User needs help me to define the product vision and strategy. My engineering studies, that helps me work better with engineers to build and launch new features and can easily understand the technical limitations.



Education ISD Rubika (Institut Supérieur de Design), Pune, India. Course: Product design Management. Jeppiaar Engineering College (Chennai University) Course: Mechanical Engineering Team Member: Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Design and Fabrication Team, ATV for SAE Baja (2014)

Professional Experience Visavis, India (6months internship) Well engaged internship experience, get to work in 8 live projects.



Partnership Project

Master classes

DCA Design Internationals (UK) Explore uses of wearable technology outside the remit of fitness & activity and propose a new idea.

Kipsta, France, Design a easy wear and fasten sport shoe

VISAVIS (Chennai) How do we ensure the workers wearing the safety equipment in a factory Home Centre (UAE) To design an aesthetic modular office range to be customized according to company’s visual identity. (B2B) Home Centre (UAE) To design a modular partition or screens for open living spaces



2D - Rapid Idea Generation through sketching and marker rendering 3D - Mock-up and Prototyping using foam, PU, thermocol.

2D - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk AutoCAD, 3D - Rhinoceros, Maya, Keyshot, HDR light studio.

Pedrogomes Design, Portugal, Design a product and service by merging two brands, by keeping their rituals. Asia Digital Mojo Design an app for indian railways to enhance the experience of foreign passengers Nabaiji, France, Design a product that will assist in swimming who all are beginners. Design Talent, UK, Create a product that will promote health and well being in a new inviting and fun way.

Studio Metis, Uk, Design and develop an app concept for kids for interesting learning.

Thanks for your time Feel free to contact.

Industrial Design Student +91 9003169731

Arun kumar|Industrial design Portfolio'18  

Design is where I connect with people. My understanding and analysis of User’s needs help me to define the product vision and strategy. My...

Arun kumar|Industrial design Portfolio'18  

Design is where I connect with people. My understanding and analysis of User’s needs help me to define the product vision and strategy. My...