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Shopping in Jaipur-Guide Jaipur, a city that represent the rich Indian legacy, will attract you not only towards its majestic palaces or rich art culture but it will fascinate you towards its colorful bazaars (markets) and you will not be able to resist shopping here. They are famous for their handicrafts, antiques, jewels, gems, terracotta, carpets, textiles, leather ware and metalwork. The city is also well-known as an important center in the world for cutting and polishing precious and semi precious stone, diamonds. In the city, you will find a number of markets glittering with famous art and craft of Rajasthan. These markets offer a variety of products. The interesting blue pottery, block printed textiles of Sanganer and Bagru, the batik work of art, sandal wood carving items, tie & dye fabrics, Mojari- (the local shoe), beautiful stone carvings etc. attract the due attention of travelers. The famous bazaars in Jaipur are Mahiharon ka Rasta, Kishanpol bazaar, Jauhari bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Haldiyon Ka Rasta, Bapu Bazaar and M.I. Road. Shopping in these colorful bazaars of Jaipur completes your trip to this part of India. You can buy gifts from Jaipur for your loved ones or gift yourself the colorful dresses of this region and keep them as a souvenir with yourself.

The Colorful Fabric and Carpets of Jaipur Considered as the finest city to shop in Rajasthan, the majestic city of Jaipur offers the visitors the greatest of traditional Rajasthan. You can shop for artistically hand-crafted fabrics and carpets. Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar and Kishanpol Bazaar are the places where one can find these beautiful and bright colored fabrics.

The Exclusive Handicrafts of Jaipur Throughout the world, Handicrafts of Jaipur are well-known for their unique quality and distinctive variety. This crafts capital of India, has a profound history of craftsmanship that has evolved over a number of years and has gained perfection which cannot be matched by any other art form in the world. This fact attracts a lot of art lovers towards these markets. If you wish to see the craftsperson at work, walk into the side lanes and enjoy seeing the work.

Quality Leather Items Rajasthan, particularly Jaipur is famous for its leather items like Jutis, Mojaris (slippers), sandals, bags and purses. A major part of Rajasthan’s population is involved in this industry. One can find these colorful slippers and other things specifically in Ramganj Bazaar. Tourists find it difficult to choose from a wide range of leather stuff and end up shopping for a good deal of stuff.

The Artistic Jaipur Jewelry and Gems Famous for its precious and semi precious stones, Jaipur is one of the most active jewel markets that enjoy a high repute around the world not only for the manufacturing but also for the polishing, cutting and setting of the stones specifically that of emeralds, diamonds and topaz. The flawless work offered by the brass workers of Jaipur can be categorized into Lacquered Brass and Carved Brass work. They are perfectionist in imparting life into the dull metal. Minakari or Jaipur enamel done on gold and silver is popular for the pureness of the colors integrated with uniformity. 

Places to Shop From: Ramganj Bazaar- shoes or jutis Kishanpol Bazaar - Tie and dye fabric Tripolia Bazaar - lac bangles and other items Achrol House, Subhash Chowk - carpets Khajano Ka Rasta - marble carving Sanganer village - Block printing, hand-made paper and blue pottery

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Shopping in Jaipur-Guide  
Shopping in Jaipur-Guide  

Guide on Shopping in Jaipur Rajasthan. There are number of markets glittering with famous art and craft of Rajasthan in Jaipur. Know about i...