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About India Medical Tourism Medical Tourism is a recent concept that has gained much popularity and attention in the past one decade. It refers to the tourist trend of foreign nationals visiting other countries, on the pretext of availing their medical facilities, while also taking the opportunity to travel and sightsee. India has become a major global center for medical tourism, with over 2 lakh people visiting the country each year with the primary objective of getting medical procedures done.

Medical tourism in India has attained huge proportions with the development of health facilities in the country. With the dawn of the new millennium and century, the federal government took various measures to uplift the standards of healthcare facilities, thus encouraging private initiatives as well. Since then, the proportion of tourists visiting India for different kinds of remedial treatment has been on a constant rise. In fact, it is estimated that by 2015, the south Asian country would have achieved a 30 percent annual growth rate in terms of its expanding medical tourism industry.

One of the main reasons for the rise of medical tourism in India is that it is much more cost effective for foreigners and NRI, medical expenses in India are roughly 25 percent less than what such individuals may have to bear in their own respective countries. Coupled with the modern and updated infrastructure that has been acquired by most private hospitals, and some government undertakings, relatively inexpensive treatment attracts a large number of people, particularly from the US and UK.

Another factor that allows foreigners to consider India as a viable option for medical tourism is that there is absence of the language barrier. In present times, a large majority of at least the service class in India is fairly fluent in English, if not a particularly proficient at it. Moreover, with the education system that India follows, there is little doubt that the doctors, surgeons and specialists are sufficiently qualified for providing specialized health services. The Indian medical industry is very advanced to the extent of having world renowned experts that are specialized in the various subfields that target different aspects of human health; from cardiologists+, pulmonologists and  rheumatologists to gynecologists, nephrologists and surgeons with varied specializations, India has a wealth of medical whizzes that can help treat all.

Apart from the diverse range of medical expertise and high quality health services that India has to offer, the monumental scope for sightseeing in India further gives an impetus to medical tourism. Rich in culture, with a fascinating history and traditional vein, the country provides an opportunity for widespread exploratory tour and travelling.

With the boom that India medical tour is witnessing, various tourist agents have capitalized upon the opportunity for monetary gains it presents. In fact, many such agents have begun offering special economy-packages for those visiting India for such purposes. As this trend of medical tourism assumes greater prominence in India, there is much to gain for both - those seeking medical help as well as the host country that provides these health services.

About the Author Alok Rana is a freelance writer whose major area of focus is travel. His articles on different travel topics like India vacation and India medical tourism guide are published on various online platforms.


About India Medical Tourism  

This article highlights boom and expansion of India medical tourism.

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