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Giovanni Alibrando 3, 9, 11 Block 1 Grade 8 The World of Water Over the past 2 years people have explained to me how long you should take a shower. According to, most teenagers take up to 20-30 minutes showers every day. If you ask me, that’s not good for you nor the environment. I hope at the end of this paper, I will have convinced you of the right amount of showering. Enjoy. You waste 3 gallons of water in one minute while taking a shower. If you take a shower with an equivalent length of 30 minutes you would waste 90 gallons of water. If you took a shower every day for the rest of the week you would waist 630 gallons of water. In two weeks it would be 1300; if ten people did this it would be 13,000 and with our fresh water shortage and the amount of people taking showers that are too long, the numbers seem to be adding up fast. Only 2.5% of earth’s water is fresh; almost 70% of that water is locked away in the ice caps of Antarctica and the rest is mostly as moisture in soil or in unreachable springs. Including the amounts I have previously mentioned, the world has 0.007% of the 2.5% to share amongst our selves. We are wasting 1,300 gallons a week showering and bathing. This, in my opinion, is a problem. You might think how unsanitary this is, how you can’t stay clean with out showering each day, but chemicals in your common tap water makes extensive showering unhealthy to your skin. Those chemicals little by little do get in to your skin,

and is very unhealthy compared to the harmless dirt you are trying to get off. But also when you expose your hair to dry and crack it, just like chapped lips or a hot desert floor after a flood. So, I think a healthy amount of showering would be about 2-3 times a week for at most 7 minutes. I hope you have taken something from this essay and will take my advice.

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