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  Giovanni  Alibrando      2,  14,  11      Grade  8      Block  2        

    In Toronto, Canada there once was a man named Jim P. Wallace. He lived in his friend’s Stephen R. Henries’s house. He has no life, let alone a job, and this is how he became a man. *** “Damn it! Damn it, damn it, damn it.” Jim said repeatedly. “ Are you ok, what happened?” asked Stephen. “I lost my kill streak.” “ Really, you were screaming like you broke your leg.” “ Ya, well its almost as bad” “Oh dinners almost ready, mm I have something to tell you, and one more thing put some real clothes on; you have been in them all day!” “Oh why?” Groaned Jim. “Remember, no real clothes, no REAL food.” “Umm ya, of course remember?” Jim lied, still playing video games intently. Stephan knew that he lied. In fact that’s the reason he brought up the matter, is because he new Jim forgot. And, just so I get the information out there, Stephan is the only one person that really cares for Jim life or at least can do something for him.

“So I will be in the kitchen, and when the food is done your off the machine and in real clothes.” Said Stephan. “Ok, mom.” Jim said sarcastically. “And you! Could never stray to far from the hmmm…” Stephan sang as he walked away, seeing that Jim was turning of the PS3, and going to his room. Jim’s room is small; it’s about as big as your master bathroom, with out the sinks and the toilet taking up all the extra space. The walls are painted a sage green, and it contains one futon and a cabinet. Even though that’s not much stuff, it is a lot for Jim.

“Hey Jim, dinners ready.” Stephan yelled across the house. Jim gets up heads to the kitchen to get some food. They were having American Chop Sui something they have had for the past few weeks, and surprisingly there still not sick of eating it. So Jim gets His food and starts eating in front of he T.V. “Hey you know my girl friend?” Exclaimed Stephan. “You mean Gorge.” “ NO, Stacy! Jim, its Stacy” “Oh yeah, Please don’t tell her I said that” “mm hmm, well she is moving in with me.” “Oh that’s great!” Jim said un aware of what’s looming in the short future.” “No, I need you out of the house” “What, I have to leave, were would I go! I have never had a job I… I almost failed high school” “I’ll help you get a job, it’ll be good for you.”

“Oh no, I’m going to be a hobo, and I’ll have to eat dirt.” This is Jim overreacting. “Don’t over react. You don’t can stay till you get a job, and you have to try… I already have some places you can try” Stephan said while Jim’s staring forward with a blank face. Afterword, Jim headed down to a under pass of highway 205, the one right next to the mall. But he was not just going under that bridge just to stand there. He was going to talk the girl under the bridge. She is a brunet and was wearing a purple shirt and jeans. She was playing violin with the case open in front of her.

Her name is Violetta, and Jim met her. It was morning time and Jim was drunk the night before. He fell asleep in the underpass and woke up listening to beautiful music. He laid there for the rest song taking in every note, and also unlike some people loving every one.

In Toronto  

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