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Giovanni Alibrando June, 11, 11 Block 1 Grade 8 To Kill A Mockingbird Alternate Ending INT. COURT ROOM. NIGHT.

Atticus walk back from his final statement. The kids see him trying to conceal his nervousness waiting for the juries’ verdict. Everyone else waits mocking his interest. Scout. How longs’ it bin? Sykes. I would Believe, (He pulls out his pocket watch) an hour and thirty minuets. Scout. I think that to be good, right? Reverend Sykes continues to silently look forward. Almost two minutes later the jury comes out. Bailiff. Court is now in session, everyone please rise. Judge. Gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict. Forman. We have your honor. Judge. Would the defendant please rise and face the jury, (Tom Robinson slowly rises to his feet to face the jury, and looks at the Forman) state your verdict. Forman. We find the defendant innocent.

Tom sits down next to Atticus in relief thanking him sincerely. The children with big smirks on their face show pride in their dad’s success. Judge. The jury is dismissed Bailiff. Courts adjourned. A crowd of people starts talking about the case as the kids lean over to watch their dad walking with Tom down the isle. Tom stops Atticus and points up at a balcony; the kids look too to see all the Negros standing facing Atticus. Jem. Why are they doin’ that? Sykes. To show their gratitude to your dads hard work and good will. He defended a Negro. Not much people could do that you know, your dads a good man, but I'm afraid he’s not goin’ to get a good wrap for this. Also you two might get some in school, promise you can keep Scout inline for me, I don’t want him beatin’ up on anybody? Jem. Yes sir. Tom and Atticus leave the building, followed by Maudie and then a few others. The children also get up to leave with reverend Sykes, trailing behind him until they could break off to get back to the house before Atticus did. INT. SCHOOL NIGHT. (Two days since Atticus won the case) Scout is wandering around the gymnasium looking for something; Jem is sitting and watching her tiredly. They are both in fancy clothes.

Jem. Everyone left an hour ago we can get it tomorrow. Scout. No! It’s the weekend tomorrow. I love this necklace. (A glimmer of light catches her eye) Here it is. Lets go. EXT. FINCH HOUSE. NIGHT Heck Tate pulls up in his car and walks towards Atticus’s house and knocks on the door. Tate. Hello! (He yells inside) I have some grim news. The door opens and Calpurnia steps out with a confused face. Calpurnia. Yes. Tate. Yes, is Atticus here I need to tell him something. Calpurnia. Well ok he’s upstairs, I’ll take you to him. Calpurnia let him inside and up the stairs silently. When they got to the door to Atticus’s room she knocked. Calpurnia. Atticus, Heck Tate is here can we come in? Atticus opens the door and greets them. Atticus. Hello Tate, nice surprise. They go into the room.

Tate. I have bad news. Atticus. Oh. Tate. Tom is dead. (Atticus heavily sits down) He was shot we believe this morning, and I’m afraid it was Ewell. Atticus. For loosing the case? Tate. And you won. Calpurnia. Could we be in trouble? Tate. Maybe. Atticus. Deer God the kids! They’re coming from the dance! EXT. RADLY’S. NIGHT Jem and scout are walking back from school to the house when scout stops Jem in front of the Radly`s house. Scout. Did you hear? (She didn’t finish what she was going to say, for at that moment she turned and saw Boo.) Jem. What are you saying? (Jem turns and sees Boo too) They both froze like dears in front of a moving car. Boo a pale man starts walking towards them, Jem and Scout still don’t move. They hear the door open, and Atticus comes out followed by Calpurnia and then Tate.

Atticus. Get away from my kids. Boo starts walking faster the kids started to walk back. Then Atticus ran at Boo and pushed him back. Boo runs around Atticus and continues past the kids to another dark person walking drunkenly towards the kids and takes him to the ground, the others watch the commotion. Than everyone noticed Boo was fighting Ewell, Boo was protecting them. At that moment Tate ran in the house to call the police. The cops come and take Ewell away, and the finches invited Boo in to thank him. He stays there with them for a while and then goes home but becomes a good friend and a frequent visitor.

To Kill A mockingbird Alternate Ending  

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