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Benefits of Buying a Health Insurance

Summary  In the recent years, science has advanced greatly. Developments in the medical field have made it possible to combat diseases that were previously thought to be incurable.  However on the other hand medical procedures, methods and equipment cost a lot. The hospital bills are very high. The charges of the doctors’ fees, medical supplies etc. are exorbitant. At the same time life is unpredictable. You do not know what to expect next.  Having a medical cover allows you to be prepared for life’s ups and downs. These policies can cover people in the case of hospitalisation and medical emergencies.

Health Insurance Myths ď ą Buying a health insurance is useless. ď ą Insurance companies are stealing your hard earned money.

Break Those Myths Now!

The fact of the matter is that it is not a frivolous luxury. The unpredictability of life makes the next minute uncertain. Having some sort of medical cover can make you prepared for any medical issue that may come up.

Benefits of Health Insurance ďƒźHealth policies cover the hospital charges. ďƒźThe policy may also include a daily hospital cash allowance. ďƒźFew insurance companies also cover the money that is spent commuting to and from the hospital, charges for food etc.

ďƒź In the case of a prolonged stay in the hospital, some policies may even offer recuperating benefits. ďƒź All medical policies insure you for illness barring a few exceptions but some policies may offer a lump sum for extremely critical diseases.

Cashless Hospitalization

ďƒź Many insurance companies offer a cashless facility. In such a facility each customer is issued an identity card. This card allows you to be hospitalised in any network hospital without any cash.

Tax Benefit…….. Is It True?

 Another benefit of opting for a medical cover is the tax benefits. You will be able to avail of tax deductions on the payments of the medical policy.

To Read the Health policy documents before you finalize a policy……

Before you get a policy, it is essential that you study what are the covers available and for which diseases. Many companies do not cover certain diseases.

Health Insurance protects you from the stress and worry of diseases and medical emergencies for your family ď Š

Benefits of buying a health insurance