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Sakuji Tanaka R.I. President

Dr. Jorson Fernandes District Governor



My dear fellow Rotarians, It is but natural to see lethargy setting in amongst many of our outgoing Club Leadership as they are going with the sense of fulfillment. The month gone by was a month wherein we all planned for doing good in this world three years from now by contributing to the Rotary Foundation. Kudos to our DCC, Annual giving Rotarian Anand Kulkarni for managing the whole gamut of activities with proficiency under the active guidance of our dearest DRFC, PDG Basil Dsouza. Despite the absence of yours truly for 12 precious days the collection was substantially good. Transparency and ethical means to collect money for annual giving has been the hallmark of Rotary Foundation Activities in District 3170. My Hats off to Rotarian Prakash Saraswat for his meticulous planning, using the total DDF and assisting all the Clubs from filling up of Matching Grant forms, Reporting, and following the stewardship to its core. Few of us did attend the Rotary International Convention at Lisbon in Portugal. Amazing breakout sessions and very informative plenary sessions enriched the Rotarians who attended the convention. 2012-13 was a year dedicated to the Special Children, had a very successful orator of District 3170, A magnificent informative Rotary Wockhardt Red Ribbon Program, a District Conference with a difference of simplicity,Visually impaired children making it to the peak during Stok Kangri expedition, no New Clubs but membership sustained, Training par excellent, Run for Water projects, Wheelchair Projects and reaching out to the beneficiaries to meet their needs to bring Peace through Service was the essence of the year. As I wrap-up my year my million thanks to my Past District Governors for their Guidance, Cooperation and Support at all times, To my Dist. Officers, Dist. Secretaries, AGs my salutations to each one of you for contributing immensely to the success of 2012-13. My best wishes to our Club Leaders, District Officers and the DG Rtn. Mohan Mulherkar for the year 2013-14.

Rtn. Dr. Jorson Fernandes. DG 2012-13

Message June 2013

Message JUne 2013

Dear fellow Rotarians, A Rotary convention is a powerful thing, and a first convention is an experience you never forget. My first was in Chicago, in 1980. That was the year I was president of the Rotary Club of Yashio. I thought we should learn more about Rotary, so I asked nine other members of my club to join me, and we traveled to Chicago together. We did not know what to expect from a Rotary convention. What we found was more than any of us had imagined. That convention showed me Rotary, and changed me forever. It gave our club something to strive for. I came to that convention as a member of a Rotary club. I left it as a Rotarian. The feeling that entered my heart in Chicago is still there today. I am glad I will have the opportunity, as an RI president from Japan, to be part of the convention in Portugal. Portugal and Japan have a history together that began in the year 1542. This was the year that a Portuguese boat landed on a southern Japanese island. The Portuguese sailors did not plan to come to Japan. Strong winds blew their boat off course. But it was a happy accident, and the beginning of a peaceful and prosperous relationship. In 1993, Japan and Portugal celebrated 450 years of good relations. Portugal was the first European country visited by the Japanese, in the middle of the 16th century. And the long Portuguese presence in Japan has had a lasting effect on my country. The Portuguese found Japan by accident. But it is no accident that Lisbon has been chosen for this convention. Lisbon is A Harbor for Peace. And peace is the theme of this convention, as it has been the theme between Japan and Portugal for nearly 500 years. As Rotarians, we work toward peace in many ways. We do it through humanitarian service. We do it through our belief in Service Above Self. And we work toward peace simply by being who we are. Every year, when we come together for a Rotary convention, we see, for a few days, the world as it could be. We see people of all colors and cultures come together. We work to build a better world. I hope you will join me, and your fellow Rotarians, as we celebrate this year of Peace Through Service together.

As I write this message for the month of June, I find myself happy and a little bit sad. I’m happy because during my 50 years in Rotary, I have been privileged to see how much good my Rotarian friends have done in this world. I’ve been able to witness the smiling faces of schoolchildren who have desks, blackboards, books, running water, playgrounds, and youth clubs, all of which were organized, funded, and maintained by Rotarians. I’ve put drops of polio vaccine into the mouths of children in many countries as we have worked to eradicate polio. I’ve been pleased to speak with popes, patriarchs, and clerics of virtually every religion, all of whom have told me of the good work of Rotarians. These messages were echoed in the remarks of kings, presidents, prime ministers, and ambassadors as I’ve traveled the world on behalf of Rotary. As I step down as chair of our Rotary Foundation, I am eager for the worldwide launch of the Future Vision Plan – a plan that, when fully implemented, will have our Foundation singled out as a model for sustainable projects benefitting millions of people in years to come. When I was your president, I told you that Rotary Shares. As your Foundation chair, I can only emphasize that statement. It is our desire and willingness to share that has made the theme chosen by RI President Sakuji Tanaka, Peace Through Service, so significant and poignant. And in the year to come, I wholly endorse the theme that President-elect Ron Burton has chosen – that those who Engage Rotary will Change Lives, including their own. I welcome my successor, PRIP D. K. Lee, and wish him and his Board of Trustees the very best as they pursue the objective of our Foundation – to do good in the world.

Greeting to DG 2013-14 Rtn Mohan Mulherkar Our greetings and good wishes to DGE Rtn Mohan Mulherkar on an important event of taking over the reigns of District 3170 for the Rotary Year 2013-14 We wish him all the success in taking our great District to new Heights


Million Thanks Dear Rotary Family 3170!!!

Joshua Jorson


Joelele For an eventful and glorious year of excellence, touching lives and reaching out to the unreached

From the Editor’s Desk Dear fellow Rotarians

It was always been our team’s effort to publish Expressing gratitude has a wide range about the community service activities taken of positive effects on our lives. By cultivating up in our district because we believed that and stating appreciation for all that is good such an act would motivate other fellow and wonderful in the world, we can experience Rotarians to extend and strech their fullest more and more joy in our lives. capacities in touching lives and reaching out It was the month of March 2012 when to un reached. Dr Jorson called me up and requested me to Our team has tried its level best to take up the editorship of Governor’s Monthly accommodate all the community service Letter for the Rotary Year 2012-13 followed by activities reported to the District governor’s a small meeting in Panaji to plan for the twelve office. Some could not find place in this issues of JML. It is July 2013 now and I am yet publication due to technical reason beyond Rtn Arun Salkar to meet him for any work regards to the GML, our control. However we express our sincere thanks to the communication gadgets that are apologies for all the omissions. accessible to us in the new world of speed and quality. By expressing gratitude, and experiencing a I take this opportunity to express sincere sense of deep thankfulness as the backdrop to our lives, gratitude in multitude to Dr Jorson for giving me this the joy and fulfillment that one can create and share opportunity to compile these twelve issues of his becomes unlimited. monthly letter for the year of “Peace Through Service” The printer for these issues M/s Blue Cube Print & and his continuous support through out the year. Also I Pack, Bicholim needs a special mention for their timely thank my team members Districts Co-Secretaries for and excellent work in bringing out the issues. Publication Rtn. Ibonio D’souzaand Rtn. Michael D’Souza So friend, therefore, thank you very much for all This is my fourth time that I am involved in the the support and cooperation during this Rotary Year which making of the mouth piece of the District 3170 gave our team the opportunity of the compiling of twelve leadership. I enjoyed every bit of it interacting with the issues of “Jorson’s Monthly letter” JML. grass root leadership while collecting the relevant data. Congratulations to you all a very successful, ”Thank you” can serve as a reminder to keep eventful and satisfying Rotary Year of “Peace Through giving back. When one feel blessed, grateful and Service” abundant, one wants to share those blessings. By Yours in Rotary allowing our joy to spill over into the lives of those District Secretary Publication & around us, the flow of goodness increases, as we give Editor Governor’s Monthly Letter and receive with joy. Rtn. Arun Salkar

Rishikesh to extend Medical Relief to survivors. As discussed by team and guided by Prakash Sir,we took all important Medicines, Blankets, Milk Packets, Glucose Biscuits,some clothes etc. Considering the facts about extent of injuries we took Tetanus Injections and dressing materials including gloves in plenty and we never thought that its going to be a great help.

Medical Relief Team to Rishikesh The Himalayan Valley of India in the state of Uttrakhand faced a natural disaster where thousands of people feared death with loss of shelters,food and complete loss of connectivity due to floods. The loss is extensive considering the fact that its pilgrimage and vacation time and people from across India travel to this part of country,making the damage even more. The flash flood and cloud Rtn Nischal Pande bursts made people washed away in fraction of seconds, leaving a very little scope to survive. The survivors were brought to Rishikesh which is the nearest base connected to other part of country.

We decided to form a team of two senior and specialist doctors to extend medical aid. We started from Gurgaon at 3:30 am and reached Rishikesh at 8:30 am. Wasting no time we met with a local Rotarian from Rishikesh,handed over items and started Medical Relief work at 9:00 with no tent, sitting in open space near place of fire where food was being prepared for survivors as there was no other space to work. We took the challenge and started working. Within no time we got a big rush of people coming to us with complaints of stomach ache, headache, bodyache, vomitting, fever, sore throat. Dr Mahesh being Diabetes Specialist was carrying his Glucometer and Medicines too and I was carrying Portable ECG Machine, Pulse Oxymeter etc to examine affected people completely.

The Rotary E-Club of District 3170 took the initiative and decided to extend its services to affected people. A team comprising of Rtn Dr Nischal and Dr Mahesh of Rotary e Club of District 3170 reached

To our surprise the Govt Doctors from Karnataka and Maharashtra came for assistance to us for Tetanus Injections and dressing materials and Dr Mahesh being a Maharshtra resident was called to assist survivors from Maharashtra by Dy. Collector of Aurangabad as dcotrs eloped from their camp and they were getting lot of survivors and their camp was very near to our booth. We saw many critical patients comprising of: 1. Chest Pain 2. Low Sugar Levels 3. High Sugar Levels 4. Badly injured people needing dressing and Tetanus shots 5. Traumatized and persons in state of shock


We met with hundreds of survivors who shared their experiences crying made us feel same as its really shocking to listen the trauma they underwent. The very first day we could make good rapport with local authorities and other local doctors as everybody was taking our assistance for critical cases and we shared our relief material with all of them. Infact after sharing relief material local doctors felt confident and started dressing with help of gloves and other dressing materials. SDM Mr Ram Sharan Sharma came twice to visit us and even some of senior Govt officials came for their check ups as well. It was a great pain to listen experiences of survivors as we were trying to listen and convince them as psychological stress was too much ,tried to capture a talk with one of the old lady who survived from Kedarnath seeing deaths in front of her eyes. We met with Authorities and offered help from Rotary to adopt villages as rehab of these villages is going to play an important role as nothing has left for local residents too and they have to begin from zero and fight against nature and cold weather in hills. We completed the day at 6:30 in evening noticing that we skipped lunch too but it was satisfying day with encouragement messages from Rtn. Prakash,Rtn. Sandeep and PE Rtn Devashis keeping us charged. We stopped at 7: 00 pm and returned back to our hotel, planned for next day in advance as it was going to be a busy day seeing the rescue work was at peak for these two days considering bad weather. It rained heavily in the night and we could imagine that chances of spreading infection is going to be high next day. We started next day early at 7:00 am and reached the Inter State Bus Terminal at 7:30 am and not to surprise huge rush of people with no Medical Teams.We took hold of two booths and started work and considering the spraed of infection we carried masks too as place was vulnerable to it being big crowd without any sanitation. By the time we could breath it was already 10am and now we could see other teams coming to join and administration people coming at site. When admin people saw us wearing masks, they came to us and we explained the situation and soon masks were arranged for everyone working at the relief counters and bleaching powder was arranged for spray. To our surprise we were cooperated by local team and they requested to be at main seats to carry on the work and they were good friend to us. They assisted us two nursing staff as well to facilitate in dressings etc as we had all arrangements for them. In two days we could see about 350-400 survivors with multiple problems and we were happy that everyone noticed our true concerns to serve people in need and SDM called us in evening to be in touch for rehab work for local villagers and he like the concept that will adopt few villages and asked to share details and he had all praise for us for working silently without much demand making their work easy. He told in open that people first ask to put banners before starting work even at this time of crisis. We were interviewed by some local news channels and news papers and we saw few News Reporters too who got injured in covering affected areas. We skipped breakfast and lunch during the day as we did not want to miss as single person coming to us and when we got up it was 7:00 pm already,we made good friends a goodwill gesture for Rotary as Local Rotary was missing that Day. We reached the Bus Terminal and worked till 12 Noon and then started packing up, leaving all material with Rotary and team of Doctors and hope to reach by evening back to Gurgaon with a sense of satisfaction being part of this relief work, thanks to my Rotary Members,encouraging me always. I personally thank Dr Mahesh,who took time

out and helped me in great Strength to reach more people, pictures tell the stories how we worked in hot conditions very first day sweating in Sun and Dr Mahesh never complained about it. To share some lighter points, one hospital people complained to SDM why there is more rush at our counter ,even they requested him to divert some of them to their counter,SDM was also laughing. Now the challenge is to: 1. Fight against outburst of infection in local community,already predicted by us and now its being flashed in news channels 2. Rehabilitation work for villagers(Shelters,Raw Food Items,Solar/Batery Lights,Chana) 3. Not to send too much of relief items as already food items in plenty at Rishikesh and being wasted as no place to stock. 4. We need to reach and adopt some villages and start rehab work as discussed by SDM Mr Ram Sharan Sharma and he has requested our plans in writing. Still miles to go before we sleep and lets pray that we save more lives.

Following Clubs are celebrating their Charter Anniversaries during June 2013. We wish them all the best and successful Rotary Year ahead RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC


Miraj Jamkhandi Ratnagiri Sangli City Guhagar Gokarna Kolhapur Sunrise Kolhapur Spectrum Dharwad Mid Town Belur Dharwad Hubli South Kolhapur City Panaji Riviera Shiroli MIDC Horizon Kolhapur Dharwad Central Karveer Kolhapur Kavathe Mahankal Krishna Valley MIDC Ichalkaranji Cental Miraj Mid Town Gajendragad Khed Karwar Sea Side Ramdurg Venugram Belgaum Navalgund Ichalkaranji Textile City Kagal MIDC

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Rotary International District 3170 DDF Register 2012-13 (revised as on 30th June 2013) US $ Balance B/F DDF 2012-13 as per SHARE Add: Income from Endowment Funds Less: GSE Team share Add: Last year's MG grant suspended Less: Used for Matching Grants 2012-13 Carried Forward to 2013-14 Manohar Naik Parulekar Endowed Fund

US $ 0.06 1,47,554.37 1,282.57

5,000.00 3,000.00 1,46,546.67 290.33

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Primary Host Club Project Project Value US$ Madagascar Safe Drinking water 24,855.00 Vasco da gama Wheelchairs 52,429.00 Margao MT Women Empowerment 12,036.00 Panaji MT Polio Corrective Surgeries 18,519.00 Dabolim+ Water filters to schools 14,046.00 Kowloon Golden Mile+ Water purification in China 46,400.00 Panaji Toilets 12,018.00 Kolhapur MT Jaipur foot 22,500.00 Honnavar School bus 19,822.00 Horizon Kolhapur Special school furniture 13,641.00 Delhi + Vishrambag Gift of Life 37,650.00 Kolhapur Sunrise Equipment for Swayam School 23,000.00 Maysville, USA Food supplies 40,000.00 Vasco da gama Ambulance 22,050.00 Belgaum Mobile Dental clinic 19,174.00 Fresno, USA Scout Camp 50,500.00 Ichalkaranji Water filter plants 20,767.00 Tezutatlan, Mexico Safe drinking Water 20,250.00 Vishrambag Special school & Haripur village 35,260.00 Kolhapur Heritage Neonatal - Cocoon 5 23,333.00 Missoulla, USA Juvenile home 50,150.00 Kolhapur City + Benches 14,005.00 Panaji Riviera Laser ophthalmic equipment 31,111.00 Dabolim Water filters to schools 12,931.00 Kolhapur Heritage+ Wheelchairs 27,037.00 E-Club of D-3170 Computer Lab 15,220.00 Shiroda School benches 14,444.00 Kolhapur Central Ambulance 15,655.00 Athani Benches & computers 11,798.00 Shirol Mobile RO Unit 13,658.00 E-Club of D-3170 Neonatal & school furniture 18,376.00 Hupari 2 school busues 17,037.00 Kolhapur Heritage Neonatal - Cocoon 6 19,087.00 Ichalkaranji Tex.City Toilets in schools 36,500.00 Hubli North Water filters to schools 18,823.00 Antigua Ultra Sound equipment 65,337.00 Ichalkaranji Tex.City+ Desks 22,440.00 Kolhapur Toilets in schools 13,891.00 Ichalkaranji Tex. City Desks 15,500.00 District 3170+ Cycles, Sewing machines, desks 39,073.00 Patchouge, USA Hurricane Sandy relief 26,998.00 Shirol Water purification - 53 schools 26,207.00 District 4490, Brazil Breast implants 24,220.00 District 3170+ DSG projects of all clubs 36,922.00 Ichalkaraji Textile City Water filters to schools 16,250.00 Cuncolim+ Sanjay School 14,541.00 Kananga, Congo Safe Water - 50 schools 11,800.00 Kolhapur Central Water filters to schools 15,420.00 Portland, USA Social change program / YWCA 10,100.00 Fresno, USA Scout Camp 44,496.00 Fresno, USA Vocational Centre 17,501.00 Malawi Books & stationery 18,530.00 GuaĂ­ra, Brazil Prevention of drug abuse 15,076.00 Castilla, Peru Safe Water - 180 families 27,813.00 Ichalkaranji+ Medical equip & School bus 34,832.00 Belgaum North Dialysis Unit 20,200.00 Dabolim+ Library books 12,753.00 Vasco da gama+ All 6 areas of focus 35,223.52 14,09,205.52 s/d Dr. Jorson Fernandes s/d PDG Bazil D'Souza District Governor DRFC


DDF used - US$ Restricted Giving US$Grant # 2,250.00 1,000.00 77035 0.00 100.00 78088 500.00 1,524.00 78118 4,075.00 246.00 78265 1,500.00 1,031.00 78316 2,000.00 2,000.00 78318 3,000.00 162.00 78443 1,000.00 2,000.00 78576 1,000.00 3,248.00 78657 2,000.00 1,094.00 78722 0.00 1,000.00 78723 2,200.00 1,000.00 78726 10,000.00 0.00 78772* 4,275.00 1,000.00 78830 2,500.00 1,000.00 78854 14,000.00 1,000.00 78904 3,500.00 1,012.00 78907 2,000.00 1,000.00 78958 1,000.00 1,190.00 78976 2,500.00 1,556.00 79017 15,000.00 1,767.00 79037 1,025.00 3,470.00 79046 3,500.00 4,408.00 79088 2,500.00 954.00 79101 0.00 525.00 79120 0.00 2,047.00 79158 3,250.00 996.00 79159 500.00 3,870.00 79160 1,200.00 1,466.00 79161 500.00 1,672.00 79180 0.00 6,051.00 79183 1,000.00 3,258.00 79184 1,000.00 2,000.00 79196 2,500.00 3,000.00 79197 500.00 1,966.00 79199 1,000.00 1,000.00 79223 3,000.00 2,860.00 79315 2,600.00 894.00 79316 1,000.00 2,000.00 79336 7,600.00 2,482.00 79346 1,000.00 0.00 79403 2,500.00 1,500.00 79419 6,000.00 1,000.00 79460 4,000.00 5,997.00 79470* 1,912.00 2,304.00 79484 1,000.00 2,528.00 79485 1,000.00 1,000.00 79579* 500.00 2,614.00 79631 2,500.00 100.00 79648* 10,500.00 850.00 79655 3,500.00 1,500.00 79665 0.00 1,000.00 79691* 2,000.00 2,051.00 79698 1,000.00 2,350.00 79711 0.00 5,688.00 79721 0.00 2,467.00 79752 1,200.00 1,069.00 79753 959.67 8,153.00 79759* 1,46,546.67 1,11,020.00 s/d Prakash Saraswat DGSC Date: 30th June 2013

The + + after after the the Club Club name name indicates indicates additional additional host host partners partners The


2, 11,170.30 $ 1, 14,439.16 $



Rtn. Rtn. Rtn. Rtn. Rtn. Rtn.


Sham Notani Jethalal Patel Dr. Suhas Kulkarni Shrikant More Jan Kotte Sheetal Shah

Margao Midtown Hubli West Hubli North Ichalkaranji Ichalkaranji Textile City Kolhapur City Kolhapur Kolhapur Midtown Kolhapur Sunrise Kolhapur Heritage Vishrambag

MAJOR DONOR LEVEL II –( CONTRIBUTION MORE THAN 25000$) Rtn. Anand Kulkarni ($13,000) Dist. Chair – APF Rtn. Siddharth Zantye ($ 12708) President R.C. Panaji Riviera 1st Time PHF ( Rtn. HARSHAD MEHTA SCHEME) 43 PAUL HARRIS FELLOWS - utilizing 18841 points. PHF ( FROM DISTRICT SCHEME) 300$ Each = 80 Rotarians HIGHEST INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR : Rtn. Anand G Kulkarni $ 13,000$ RC. Belgaum South DCC – Annual Giving PHF CLUBS ( 100% MEMBERS) 1. RC Ichalkarnji Textile City 2.RC Ponda 3.RC Belgaum South

The District Governor and The District 3170 TRF Committee expresses sincere gratitude to all the 21 Assistant Governors for 2012-13 who have donated their entire remunerations to be received from the district as Assistant Governors to the Rotary Foundation Rtn. Rajan Rajopadhye ( Secretary 12-13 Vishrambag)is the only BENEFACTOR to contribute US $ 1000 towards permanent fund during Rotary year 2012-13

District 3170 TRFContributions 2012-13 at Glance US $ 100 PER CAPITA FOR ANNUAL GIVING RC Panaji Riviera 444.66 $ RC Belgaum South 379.03 $ RC Margao Midtown 368.68 $ RC Kolhapur Midtown 325.75 $ RC Hubli West 310.74 $ RC Ponda 200.00 $ RC Hubli North 147.87 $ RC Belgaum 136.71 $ RC Ichalkaranji Textile City 114.81 $ RC Kolhapur City 112.36 $ RC Panaji 109.88 $ RC Belgaum North 108.56 $ RC Vishrambag 107.61 $ RC Mapuca 106.97 $ RC Ichalkaranji 105.58 $ RC Bijapur North 105.18 $ RC Gargis Kolhapur 101.12 $ CLUBS CONTRIBUTING MORE THAN 5000 $ TO ANNUAL GIVING RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC RC

Panaji Riviera Kolhapur Midtown Belgaum South Hubli West Margao Midtown Kolhapur Ponda Belgaum Panaji Hubli North Kolhapur Sunrise Kolhapur City Mapuca Ichalkaranji Panaji Midtown

19120.41 $ 16613.34 $ 13645.19 $ 12118.77 $ 11274.11 $ 10236.66 $ 10000.00 $ 9022.54 $ 8570.45 $ 8132.78 $ 7907.98 $ 7303.70 $ 7167.05 $ 7073.67 $ 6147.04 $

CLUBS CONTRIBUTING MORE THAN 7500 $ TO TOTAL GIVING RC Panaji Riviera RC Kolhapur Midtown RC Ichalkaranji Textile City RC Belgaum South RC Hubli West RC Ichalkaranji RC Margao Midtown RC Kolhapur RC Kolhapur City RC Kolhapur Sunrise RC Belgaum RC Kolhapur Heritage E- Club D-3170 Goa RC Hubli North RC Ponda RC Kolhapur Central RC Panaji RC Vasco-da-Gama RC Vishrambag

24304.93 $ 18780.01 $ 15678.60 $ 13851.89 $ 13482.66 $ 13136.67 $ 12798.11 $ 11130.66 $ 11053.70 $ 10648.89 $ 10440.13 $ 10184.72 $ 10145.36 $ 10080.26 $ 10000.00 $ 9585.85 $ 8570.45 $ 8331.52 $ 8300.70 $

69 36 23 54 43 33 29 21 37 27

04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04 04

70.0 75.0 68.0 67.0 70.0 72.0 62.0 xx.x 67.0 41.0

Bagalkot Asst. Governor Rtn. Gurupad Koujalagi Bagalkot,* Ilkal,* Jamkhandi,* Mudhol,* Ramteerth,* Jaggery Vally* Mudhol Mid Town,*

60 xx xx xx xx 33 xx

04 xx xx xx xx 04 xx

72.0 xx.x xx.x xx.x xx.x 42.0 xx.x

Chikodi, Harugeri, Gokak Ramdurg, Athani Athani Sonth, Sankeshwar, Sankeshwar Heritage,

43 68 25 33

04 05 04 04

68.0 70.0 65.0 80.0

Gadag Asst. Governor Rtn. R. Gachinamath Gadag Betgeri,* Gadag Central,* Gajendragad,* Nargund,* Naregal, *

42 30 37 37 25

04 05 04 05 05

86.0 88.0 85.0 88.0 80.0

39 28 31 30 40 33 17 22

04 04 04 04 04 04 04 05

65.0 68.0 66.0 70.0 69.0 73.0 69.0 66.0

Karwar,* Karwar Sea Side*, Ankola Rural, Ankola,* Kumta,* Gokarna Honnavar,* Bhatkal,*

37 25 25 xx xx 19 xx 27

04 xx 04 xx xx 04 xx xx

70.0 xx.x 60.0 xx.x xx.x 68.0 xx.x xx.x

Hubli -AAsst. Governor Rtn. Mahantesh Sajjan

Hubli Hubli Hubli Hubli Hubli

East, Mid Town, South, Vidyanagar, Navanagar,

27 46 30 23 36

04 04 04 04 04

65.0 68.0 70.0 60.0 65.0

Karwar - BAsst. Governor Rtn. Ganesh Kurse

Dandeli, * Yellapur,* Sirsi,* Mundgoid Heritage,*

34 26 62 33

05 05 04 05

64.0 65.0 60.0 68.0

Atten. %



Belgaum -BAsst. Governor Rtn. Prasad Naidu Bijapur,*

43 49 30 28 26 26

Bijapur North,* Bijapur M City,* Bijapur Heritage*, Kalyanagar Sindgi* Talikoti,*

04 05 04 04 04 05

66.3 64.1 54.1 69.6 63.4 66.9

Kolhapur -AAsst. Governor Rtn. Sangram Patil

Karwar -AAsst. Governor Rtn. Cdr R D’Souza

Haveri Asst. Governor Rtn. P. Prabhakar Haveri,* Ranebennur*, Laxmeshwar,* Byadgi,*

Attendamce %

Belgaum -BAsst. Governor Rtn. Gajanan Mangsuli

Belgaum -AAsst. Governor Rtn. Vinay Behere Belgaum, Belgaum South,* Belgaum North,* Belgaum MT,* Venugram Belgaum* Nipani,* Gadhinglaj, * R C Kittur, * Bailhongal,* e-Club of Belgaum*



Attendamce %



Attendance Status for the month of June 2013

Kolhapur*, Kolhapur City,* Kolhapur Mid Town, Kolhapur Sunrise,* Kolhapur Spectrum* Kolhapur Horizon*

118 65 57 84 42 41

04 04 05 04 05 05

51.0 64.6 60.0 65.0 60.0 63.0

Hubli -BAsst. Governor Rtn. S. Antonysamy Hubli , Hubli North, Hubli West, Kundgol, Navalgund,

101 61 42 13 27

04 04 04 04 04

60.0 86.5 60.0 89.0 61.0

Dharwad Asst. Governor Rtn. Dr Satish Irkal Dharwad,* Dharwad Central*, Dharwad Mid Town,* Belur Dharwad,* Seven Hills Dharwad,

42 38 30 33 21

04 05 04 04 05

73.0 42.0 65.0 68.0 53.9

Ichalkaranji -BKolhapur -BAsst. Governor Rtn. Shobha Tawade Karveer Kolhapur,* Kolhapur Central,* Shiroli MIDC,* Kolhapur Heritage*, Gargis Kolhapur,*

44 55 50 49 48

05 05 05 05 04

52.0 56.0 63.0 52.0 50.0

Sangli -AAsst. Governor Rtn. Dr Monika Kulloli Sangli City* Sangli Mid Town,* Krishna Valley,* Miraj,* Vishrambag* ,

25 50 24 50 42

04 05 04 05 05

61.0 56.0 30.0 70.0 70.0

North Goa Asst. Governor Rtn. Ghanashyam Sardesai Bicholim, Mapusa, Mapusa City, Porvorim, Panaji, Panaji Mid Town Panaji Riviera, E-club Dist 3170,

48 66 31 46 85 67 44 xx

04 04 03 05 04 05 04 xx

49.4 66.0 30.0 39.0 43.0 32.8 41.5 xx.x

Ichalkaranji -AAsst. Governor Rtn. Deelip Haldikar Murgud, Kagal MIDC, Hupari, Ichalkaranji, Ichalkaranji Central,

12 13 38 70 106

04 04 04 04 05

65.0 65.0 63.8 61.0 78.0

Sangli -BAsst. Governor Rtn. Arun Dandekar Kavathe Mahankal * Tasgaon*, Vita City,* Sangli,* Miraj Mid Town,*

20 47 34 87 22

04 04 04 05 04

75.0 70.0 60.0 65.0 63.0

South Goa Asst. Governor Rtn. Santosh George

Cuncolim, 40 Curchorem Sanvordem,40 Ponda, 54 Ponda Hill Town, 34 Margao, 75 Margao Mid Town 40 Vasco Da Gama, 43 Dabolim, 16 New Generation Ponda 29


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52.0 45.0 53.9 55.0 61.0 42.0 42.0 50.0 54.0

Asst. Governor Rtn. Neminath Kothale Ichalkaranji Tex. City,* 36 Ichalkaranji Heritage* 49 Jaysingpur,* 45 Kurundwad,* 12 Shirol*, 14 Green City Jaysingpur* 29

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76.6 61.0 57.3 65.0 80.0 50.2

Sindhudurg Asst. Governor Rtn. Bhalchandra Dixit Kudal, Malvan, Sawantwadi, Shiroda, Kankavali Central, Vengurla Mid Town

34 36 53 22 35 19

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60.0 52.3 50.0 64.0 67.0 40.0

Ratnagiri Asst. Governor Rtn. Chandramohan Desai Chiplun, * Guhagar,* Khed,* Lote,* Ratnagiri * Ratnagiri Mid Town,* Dapoli*

51 24 25 10 30 15 20

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* Last available attendence

64.0 34.0 54.0 52.0 75.0 50.0 60.0

RC Kolhapur Mid Town: Donated Water cooler to R.K. Nagar High school under matching grant 79101. Organized Tree plantation at the hands of DG Dr.Jorson Fernandez at NCC RYLA. Master Rohan Madan Londhe operated for heart ailment in association with RC of Belgaum's project. Organized the red ribbon program for girls on 6-6-13 at Shramik Sadan. Conducted Environment protection and Thalassemia awareness rally in association with RC Kolhapur city with the NCC cadets.

RC Hubli : Donated children play equipments worth of Rs.40000.00 to the Sangameshwar Devastahana Samiti Garden, Basaveshwarnagar, Gokul Road Hubli on 23rd June 2013.

RC Bicholim: Organized Blood Group Detection camp in association with an Industrial unit in the Industrial Estate, 38 people benefitted. Donated three wheelchairs to Bhagini Nivedita Rugnopyogi Sahitya Kendra, Valpoi.

RC Bagalkot: On 30th June 2013 “ Last day Project 2012-13 of our club“ we distributed 7 wheel Chairs under MG# 78088 to the Rural area beneficiaries at the hands of IT-BT Hon Minister of Karnataka Sri .S.R.Patil & also felicitated 4 meritorious students who secured places in IIT gave financial help of Rs 20,000/- to a poor Engineering Student for his studies. Distributed dresses, School bags & materials to the 38 School Children at Secondary School in Sulikeri Village . Also sweets were distributed to all 300 students of that School.

RC Dharwad Central : Conducted Karnataka State level Chess Tournament BLITZ on 16th June 2013 in association with Dharwad Chess Association. More than 200 people participated in this tournament from Karnataka State. Mr. Vijendra of Mysore lifted the title. RO Water Purifier Plant Inaugurated by Dharwad MLA Arvind Bellad at Government Model School, Malamaddi, Dharwad, second RO Water Purifier Unit Inaugurated at Tejasvi Higher Primary school, Tejasvinagar

RC Karveer Kolhapur : Felicitated successful students of HSC Examination at the hands of DG representative Rtn. Shiv Kumar during Charter Day Celebrations. RC Mapusa: Presented “Service Above Self” Award received from Rotary International to Rtn Jagannath Manerkar at the hands of District Governor’s Special Representative at the Charter Night Celebrations.

RC Hubli : organized tree plantation in association with Eurokids pre school and Innerwheel Club of Hubli on the occasion of World Environmental day on 6th June 2013 at Sirur Park 2nd and 3rd stage garden. Tiny tots from Eurokids planted the first plant .Around 170 plants of different varieties planted. President Rtn. B.B. Patil,Secretary Rtn. Narinder Barwal and many members from Rotary Club of Hubli ,Sahana Paikoti,President ,Bindu Kadabi Secretary and other member of Innerwheel club of Hubli and residents of Sirur park 2nd and 3rd stage ,Vidyanagar Hubli participated for tree plantation.

RC Porvorim: On 21st June School Uniforms were distributed among 50 students of our adopted Sunandabai High School.

RC Honnavar: Distributed Shudhu water purification tablets for the people of Haldipur village at a function arranged by local Primary Health Centre. About 150 people attended Also about 40 “ASHA” social workers were present. Dr. Usha Hasyagar spoke on the importance of this tablet

RC Margao Mid Town: This Club had a Project with Lions Club of Margao. A very rare occasion for the Two Service Oriented Organizations shared a podium together. For the club it was very special because they have started the year with a Permanent Health Care Project called "MEDICAL AIDS FOR THE NEEDY” on 1st July 2012 it was inaugurated by PDG Gurudutt Bhakta and today they are ending up the year with extending Club's support to Lions Club of Margao for a similar Project. Club donated Four Wheel Chairs to N. R. Bandekar Senior Citizens Recreation Center run by Lions Club of Margao Service Trust

RC Hubli South: Club built Two Toilets at Gautam High School, Ayodhyanagar, Hubli at the cost of Rs.62,000.00 for the benefit of 200 Girl students.

RC Bijapur-Heritage : Organized for the first time "Heritage Conference 2013" at club’s Rotary Heritage hall on 24 th june 2013..Sir Mr.Sujit Nayan Asst Superitendent ASI was the chief guest. Club had called 3 Heritage scholars as guest Speakers at the conference.

RC Vishrambag : A Blood Donation Camp was held on the occasion of Workers' Day jointly with Siddhivinayak Automobiles. 27 bottles collected

RC Kagal MIDC: Organized Blood Donation camp on 30th May 2013, 35 units were collected

RC Mapusa City : Organized a Vocational Training camp in Salad and Masala making, for ladies in association with Lokmat Sakhi Manch on 22nd May 2013

RC Panaji Riviera: The 'Aap ki Asha' garden at the Provedoria Old Age Home at Chimbel was inauguratrd by Rtn Dr Jorson Fernandes, District Governor of Rotary District 3170, on the 14th of May 2013.This

garden was built and beautified by the Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera in partnership with the Rotary Club of Ponda New Generation. It will serve as a venue for recreation for the senior citizens residing in the Provedoria Home. Club organized in association with Suresh Zantye Charitable Trust, Durvankur Kala Kendra and Aravali Vikas Research Centre a Diabetes and Retinopathy Detection Camp on the 26th May 2013 This medical camp held at the Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandal Sabha Grah, Harmal109 patients benefitted from this camp. 27 cataract cases and 5 retinopathy cases were detected

RC Mundgod Heritage: Presented Vocational award to Mr. B. M. Koti for his dedicated service in his profession as Pharmacist

RC Dandeli: Distributed wheel chairs during the charter nite celebrations on 17th May 2013 Rtn. Prakash Saraswath attended the program as D.G Representative. A program on legal literacy was organized with Rotary Education Society and Legal Department, 75 women attended the program

RC Malvan: Donated wheelchairs to the needy received under matching grant project

RC Green City Jaysingpur: Organized in association with ‘Danchand Ghodawat Family Trust’ & ‘IMA’ Atpadi provide the Potable Water Tankers to the people of Atpadi & its surrounding region. Program started on 1st of May at the Occasion of Maharashtra Day . This programme provided daily 9 tankers of water & till to the 1st of June. This has benefitted 30,000 people with 309 tankers of water. Rotary club of Green City contributed Rs. 1,00,000 /- ( Rs. One Lakh ),Danchand Ghodawat Family Trust have Contributed Rs.1,00,000 /-Indian Medical Association Atpadi have contributed Rs. 50,000 /- to this community cause. Inspiring by our work another two trusts Fortune Developers Ichalkaranji & Jubilee Charitable trust, Madhavnagar have also extended their hands towards us.

RC Hubli West: Organized a RYLA for school students from 15th May to 18th May in Ulavi Kshetra .about 46 participants stayed for three days and knew about nature, culture, Art of living and Yoga along with Hubli Pariwar(4 clubs). Conducted a women empowerment program on 31st May 2013.MBA students and Innerwheel members and Anns attended the program by Mr Ramesh Bankapur ,Assistant Director ,Dept of Industry and Commerce ,He highlighted few examples and various Govt. initiatives in supporting women.

RC Bagalkot: On 31st May 2013 Club’s Main Dream Project “ The Rotary Circle “ was Inaugurated in the hands of The Deputy Chief (R) Indian Army Lt General. Ramesh Halagali. The Rotary Circle is in the heart of the City which is the junction of the roads from Railway Station to Vidyagiri & Old Bagalkot to Navanagar.The total cost Rs 3.5 lakhs and which was contributed among the Rotary members only. (earlier the Foundation stone was laid by our Dist Governor Rtn Dr. Jorson Fernandes in the month of Nov 2012)

RC Belgaum : Organized a Free Yoga and Pranayam Camp for the benefit of public at large. The camp was orgnised in association with Patanjali Yoga, Haridwar between 5.45 am to 7.15 am at Rotary Swimming Pool campus from 23rd May to 29th May 2013. More than 60 people took the benefit of the said camp. The camp was concluded on 29th May. RC Karveer Kolhapur : Organized a lecture by Dr Anjali Salvi on Environment and its effects on human Life, at Nanaso Gadre Hall, Kolhapur RC Kolhapur City: Organized Blood Donation camp at Hero Honda Show Room on the occasion of club’s 23rd Anniversary, 36 units were collected. Another blood donation camp was conducted at Marvelous Industries, here 89 units were collected. The “Dada Dadi Park” was officially inaugurated at the hands of DG Rtn Jorson Fernandes. Thalsemenia awareness and Save environment rally was organized on 16th June 2013 jointly with RC Kolhapur Mid Town. District Secretary Publication Rtn. Arun Salkar Districts Co-Secretary Publication Rtn. Ibonio D’souza Districts Co-Secretary Publication Rtn. Michael D’Souza

Jml june 2013