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Make your home stand out!

Why do you need

beautiful photographs? When you decide to sell your home there will be a number of similarly priced properties on the market that you will be in COMPETITION with. What we do is make sure your home STANDS OUT from these others by presenting it in such a way that it is simply the best one available.

The single most important factor is the quality of the photography. It can make a huge difference. The better your home looks, the more enquiries we will receive from our mailshots, the internet, newspaper advertising and from our own office window displays.

We don’t understand the “That will do” approach of many agents. We want to inspire buyers to view your home.

I have come across one or two professional interior photographers who work for the glossies and your standard is comparable if not better!

So how do we get these…

beautiful photographs? • Staging of the photograph!

To start with, by simply moving a few things around, you can substantially change the appearance of a room. Our photographers will ensure that the room is suitably staged to get the best picture. De-cluttering is vitally important to present each room for its intended purpose, so buyers can imagine how they are going to use it. From the photos here you can see how removing personal effects gives this bathroom real ‘show home’ appeal.

“That will do” – NOT FOR US IT WON’T!

Our professionally staged photo

• Getting the right angles

It is easy to ‘point and shoot’, but experience tells us where to take the photograph from. As you can see below, the appearance of the room can change completely by taking the photograph from the right position and, again, our photographers will ensure that they achieve maximum ‘wow’ factor and show off the best features of every room.

A professionally taken kitchen from the best angle – WOW!

“That won’t do” Same kitchen – wrong angle, wrong photographer

We don’t understand… “That will do!”

“That will do” NO IT WON’T!

Getting the best from the camera makes a huge difference

• Lights, camera, action

Our professional photographers use only high-end equipment. Of greater importance, however, is that they have the knowledge and experience to get the very best photographs from their cameras. They can take full advantage of the wide-angle facility to make the most of each room and have the experience to use as much of the natural light as they can to create stunning ‘show home’ quality images. Once taken, our photographers will use software to adjust the photos to make them as perfect as possible.

“That will do” …NO WAY!

Our enhanced photo… We make it come alive!

• Enhancing your images

External pictures of properties always look best when the sun is shining – however, our professional photographers cannot anticipate weather conditions when they book their appointment. Regardless of the weather, we will enhance your photographs so that your home ALWAYS looks at its best. These are the lengths we go to to ensure that your home receives the maximum number of enquiries.

Choosing the right photographs to

have impact! Typical agent’s photograph

The marketeer’s photographs! It’s the same property but by using different photos, we can appeal to a wider selection of buyers who may have otherwise dismissed it!

• Don’t miss out on buyers – get the right picture!

Having taken beautiful photos, it is just as important to then select the right images to draw maximum attention to your home. Why does an estate agency always use the front of the property as the main image? Because they don’t approach the selling of the property from a marketeer’s point of view. Thinking outside the box will often pay dividends. Let us ensure the main selling points of the property are the first things our buyer sees.

Remember – you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

Showcase your home at its best in a

fabulous brochure!

When it comes to selling, we want your home to be top of the pile. That is why we have invested heavily in professional photography and fabulous new brochures to provide the best possible showcase for your property to maximise its appeal to potential buyers.

Explore our brochures now.

Professional photography!

Floor plans!

From the previous pages you can see the difference from standard estate agency photography is enormous and will really draw attention to the property.

Give your buyers a true sense of the layout of your home, so that they can start thinking how they would use the accommodation and plan their furniture.

Not estate agency jargon!

What the owner says

Let’s be different, let’s grab the buyer’s attention and explain to them what a great home you have! Buyers are not interested in the numbers of power points, radiators and other items that estate agents love to talk about in their details. Buyers are interested in how you have lived in and enjoyed your home.

Under this section we will personalise your brochure further with key points that only you can tell us. For example, why you bought your home is likely to be for the same reason your buyers will, so let’s tell them.

I absolutely love the new style of brochure and marketing blurb that you’ve written!

However, this will be wasted unless we can offer your home to the widest

possible marketplace.

se to We adverti

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month!* y r e v e s r e online buy

How do we achieve this?

With outstanding coverage – We’re on all the Top property websites!

A lot of agents are only on one of the top property websites, but our properties are on them all! We can also be found on a further 20+ regional portals, bringing additional buyers from far and wide.

…and did you know over 20% of our web users are via mobile! †

We offer our buyers the full mobile web experience, plus we’re in the Apple App store. We want to remove the barriers and frustration when buyers are seeking property information on the move.

Social Media All big businesses see the benefits of this new form of communication. We’ve invested time and effort in our social channels and also offer a property search within the desktop version of Facebook.

Guide price £580,000 Wateringbury, Maidstone

*Google Display Network Ad Planner, July 2012 data is based on information provided by Google’s Display Network partners. †Source: Google analytics, Web traffic December 2012.

A spacious and modern home close to the station. Offered for sale with

All this generates market-leading

enquiry levels!

Our enhancement and rotation of images increases activity by

Our strong marketing strategy pays great attention to how we present property on the internet, increasing activity by over 30%* compared to the average of our competitors. This will inevitably lead to more viewings, more offers and getting you the BEST PRICE.

over 30%*

How do we achieve this extra activity? Firstly, our enhanced images ‘ping’ out on the web! Secondly, by having a large number of quality photos which we rotate on a regular basis so they always appear fresh. This is illustrated on the right.

*Source: Rightmove Click-through Rate (CTR), Feb 12. Above our average competitors.

Plus we’ll be attracting yet more buyers from across our network of offices. Having a single branch isn't enough today and, on average, we can double your exposure by tapping into the migration of buyers from surrounding areas via our strong branch network. LOOK at the extra buyers our network brings in!†




Larkfield Loose

All other offi



Our branch netw ork produces an other

60 47 203 †Data for illustrative purposes only.

380 buyers.

If you want to achieve the best possible price, can you risk putting your home on the market with an agent who cannot access the same number of potential buyers?

Hopefully by now you can see why we are a very different agent.

And finally... Open House

S, R E W E 20 VI

Included within our standard agency commission or at an additional cost of £150.00

Give your home the competitive edge when selling! Spring clean once! It’s really convenient and you don’t have to be there! You’ll be surprised with the results achieved.

On our Open Day, we went out for the day and you took care of everything. We had a lot of viewers and from the offers received we tied up a sale at the full asking price. Very happy!

Sale by Tender (£299 +VAT

admin. charge

! E L 1 SA

with 0% commission)

If you believe your home will attract a lot of attention, then why not try ‘Sale By Tender’ – a great way of selling property with development, refurbishment or investment potential in a set timescale to suit you. Better still, the purchaser pays our commission!

Double the number of buyers for your property – exclusively through Ward & Partners Our partnership with Homewise can offer you the exclusive opportunity to market your property under their ‘Home For Life Plan’ for the over 60s. This additional marketing will double your property’s exposure by offering it at a discounted price, whilst still achieving the full price for you.

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To help your move, call your local office or for free on:

0800 85 44 99 or email on: If you have already instructed another agent to sell your home, the Terms and Conditions of their agreement must be considered before instructing Ward & Partners to avoid the possibility of being liable for two agents’ fees. Ward & Partners is a trading name of Arun Estate Agencies Limited, Registered Office: St. Leonard’s House, North Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RJ. Registered No. 2597969

Make your home stand out!  

When you decide to sell your home, there will be a number of similarly priced properties on the market that you will be in COMPETITION with....