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Employer Mentoring Scheme For Second Year Students 2010 – 2011

Mentoring enables students to Evaluate and Enhance their Personal Skills and Build Commercial Awareness, assisted by an Experienced Employee

Employer Mentoring Scheme What is the Scheme about? Anglia Ruskin University is working in partnership with local organisations to introduce second year students, most of whom will have no direct experience of graduate type employment, to local volunteer employees who will help them to develop personal skills and business awareness. Each pair will work on issues the meet the needs of the individual student mentee, using whatever methods seem appropriate.

Why does Anglia Ruskin run the scheme? • It demonstrates a positive commitment to our Strategic Plan and Mission Statement in supporting wider participation and forging partnerships with the local community. • It enhances the employability of Anglia Ruskin students by broadening their experience, a factor seen as increasingly important by students, employers and the Government. • It enables us to develop stronger links with local employers to ensure that our courses remain relevant and up to date. • It heightens the general level of business awareness amongst Anglia Ruskin students.

What kind of employees make Good Mentors?

What are the opportunities and benefits? • Free training in ‘soft skill’ such as listening and feedback. Mentors will put these skills into practice, supported by Anglia Ruskin University professionals, thus enhancing professional development. • Similar schemes have demonstrated that witnessing the successful development of a mentee increases motivation and job satisfaction amongst mentors. • A successful mentoring experience provides an opening for identifying possible future employees – in short, an extended selection process. • Mentoring will develop an increased awareness of what your company has to offer amongst local students and hence influence possible recruits. • The wide publicity and promotion of the scheme offers excellent public relations and networking opportunities for your organisation. • There are possibilities for cultural awareness via exposure to a student from an ethnic minority or from overseas. These students, although limited in number, can be a valuable resource.

• Someone with enthusiasm for the role, AND any of the following… • A good communicator with wide interests and an open mind. • Someone ideally, but not necessarily, within 3 – 8 years of the start start of their professional career so that their experience still seems relevant to the mentee. • A member of staff with an interest in staff development and motivation.

“I am much more confident of my future since receiving this support and motivation.” Anglia Ruskin student

“My mentee was overwhelmed by how much she has got out of the scheme. Skills gained in our ‘knowledge transfer centre’ were particularly useful for her.” “As a mature student and career changer it is easy to assume that people think you will automatically know how to act, think and work when you have finished your degree and enter the big wide world. Guidance from a professional, no matter how small can be invaluable.” Anglia Ruskin student

“I am very pleased that I took part in the scheme. The scheme helped to lift my motivation levels and maintain my determination to succeed.”

Mentor, Royal & Sun Alliance

“Not just a chance to give something back, but very rewarding too. I have gained valuable personal skills especially in giving feedback. All in all a thoroughly worthwhile experience”. Mentor, Essex County Council

Anglia Ruskin student “It has been useful for the teams here to see people keen to learn, and positive about coming into the organisation.” “This is without doubt the single most productive thing I have done since starting my course and would strongly recommend it to all. Thank you again for arranging this superb experience.” Anglia Ruskin student

Mentor, Swan Housing Group

What is your Commitment in taking part? • Each NEW Anglia Ruskin University Mentor will attend an interactive training workshop in the autumn, which will provide the context to the Scheme and develop the necessary skills for effective mentoring of students. • All Mentors and Mentee students will meet at an introductory / pairing evening • Each pair will meet for a minimum of 6 sessions of at least 2hrs each – this has proved to be the minimum amount of contact to be effective. Further sessions are at the discretion of your organisation. • A Final Awards Event is usually held. All participants invited and Certificates issued.

Other points worth noting • We hope that most, if not all, meetings will take place on your work premises to allow maximum development of organisational awareness, although this may not always be possible or relevant. • The Training Programme and participation in the scheme are FREE to all participants.

Timing of the 2010 – 2011 programme in Chelmsford • Tues 12th OR Wed 13th October – A half day mentor training workshop at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford from 8.30am – 1.00pm • Mon 22nd November (evening)

– Introduce pairs and formulate action plans at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford

• November / May

– Programme runs

• May / June 2011 (evening)

– An awards event or dinner in Chelmsford

Timing of the 2010 – 2011 programme in Cambridge – A half day mentor training workshop at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge from 5 – 8pm OR

• Thur 14th October

– A half day mentor training workshop at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge from 2 – 5pm

• Mon 22nd November

– Introduce pairs and formulate action plans at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

• November / May

– Programme runs

• May / June 2011 (evening)

– An awards event in Cambridge

What Next? If you would like to take part or for further information, please contact:

Jan Haldane (Chelmsford enquiries) Tel: 0845 196 4273 Email: Katie Morris (Cambridge enquiries) Tel: 0845 196 2541 Email:

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• Wed 13th October

Employer Mentoring Scheme