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We’re sitting at a high top at Pour House on 15th and Market. We’re the only people in the establishment but happy hour is coming soon. It’s overcast and windy outside, but nonethelessa beautiful Colorado day. Shannon Willison, 21, and Madison Strouse, 21, are both drinking double vodka cranberries. “You wanna do a shot?” Shannon asked Madison. “Sure,” Madison replies. They have a senior presentation in 45 minutes. Thesetwo fine young ladies are graduating on time from the University of Colorado Denver this May. The commencement is scheduled for May 14 in which Madison decides to partake in the event, Shannon does not. Willison, originally from Dallas, Texas, moved to Colorado when she was 5 years old. When she was little, she wanted to be what every other kid wanted to be, either a rock star or a veterinarian. Willison grew up in Littleton, went to Newton Middle School and attended Arapahoe where she graduated in 2007. Next phase: college. Willison decided to attend University of Hawaii for her freshman year; thought she should take advantage of the in-state tuition that is offered to Colorado students. Making her way from UH to CUBoulder and finally to UC Denver, she’s had a different mindset as far as degreesgo as well. She started out with an Environmental Science and Chemistry degree, but found out chemistry just wasn’t her thing. She settled on Communications. With her communications degree, Willison wants to get into a Public Relations or Advertising firm to take advantage of her creative side. Her dream job would be to work in Los Angeles, California at a flourishing PRfirm. Strouse is a Denver native and claims she’ll always live in Colorado. She had the dream when she was little to be a physician when she grew up, but medical school was not in her future. Strouse also attended Newton Middle School and Arapahoe, graduating with Willison in 2007. Strouse took a different route than Willison. She attended Arapahoe Community College her first year becauseshe wanted to be somewhere close to her boyfriend at the time. Eventually she made her way to UC Denver and is getting her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Sociology.

Strouse would like to work for a PRor advertising firm as well after she graduates, but she’s going to see where the road takes her. As for Strouse’s dream job? She would like to become the vice president of a PRor advertising firm. The two ladies have thoughts about graduate school in mind, but for now, they’re just relishing in the fact that they’re about to graduate from college. Willison describes the event as “daunting” and “scary” as they’re about to enter into the real world. Willison and Strouse are both graduating with honors and both describe the occasion as they’re very proud, but it’s also a bittersweet moment. Oh, and as for that senior project? They delivered that presentation with plenty of confidence, courage and managed to receive 95 points out of 100.

senior interview  

senior interview