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In January 2006 Kodak introduced the V570, the world’s first dual-lens digital camera  Kodak wanted to transform its image from tech “wallflower” to chic accessory 

“Renaissance Women”  Married moms  Age 25-54  Do a little bit of everything

Garner more than 30 million media impressions of V570 in A-list celebrity and entertainment media outlets ď‚Ą 60% of image coverage and 40% of dual lens message coverage ď‚Ą Achieve coverage that equates to an advertising equivalence two times greater than the PR spend ď‚Ą

Kodak used reports from Ketchum Global Research Network (KGRN)  When making a consumer electronics purchase,

women aged 25-54 are influenced by outside sources  Magazine articles, entertainment industry, message boards

KGRN report from April 2005 revealed a “new luxury” mentality of female consumers  Extravagance  Customization; making it your own

Media Analysis:  September 2005 Washington Post article: ▪ Celebrity/gossip magazines “are now reshaping the media industry” ▪ Despite declines in circulation in all other print publications, celebrity magazines were seeing gains


Brainstorm:  How could they effectively reach their target

audience (women influenced by magazines articles, entertainment industry, focus on luxury)?!v=mYraq3s2tU&feature=related

According to MRI data: in 2005 37.5 million adult Americans tuned in to watch the 77th Annual Academy Awards  21.9 million (58%) of which were women aged 25-

54  Academy Awards the equivalent of the Super Bowl for women

“Gifting” Analysis:  Capturing celebrity attention and generating

coverage via traditional gift bags is difficult 

Brainstorm?? How could Kodak cut through the usual Oscar gifting clutter and grab celebrity attention?

Partner with a luxury brand that enhances the camera’s tech image  The luxury diamond brand Kwiat and Kodak

personalized V570 with diamond monograms for the five best actress nominees, the host, and a dynamic duo  Each cam encrusted with diamonds was about $20 000  Monogrammed cameras were displayed alongside Kwiat collection

Transform V570 from tech-toy to Oscar chic  Kodak Kwiat Luxury Oscar Suit: “The ultimate luxury

retreat”  Kodak/Kwiat Oscar Cocktail Party  Online Community

Conduct demos of the camera for celebrities and influencers  In-suit interaction  Celebrity gifting  The perfect pair

Capture celebrities in “Kodak moments” with the V570 by partnering with top-tier celebrity media  Entertainment Weekly Oscar-Viewing party  An Exclusive partnership with ET


30 million media impressions An image of the V570 in 60% coverage and the dual lens message in 40% coverage Coverage equates to an advertising two times greater than the PR spend


38,705,905 media impressions V570 image was included in 72% of coverage; dual lens message in 61% of coverage 462% media efficiency versus advertising





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