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Bayaud Enterprises Annual Winter Holiday Party DETAILS Date: Time: Place:

Parking: Attendees: Children:

Saturday, December 10th 5-8pm PPA Event Center 2105 Decatur Street Denver, CO 80211 (303) 433-8247 Event Center Lot 400-500 total (150-175)

SET UP Set up time: 1:00pm Clean up time: 9:30-10:00pm *Tables and table cloths provided by PPA (approx 45 total). Cleaning will consist mostly of sweeping and moping kitchen and game area. VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION Leader(s): Benn *For each event category, the leader(s) in charge will evaluate and let Benn know how many volunteers they think they need for their category. Benn will then handle the necessary volunteer recruitment. INVITATIONS Leader(s): Courtney Invitation Distribution ASAP! • RSVPs needed 2 weeks out from 12/10 • Danielle will track the RSVPs • Danielle will also print the invites and distribute them in-house. SLIDESHOW Leader(s): Melissa & Danielle Susan will bring the laptop and Melissa and Danielle will provide the pictures. AV Projector status (do we need to bring anything else than the laptop? Can someone call PPA and confirm that if we don’t know for sure? Volunteers:

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DECORATIONS Leader(s): Charissa Charissa will go to the Dollar Store and buy some decorations and get reimbursed later. • 15 tall glass candles • Wreaths to go around candles • Cute holiday/ winter décor for 45 tables • 500 cheap holiday napkins • Big + little food trays • NO confetti or glitter.  Volunteers:

GAMES Leader: Courtney 0-12 years Candy to give out has already been secured by McLane. Susanne already has a list of games ready as well as all of the required items. Maybe add a couple more minute-to-win-it games? See below the list that was handed out during the last meeting: • Bounce splash • Penny toss • Bottle up • Bean bag toss • Flip flop faces • Snow balls • Jingle the bell • Coloring book station Volunteers:

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Updated by Charissa Stober on 10/26/2011

REFRESHMENTS Leader: Alanna Soda + Water (Pepsi donation has been secured? Benn says he is following up) Coffee (Starbucks for donations? Alanna is checking into this?) Do we need cups? What is needed to be purchased/donated? Quantities needed? From where? Cost estimate? Is any more helped needed in this area to get this done? Volunteers:

FOOD Leader: Taylor & Courtney Have we chosen a caterer yet? How about Cooks Fresh? Or “Occasions by Sandy”? Have we secured any donations? Caterer • Turkey (Regular, not smoked) • Stuffing • Mash Potatoes & Gravy Sam’s Club/ Staff • Corn (canned) • Beans (canned) • Rolls (We need to pre-order these from Sam’s Club) • Butter and Ranch dressing (Don to donate) • Silverware (Don to donate) • Salt + Pepper? • Salad (bags from Sam’s Club) • Desserts (provided by staff or maybe Safeway/Kroger bakery?) ***Charissa has 6 metal warming trays we can use (borrowed from Qdoba Catering) consisting of the wire racks, aluminum trays to pour water into (smaller aluminum trays will go on top and will be purchased from the Dollar Store) as well as the oil candles that go below and can keep food hot for up to 3 hours. Volunteers:

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Updated by Charissa Stober on 10/26/2011

GIFTS Leader: Alanna $10-15 per child (1 gift per child) Ages 0-12 Inventory (Danielle/Taylor) currently we know that we have 40 boys toys (ages 6-7) and 35 makeup sets for girls (ages 8-12) and about 13 puzzles. Age and gender distribution? Wrapping paper + “TO, FROM” stickers (to be purchased by Charissa @ the Dollar Store) Bayaud has tape and scissors we can use. Volunteers:

END-OF-THE-NIGHT GIFT BAGS Leader: Alanna Items? Cost estimate of each bag? Supplies to make/wrap bags Scarves, hats, gloves, picture frames, towels maybe? Donations? Volunteers:

ENTERTAINMENT DJ • Booked (confirmed by Courtney Cook) How much $ is it? Dance Performances • Susan confirmed there will be about 30-40 dancers performing @ 5:30Do we need to follow up with anything for this or provide any info to the company performing? Face Painters • Benn will get about 5 face painters (2 of which are really artistic) – Have we looked into the possibility of someone professional coming in and donating their services? (Danielle said she has a great contact for this) Do we need to buy face paint and supplies? Bike recycle • Susan is coordinating… Does the party committee need to help with following up on anything for this?

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Santa • Booked? Does the party committee need to help with following up on anything for this? Volunteers:

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holiday party planner  
holiday party planner  

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