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Emergency Food Supply Basics It goes without saying that a key concern in life is having enough food for survival. It seems we've come a long way from the days of drying meat on the front porch, or having to wait until winter to freeze something or at least keep it cold. Actually you could say we have forgotten those days. So what would happen if suddenly there was a crisis, a state of emergency, and the supply of food turned into rationing? Most people would panic. A state of emergency would only be the beginning. Emergency Food rationing and food hoarding would become the norm. “As seen on tv� disasters always catch people off guard. A good supply of water and dried good items is needed for long term use. Fights over food would surely break out everywhere. Talk about a food fight. Absolute chaos would take to the streets in the form of looting and even more destruction. Although shortages seem to only happen elsewhere, it can still happen here. Hurricanes and other natural disasters have put Americans in life and death situations. Any such emergency can cause temporary or long term storage issues. Storage of foods is like saving money for a stormy day. There are companies now who specialize in survivalist gear to include ready packaged foods, like: In case of a real emergency, the survivalist person will have a ready storage of food and water and all other types of supplies one will need to survive in a crisis. The supply storage of meals may not be such a bad idea, although you may want to keep this a secret as much as possible. The packaged foods come in a variety of meals. Some food items are dried while other food items are ready to eat. You can store these types of food for years. There is a small group of people who probably no matter what the emergency was would never feel the crisis simply because of the lifestyle they chose. This means they just live off the land as hunter-gatherers who are not troubled with the daily ritual of everyday people. Their one main concern is getting that daily catch. They have little need for supermarkets. Just a simple small general store is all that would be needed. This group already understands the need for long-term storage of foods. Most people would be lost without the daily newspaper and a cup of coffee, let alone how to deal with a real crisis where there was a power outage or no grocery stores. We have become too accustomed to modern life, which is not a crime; after all it took thousands of years of development to get here. However, in an emergency society would find itself dependent on charity as we have seen recently. Churches and food banks try their best to help out, but even on a good day they are limited. In a real emergency they would only last a day. In summary, during a real crisis, clean water, food and a place of refuge will always be top priority. It's never too early to begin a long term storage plan now.

Emergency food supply basics  

It goes without saying that a key concern in life is having enough food for survival. It seems we've come a long way from the days of drying...

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