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March 7, 2018

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West Virginia Teachers Cheer Pay Hike Deal to End Walkout Wyoming County’s Mullens Elementary school teachers Kara Brown, from right, Katherine Dudley and Nina Tunstalle, along with Lois Casto of Central Elementary school in St. Albans, react to news that West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and Senate Republicans have reached a tentative deal to end a strike by giving them 5 percent raises in Charleston, W.Va., on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. (Craig Hudson/Charleston Gazette-Mail via AP) Page 5

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Wednesday 7 March 2018


Tillerson heads to Africa with explaining to do for Trump By JOSH LEDERMAN WASHINGTON (AP) — As far as Africa's concerned, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Trump administration have some explaining to do. President Donald Trump's description of "shithole countries" in January was greeted with a mix of horror and outrage in Africa, where many don't know what to think about the U.S. president — or what he thinks of them. He's rarely spoken about priorities for the continent, which garnered a mere seven paragraphs on the very last pages of Trump's National Security Strategy. It falls to Tillerson to mend the damage as he travels to the continent on Tuesday, becoming the most senior U.S. official to set foot there since Trump took office more than a year ago. Tillerson, in a speech laying out the administration's Africa policy, said the continent's rapid economic growth and fast-rising populations mean its future is increasingly linked to America's. He said the U.S. was committed to helping, but that prosperity and basic stability would be impossible until the security

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks about the relationship between the U.S. and countries in Africa, at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., Tuesday, March 6, 2018. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

situation is brought under control. "My firm belief is that there is ample opportunity on the continent for economic growth, for greater prosperity, and for responding to global challenges through mutually respectful partnerships," Tillerson said. It's a starkly different message from the one Trump delivered in a meeting with U.S. lawmakers this year that soon became pub-

lic, forcing humiliated U.S. ambassadors to apologize and Trump to send a letter to African leaders affirming his respect. Making Tillerson's job harder, he's showing up on the continent with few concrete goals or new actions to announce. As one senior State Department official briefing reporters on condition of anonymity put it: "There's really no deliverables."

Trump hasn’t announced a signature initiative to help the continent, such as the PEPFAR program for HIV/AIDS that George W. Bush started, and many of his sweeping budget cuts affect overseas programs that disproportionately help Africa. Tillerson did announce Tuesday an additional $533 million in humanitarian assistance to help with famine and conflict-related needs in

Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria, but it was unclear exactly where the money would come from. For Tillerson, who did not visit Africa during his first year as the top U.S. diplomat, it may be that the best way to show deference to a continent suspicious of Trump is to listen. State Department officials said Tillerson wanted to hear from leaders in Africa in what ways they’re most eager to collaborate with the United States. “It may be a listening tour for him, but it’s also a watching tour” for everyone else, said Witney Schneidman, a former Africa official at the State Department now at the Brookings Institution. “When do we get to see the outlines of what the Trump Africa policy is?” The U.S. planned to direct $128 million to help Nigeria and the Lake Chad region nations. Though he has yet to visit as diplomat, Tillerson is not a stranger to Africa, which he visited frequently in search of deals in his previous job as CEO of Exxon Mobil. The energy behemoth has significant business dealings in sub-Saharan Africa, including in Chad, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.q

Dutch intel agency: Volume, complexity of cyberattacks rises By MIKE CORDER THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Attempts at digital espionage and online political manipulation in Europe are on the rise both in number and in complexity, the Netherlands' main intelligence agency said Tuesday in its annual report. Adding its voice to fears around the world of a rise in covert digital influence

and espionage, the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service said in its 2017 report a growing number of foreign powers are using cyber espionage "to acquire information that they use for (geo) political gain." It highlighted Russia, which it said is "extremely driven in the covert digital influencing of (political) decision

making processes." It added that the agency also has seen similar attempts by China. The intelligence agency, known by its Dutch acronym AIVD, is known for its tracking of online threats. Dutch media reported in January that AIVD hackers penetrated the computers used by a Russian hacking group known as Cozy Bear

in mid-2014 and watched them for at least a year, even managing to catch the hackers on camera. Daily newspaper De Volkskrant and television current affairs show Nieuwsuur said Dutch spies used their access to help oust Cozy Bear from U.S. State Department computers in late 2014. The AIVD declined comment on the reports.

In its annual report, the agency said online spying is also being used to infiltrate European multinationals, research institutes as well as the energy, high-tech and chemicals sectors. "Terabytes of confidential information with a substantial economic value were stolen in these digital breaches," the report said.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

Trump says he'll push tariffs despite pressure from GOP By KEN THOMAS LISA MASCARO WASHINGTON (AP) — Warning of economic fallout, congressional Republicans and industry groups pressed President Donald Trump on Tuesday to narrow his plan for across-theboard tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. Trump appeared unmoved, declaring: "Trade wars aren't so bad." The president said he planned to move forward with special tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, contending the U.S. has long been "mistreated" in trade deals. "We're doing tariffs on steel. We cannot lose our steel industry. It's a fraction of what it once was. And we can't lose our aluminum industry," Trump said during a joint news conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. The president's pledge for action, which would be in line with a one of his campaign promises, came after House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin called for a "more surgical approach" that would help avert a potentially dangerous trade war. Senate Major-

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and GOP leaders meet with reporters following a closeddoor Republican strategy session on Capitol Hill as they face how to deal with President Donald Trump's impending trade tariffs, in Washington, Tuesday, March 6, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

ity Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said there was concern Trump's plan could lead to such disruptive turmoil. "We are urging caution," McConnell said. Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia, who opposes the tariffs, said after meeting Tuesday with White House chief of staff John Kelly that the admin-

Biden calling on unions to boost Dem in PA election By STEVE PEOPLES Associated Press PITTSBURGH (AP) — Stepping into Pennsylvania's high-profile special election, former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday called on labor unions to support Democrat Conor Lamb in next week's contest that he said pits the values of the "super wealthy" against the working-class. Biden, who even at 75 remains one of the Democratic Party's biggest stars, declared that the littleknown Lamb would "throw himself in front of a train" to protect working-class voters from GOP plans to cut programs like Social Security and Medicaid. The former vice president delivered his message in-

side a western Pennsylvania union hall as he worked to rally union members just seven days before the nation's next Trump-era special election. While Biden did not mention President Donald Trump by name, the March 13 contest will likely be viewed as a referendum on the president and his Republican Party. Reflecting the high political stakes, outside groups on both sides have flooded local airwaves with advertising. And each party has called in its super stars to energize voters. Trump himself is expected to visit the area on Saturday on behalf of the Republican candidate, state Rep. Rick Saccone.q

istration was willing to consider his views. "Absolutely. There's an openness now," Perdue said. "I think there's been a step back," said Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan. "I don't think he's reconsidering, but I think he's trying to figure out what his best step is forward." But those views sounded more like wishful thinking after Trump's news conference, in which he reiterated his plans to impose the tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports. He said he'd respond to unfair treatment by foreign countries and huge trade deficits. "We're going to straighten it out and we'll do it in a very loving way," Trump said.q

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Wednesday 7 March 2018


US greets talk of North Korea nuke concessions with hope, skepticism By ROBERT BURNS HYUNG-JIN KIM Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump greeted North Korea's reported willingness to negotiate away its atomic weapons with both hope and skepticism Tuesday, insisting a potential diplomatic breakthrough be tested against the North's long history of deception and threats to target U.S. cities with nuclear missiles. "I really believe they are sincere," Trump said at a White House news conference, sounding more optimistic than his intelligence chief, Dan Coats, who told a Senate hearing he has "very, very low confidence" that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un intends to give up his nuclear arms. "Maybe this is a breakthrough. I seriously doubt it," Coats said. A senior South Korean presidential adviser said Tuesday that Kim expressed a willingness to discuss nuclear disarmament and halt nuclear and missile tests during future talks

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven in the East Room of the White House, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, in Washington. President Trump greeted North Korea's reported willingness to negotiate away its atomic weapons with both hope and skepticism Tuesday. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

with the United States. The North didn't confirm those concessions, which would amount to a dramatic about-face for a nation that has frequently vowed to preserve its nuclear arsenal at any cost. Chung Eui-yong, the South Korean official who spoke

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after participating in talks with Kim in Pyongyang, also said the North Korean dictator had agreed to meet with South Korea's president at a border village in late April. Trump, who last fall told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson he was "wasting his

time" trying to talk with the North, tweeted Tuesday that "possible progress" had been made in North Korea's capital and that all sides were making serious efforts. He added: "May be false hope, but the U.S. is ready to go hard in either direction!"

Later, in an Oval Office photo session with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, Trump said the North Koreans "seem to be acting positively," but that the prospects will be clearer when diplomacy moves to the next stage. "We have come certainly a long way, at least rhetorically, with North Korea," Trump said. Of the possibility for peacefully resolving the nations' deep differences, he said: "It'd be a great thing for the world, would be a great for North Korea, it would be a great thing for the peninsula. But we'll see what happens." In Chung's account, Kim indicated he would not need to keep nuclear weapons if military threats against North Korea were removed and his nation received a credible security guarantee. That suggests the possibility Kim will insist in any deal that the U.S. withdraw its nearly 28,000 troops from South Korea. The North sees those forces and their periodic exercises with South Korean troops as a threat to invade the North.q

Trump says he'll counteract Russia meddling By DEB RIECHMANN WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he's not worried that Moscow will meddle in the upcoming midterm elections because the U.S. will take steps to prevent it. "Whatever they do, we'll counteract it very strongly," the president said. Trump acknowledged that Russia interfered in the presidential election, but said it had no impact on the U.S. vote tally. "Certainly there was meddling and probably there was meddling from other countries

and maybe other individuals," he said at a news conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at the White House. Trump said his administration is conducting a deep study and will have strong suggestions on protecting the midterms and beyond. "You have to be very vigilant," Trump said. "And one of the things we're learning it is always good — it's old-fashioned — but it's always good to have a paper backup system of voting. It's called paper. Not highly complex computers.

Paper. A lot of states are going to a paper backup." Also Tuesday, the nation's top intelligence official said the Trump administration was getting ready to slap new sanctions on Russians over Moscow's meddling in the presidential election. The Trump administration was harshly criticized for not imposing new sanctions in January when a list of 114 Russian politicians and 96 oligarchs was released to comply with a law Congress passed to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2016 U.S. election.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

West Virginia teachers cheer pay hike deal to end walkout By JOHN RABY CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia's striking teachers cheered, sang and wept joyfully Tuesday as lawmakers acted to end a nine-day classroom walkout, ceding them 5 percent pay hikes that are also being extended to all state workers. A huge crowd of teachers packing the Capitol jumped up and down, chanted "We love our kids!" and sang John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads." The settlement came on the ninth day of a crippling strike that had idled hundreds of thousands of students, forced parents to scramble for child care and cast a spotlight on government dysfunction in one of the poorest states in the nation. State schools Superintendent Steve Paine said in a statement he was "pleased that our students, teachers and service personnel will return to school" on Wednesday. "We know that the end is in sight," said Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association. "We know that they're going to be relieved to do what they love best, and that's taking care of the kids and educating the kids of West Virginia." The West Virginia teachers, some of the lowestpaid in the country, had gone without a salary increase for four years. They appeared to have strong public backing throughout their walkout. "We overcame, we overcame!" exclaimed one teacher, Danielle Harris, calling it a victory for students as well. "It shows

Gov. Jim Justice signs a bill increasing state workers salaries by 5 percent during a news conference at the Culture Center after the House and Senate passed the bill earlier in the day in Charleston, W.V., on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. The settlement came on the ninth day of a crippling strike that idled hundreds of thousands of students, forced parents to scramble for child care and cast a spotlight on government dysfunction in one of the poorest states in the country. (Craig Hudson /Charleston Gazette-Mail via AP)

them how democracy is supposed to work, that you don't just bow down and lay down for anybody. They got the best lesson that they could ever have even though they were out of school." Tuesday marked the ninth day of canceled classes for the school system's 277,000 students and 35,000 employees. Teachers walked off the job Feb. 22, balking at an initial bill signed by Gov. Jim Justice to bump up their pay 2 percent in the first year as they also complained about rising health insurance costs. Justice responded last week with an offer to raise teacher pay 5 percent — a proposal the state House approved swiftly but that senators weren't so eager

to sign off on. Instead the Senate countered with an offer of 4 percent on Saturday, prompting leaders of all three unions representing the state's teachers to announce the walkout was being extended. After a six-member conference committee agreed Tuesday to the new proposal, the House of Delegates subsequently passed 5 percent raises for teachers, school service personnel and state troopers on a 99-0 vote. The Senate followed, voting 34-0. At a bill signing ceremony after Tuesday’s vote, Justice declared victory. “Today is a new day for education in West Virginia. No more looking back!” he proclaimed, surrounded by jubilant education leaders.

“We really have to move away from the idea that education is some necessary evil that’s just got to be funded ... toward ... looking at our children and our teachers and education process as an investment ... That’s all there is to it.” Missed school days will be made up, either at the end of the school year or by shortening spring break, depending on decisions by individual counties. Justice said that would not mean families would go without their summer vacations, however. “Teachers seem to be mistreated throughout the country, so we are hoping other teachers and other public employees step up and tell their government they have had enough,” he said.q

Florida debates amendments to school safety bill By B FARRINGTON TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A proposal to arm some teachers and school employees proved particularly contentious Tuesday as Florida representatives debated amendments to a school safety bill. House members spent nearly three hours asking questions about the legislation, which would put some

restrictions on rifle sales, provide new mental health programs from schools and improve communication between school districts, law enforcement and state agencies. The Feb. 14 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County left 17 dead. Students' anger at the availability of guns, access to weapons by the men-

tally ill and school safety spurred lawmakers to act. The House began considering dozens of amendments in the early afternoon, the first of which would have stripped language from that bill that would create a program to arm some teachers and school employees who have undergone law enforcement training. Several Democrats

said they wouldn't vote for the bill if it included the socalled guardian program, which would put more guns in schools. The amendment to strip out guardian language failed on 42-71 vote. Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith said polls show there's little support for arming teachers, yet overwhelming support for an assault rifle ban.q

A6 U.S.

Wednesday 7 March 2018


No police search at home of man who shot self by White House

The bedroom of White House gunman, Cameron Ross Burgess, is seen with empty gun case on bed, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, in Gainesville, Fla. Four days after he fatally shot himself outside the White House, Burgess' apartment sat untouched by investigators on Tuesday. His roommates had not been questioned by police and didn't even know that he had died. (AP Photo/Jason Dearen)

By JASON DEAREN JAY REEVES GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Four days after he fatally shot himself outside the White House, a Florida man's apartment sat untouched by investigators

on Tuesday. His roommates had not been questioned by police and didn't even know that he had died. An open, empty handgun case sat on the unmade bed of Cameron Ross Burgess in the Gainesville

apartment he shared with two others on a tree-lined street just a few blocks from the University of Florida campus, where he worked helping abused children. There were nine rounds still inside the gun

case. Justin Ford was distraught when told of his roommate's death by an Associated Press reporter, saying he had been texting Burgess for days about rent with no answer. He said he also hadn't heard of the shots fired outside the White House. "I must have seen him four days ago or something," Ford said, adding that it wasn't unusual for Burgess to leave for a few days at a time. "Sometimes he would just leave and go on a camping trip or something." Ford accompanied a reporter inside Burgess' room, and was shocked when he saw the gun case. Ford said the quiet, 6-foot-2, bearded man had been a gentle, generous roommate since he had moved in last August. "I had no idea about him having a gun," he said. Police say Burgess fired multiple shots outside the White House on Saturday before turning the gun on himself in front of dozens of onlookers. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump were in Florida at the time. The Metropolitan Police in

Washington D.C., the lead investigative agency, did not immediately respond to a request for comment about whether the shooting was still being investigated. Gainesville Police Department spokesman Officer Ben Tobias said he did not see "any records of requests for assistance from any agency regarding this incident." Burgess worked as a clinical case manager at the University of Florida's Child Protection Team, a unit that responds to child abuse over a wide area of central Florida. Deborah Field, a friend and former co-worker, said Burgess was a magnet for the kids they helped, and had a "courageous laugh" and positive attitude in a highly traumatic environment. She said she knew he'd sought help from a psychiatrist in the past, and had been upset about the school shooting in Parkland in addition to job pressures. "The stuff we saw and heard, no one should have to see and hear these things, but we do it" she said about working with abused children. q

20-year-old sues Dick's, Walmart over new gun policies By GILLIAN FLACCUS PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A 20-year-old man from Oregon has filed lawsuits against Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart, alleging the two retailers discriminated against him when they refused to sell him a rifle this week because of his age. Dick's and Walmart restricted gun sales to people 21 and older in the wake of the Florida high school massacre. The 19-year-old accused in the school slay-

ing legally bought the AR15 used in the attack. The lawsuits, obtained by The Associated Press, are believed to be the first filed over the new gun policies enacted in the wake of the Feb. 14 shooting in Florida. Oregon law allows residents to buy shotguns or rifles starting at 18. Tyler Watson's lawsuits filed against the retailers in two separate counties claim he faced age discrimination from Dick's and Walmart. The lawsuits in Jackson and

Josephine counties both ask a judge to put a stop to the retailers' new gun sale policies and award punitive damages because of the "willful nature of the discrimination." Legal papers say a store owned by Dick's Sporting Goods in Medford, Oregon, refused to sell Watson a .22-caliber Ruger rifle on Feb. 24. The suit says a Walmart in Grants Pass, Oregon, refused to sell him an unspecified type of rifle on March 3.

Watson did not know about the restrictions when he tried to buy a rifle, his attorney Max Whittington, told The Oregonian/OregonLive, which first reported on the lawsuits Monday. Whittington did not immediately return a call from the AP on Tuesday. Watson is not part of an organized effort to push back against the retailers' policy, the lawyer added. "He was really just trying to buy a rifle," Whittington told the newspaper.

Watson, of Gold Hill, Oregon, could not be reached for comment. Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove said the retailer plans to defend the new policy. "We stand behind our decision and plan to defend it," he said. "While we haven't seen the complaint, we will respond as appropriate with the court." A representative from Dick's didn't immediately return a call from The AP on Tuesday.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

Nor'easter packing heavy snow, wind threatens new outages BOSTON (AP) — Utility workers took advantage of milder temperatures and sunshine Tuesday in their scramble to restore power to thousands of customers around the Northeast, as another snowy, blowy nor'easter threatened a new round of outages. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning that stretched from eastern Pennsylvania to most of New England, from late Tuesday night into Thursday morning. Heavy, wet snow and gusting winds could take down trees and snap power lines already weakened from last week's storm, adding to stress for customers who've gone days without power. The outages turned to outrage for a New Jersey man whose home had been without electricity since Friday, who threatened to kidnap a utility company employee and blow up a substation. Robert Winter, 63, was charged with making terroristic threats, according to police in Vernon. More than a foot of snow is forecast for some interior areas, the weather service said. Pennsylvania's Poconos Mountains and parts of western Massachusetts could see up to 18 inches. Damaging winds are in the forecast with gusts of up to 60 mph at Cape Cod, 45 mph at the Jersey shore and 30 mph around suburban Philadelphia. Depending on the storm's track, communities along the Interstate 95 corridor could see either lots of rain, heavy snow, or a mix of

each. Transportation departments in Philadelphia and Boston loaded up salt trucks and pre-treated roads Tuesday afternoon, and some airlines already were waiving ticket change fees for airports in the storm's projected path, such as Newark, Philadelphia, Boston and New York's JFK. Amtrak said it was canceling some train service Wednesday, and regional rail trains in Philadelphia will operate on a weekend schedule on Wednesday. School districts and municipal operations around Pennsylvania and Connecticut already were announcing they would close Wednesday. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf declared states of emergency. The National Weather Service said travel is not recommended Wednesday and urged people to stay off the roads to allow emergency crews and clean-up crews to do their jobs. Some areas will get as much as 2-3 inches an hour. Workers in a coastal Massachusetts town hit particularly hard by last week's

A worker uses an excavator to clear rocks and debris, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, as waves continue to breach the seawall in Marshfield, Mass. Utilities are racing to restore power to tens of thousands of customers in the Northeast still without electricity after last week's storm as another nor'easter threatens the hard-hit area with heavy, wet snow, high winds, and more outages. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

nor'easter were working frantically to head off further damage from another severe storm coming this week. Public works crews and private contractors in Duxbury reinforced the town's crumbling seawall with truckloads of large

rocks on Tuesday, but Department of Public Works Director Pete Buttkus called it a short-term fix. Rene Read, town manager of the community about 30 miles (48 kilometers) south of Boston, said the seawall "is in crisis and is in the pro-

cess of failing." A slight consolation is that the storm is not expected to bring the coastal flooding like the one last week. Some New England and New Jersey coastal communities still are underwater from the earlier storm.q

Mom, son buried to death under snow KIRKWOOD, Calif. (AP) — A mother and her 7-year-old son died when a massive block of snow fell from a roof and buried them just feet from the front door of their Northern California mountain condo, authori-

ties said. Olga Perkovic, 50, and her son, Aaron Goodstein, had been skiing in the Sierra Nevada near the Nevada state line and were returning to the condo Sunday when a chunk about the

size of a trailer fell from the roof, burying them under about 3 feet (0.91 meters) of snow, the Alpine County Sheriff's Department said. "It was a freak accident," Undersheriff Spencer Pace said Monday. He said

warming temperatures often cause snow to slide off roofs, occasionally injuring people. But he said neither he nor the sheriff can recall sliding snow ever killing anyone in the three decades they have been there.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018


Renzi challenges Italy's Democrats over support for 5-Stars

Democratic Party leader Matteo Renzi speaks during a press conference on the election results, in Rome, Monday, March 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis)

By NICOLE WINFIELD COLLEEN BARRY ROME (AP) — Former Italian Premier Matteo Renzi on Tuesday challenged members of his defeated Democrats to publicly declare if they'll support the populist 5-Star Movement, throwing down the gauntlet as he tries to prevent his party from fracturing and backing its political nemesis.

Analysts say he has reason to worry. Given both the numbers and ideologies, a 5-Star government supported by elements of the Democratic Party may be the most stable and logical solution to Italy's inconclusive elections. Renzi has said he would resign as party chair given the Democratic Party's disastrous showing of less

than 23 percent of the vote — the worst result ever for the left. And he pledged the Democrats wouldn't align with either the 5-Stars, which emerged from the election as the single-biggest party with 32 percent of the vote, or the center-right coalition, led by the anti-immigrant League, with 37 percent.

In a Facebook message Tuesday that suggested defections were a real threat, Renzi reminded his supporters that both the 5-Stars and the League "represent the opposite of our values." "They're anti-European, anti-political and have used a language of hatred," Renzi wrote. "They said we were corrupt, mafiosi, and that we have blood on our hands because of immigration. I don't think they've changed their mind overnight." "For me, the Democratic Party has to be where the people put us: in the opposition," Renzi wrote. "If anyone from our party thinks otherwise, let him or her say so," either in an upcoming party meeting or in Parliament. The success of the 5-Stars, a grassroots internet-based movement that only was launched nine years ago, came in great part at the expense of the Democrats, including in their onetime stronghold of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. Researchers at the Bologna-based Cattaneo Insti-

tute, analyzing data from a select number of cities, concluded that of the 2.6 million voters the Democrats lost since the 2013 general election, “relevant numbers” went to the 5-Stars, as well as to a lesser degree the League and a new left-wing party. “All this indicates that the 5-Stars are the Democrats’ competitors, offering electors a ‘truer’ left than that embodied by a leader like Renzi,” the researchers said. As a result, analysts say, Renzi has reason to be concerned about the rankand-file’s intentions. “I always start from the numbers. And the numbers tell me there are not many coalitions available,” said Roberto D’Alimonte, a political scientist at Rome’s LUISS University. “Today it looks very strange. But after a few weeks of useless searching, I think ... it won’t look so strange.” The 5-Stars have evolved since the last parliamentary election when they refused to deal with any party, and want to become “the new establishment,” D’Alimonte said.q

Northern Ireland party rejects EU plans on Ireland border BRUSSELS (AP) — The Northern Ireland party that props up the government of British Prime Minister Theresa May insists that European Union proposals to avoid a hard border in Ireland after Brexit are "not acceptable." Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster said after a meeting with the EU's chief Brexit nego-

tiator, Michel Barnier, that there can be no division between Northern Ireland and the rest of the U.K. to accommodate for a soft border with the EU. The border on the island will be the only land border after the U.K. breaks away as of March 2019 and maintaining open trade and passage is proving to be

one of the more intractable issues during the Brexit talks. And the DUP fears that as the EU seeks to keep the Irish border as transparent as possible, it is at the same time erecting obstacles between Northern Ireland and Britain. "What we're concerned about is to have a barrier

between ourselves and the rest of the United Kingdom. That is the critical point for us," Foster said, adding that 72 percent of Northern Ireland goods go to the rest of the U.K. "The single market that matters to the people of Northern Ireland is the U.K. single market," she said. "It would be an economic catastro-

phe if we allowed a border between ourselves and the rest of the U.K." Barnier assured her that all constitutional rules of the U.K. would be respected. "The EU is looking for practical solutions to avoiding a hard border, in full respect of the constitutional status" of Northern Ireland, he tweeted.q


NEWS British MPs ask to visit Egypt's former president in jail Wednesday 7 March 2018

By BRIAN ROHAN Associated Press CAIRO (AP) — Senior British Members of Parliament said Tuesday they have asked Egyptian authorities to allow them to visit former President Mohammed Morsi, deposed and now in prison, over concerns that his health is deteriorating because of poor detention conditions. The bipartisan group, headed by the Conservative Party's Crispin Blunt, made

the request a day earlier in a letter to the Egyptian ambassador in London. They said they want to review the conditions of Morsi's detention in Egypt's Tora prison along with a lawyer. One of the parliamentarians is a doctor specializing in cases of mistreatment and torture. In a copy of the letter, Blunt says he was asked to make the request on behalf of Morsi's family, who say they have seen him only twice

in detention in four years. They say he is suffering from worsening diabetes, high blood pressure, loss of sight in one eye and other ailments, and is not receiving proper treatment. The Egyptian Embassy in London did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Morsi's son Abdullah says that Egypt's upcoming election should be a reminder that its first democratically elected presi-

dent, overthrown by the military in 2013, still languishes in prison "in appalling conditions in breach of international laws." "His request for urgent medical treatment during a trial session was refused," Abdullah said in a statement. "Regardless of any person's opinion of my father or his beliefs, this is unacceptable for anyone. That is why we have asked this independent panel — with legal, medical and foreign policy

experience — to assess the situation." President Abdel-Fattah elSissi, who as defense minister led Morsi's overthrow, is up for re-election later this month in a vote in which he faces no serious challengers. A string of would-be competitors either withdrew under pressure or were arrested, and the only other candidate is a little-known politician who supports elSissi. q

Russian plane crash in Syria kills 39 servicemen

This photo shows civilians gathering near a convoy of vehicles of the Syrian Red Crescent in Douma, eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, Syria, Monday, March. 5, 2018. A Russian military cargo plane crashed near an air base in Syria on Tuesday, killing all 39 Russian servicemen on board in a blow to Russian operations in Syria. (Syrian Red Crescent via AP)

ZEINA KARAM NATALIYA VASILYEVA BEIRUT (AP) — A Russian military cargo plane crashed

near an air base in Syria on Tuesday, killing all 39 Russian servicemen on board in a blow to Russian opera-

tions in Syria. The Russian military quickly insisted the plane was not shot down and blamed the crash on a

technical error. Meanwhile, shelling near the rebel-held eastern suburbs of Damascus killed dozens of people over the past 24 hours as President Bashar Assad's government, supported by the Russian military, pushed its assault on the capital's rebel-held suburbs. International aid workers on a rare humanitarian mission inside the besieged area described dramatic scenes of rescuers trying to pull corpses from the rubble of buildings and children who hadn't seen daylight in 15 days. The mission on Monday to the area known as eastern Ghouta was cut short after the government shelling escalated while the aid workers were still inside, calling into question future aid shipments to the encircled region, the last major opposition stronghold near the capital. Opposition activists and a war monitor said 80 people

were killed Monday — the deadliest day since the U.N. Security Council demanded a 30-day ceasefire for Syria — and at least nine were killed Tuesday. "People were telling us very desperate stories. They are tired, they are angry. They don't want aid, what they want is the shelling to stop," Pawel Krzysiek, head of communications for the Syrian branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross, said Tuesday. He said thousands of families were huddled in underground shelters, reluctant to eat in front of each other because of the pervasive hunger, and children who watched as aid workers tried to pull corpses from the rubble. "No child should be witnessing this in their very early state of development. The Syrian government, through the SANA state news agency, denied using chemical weapons.q

Saudi crown prince winds up trip to Egypt with mosque visit CAIRO (AP) — Saudi Arabia’s crown prince wound up his three-day visit to Egypt on Tuesday with a symbolically significant visit to Al-Azhar, the world’s foremost seat of learning for Sunni Muslims. Accompanied by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah elSissi, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was given a tour of the mosque at the heart of old Cairo to see the

outcome of three years of restoration work financed by a Saudi grant. Also at hand was Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam, Sheikh Ahmed alTayeb. The mosque, built in the 10th century, is now part of a sprawling university teaching Islam as well as secular subjects and a nationwide network of schools. It is perceived to be a bastion of moderation

whose teaching counters radicalism and violence, but it has in recent months been accused of theological rigidity and of resisting calls to renew Islam’s religious discourse. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are viewed to be Sunni powerhouses whose weight, together with that of smaller Sunni Arab allies like Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, is called upon to

counter the growing influence of non-Arab and Shiite Iran in the region. Al-Tayeb thanked Prince Mohammed profusely for the kingdom’s help. “This is our duty and every Saudi hopes that he can contribute, even in a simple way, to the renovation and improvement of Al-Azhar,” the Saudi heir apparent said in reply to al-Tayeb. The prince was given a

warm welcome in Egypt, whose government views Saudi aid and investment as key to reviving the country’s battered economy. Posters featuring the prince alongside el-Sissi lined major roads in central Cairo. Pro-government television networks broadcast promotional videos about Saudi Arabia and the prince’s efforts to modernize the oilrich kingdom.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

Puerto Rico governor to reduce taxes, increase salaries By DANICA COTO SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico's governor pledged Monday to reduce taxes, raise pay for police officers and implement work requirements for those on welfare to help the U.S. territory recover from Hurricane Maria amid the island's 11-year-old economic crisis. The annual address by Gov. Ricardo Rossello lasted more than an hour and focused on crime, housing, labor, health and energy as anger and frustration grows across the island of 3.3 million people over an increase in crime and what many believe are slow hurricane-recovery efforts. More than 15 percent of power customers remain in the dark nearly six months after the Category 4 storm, and the Atlantic hurricane season begins in less than three months. Rossello announced he would reduce a sales-anduse tax for processed food from 11.5 percent to 7 percent as well as lower taxes on individuals and corporations. He said he also plans to help secure property deeds for hurricane victims who didn't have them and as a result could not obtain federal funding to repair their homes after the storm caused more than $100 billion in damage. "It's been a year of intense work, overcoming great challenges and difficulties," Rossello said. "We all have lessons to learn from this hurricane experience with no precedence." He said his administration

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello speaks during a news conference in Washington. Rossello said Monday, March 5, 018, during his annual address that he will reduce taxes, increase the salaries of police officers and implement work requirements for those on welfare. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

had to depend on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help restore power because of the government's fiscal crisis and the lack of money at the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority,

which is $9 billion in debt. "We've stumbled greatly in this assignment," said Rossello, who has repeatedly criticized the Corps' work pace. As he spoke, one legislator

who represents a municipality south of the capital placed a sign on his desk that read, "Caguas wants power." The Corps has said that it is dealing in part with rough

terrain and a lack of supplies and that it is moving as quickly as it can. During his address, the governor recognized the widow of one of two police officers who died during the hurricane and a man who welcomed 47 neighbors seeking shelter inside his home, along with 30 pets. Rossello said his administration has to learn how to better channel help from the private sector so it reaches hurricane survivors quicker. And he said the death count after the hurricane should have been more effective and accurate. He recently announced that experts at George Washington University are reviewing all deaths amid criticism that the official toll of 64 victims was extremely low. The governor recognized the spike in violent crime during his address, saying he would reassign officers and consolidate police stations to fight an increase in killings. q

Cuba condemns US cuts to embassy over ‘attacks' HAVANA (AP) — A senior Cuban official on Monday condemned Washington's decision to make the withdrawal of 60 percent of the U.S. Embassy staff permanent in response to mysterious ailments affecting American diplomats. Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, the new director of U.S. issues at the foreign ministry, said the decision was motivated by politics and had nothing to do with the

safety of diplomats. He told reporters that the cuts would hurt consular services and make travel more difficult for ordinary citizens. He said it might also erode long-standing cooperation on migration. The State Department made the cuts permanent last week. It initially scaled back staff in October in response to hearing loss and other ailments affecting at least 24

U.S. citizens. U.S. investigators have not determined a cause and Cuba denies any wrongdoing. A State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, called the Cuban complaint "ridiculous." "Let's remind Cuba: They are obligated under the Vienna Convention to protect our diplomats. It is very serious that 24 of our U.S. government colleagues suffered health attacks,

some with serious and ongoing symptoms. Secretary Tillerson had to protect his staff by limiting our work at the U.S. Embassy in Havana to emergency services," she said. "While our investigation is ongoing, rather than find excuses, Cuba should focus on helping to locate who or what is responsible for the harm caused to American citizens," Nauert added.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018


US aides claim new backchannel for jailed American in Venezuela

Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva attends a ceremony in Brasilia, Brazil. A panel of judges on Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, rejected da Silva’s request for an injunction that would prevent him from being imprisoned as he appeals a corruption conviction. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)

Brazil rejects Lula's request to avoid jail SAO PAULO (AP) — Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is a step closer to prison. A panel of judges on Brazil's Superior Court of Justice on Tuesday rejected da Silva's request for an injunction that would prevent him from being imprisoned as he appeals a corruption

conviction. A group of federal judges upheld the conviction in January and Brazilian law states that people should be arrested after such a ruling. The former president can still appeal Tuesday's ruling to the country's top court, the Superior Federal Tribu-

nal. Da Silva was wildly popular during his 2003-2011 term and is the front-runner for the 2018 presidential election. He denies any wrongdoing and insists he's being persecuted by those trying to prevent his election. q

Argentina proposes legalizing elective abortion BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — More than 70 Argentine lawmakers of several political parties presented a bill Tuesday to legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. Most lawmakers wore green handkerchiefs symbolizing the abortion rights movement as the measure was introduced to cheers. Abortion is only allowed in Argentina in cases of rape

and risks to a woman's health. But advocates say that doctors and judges often continue to block therapeutic abortions despite a 2012 Supreme Court ruling that was supposed to remove barriers and take judges out of such decisions. Legislative efforts to allow elective abortions have failed in the past, but the new initiative has wider

backing. Argentina's conservative President Mauricio Macri also recently said that even though he is anti-abortion, Congress should launch a debate on broader legalization of abortion. Several countries in Latin America allow therapeutic abortions, although El Salvador and Nicaragua ban the procedure under all circumstances.q

By JOSHUA GOODMAN CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro welcomed a visit by a top-ranking Republican congressional staffer last month to discuss the possible release of a Utah man jailed for more than 20 months in this volatile South American nation, six U.S. congressional and administration aides told The Associated Press. It's not known if there has been any progress in the backchannel talks to secure Joshua Holt's freedom, but the mere fact that Maduro met with the staffer, and in turn sent an envoy of his own this week to Washington, may be a sign of movement in a case that has become a major irritant as tensions between the two countries rise. The unannounced discussions began when Caleb McCarry, a Republican aide on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, traveled to Caracas in February and met with Maduro and first lady Cilia Flores to discuss Holt's imprisonment, said the aides, who agreed to discuss the matter only if not quoted by name because the talks are sensitive. They said McCarry, who has known Maduro for more than 15 years, made the unusual visit at the request of Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah. While in Caracas, McCarry visited Holt in jail, delivering him a letter from Hatch. The Trump administration is said to be aware of McCarry's lobbying, though there is no indication it has lent support to the effort. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert declined to comment Monday when asked about the informal talks, saying only: "We are disappointed Mr. Holt has still not been released on humanitarian grounds." The behind-the-scenes dialogue prompted a surprise visit this week to Washington by a trusted ally of Maduro, Gov. Rafael Lacava of Carabobo state, to discuss Holt, three congressional aides familiar with the visit said. Holt, 25, traveled to Caracas in June 2016 to marry a fellow Mormon he met online practicing his Spanish. The couple was waiting for her U.S. visa when they were arrested during a police raid on the government-built housing complex where they were living in her apartment. Venezuelan authorities alleged Holt was stockpiling "weapons of war." His imprisonment while awaiting trial in a Caracas jail where some of Maduro’s chief opponents are being held has further strained relations already marred by U.S. sanctions and almost-daily accusations by Maduro that the U.S. is working with his opponents to topple his socialist administration. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on a recent trip to South America warned that the U.S. may slap crippling oil sanctions on Venezuela and cheered on the prospect of the Venezuelan military overthrowing Maduro.q



Wednesday 7 March 2018

during a local celebration day, it was great to see them connect with the tourists.” She also plans the Honoring Guest events in cooperation with the Aruba Tourism Authority. Shahaira works here since two years, before her job at the resort she owned her own kindergarten. “This place is fantastic to work, my colleagues are the best. We have a great bond and it makes me wake up and want to go to work with joy every day.”q

Juan E. Irausquin Boulevard 51 Oranjestad, Aruba T + 297 582 7000

‘I just see them as my kids’ Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare offers you paradise: an oceanfront location on the white sandy Eagle Beach, the amazing blue-green colored Caribbean ocean, wonderful luxury oceanfront or poolside timesharing suites and a world of amenities like spa, restaurant, pool and fitness. All these ingredients make up for a perfect vacation, added with activities that make the difference. Or even better: an Activities Coordinator that is there to make you happy. Shahaira Morris is dedicated to put the cherry on your vacation pie. The recently renovated Activity Center at Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare welcomes you with happy colors and dynamic activities. She smiles when she states that this is her happy place. “I love working with kids and the families. To make people happy is my daily passion in my job.” Shahaira is in charge of all activities within the resort which means a full schedule, week-round. “My day depends on how many kids we have in-house. We offer different activities that are scheduled throughout the week like for example T-shirt Painting, Arts & Crafts, Free Playing, anything the kids would like to do. I also organize Bingo for families on Thursday’s at the pool deck and there is Candy Bingo, especially for children. We offer Scavenger Hunts, Pizza & Movie and much more. The age group for the children is from 4 years up.” Parents can come in anytime to meet Shahaira and the children are always welcome. “They are my kids, I bond with them. I take my job very serious as these children are under my supervision while they are here.” No need to say that she has her CPR & First Aid as a necessary skill. Salsa & Meringue For adults there are Abs & Stretching classes and Seated Yoga, Water Aerobics and Shuffle Board Tournaments. Name it and you can do it here. Shahaira: “Last year we conducted a survey to find out what the guests like and that’s when we started the dancing classes of salsa and meringue on Mondays and Fridays, it is a big success.” Important also to Shahaira is to integrate local culture into her activities and that is why she organizes events during local festivity days like the Day of The Flag, Betico Day and Carnival. “Last year I invited local children to come to sing and dance

Casa del Mar would like to welcome you to their family of owners with suits available for sale or rental year round.


Wednesday 7 March 2018

Official Start Shot of the KLM Aruba Marathon Given by Ms. Patricia Portier, Policy Advisor and Acting Director of IBiSA

PALM BEACH - On Monday, March 5th 2018, the official start shot KLM Aruba Marathon given by Ms. Patricia Portier, Policy Advisor and acting director of IBiSA for the official launch of the first edition of the KLM Aruba Marathon in front of the press, partners and invited guests. This first edition will take place on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018. The Start & Finish location will be at the Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino and the Ritz-Carlton. With a choice of 4 distances, there is a suitable distance for everyone: KLM Marathon, Chill Half Marathon, 10 KM and Cavalier 5 KM. Mr.Kees van Muiswinkel, Chairman and Race Director of the Foundation Run in the Sun, enthusiastically presented the ambition of the KLM Aruba Marathon: “For the first edition, we expect to welcome between 1,500 and 2,000 participants of which approximately one-third will come from abroad. 500 participants are currently registered online. Some of them are famous world record marathon runners, who completed the numerous marathons in countries around the World. They will enjoy their “RUNcation” in Aruba. We are proud that from the top 5 runners, 4 runners will run the first race in Aruba: Nr 1: Brent Weigner (151 coun-

tries), Nr 2: John Wallace (132 Countries), Nr 4: Peter Bennett and Nguyen (117 countries).” The Foundation Run in the Sun is founded in 2014 to enhance tourism, running and a healthier lifestyle in the Dutch Caribbean. In Curacao we organize the KLM Curacao Marathon, in The Netherlands the “Curacao Marathon on Scheveningen Beach” and this year for the first time the “Aruba International Marathon”. Our races are organized on an international level (AIMS/IAAF certified) and because of the various distances, accessible for everybody. It is our primary goal to make our running events an unforgettable lifetime experience. -With four (4) distances there is a suitable distance for everyone. -The 5K and 10 K is for runners and walkers. -Participation internationally and locally, men and women. -Each participant receives a personal (bib) race number, online time registration, cotton event T-shirt, luxury medal, plenty of water posts including sports drink and fruit. -Everyone who registers and pays before may 15th receives a race/bib number with their name on it (until the limit of 1500 participants is reached). -Beautiful course along the spectacular scenery of

Aruba -Free App with ‘Live Track & Trace’. Family and friends can follow each participant. -Free certificate for each participant with their name and distance. -Finish of all distances will be on the beach in between the Marriott Resort and Ritz-Carlton, followed by the Awards ceremony with prizes for the numbers 1 to 3 man/woman and man “After party on the Beach.” -DRI-Fit Running shirt, Singlet, Pasta Party, Finish photo & video by Marathon are optional. In addition to ensuring a festive and sporting atmosphere, the safety of the participants and the public is of course the highest priority Certified Race: Mr. Wim Jonkman, AA level Measurer from AIMS / IAAF measured and certified the course so that the KLM Aruba Marathon is an official race. AIMS is the Association of International Marathons and Distance with International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) on all matters related to international road races. Everybody can register online, pay online (or pay at IBiSA) via the website www. Continued on Page 15


Wednesday 7 March 2018

Official Start Shot of the KLM Aruba Marathon Continued from Page 14

Mrs. Tjin Asjoe-Croe, CEO of A.T.A. / Mrs. Iglesias (Aruba Tourism Authority) welcomes the KLM Marathon to Aruba. “We are truly thrilled to welcome the first KLM Marathon to our One happy island of Aruba, on June 3, 2018. Attracting marathon runners from around the world, this international “run-cation” unites tourism interests amongst the on-and off-island partners, and incites global travel for leisure and sporting activity. Having already been listed on the main World Marathon Calendar as a key location to experience, we anticipate having numerous athletes participate. We eagerly await watching each contestant showcase their talents, and look forward to welcoming them to our Caribbean oasis and highlighting our diverse terrain.” said Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes, CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority

Mr. Cees Ursem, KLM Manager Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, emphasizes that KLM is proud to be the title sponsor of the first Aruba Marathon and announces a special campaign. Every participant from Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao has a chance to win two (2) KLM round-trip tickets to Amsterdam. The unique bib number of participants is their lottery number. Directly after the Awards Ceremony of the KLM Aruba Marathon this “Tombola” will take place. Mr.Tom Calame, General Manager of the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino/ Ms.Louella Brezovar-van Veen, General Manager of The RitzCarlton are also very happy that The Marriott ResortAruba and The Ritz-Carlton Aruba will be the Start & Finish Hotels of the KLM Aruba Marathon, which contributes to the international success of the Marathon. The Pasta Party and Marathon Expo will also be host-

ed by The Marriott Resort/ The Ritz-Carlton. Mr.David Mulder, Director of Cavalier Logistics is the official logistic partner of the event and distance sponsor of the 5K. Cavalier will also invite their clients and business relations to participate in this run and the pasta party. Mr.Vincent Solognier, General Manager of Hertz Lease and Hertz Car-rental Aruba (and multiple Marathon Runner), is the official Car Rental sponsor of the event because of its International and Tourist characteristics. He is happy to be able to contribute and to support a main sports event in Aruba. Look out for the Hertz Lease Jeep Wrangler that will drive in front of the first Runner and the multiple water stations with a “Hertz Car” along the route that will play music to support and motivate the runners. “Hertz Aruba, We’re here to get you there” ADIDAS Marketing Manager Mr. Jonathan Wever is

also enthusiastic about the KLM Aruba Marathon: “It is great that Aruba will have it’s own Marathon! This is the first Marathon in Aruba and the first AIMS/ IAAF Race in Aruba. This will enhance running and we would like to see all ADIDAS Athletes at the start.” Instituto Biba Saludabel y Activo (IBiSA), Ms. Patricia Portier Policy Advisor thinks to have a Full Marathon distance on the Island of Aruba this will be a stumulance for more people to start with walking and running and with a healthier life style. IBiSA will help the organization of the Marathon and is full partner of the KLM Aruba Marathon. She hopes that many Runners and walkers of Aruba will participate in this Unique Race! Online registration and payment at IbiSA is also possible for the Klm Aruba marathon, all 4 distances. Charity Participants can give a vol-

untary donation upon online registration. With these donations, a donation will be made to a primary school in Aruba. Partners, sponsors and volunteers KLM Aruba Marathon is made possible by a large number of partners, sponsors and volunteers. Besides the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A) and KLM as title sponsor, sponsors for the specific distances Cavalier, and Chill by Balashi, there is close cooperation with IBiSA, the Aruba Athletics Federation, Start & Finish Hotel the Marriott Resort & The Ritz-Carlton, Hertz, Kooyman, The Red Cross, KPA and all other partners. The organization wishes everyone a good preparation for their participation in the 1st edition of the KLM Aruba Marathon and is looking forward to working together with all partners and volunteers to make it a joint success.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

The Vacation Pharmacist:

What a Pharmacist in Aruba can Represent for You day pick up at the required location. The biggest advantage for our American clients is in the price of the medications, which are considerably cheaper in price than in the US”. Next to the pharmacy at the Cove Mall is the walk-in clinic, where the practice of house doctor Beke is located. Here, you can visit the doctor to fulfill any prescription needs. Soon, Botica di Servicio will also be able to provide laboratory services, such as blood and urine testing. The one-stop-shop will then be complete; prescriptions, medications and issuance of these in one location, walking distance from your hotel. By saving you plenty of time and effort, you’ll be able to optimally enjoy your vacation on the island of Aruba.q PALM BEACH - Not so long ago Botica di Servicio’s pharmacy opened its doors at the Cove Mall, in the Palm Beach area. At a walking distance from the high-rise hotels, the pharmacy provides a pharmacist, on a daily basis. But what can that represent for you as a tourist? Drs. Ate Mulder, senior man-

aging pharmacist at Botica di Servicio explains: “It’s not unusual that prescriptions get forgotten, or that when already on the island people realize that they didn’t bring enough to last them the entire vacation. In that case, a local doctor would be able to write a prescription, in order for us to be able to provide the prescribed medications”.

There’s a patient’s file made for every client, which comes in extremely handy, especially for tourists that visit the island frequently. This is possible in any of the 5 Botica di Servicio locations around the island. Through the use of patients files, pharmacists and other staff member can easily access required information regarding a clients’ prescribed scripts and dosage’s. It is then the job of the pharmacist to control if new medications can be taken in conjunction with the current ones, and if the doctor is prescribing the right dosages. Pharmacist Mulder further explains, “we have the largest variety of medications on Aruba. If we don’t have the specific brand of medication in stock, we have enough experienced pharmacists to be able to provide an alternative. We then look for a medication with the exact same composition and efficacy for our clients. Despite not having all medications continuously at all stores, we make sure they are ready for same-

local A17

Wednesday 7 March 2018

A weekly calendar with a selection of what’s going on in Aruba Wednesday 07 Release Yourself Yoga • You don’t need to be fit or super flexible as in these classes chairs and props are being used. Club Kibrahacha is an activity center for 60+. • 10:30 – 11:30 AM • Club Kibrahacha • Facebook Club Kibrahacha 60+

Thursday 08 Opening Rancho Alley • Dive into the local neighborhood, get to know Rancho where Oranjestad was founded and mingle with the locals during the opening of Hanchi Piscado. There will be an information booth, the fisherman alley will be inaugurated and the exposition of the mural paintings in the alley will be launched. • Oranjestad, Hanchi Pescado (between Av. Alo Tromp and Johan de Wittstraat) • From 5 PM • Facebook Centro di Actividad Rancho

Sunday 11 Walk with a Vision • FAVI organizes a 5 kilometer walk to retrieve funding’s for their foundation that takes care of those with limited or no vision. There will also be a free Zumba class and door prizes. • 5 PM • Start at Fisherman’s Huts, Palm Beach • Facebook FAVI

Monday 12 Museum Monday • • Today is a mighty museum day, especially to explore the company that for 125 years has grown Aruba’s aloe plants to produce the World’s Finest Aloe • 8 am – 4 pm • Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory and Store • Facebook Aruba Aloe

Friday 09 Aruba Doet Biggest Volunteer Initiative • Sign up for the biggest volunteer initiative in the Caribbean and support our community together with locals. • All over Aruba there will be projects where you can participate • Friday and Saturday all day • Facebook Aruba Doet Saturday 10 Catch! Seafood Pop-Up Restaurant • A Ceviche station, Soup station, Fried station with lobster, fish, calamari and a Dessert station all together make a true flavor seafood pop-up experience! • 6 – 10 PM also Friday 9 March! • Boardwalk of Renaissance Festival Plaza • Facebook Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

Tuesday 13 Maroc: Mediterranean Lunch Gem • Maroc is trendy, low-key, Mediterranean/European feel, located in a renovated art deco building and topped with personal service. This is where you catch a glimpse of Oranjestad’s city vibe after your shopping or city walk. Step out of the what you know zone and see where the locals go • Open for lunch & dinner 11 AM – 11 PM • Oranjestad, Wilhelminastraat • Facebook Maroc Restaurant & Tapas


Wednesday 7 March 2018

India's Shubhankar Sharma approaches the green on the 16th hole in the final round of the Mexico Championship at Chapultepec Golf Club in Mexico City, Sunday, March 4, 2018. Associated Press


India's Shubhankar Sharma gets Masters invitation By DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer PALM HARBOR, Fla. (AP) — Shubhankar Sharma can add another achievement to his rapid rise. He's going to the Masters. Two days after Sharma held the 54-hole lead in his first World Golf Championships appearance, the 21-year-old from India accepted a special invitation to play in the Masters next month. He will be the fourth Indian to play the Masters, and the second to receive a special invitation. Jeev Milkha Singh, a mentor to Sharma, received one in 2008. "Golf is a global game, and throughout our history we have extended invitations to deserving international players not otherwise qualified," Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley said. "As his results have proven, Shubhankar Sharma is a remarkable young player." Sharma was at No. 462 in the world three months ago when he shot 61 in the second round and won the Joburg Open. He closed with a 62 last month to win the Malaysian Open, making him the only two-time winner on the European Tour this season.q

Nance Jr. has career game as Cavs beat Pistons Cleveland Cavaliers' Larry Nance Jr. dunks the ball against the Detroit Pistons in the first half of an NBA basketball game, Monday, March 5, 2018, in Cleveland. Associated Press Page 20


Wednesday 7 March 2018

Penguins continue OT dominance in win over Flames By The Associated Press PITTSBURGH (AP) — PITTSBURGH (AP) — Justin Schultz took a pass from Phil Kessel and buried it in the wide-open net 2:36 into overtime to give the Pittsburgh Penguins a 4-3 win over the Calgary Flames on Monday night. Tristan Jarry made several key stops for the Penguins early in the extra period, and Schultz's fourth goal of the season helped Pittsburgh improve to 10-1 in overtime at home this season. Evgeni Malkin scored his 37th goal for the Penguins and added an assist. Kris Letang and Chad Ruhwedel also scored for Pittsburgh. Jarry finished with 35 saves as the Penguins pulled within one point of Washington for first in the crowded Metropolitan Division. Mark Giordano, Mikael Backlund and Troy Brouwer scored for the Flames, who outplayed the two-time defending Stanley Cup champions for long stretches before dropping their fourth straight. Jon Gillies stopped 28 shots but had no chance when Kessel slid a cross-ice pass to a wide-open Schultz. SABRES 5, MAPLE LEAFS 3 BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Ryan O'Reilly and Zemgus Girgensons scored 2:05 apart in the second period, and Buffalo sent Toronto to its fourth straight loss. Sam Reinhart, Jason Pominville and Johan Larsson also scored for Buffalo. Rasmus Ristolainen had two assists on consecutive shots from the right point that were deflected in during the opening four minutes. The Sabres improved to 7-52 in their last 14, a stretch

in which the Eastern Conference's last-place team continues playing havoc with playoff contenders. Buffalo has now defeated each of the Atlantic Division's three top teams, including Boston twice, over the past three weeks. Leo Komarov had two goals and Mitch Marner also scored for Toronto. The Maple Leafs dropped to 0-2-2 in their past four to match their longest skid of the season. OILERS 4, COYOTES 3, OT EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — Oscar Klefbom's first goal in 34 games came in overtime, giving Edmonton the victory over Arizona. Klefbom scored for the first time since Dec. 9. Jujhar Khaira, Milan Lucic and Jesse Puljujarvi also scored for the Oilers, who snapped a three-game skid. Jason Demers, Christian Dvorak and Niklas Hjalmarsson replied for the Coyotes, whose two-game winning streak ended. SENATORS 3, STARS 2, OT DALLAS (AP) — Erik Karlsson scored on a breakaway with 2:19 left in overtime and Ottawa beat Dallas. Karlsson picked up a loose puck after a missed Dallas opportunity and beat goalie Kari Lehtonen. Stars goalie Ben Bishop left because of a lower-body injury after making 12 saves in the first period. Lehtonen replaced Bishop and had 15 saves. Ottawa's Craig Anderson made 31 saves. Dallas' Tyler Seguin scored twice, on the power play in the first period and from the top of the right faceoff circle with 1:02 left in the third period to tie it. Goals by Mike Hoffman

on the power play in the second period and Matt Duchene in the third gave Ottawa a 2-1 lead. CANUCKS 4, ISLANDERS 3, OT VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Brendan Leipsic scored his second goal of the game 2:47 into overtime to lift Vancouver over New York. Darren Archibald scored on a penalty shot, and Jake Virtanen also had a goal as Vancouver snapped a three-game skid. Jacob Markstrom stopped 31 shots. Josh Bailey, John Tavares and Jordan Eberle scored for New York, which lost a season-worst seventh straight game. q

Pittsburgh Penguins' Justin Schultz (4) celebrates with Phil Kessel (81) after getting the game-winning goal in the overtime period of an NHL hockey game against the Calgary Flames in Pittsburgh, Monday, March 5, 2018. Associated Press


Wednesday 7 March 2018

LeBron, Nance Jr. power Cavaliers past Pistons 112-90

Cleveland Cavaliers' Rodney Hood (1) drives between Detroit Pistons' Andre Drummond (0) and James Ennis (33) in the first half of an NBA basketball game, Monday, March 5, 2018, in Cleveland. Associated Press

CLEVELAND (AP) — LeBron James scored 31 points before taking a seat on the bench, Larry Nance Jr. reached career highs with 22 points and 15 rebounds in his first start for Cleveland, and the Cavaliers closed a disappointing five-game homestand on a positive note with a 112-90 win Monday night over the Detroit Pistons, who haven't won on the road in nearly two months. With Cleveland missing three big men — All-Star Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and Jeff Green — because of injuries, the Cavs needed someone to step up and Nance came

through. Wearing the same No. 22 his father had retired by Cleveland, the 25-yearold Nance had the best game of his young career. James was his usual brilliant self, making 5 of 7 3-pointers and adding seven rebounds and seven assists. With the Cavs comfortably ahead, James sat the entire fourth quarter, a rarity in this odd season. Blake Griffin scored 25 to lead Detroit, which has lost nine straight away from home. CELTICS 105, BULLS 89 CHICAGO (AP) — Jaylen Brown scored 21 points and Boston pounded Chicago even though Kyrie Irving sat out because of a sore left knee. Even without their AllStar guard, the Celtics took control right from the start and led by as many as 37 en route to their fifth win in six games. Jayson Tatum added 14 points, while Al Horford and Terry Rozier scored 13 apiece for Boston. The Bulls lost for the 14th time in 17 games. Denzel Valentine scored 20 points and nailed four 3-pointers for Chicago, but that was about the only positive for the Bulls. SPURS 100, GRIZZLIES 98 SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Tony Parker had 23 points, sparking San Antonio to a needed victory over Memphis before embarking on a difficult road trip. Memphis has lost 14 straight, but San Antonio's recent skid has had a greater impact on the Western Conference playoff picture. The Spurs had dropped eight of 10 and fallen from third to sixth in the crowded West, putting them at risk of missing the postseason for the first time in 21 years. San Antonio moved up a spot to fifth place ahead of Minnesota with the victory. Davis Bertans added 17 points and Danny Green had 14 for the Spurs, who snapped a four-game losing streak at home. TRAIL BLAZERS 108, LAKERS 103

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Damian Lillard scored 19 of his 39 points in the fourth quarter and Portland won its 15th consecutive game over Los Angeles. Lillard scored 15 in a row for the Trail Blazers down the stretch, giving them a 104-103 with 1:08 remaining by knowing down 1 of 2 free throws. CJ McCollum had 22 points, and Jusuf Nurkic added 16 points and 16 rebounds. Julius Randle had 21 points and nine rebounds for the Lakers, who had their fivegame winning streak ended. Kentavious CaldwellPope had 16 points, and Lonzo Ball had 10 points, two rebounds and two assists. HEAT 125, SUNS 103 MIAMI (AP) — Hassan Whiteside had 24 points and 14 rebounds, Goran Dragic scored 17 and Miami moved into the No. 7 spot in the Eastern Conference by topping Phoenix. Whiteside had his highestscoring game since Jan. 29, making 10 of his 13 shots. He averaged only 12.2 points on 48-percent shooting in his most recent 12 games. Kelly Olynyk scored 15 points for the Heat, who gave four of their starters — Whiteside included — the entire fourth quarter off and beat the Suns for the 18th time in their last 20 meetings. Dwyane Wade, Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow and Luke Babbitt each had 12 for the Heat, which had seven players in double figures. PACERS 92, BUCKS 89 INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Bojan Bogdanovic tied his season high with 29 points and grabbed a key jump ball late to lift Indiana over Milwaukee. Milwaukee's Khris Middleton stole Victor Oladipo's pass with 10 seconds left and Indiana leading 90-89. He rushed to the basket, but Cory Joseph chased him down and got a hand on the basketball before Middleton could attempt a shot. q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

The driving distance report that didn't go very far By DOUG FERGUSON PALM HARBOR, Fla. (AP) — Whatever was said between Jack Nicklaus and USGA chief executive Mike Davis didn't show up in the annual report on driving distance. Nicklaus has said for nearly half his life that the ball goes too far, an opinion based more on the 415 golf courses his company has designed than the record 18 major championships he won. He believes the culprit is the ball, not the clubs used to hit it or the players swinging them. Two weeks ago, Nicklaus sounded an alarm that change might be on the way. "I had dinner with Mike Davis, and Mike said, 'We're getting there. We're going to get there,'" Nicklaus said at the Honda Classic. Nicklaus said he figured that would mean another 10 years of research, but that Davis told him the USGA was getting closer to agreements with the R&A "to do something and be able to help." After two weeks of anticipation, the governing bodies delivered data that showed an average gain of 3 yards across seven tours worldwide in 2017, enough of a spike in one year for them to describe it as "unusual and concerning," and one that requires closer inspection. More research. The PGA Tour, the only tour with laser technology to measure every shot, had an increase of 1.9 yards. Throw out the eight differ-

Phil Mickelson, of the U.S., tees off on the 2nd hole during the final round of the Mexico Championship at Chapultepec Golf Club in Mexico City, Sunday, March 4, 2018. Associated Press

ent courses used in 2017 — expansive Erin Hills instead of Oakmont, Quail Hollow instead of soggy Baltusrol — and the increase was a half-yard. What does it all mean? That nothing has changed when it comes to advancements in golf, and the resistance primarily from architectural circles. It's a conflict nearly as old as the Royal & Ancient game. The debate over golf balls in particular surfaced in the mid-1850s when Allan Robertson was making the featherie and had a falling out with his apprentice, Old Tom Morris, when he switched over to the gutta percha. Tiger Woods used a replica

of the gutta percha during a practice round at St. Andrews before the 2000 British Open. He drove his Nike golf ball to the edge of the ninth green. He hit driver and a 5-iron just over the green with the guttie. One more anecdote from St. Andrews: The R&A was so concerned about how far players were hitting the modern golf ball that it lengthened the Old Course, along with adding pot bunkers, to protect against low scores. That was the Haskell golf ball, which replaced the gutta percha. The year was 1905. "It's not like we're making the game too easy," said Dustin Johnson, described by his peers as an athletic freak. "Because I've never

felt the game was easy." Davis expressed his own concerns at the USGA's annual meeting last month when he looked ahead to the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills. The course was 4,423 yards for the first U.S. Open there in 1896. The USGA has lengthened it to just over 7,400 yards for 2018. "Don't read into this that we are proposing going back to hickories and gutta percha balls in the future," Davis said. "But it does make you wonder what golf courses will look like if we stay on this trajectory." Is the spike of 3 yards across seven tours a concern? The fact this "annual" report is only 3 years old suggests that the USGA and R&A

need more study — just what Nicklaus wants to hear — before doing anything drastic. That could include anything from rolling back the overall distance standard for golf balls, reducing the size of drivers or finding a way to shrink the players. Anticipation of the report led to a memo from PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan to his players. He pointed out there were three instances of a significant gain in distance since 2003, and five cases where average distance decreased. He also noted that the average clubhead speed had increased by 1.5 mph in the last 10 years. "We do not believe the trends indicate a significant or abnormal increase in distance since 2003 or from 2016 to 2017," Monahan said. Those might have been the most powerful words Monday. Because while the USGA and R&A set the rules, the PGA Tour delivers the product that draws people to the game. The PGA Tour delivers the players to the U.S. Open and British Open, tournaments (with TV contracts) that financially support the governing bodies. The entertainment level of the sport is strong. Equipment companies pay players handsomely with hopes consumers will want to play the same products. Most fans don't care what club is used to hit the shot. The care about whose hands are holding the club.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

As Serena Williams returns, Venus says her game hasn't left

Several members of the USA women's hockey team clown around with their gold medals as they watch the Tie Break Tens tennis tournament at Madison Square Garden, Monday, March 5, 2018 in New York. Associated Press

U.S. women's goalie wants Justin Bieber to take shot NEW YORK (AP) — Olympic goalie Maddie Rooney is challenging Justin Bieber to take his best shot. Rooney and the U.S. women's gold-medal hockey team appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Monday night. She says she's still waiting for a tweet from Bieber. Rooney says she'd like a chance to stop a shot from the hockey-playing Canadian pop star. She revealed a "Team Bieber" shirt under her USA jersey. Rooney's stop of a shootout goal against Canada clinched gold for the Amer-

icans. Jocelyn LamoureuxDavidson's triple-fake past the Canadian goalie in the shootout is nicknamed "Oops, I Did it Again." Fallon asked, "Heard from Britney Spears?" Lamoureux-Davidson says she did get a tweet and thought it was "pretty cool." During their celebration tour, the players sat courtside and took photos with Serena and Venus Williams during a tennis match at Madison Square Garden. The team will attend home games of the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night.q

Luis Leon Sanchez takes Paris-Nice lead, Hivert wins Stage 3 CHATEL-GUYON, France (AP) — Jonathan Hivert of France won the third stage of Paris-Nice on Tuesday after a breakaway, while former champion Luis Leon Sanchez of Spain claimed the race leader's yellow jersey. Hivert moved to the front with 20 kilometers left and soon became part of a three-man breakaway with Sanchez and Remy Di Gregorio. Di Gregorio tried to drop his rivals toward the end with three unsuccessful attacks and finished

third, with Sanchez unable to respond to Hivert's acceleration close to the finish line. "I didn't make any plans. I knew that I should try to follow the riders who broke clear or I would be in trouble," Hivert said. "I played a little with the two others because in my head I knew I had it won before the line." Wednesday’s fourth stage is a 18.5-kilometer time trial around Saint-Etienne. “Paris-Nice really starts tomorrow,” Sanchez said.q

Serena Williams of the United States returns to Zhang Shuai of China during the semi-final round of the Tie Break Tens tournament at Madison Square Garden, Monday, March 5, 2018 in New York. Associated Press

By BRIAN MAHONEY NEW YORK (AP) — Venus Williams gave a scouting report on her warmup partner that sounded the same as always. Serena Williams is back, and her game hasn't left. "She's got power, depth. She knows how to play," Venus said. "Yeah, awesome game." The Williams sisters were the headliners Monday night in the Tie Break Tens tournament in Madison Square Garden, an eight-woman event in which all matches were 10-point tiebreakers, instead of the usual games and sets. Serena won her first match but lost in the semifinals. Elina Svitolina of Ukraine dominated the event, winning 17 straight points during victories over Venus and CoCo Vandeweghe before defeating China's Zhang Shuai 10-3 to win $250,000. Serena was playing singles for the first time this year as she prepares to return to the WTA Tour for the first time since giving birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., on Sept. 1. The 23-time Grand Slam singles champion would later tell Vogue Magazine in an interview that she developed several small blood

clots in her lungs after giving birth. She had played just once this year, losing a Fed Cup doubles match with Venus last month, and hasn't played a singles match on tour since winning the 2017 Australian Open, where she beat Venus in the final. Serena won her first match against Marion Bartoli of France, the former Wimbledon champion who is ending a 4 1/2-year retirement, but lost 13-11 to Zhang in the semifinals. She said she was having fun playing again and was excited for the future. "I think everyone should have high expectations," Williams said in an on-court interview after her loss. "You should always believe in yourself even if no one else does." Her coach certainly does. With Serena returning this week in Indian Wells, California, Patrick Mouratoglou told he had high expectations for the three remaining Grand Slam tournaments this season. He said he sees the same determination in practice, but wouldn't know if being a mother had changed her until he saw her competing. Venus already knows what to expect.

"I mean, the matches are definitely a good way to know where you are, but obviously she knows how to play," the 37-year-old Venus said. "She's going to bring that instinct on the court with her, so I don't think she's too worried about that." Tie Break Tens held its first tournament in the U.S. after five events in Europe and Australia. The remainder of the field included Sorana Cirstea of Romania and Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia, who retired last year. Svitolina, the highestranked player in the field at No. 4, continued her strong play to start the season after a winning a tour-high five titles in 2017. The winner of two tournaments already this year, she won the last seven points to break away from a 3-3 tie against Venus, then swept Vandeweghe 10-0. "Of course, winning the first tournament of the year was a great start for me," Svitolina said. "It's always tough to transfer the work we do in the offseason, so this was a good sign that I'm moving the right way and I'm very, very happy that I played good tennis throughout the beginning of the year and just from here I can go only up."q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

Column: Harvick takes a bumpy road to 100 victories By JENNA FRYER CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Kevin Harvick once lay in wait for Greg Biffle on the pit road wall at Bristol Motor Speedway. Harvick was angry — he always seemed to be angry in the early days of his NASCAR career — and he was going to make sure Biffle knew it the moment the race was over. How did Harvick send his message? He literally hurdled over Biffle's car into a scrum and lunged at Biffle's throat. The Biffle incident back in 2002 would most certainly be on Harvick's highlight reel. In his first two years in Cup, Harvick became the first driver to be "parked" by NASCAR for aggressive driving and he once tried to fight Ricky Rudd, usually considered a losing proposition. Harvick's nickname has always been "Happy" and he was anything but in those early days. He said after the 2002 parking — for intentionally wrecking Coy Gibbs in a Truck Series race at Martinsville and generally being a thorn in NASCAR's side — that it was the wakeup call the 25-year-old needed. "I haven't been racing since I was 5 years old and made it this far in my career to throw it all away now," Harvick said then. "Having to miss the race in Martinsville definitely got my attention." OK, so it hasn't been exactly smooth sailing since that wakeup call. But here Harvick is now, 100 NASCAR national wins later, and one of the most consistent drivers of his era. Harvick doesn't have the statistics to show just how exceptional a race car driver he is in part because he came along at the same time as another Californian. Jimmie Johnson, with

a laid-back Southern California persona, debuted a year after Harvick and has collected seven championships along the way. Harvick has so far managed just one championship. But he's a Daytona 500 winner, a two-time Coca-Cola 600 winner, a Southern 500 winner and a Brickyard 400 winner. That's a Hall of Fame career right there, and one many might not have seen coming when he was thrust into a miserable situation at what should have been the best time of his life. Harvick was on schedule to drive a Cup car for Richard Childress in 2002, but when Dale Earnhardt was killed on the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500, that plan was scrapped. Harvick got Earnhardt's ride the next week, went forward with his scheduled Las Vegas wedding the week after that, and won his first Cup race the week after that. It was a whirlwind three weeks for the 24-year-old from Bakersfield, California, and when he had to time to take a breath, there was a lot going on. Maybe that's why he snapped so easily back then. And although some of that went away, he never really changed who he was. Harvick continued to stir the pot in the garage, spoke his mind even when he didn't have anything nice to say, and never lacked for confidence. It was just over three years ago when Harvick, locked into the championship battle, shoved Brad Keselowski from behind to trigger a melee between Keselowski and Jeff Gordon. Harvick just stood back and watched the chaos between two drivers he was

racing for the title. The next race was at Phoenix, where Harvick had to win, at a track here he always wins, and Harvick didn't want to answer any questions. He didn't want to talk about what role he might have had in the Keselowski scuffle, or how his championship was one race away from slipping through his fingers. But as he thought more about it, Harvick, by then a father to a young son, saw the bigger picture. To be a role model to Keelan, he had to be a professional and do the right thing. So he met his media obligations in Phoenix, won the race, and won the championship a week later. Harvick and his wife welcomed a daughter this offseason and he’s now a 42-year-old father of two. His future is in broadcasting and Fox already uses him quite a bit in its booth. But he’s still got racing left; he’s certainly shown that out of the gate this season with two dominant wins. An eight-time Phoenix winner, including a streak of six

Kevin Harvick hoists the trophy with his team after winning a NASCAR Cup series auto race Sunday, March 4, 2018, in Las Vegas. Associated Press

wins in eight races, Harvick hasn’t been to victory lane at the track in three whole races. He might snap that streak Sunday, and if he doesn’t, he might have something sarcastic to say about a competitor, his own crew,

maybe even NASCAR. That’s just who Harvick is, 17 years after his whirlwind and emotional and untenable promotion to the big leagues. He made it work, doing it his way, and that’s likely how he’ll close his career.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018


By: Dr. Carlos Viana

By: Dr. Carlos Viana It is no secret that we look good when we feel good and are full of sexual energy that largely defines our health, charisma and vitality. As your body’s largest organ young and fair looking skin quickly presents your health and vitality. Obviously the person who said “Beauty is just skin deep” knows very little about good medicine. Companies that produce skin care products would like you to believe that a beautiful complexion is purchased from a jar. Afraid not! Truly radiant, moist and blemish-free skin is a result of being clean, not just skin deep, but from deep within. Having clean blood that continuously supplies wonderful nutrients right to the doorway of each and every cell in your body is the way of having beautiful skin. Unfortunately, keeping toxins out of your blood and organs is difficult because we live in an environment full of chemicals and drugs, and eat mostly refined foods. If your goal is healthy skin, you have to make a conscious effort to cleanse these dangerous substances out of your body while putting in the finest nutrients. The good news is that your body is constantly in a cleansing mode and will push out toxins as long as you supply it with the energy to do so. The organs responsible for providing you with beautiful skin include: your liver, kidneys, adrenals, thyroid, and large intestines. Contrary to popular belief, exposing skin to moderate sunshine may stop certain cancers from growing, including skin cancer. Vitamin D is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect us from premature aging and de-

Skin, the Largest Organ

generative diseases. The safest way to obtain vitamin D is through appropriate sun exposure. The key word here is “appropriate”. You should never allow yourself to get sunburned. Sunburn is caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet light is not healthy and leads to premature aging, wrinkling skin and skin cancer. This can be from the sun, sunlamps or even from some workplace light sources such as welding arcs. Signs of sunburn are skin that is: red, swollen, painful, and sometimes blistered. Chills, fever, nausea and vomiting can occur if the sunburn covers a lot of your body and is severe. The risk for sunburn is higher for persons with fair skin, blue eyes and red or blond hair. What many people do not know is that taking some medications including sulfa drugs, some antibiotics, some water pills and even over-the-counter antihistamines greatly increase your chances of getting sunburned. Being careful about not getting sunburned is good; however, constant use of sunscreen is not a good way to limit your sun exposure either. That is because it is a toxic chemical that can cause problems in your system and increase your risk of disease. Here in Aruba the worse time to be out in the sun is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. During these hours, if you have to go out in the sun you can use your clothing to block the sun’s rays during your exposure time with the use of hats and long sleeve shirts and pants or simply stay in the shade once you have reached your safe dose. Acupuncture procedures used to help the skin are drawn from Chinese texts that have been in existence for thousands of years. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician I take a whole-body approach that produces more youthful and toned skin without the use of drugs or surgery. It works remarkably well on the face and abdomen. Since acupuncture is based on the idea that optimal health is achieved when the body’s systems are in balance, there are other benefits as well. For example, women who choose facial acupuncture can expect reduced depression and less anxiety, better digestion and sleep cycles, and fewer hot flashes and night sweats. Those who opt for abdominal acupuncture are likely to benefit from increased fertility and sex drive. An important part of balancing your body’s energy flow is to detoxify the colon, remove heavy metals, and stop eating incorrectly for your metabolic type – the three factors that produce unwanted pro-inflammatory reactions in the body. Inflammatory reactions in

your body show up on your skin as acne, white yeast spots, hives, or psoriasis. Acne is a disease of Western civilization and colleague medical anthropologists report that the condition was virtually nonexistent in non-westernized societies, where refined carbohydrates and sugar were rarely eaten. For instance, in one study that looked at acne cases in islanders of Papua New Guinea and hunter-gatherers of Paraguay, no acne cases were found in either group. The findings are consistent with what we see in our grass- roots clinic the significant role of environmental factors, such as diet and vitamin deficiencies in acne. Unfortunately, poor food quality, including genetically modified foods (GMO) are spreading worldwide and causing increased health problems. Erroneously, conventional allopathic medicine attempts to treat acne with antibiotics or topical creams that can be especially problematic because, the drug may kill the good bacteria along with the bad. Drinking sufficient water (1lt/qt. per 30kg/60lbs of weight) and limiting grains and milk products is an integral step toward optimizing your skin and overall health. The more we study the influence of grains and milk products, and their secondary consequences on insulin, the more we will find that their pervasive influences touch nearly every aspect of our health. Cleansing the colon with a colonic done by a professional is a good way to get re-hydrated and clean the body. The cleansing shows in glowing skin. Supplementing with Zinc helps clear up acne. Get The Point! We help restore healthy bodies so that inner beauty and balance reflect on the outside. Like other health issues, there is no “magic solution” that is to be found in a bottle of pills. A combination of cleansing, replenishing and protecting the body along with good lifestyle can achieve truly radiant, blemish-free skin. Want a healthy you from the inside out? Call for an appointment. q CARLOS VIANA, Ph. an Oriental Medical Doctor (O.M.D.) having studied in China; a US Board Cert. Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), an Addiction Professional (C.Ad.), Chairperson of the Latin American Committee of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), a Rejuvenating Cell Therapist specializing in Age Management, has a weekly radio program, writes and lectures extensively. For information: VIANA HEALING CENTER, Kibaima 7, St Cruz TEL: 585-1270 Web Site:

BUSINESS A25 Stocks edge higher as materials firms and retailers rise Wednesday 7 March 2018

By MARLEY JAY NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks meandered but finished mostly higher Tuesday as retailers and industrial companies rose. A jump in metals prices helped mining and materials companies. Asian markets jumped after the North Korean government said it was open to talks with the U.S. about ending its nuclear program. Stocks have edged higher over the last three days, but they've frequently bounced up and down as investors grappled with the Trump administration's stance on trade and whether the proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports will push inflation higher in the U.S. and lead to retaliation by other countries that would hurt economic growth and corporate profits. Kristina Hooper, chief global markets strategist for Invesco, said Wall Street is having trouble deciding if the tariffs are more of a bargaining chip in trade negotiations, as President Donald Trump has suggested at times in the last few days, or if they are a goal on their own.

U.S. Olympic gold medal women's hockey team member Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, center, shoots the puck against New York Stock Exchange President Tom Farley on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, before the team rang the opening bell Tuesday, March 6, 2018. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

"When it seemed as though it was just rhetoric (Monday), markets relaxed," she said. "Today, I think concerns have grown that maybe this isn't just a bargaining tactic." She said Republicans in Congress don't seem to be treating the tariffs as a bargaining move: House Speaker Paul

Ryan spoke up against the proposed tariffs Tuesday and called for a "more surgical approach" that might cause less backlash. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 7.18 points, or 0.3 percent, to 2,728.12. The Dow Jones industrial average edged up 9.36 points to 24,884.12. It rose

as much as 120 points early on and later fell as much as 166 points before recovering. The Nasdaq composite jumped 41.30 points, or 0.6 percent, to 7,372.01. The Russell 2000 index of smaller-company stocks climbed 16.16 points, or 1 percent, to 1,562.20. Stocks fell 3.7 percent dur-

ing a three-day losing streak last week after Trump announced his tariff plans. Other countries objected and the European Union announced plans to put tariffs on some U.S.-made goods including bourbon and motorcycles. Companies that make most of their sales overseas have fared the worst while U.S.focused companies have regained their losses from that three-day stretch. Asian markets climbed after North Korea said it is willing to start talks with the U.S. on denuclearization. It also said it would stop nuclear and missile tests during those discussions. The Kospi in Seoul jumped 1.5 percent while Tokyo's Nikkei 225 rose 1.8 percent. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index climbed 2.1 percent. While retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and Lowe's gained ground, Target lost $3.35, or 4.5 percent, to $71.79 after it reported that costs associated with overhauling its stores and investing in its website affected its earnings and forecasts for the current year. q

Target, seeing better candidates, raises starting pay, again NEW YORK (AP) — Target is raising its minimum starting pay for workers for the second time in less than a year after seeing a bigger and better pool of candidates. The Minneapolis retailer, which hiked starting pay to $11 an hour last fall, said all workers this spring will receive a minimum of $12 per hour. Target said in September that it planned to raise starting hourly pay to $15

an hour by 2020. On Tuesday, CEO Brian Cornell said that the number of job applicants rose by 60 percent in the days after Target increased its minimum wage by $2, to $11 per hour. The pay increase was announced at Target's annual investor conference in Minneapolis. The American job market has been warming for years, meaning that em-

ployers are having a harder time attracting and keeping employees. Last month, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that wages grew at the fastest

pace in eight years in January. U.S. employers added a robust 200,000 jobs during the month, and the unemployment rate hovered at 4.1 percent for the fourth consecutive month. But Target has essentially

been raising their minimum wage each year since 2016, when it boosted pay from $9, to $10. Walmart said in January that it would boost its starting pay for U.S. employees, q


Wednesday 7 March 2018


Conceptis Sudoku

6 Chix


Mother Goose & Grimm

Baby Blues


Yesterday’s puzzle answer

Sudoku is a number-placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid with several given numbers. The object is to place the numbers 1 to 9 in the empty squares so that each row, each column and each 3x3 box contains the same number only once. The difficulty level of the Conceptis Sudoku increases from Monday to Sunday.


Wednesday 7 March 2018

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Biologists turn to citizens, DNA to count urban Alaska moose By DAN JOLING ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Moose thrive in Alaska's largest city with little to fear from natural predators such as wolves or bears, but getting an accurate count of the largest member of the deer family remains a challenge for the state wildlife biologists who must manage their numbers. Traditionally, aerial surveys are performed from lowflying aircraft after there's snow on the ground when spotters can distinguish between male moose with antlers and cows without them, but flight rules from Anchorage's international airport prohibit the survey flights. In response to those restrictions, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is experimenting with a new method of surveying moose. Biologists for three days last month asked Anchorage residents to call or text whenever they spotted moose. Teams of moose trackers with dart guns then hurried to the locations. The darts they fired captured DNA samples. DNA analysis will let researchers calculate the ratio of bulls to cows. The samples also will be the start of a database to identify individual moose, without the expense of capturing them. "Think of it as building a family tree," said Sean Farley, a state research biologist. While other U.S. cities get overrun with deer raiding gardens, Anchorage residents are used to steering clear of moose because hitting them with a car can be fatal to both animal and driver. Bulls weighing up to 1,600 pounds (726 kilograms) are dangerous during the fall rut and cows will attack people if they

In this Friday, Feb. 23, 2018, photo, Dave Battle of the Alaska Department Fish and Game waits for a moose to move off after firing a dart into its side that's designed to obtain a skin sample in Anchorage, Alaska. Associated Press

get close to calves. Moose use their hooves to stomp on people or dogs if cornered. Anchorage spans 1,963 square miles (5,080 square kilometers), an area the size of the U.S. state of Delaware. The city has 300,000 people, but the moose population is unknown. Though hunting is not allowed in most of the city, biologists want to know how many moose move in and out of hunting areas. "We've been taking an educated guess," said area biologist Dave Battle. "There's really been no technique up until now and it's something we've been kind of beating our heads against the wall for the last couple of years about it." Battle was among teams collecting DNA. After receiving a call reporting a moose cow and her calf, he found them in the yard of a home foraging for twigs. He fired weighted, pencil-

length darts into the sides of both moose, which were startled and moved a few feet before resuming feeding. The darts felt like bee sting, researchers said. A skin sample wraps around a needle in the tip of the darts, which have heavy barrels to make them fall

into the snow. Surveys suggest most Anchorage residents like sharing their yards with moose. Biologists said their participation in the survey is crucial, and the department received 510 calls and texts over the three-day moose reporting period for resi-

dents. "That's what's going to make or break this study," said David Saalfeld, another state biologist. "Public involvement." Biologists traditionally estimate wildlife abundance with the "mark-recapture" method of capturing and tagging or collaring animals and then allowing them to remix with the general population. Populations are sampled later and abundance estimates are made based on the count of marked animals. Farley said the current survey is a research project but he's optimistic it could help biologists estimate Anchorage's moose population. At worst, the three-days of DNA sampling will be the basis for a future mark-recapture study of Anchorage moose. "If the math works, and again, that's relying on people who are a lot brighter than me, then yes, in the first year, you could come up with a measure of abundance," he said.q

Einstein note fetches $6,100 at Jerusalem auction

This undated photo provided by Winner's Auctions and Exhibitions shows a letter by Albert Einstein to a young chemistry student named Elisabetta Piccini he wrote on his visit to Florence in October 1921, that will be auctioned in Jerusalem March 6, 2018. Associated Press

JERUSALEM (AP) — For Albert Einstein, it turns out the law of attraction was relative. A handwritten note by the Nobel-winning scientist, written to a young woman who apparently caught his eye during a trip to Italy, was sold at auction in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Winner's Auctions and Exhibitions said Einstein was visiting his sister in Florence in October 1921 and learned that a young chemistry student named Elisabetta Piccini lived in the apartment upstairs. It said the 42-yearold Einstein was interested in meeting the 22-yearold woman, who was the daughter of a famous chemist, but she was too shy and turned him down. When Einstein left Florence, he left the signed note in German: "To the scientific researcher, at whose feet I lay and sat for two full days, as a friendly souvenir." The auction house did not disclose the buyers.q

PEOPLE & ARTS A29 Review: Jimi Hendrix studio archives plucked for new album Wednesday 7 March 2018

In this Nov. 20, 2014 file photo, cellist Yo-Yo Ma rehearses Prokofiev's Symphony Concerto for cello and orchestra at Symphony Hall in Boston. Associated Press

Yo-Yo Ma performs for California siblings held captive CORONA, Calif. (AP) — World-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma held a special concert for the California siblings who authorities said were starved and shackled to their beds by their parents. City of Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel says Ma performed Friday at the Corona Regional Medical Center. The hospital posted a photo of Ma on Twitter and thanked him for sharing his love of music with the siblings. Their parents, David and Louise

Turpin, have pleaded not guilty to torture and other charges. The Turpins were arrested in January after their 17-year-old daughter escaped from their home in the city of Perris. Authorities said the home reeked of human waste and the evidence of starvation was obvious, with the oldest of 13 siblings weighing just 82 pounds. An attorney for the adult siblings didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.q

By PABLO GORONDI Associated Press Elvis has left the building but Jimi is still busy in the studio. Or so it would seem from the staggering number of posthumous Hendrix albums that record labels, bootleggers and — for the past two decades — his family have been releasing since his death in 1970. "Both Sides of the Sky" is billed as the last in a trilogy gathering assorted Hendrix studio recordings, following 2010's "Valleys of Neptune" and 2013's "People, Hell and Angels." Nearly the full batch comes from sessions at New York's Record Plant between Jan. 1968 and Feb. 1970. Ten of the 13 tracks are billed as previously unreleased, though several are alternate or instrumental versions of known Hendrix tracks. A take on Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock," recorded just 42 days after the end of the festival, features Hendrix on bass, with vocals and organ by Stephen Stills. It sounds like a demo of the track released by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young some five months later. Hendrix switches to guitar on another Stills tune, "$20 Fine," which also sounds

This cover image released by Experience Hendrix/Legacy Recordings shows "Both Sides of the Sky," by Jimi Hendrix. Associated Press

very CSN&Y. Or, rather, CSNY&H. Lonnie Youngblood sings and plays the sax on "Georgia Blues," while Johnny Winter contributes his usually excellent slide guitar to "Things I Used to Do." "Sweet Angel," the oldest track here and the only one recorded in London, is an instrumental version of "Angel," a beautiful ballad and close relation to "Little

Wing." "Power of Soul" was mixed by Eddie Kramer and Hendrix at his own Electric Lady Studios just weeks before his death. Hendrix was known to be a perfectionist and maybe he'd have continued tweaking the complex, upbeat, optimistic song, but it seems to provide the clearest sample of what may have come next.q

Danny Glover shouted down at Airbnb rally by labor activists By DAVID KLEPPER Associated Press ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Danny Glover was shouted down at a rally for Airbnb hosts in the New York state Capitol Tuesday when activists working on behalf of a union for hotel workers infiltrated the event and began heckling the 71-yearold actor. Glover had just began speaking at the event when the protesters began yelling over him, accusing the longtime liberal activist of betraying minorities and the poor by working as a paid adviser to Airbnb. Hecklers said the effort was organized by the Hotel

Trades Council, a leading opponent of Airbnb. "You used to be on the right side!" one yelled. Glover, the star of the "Lethal Weapon" series, tried to continue his remarks but left the rally as the shouting continued. He later told The Associated Press that he supports Airbnb because it provides everyday people with a technologically innovative way to make ends meet in cities that only grow more expensive. "I'm talking about empowering people," he said. Tuesday's pro-Airbnb rally, which featured several dozen Airbnb hosts, highlighted the contentious de-

bate over regulating the popular online home rental service. Critics of the San Francisco-based company say it is reducing housing options and driving up costs as landlords choose short-term Airbnb users over long-term tenants. The Hotel Trades Council also is opposed to what it sees as unfair competition. "I understand Mr. Glover is wealthy and famous and companies ask him for endorsements all the time," said Tyrone Connell, a member of the union and one of those who heckled Glover. "But in this case, he's working for Airbnb whose business is built on taking

away affordable housing and displacing tenants, especially for low-income people of color." Two years ago, under pressure from the union, the state Legislature and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo passed some of the toughest rules for short-term rentals in the nation, making it illegal to rent out an entire apartment in a multiunit building for less than 30 days. Officials in New York City were given the power to impose hefty fines on violators. Many of the hosts who gathered in Albany on Tuesday said the rules must be changed.

"We need our voices to be heard," said Joy Williams, who said she faces up to $65,000 in fines after she listed two units she owns in Harlem on Airbnb. The legislation now pending before lawmakers — and supported by Airbnb — would roll back many of those rules and impose new regulations, including a ban prohibiting anyone from listing more than one property on the website. "Airbnb is everywhere in the world," said state Sen. John Bonacic, a Republican and the sponsor of the bill in the Senate. "Why can't it be successful in New York?" q


Wednesday 7 March 2018


Ava DuVernay's unprecedented journey to 'A Wrinkle in Time' By LINDSEY BAHR LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ava DuVernay didn't pick up a camera until the age of 32. It's an extraordinary fact, considering the trajectories of most Hollywood directors. Orson Welles filmed "Citizen Kane" at 25. Steven Spielberg was 27 when he made "Jaws." A 23-yearold John Singleton directed "Boyz N the Hood." It was already doubtful that DuVernay could jump from a career in film marketing and publicity so late and without even a film degree to back her up. That she is also a black woman made it even more unlikely. But in just 13 years, DuVernay has successfully and improbably risen to the upper echelons of the entertainment industry, as a filmmaker, producer and agent of change, breaking down barriers and smashing ceilings wherever she sets her sights. Now, at 45, she has an Oscar-nomination (for the documentary "The 13th"), a historic Golden Globe nomination (for "Selma" she was the first black female director to get that

In this Feb. 25, 2018 photo, Director Ava DuVernay poses for a portrait at The W Hotel in Los Angeles to promote her film, "A Wrinkle in Time." Associated Press

recognition) and has also become the first woman of color to get over $100 million to make a live-action movie. That film, "A Wrinkle in Time," with its $103 million production budget, opens nationwide Friday. The Walt Disney Co. acquired the rights to Madeleine L'Engle's Newbery

Medal-winning 1962 novel in 2010, and it went through various writers and budget points. The story about an awkward 13-year-old girl, Meg Murry, who travels through time and space, was a notoriously unwieldy one that carried the dreaded "un-filmable" stigma. "I was shocked that they called me," says DuVernay. "I'd done 'Selma' and 'The 13th.' How did they even think that would work? But they did. And when they said I could make her a girl of color, it just grabbed my whole heart." DuVernay set off to do the impossible — make a big budget, kids-targeted scifi blockbuster with an unknown 13-year-old black actress (Storm Reid, now 14) as the lead. "I think it's incredible that Disney made the decision to hire Ava on this and gave her the creative control to cast whoever she wanted," says Reese Witherspoon, who co-stars in the film as one of the mystical "Mrs." alongside Oprah Winfrey and Mindy Kaling. Winfrey, Witherspoon and Kaling, all hardworking multi-hyphenates themselves, marveled at DuVernay's tireless work ethic and attention to detail. Once she even sent costume designer Paco Delgado back to hand paint hundreds of

eyes on one of Winfrey's costumes because that's what she had seen in the concept drawing. "I was like, 'I think it's fine without the eyes? I think it's ok!' Winfrey recalled. DuVernay laughed that Winfrey recounted that moment. "She came out and everyone applauded for the dress and it was extraordinary," DuVernay explains. "But I looked and I said, 'Well on the sketch there were little eyes. Where are those?' And he was like, 'Well this looks good too.' And I'm like, 'Well let's go take a look at that anyway." Asking for what she needs, and wants, is something DuVernay has learned as she's gotten older. "Film is forever," she says. "It's cemented. You've got to do it right now and it's got to be the best it can be. So, let's go back and put the eyes on the dress." Witherspoon says she has never met a director who spends so much time talking about others: Acknowledging everyone's contributions in a cast and crew of hundreds, and then spending weekends talking about other people's work too, from Patty Jenkins to Ryan Coogler. DuVernay always has something in the works. She's afraid if she slows down, it might all go away.

"I just feel like I have a short window in this industry. There is no precedent for a black woman making films consistently. There are beautiful black women directors but there are seven-year, six-year gaps between them," she says. "Even though people tell me it's ok, I think it's all going to stop tomorrow. I want to do as much as I can do when I can. It's not unreasonable, you know? Tomorrow they can say, 'No we don't want you to make movies anymore.'" And indeed there is still that idea that female filmmakers are not given second chances, even when they succeed. It's something DuVernay thinks about often. "I look at Guy Ritchie. That guy is bulletproof," she says. "He can make something that doesn't work. The next week he's the director of another thing. I look at him and I'm like, 'Wow, that's fantastic.' But that wouldn't have been Patty Jenkins and it won't be me." Initial tracking suggests that "A Wrinkle in Time" may open in the mid-$30 million range, which might not even be enough to unseat Disney's "Black Panther" (which DuVernay passed on directing) from the No. 1 spot. "Wrinkle," however, is film that is first and foremost for children ages 8 to 12, DuVernay says. Before a screening she asked the audience to try to watch it through the eyes of a child — an unusual request for something from an already very kid-friendly studio like Disney which makes films for the younger set that nonetheless appeal to a wide swath of ages. Critics reviews are under embargo until Wednesday, and social media reactions so far have been unusually sparse for a film this big. DuVernay says of the critics that, "Some of them will see what we tried to do. Some of them, it's not (going to be) for them. It is what it is." And it's the film she wanted to make, for the 12-year-old her, and for someone like Kaling, who says that she always loved sci-fi but that it never loved her back.q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

Tate Modern Picasso show charts one extraordinary year: 1932 By JILL LAWLESS Associated Press LONDON (AP) — In 1932, Pablo Picasso was 50 years old and art critics were asking whether he was yesterday's man. He proved them wrong with an outpouring of creativity that is charted in the exhibition "Picasso 1932 — Love, Fame Tragedy," opening this week at London's Tate Modern gallery. More than 100 paintings, drawings and sculptures, all from 1932, show Picasso's influences, including his rivalry with Henri Matisse, his interest in psychoanalysis and his passion for younger lover Marie-Therese Walter. Walter inspired some of the Spanish artist's greatest portraits, one of which sold at Sotheby's last week for almost 50 million pounds ($70 million.) Three nudes of Walter, painted over a five-day period and not displayed together since 1932, are at the heart of a show that explores the interplay between Picasso's work and his life — especially his complicated love life. In 1932, the artist was living in Paris with his wife Olga

A woman looking at Pablo Picasso's The Three Dancers, 1925, during a preview of the exhibition Picasso 1932 - Love, Fame, Tragedy at Tate Modern in London, Tuesday March 6, 2018. Associated Press

Khokhlova and their son Paulo, while having a relationship with Walter, who was 28 years his junior. Co-curator Nancy Ireson said at a preview Tuesday that the exhibition offered "an incredible opportunity to get really close to Picasso." "We're used to seeing him

as an iconic artist, but here we really get to the person and to the heart of his creativity," she said. "Without making judgment, it makes an iconic figure more relatable." Picasso's career lasted seven decades — he died at 91 in 1973 — but 1932 was one of his most fertile years.

Walter, with her strong aquiline nose, inspired paintings, drawings and sculptures that absorbed and transcended styles including cubism and surrealism. In March alone he produced the three nudes — "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust," ''Nude in a Black Armchair" and "The Mirror" — as

well another portrait, "Girl Before a Mirror," which is on loan from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The show also includes "The Dream," a vividly colored portrait of Walter considered among Picasso's greatest works. It was once owned by Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn, who put his elbow through the canvas in 2006 just after agreeing to sell it for $139 million. Olga left Picasso in 1935 when Walter became pregnant, around the time the artist moved on to a new mistress and muse, Dora Maar. Picasso's treatment of women has often been criticized, but Diana Widmaier Picasso, granddaughter of the artist and Walter, said "this traditional idea of Picasso being a monster" was simplistic. “The sexuality is a part that I don’t want to discuss most of the time — no one does,” he said. But, he added, “it’s very important to show the public that for every subject, every model, there was a direct relationship between the artist and the model.”q

'Dodging and Burning' is riveting debut by John Copenhaver "Dodging and Burning" is a riveting debut by John Copenhaver. It tackles a story that's seldom explored in mysteries — life for gay men and lesbians during America's post-World War II era. The intricate plot melds a coming-of-age story, a coming-out tale and a mystery with realistic characters who want to be accepted for themselves. "Dodging and Burning," a photography term, works well as a metaphor for the characters whose freedoms to love and be themselves are limited by the time in which they live. The characters do a lot of dodging, and some burning, as they maneuver life in Royal Oak, a small Virginia town, as well as stints in the military. The story kicks off in 2000

when mystery writer Bunny Prescott receives an anonymous envelope in the mail containing an old crime-scene photo. The photo sparks the memories of three characters, each of whom changed during 1945. Back then, Bunny was 18, the daughter of Royal Oak's wealthiest man who owned the local factory that made soda and was the town's biggest employer. Bunny had a crush on Jay Greenwood, a photographer who was wounded during World War II and who now lives with his tyrannical grandmother. Ceola Bliss, age 12, also had a crush on Jay, who was the best friend of her adored brother, Robbie, who was declared missing during World War II. Jay wants the two

girls to accompany him to the local woods where he claims he photographed a blond woman who had just been murdered. While he has the photographs, the body is missing when they get to the woods. The woman, he claims, was Lily Vellum, who recently may have been kidnapped. Ceola is a fan of detective fiction, an interest she shared with Robbie and also Jay. But the real mystery is the secret life that Jay and Robbie led — secret lovers who could never acknowledge their relationship. "Dodging and Burning" explores the secret gay life that existed during that time, as well as the bigotry and pure hatred that the closeted had to endure. Jay's recounting of his war days is touching

as he tries to fit in while also bonding with other gay soldiers. Don't ask, don't tell wasn't even an option. But what Jay had to deal with in his hometown, where he was despised because of his feminine ways, is worse. Several poignant scenes show Jay trying to explain to Ceola the relationship he has with Robbie. A 12-year-old in the 21st century would understand what being gay is, but Ceola is a product of 1940s and has little idea what being homosexual means. Yet Ceola's adoration of her brother never lags, even her recollections are in the form of her speaking to long-deceased Robbie. The brisk pace is augmented by the character studies and an in-depth look at gay rights. Gay and lesbian

This book cover image released by Pegasus Books shows "Dodging and Burning," by John Copenhaver. Associated Press

mysteries have been published for decades. Columnist and short story writer Copenhaver brings a new voice to this genre with "Dodging and Burning."q


Wednesday 7 March 2018

#MeToo's global impact: Big in some places, scanty in others By DAVID CRARY AP National Writer Thanks to the vast reach of social media and the prevalence of sexual misconduct in virtually every society, the #MeToo movement has proven itself a genuinely global phenomenon. Yet its impact varies widely from country to country, from potentially momentous to inconsequential. No other nation has experienced anything close to the developments in the United States, the movement's birthplace, where scores of prominent men — among them politicians, media stars and movie moguls — have lost jobs and reputations after facing sexual misconduct allegations. As the global women's movement prepares for International Women's Day on Thursday, it's clear the record elsewhere is mixed. In Western Europe, some VIPs have been discredited and some new anti-harassment laws are in the works. Worldwide, the fallout includes backlashes against women who speak out, divisions within feminist ranks and minimal repercussions for accused harassers. And in many countries, the U.S. included, the movement has consisted primarily of well-educated professionals, largely leaving out working-class and poor women. Some skeptics have coined the hashtag #WeFew. In some countries where the movement hasn't caught fire, analysts have suggested that resistance to American cultural trends is among the factors. "I wish it hadn't started in the U.S.," said Anne Marie Goetz, a professor of global affairs at New York University and a former United Nations adviser on women's issues. "The fastest way to discredit any women's rights struggle is to say it comes from somewhere else," Goetz said. "That's been a longstanding putdown of feminist movements all around the world." In China, discussion of

In this Oct. 29, 2017 file photo, demonstrators hold placards reading "Sexism, that is not my gender" and "125 women killed in 2016", right, during a demonstration against sexual abuse and harassment across the country under the #MeToo movement, in Marseille, southern France. Associated Press

#MeToo has sometimes been censored on social media and branded as a destabilizing foreign movement. To thwart the censors, social media users have made creative use of hashtags such as #RiceBunny — a phrase which in China is pronounced "me

fessor of sexual misconduct when she was a graduate student. Other women lodged similar allegations, and the professor was fired. But questions linger as to whether a feminist movement can gain greater clout in the face of government resistance.

by a U.S.-based law student, with contributions from students in India. But the list contained few details about the allegations or accusers, and was criticized by some women as unfair. India passed a law in 2013 to combat workplace sex-

In this Feb. 3, 2018 file photo, women in animal costumes take part in the block party "Maria vem com as outras," or "Maria, join the other women," in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Associated Press

too." The hashtags — and women's accounts of harassment — proliferated in January after Luo Xixi, an academic now based in the U.S., accused a renowned Beijing-based pro-

In India, sexual misconduct allegations against more than 60 academics sparked divisions among feminists. A crowd-sourced list of alleged harassers was posted on Facebook

ual harassment, but gender-equality activist Sudarshana Kundu said many women remain hesitant to speak up. "There is culture of silencing that is prevalent," she

said by email. "Organizations are worried about their credibility and counsel their women employees to not report instances and instead seek conciliation." Perhaps no country has had a more complex reaction to #MeToo than France — long identified as a haven for romance. The government is preparing new legislation on sexual violence and harassment, and some lawmakers want to impose fines for sexist catcalls. Yet despite sexual misconduct allegations against several prominent men, they have maintained their jobs and status. French feminist ranks, meanwhile, have experienced divisions — notably when actress Catherine Deneuve co-signed a letter depicting #MeToo accusers as puritanical, only to apologize after facing a backlash of criticism. In Britain, organizers decided to discontinue an annual men-only charity gala after a Financial Times investigation found that female hostesses — required to wear short skirts and high heels — were groped by some of the hundreds of senior executives who attended the event in January. "It is quite extraordinary to me that in the 21st century allegations of this kind are emerging," Education Minister Anne Milton told the House of Commons. "Women have the right to feel safe wherever they work." Harassment allegations last year led to one high-level resignation — that of Defense Secretary Michael Fallon — and prompted political leaders to propose a new grievance procedure for people working in Parliament. Even in Nordic countries ranked high for gender equality, there has been #MeToo turmoil. In Iceland and Sweden, women in numerous professional sectors mounted social media campaigns to raise awareness about widespread sexual misconduct; the Swedish government has proposed tightening its rape law to stipulate that explicit consent is required before sexual contact.q

March 7, 2018  
March 7, 2018