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Hawaii volcano raises concerns of eruptions along West Coast In this March 9, 2005 file photo, Mount St. Helens emits a small, steady cloud of steam at dusk in Washington state.  Associated Press

By NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS Associated Press SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The eruption of a Hawaii volcano has people warily eyeing volcanic peaks on America’s West Coast. The West Coast is home to an 800mile (1,300-kilometer) chain of 13

volcanoes from Washington state’s Mount Baker to California’s Lassen Peak. They include Mount St. Helens, whose spectacular 1980 eruption in the Pacific Northwest killed dozens of people and sent volcanic ash across the country, and mas-

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sive Mount Rainier, which towers above the Seattle metro area. The peaks are part of the “Ring of Fire,” volcanoes that sit on tectonic plates. Hawaii is not part of the Ring of Fire. “There’s lots of anxiety out there,” said Liz Westby, geologist at the

U.S. Geological Survey Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Washington, in the shadow of Mount St. Helens. “They see destruction, and people get nervous.” Continued on Page 3


Monday 14 May 2018







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Bloomberg warns of ‘epidemic of dishonesty’ By STEVE PEOPLES Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — Americans are facing an “epidemic of dishonesty” in Washington that’s more dangerous than terrorism or communism. That’s according to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who

warned in a commencement speech on Saturday at Texas’ Rice University that “an endless barrage of lies” and a trend toward “alternate realities” in national politics pose a dire threat to U.S. democracy. The 76-year-old billionaire, who flirted with an independent presidential run in

2016, did not call out any politicians by name. Although he derided Donald Trump as “a con” and a “dangerous demagogue” before his election, in an interview before the speech Bloomberg refused to comment specifically on the Republican president’s troubled history with the

In this Dec. 12, 2017 file photo, Special envoy to the United Nations for climate change Michael Bloomberg addresses the media at the One Planet Summit, in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, France.  Associated Press

truth. Fact checkers have determined that Trump has made hundreds of false and misleading statements since entering the Oval Office. “This is bigger than any one person. It’s bigger than any one party,” he said in the interview. In the speech, Bloomberg evoked the legend of the nation’s first president, George Washington, who as a boy said he could not tell a lie when asked if he cut down a cherry tree. He blamed “extreme partisanship” for an unprecedented tolerance of dishonesty in U.S. politics. People are committed more to their political tribes than the truth, he said, suggesting that the nation is more divided than any time since the Civil War. “There is now more tolerance for dishonesty in politics than I have seen in my lifetime,” Bloomberg said. “The only thing more dangerous than dishonest politicians who have no respect for the law is a chorus of enablers who defend their every lie.” For example, he noted that Democrats spent much of

the 1990s defending President Bill Clinton against charges of lying and personal immorality just as Republicans attacked the lack of ethics and honesty in the White House. Just the reverse is happening today, he said. In one jab at Trump, he noted that the vast majority of scientists agree that climate change is real. Trump and his Republican allies have repeatedly called climate change a hoax promoted by America’s adversaries. “If 99 percent of scientists whose research has been peer-reviewed reach the same general conclusion about a theory, then we ought to accept it as the best available information — even if it’s not a 100 percent certainty,” Bloomberg said. He added: “That, graduates, is not a Chinese hoax.” He warned that such deep levels of dishonesty could enable what he called “criminality.” Asked what specifically he was talking about, Bloomberg noted “lots of investigations” going on, but he declined to be more specific.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Hawaii volcano raises concerns of eruptions along West Coast Continued from Front

Kilauea, on Hawaii’s Big Island, is threatening to blow its top in coming days or weeks after sputtering lava for a week, forcing about 2,000 people to evacuate, destroying two dozen homes and threatening a geothermal plant. Experts fear the volcano could hurl ash and boulders the size of refrigerators miles into the air. Here are some key things to know: WHAT IS THE RING OF FIRE? Roughly 450 volcanoes make up this horseshoeshaped belt. The belt follows the coasts of South America, North America, eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It’s known for frequent volcanic and seismic activity caused by the colliding of crustal plates. Outside of Hawaii, America’s most dangerous volcanoes are all part of the Ring of Fire, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. They include: Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier in Washington; Mount Hood and South Sister in Oregon; and Mount Shasta and Lassen Volcanic Center in California. Images of lava flowing from the ground and homes going up in flames in Hawaii have stoked unease among residents. But experts say an eruption in Hawaii doesn’t necessarily signal danger on the West Coast. “These are isolated systems,” Westby said. WHEN WILL THE WEST COAST VOLCANOES ERUPT? No eruption seems immi-

nent, experts say. The Cascades Volcano Observatory monitors volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest and posts weekly status reports. All currently register “normal.” But the situation can change fast. “All our mountains are considered active and, geologically speaking, things seem to happen in the Northwest about every 100 years,” said John Ufford, preparedness manager for the Washington Emergency Management Division. “It’s an inexact timeline.” Some geologists believe Mount St. Helens is the most likely to erupt. But six other Cascade volcanoes have been active in the past 300 years, including steam eruptions at Mount Rainier and Glacier Peak and a 1915 blast at Lassen Peak that destroyed nearby ranches. WHAT KIND OF DAMAGE COULD THEY DO? The Big Island scenes of rivers of lava snaking through neighborhoods and sprouting fountains are unlikely in the Pacific Northwest. “Lava is not the hazard, per se, like in Hawaii,” said Ian Lange, a retired University of Montana geology professor. Cascade volcanos produce a thicker, more viscous type of lava than Hawaiian volcanoes, so it doesn’t run as far, Lange said. The Cascade volcanoes can produce huge clouds of choking ash and send deadly mudslides into rivers and streams. Two of the most potentially destructive are Mount St. Helens,

north of the Portland, Oregon, metro area, and 14,000-foot (4,270-meter) Mount Rainier, which is visible from the cities of Seattle and Tacoma. Mount Rainier eruptions in the distant past have caused destruction as far west as Puget Sound, some 50 miles (80 kilometers) away. The volcano hasn’t produced a significant eruption in the past 500 years. But it remains dangerous because of its great height, frequent earthquakes, active hydrothermal system, and 26 glaciers, experts said.q

In this May 7, 2018 photo, Mount Rainier is seen at dusk and framed by the Murray Morgan Bridge in downtown Tacoma, Wash. Associated Press

A4 U.S.

Monday 14 May 2018


Lincoln Chafee, a political enigma, eyes his old Senate seat By DYLAN McGUINNESS Associated Press PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Former Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s unanticipated interest in running for his old U.S. Senate seat began with an email from two passionate supporters of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. A 61-year-old retired chef and a 48-year-old real estate agent worried Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s votes were promoting an overly militaristic America. So in January they asked Chafee, a quirky Republican-turnedindependent-turned-Democrat, whether he would be interested. Chafee has “been able to buck the party trends and look at the issues on the merits,” one of the writers, Jonathan Daly-Labelle, told The Associated Press recently. “Sheldon is a typical Democrat and locked into the party outlook, and he’s not looking at things individually.” To their surprise, Chafee quickly accepted a meeting. And on April 25, he stunned just about everyone when he publicly floated the idea of running against Whitehouse in the Democratic primary. Chafee has said there’s a 90 percent chance he’ll run, and political observers say it would set up a fascinating rematch of the 2006 general election, when Whitehouse unseated Chafee, then a Republican. And in the small world of Rhode Island politics, there’s another twist — the two families have been tied for generations. Chafee’s late father, John, a Republican governor and senator, roomed with Whitehouse’s father at Yale, and the politicians’ sons are friends.

Chafee is known for doing the unexpected. He regularly defied the Republican Party when he

sessment of U.S.-Russia relations and recently joked on a radio program: “I am not a Russian spy.”

land’s chapter of the National Education Association, has worked for both camps.

In this Oct. 13, 2015, file photo, former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee speaks during the a Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas. Associated Press

served in the Senate, becoming the only GOP senator to vote against the Iraq War authorization in 2002. He won the governor’s office as an independent in 2010, and then switched parties during his single term in office. Later, he extolled the metric system in his Democratic presidential campaign. His exploratory Senate bid has been similarly unconventional, marked so far by his contrasting views on the special counsel’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Chafee has bucked the Democratic line, saying he wouldn’t support legislation to protect Robert Mueller, then changed his mind and said he “would have voted with the Democrats.” He has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s as-

On other issues, Chafee is expected to challenge Whitehouse from the left if he runs, 12 years after Whitehouse defeated him in part by connecting Chafee’s Republican affiliation to President George W. Bush. In an interview with the AP last month, Chafee signaled support for a singlepayer health care system, criticized Whitehouse’s ambivalence about a proposed natural gas plant in the rural community of Burrillville, and railed against Whitehouse’s votes in favor of warrantless wire-tapping and a military campaign in Yemen. Whitehouse told the AP that he will address opponents in the race “as they become real opponents.” Robert Walsh, the executive director of Rhode Is-

He advised Whitehouse’s 2006 campaign and then helped Chafee’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. “It’s hard to be surprised by anything Chafee does because there’s a little bit of randomness in there,” Walsh said. He added that he doesn’t see a “compelling set of differences” between Chafee and Whitehouse that would resonate with voters. Foreign policy and a local power plant aren’t enough, he said. Chafee has a record of fiscal responsibility and supporting liberal causes like environmentalism and same-sex marriage, said Wendy Schiller, a professor of political science at Brown University, but he faces long odds against Whitehouse, whose signature issue in the Senate is

climate change. Chafee has often made his mark by playing the opponent, whether against the Iraq War, the Bush tax cuts or Rhode Island’s botched investment in the failed video game company 38 Studios. But Schiller said opposing mistakes is not the same thing as getting things accomplished. “Here’s the challenge for Lincoln Chafee,” Schiller said. “Sheldon Whitehouse has been more effective as a U.S. senator than Lincoln Chafee was.” Chafee, obviously, sees it differently. “I don’t think he can name any accomplishments,” he told the AP. The 2006 race was largely seen as a referendum on Bush, and it grew nasty in its final weeks, with both sides pouring money into attack ads and taking public swipes. “I didn’t hold any grudges or any animosity when he ran against me. It was, ‘This is America,’” he said, adding later, “and I would expect that he wouldn’t in the same way, now.” Chafee is ready for a rematch he said would likely involve “brass knuckles.” He remains confident despite what he called a tough governorship — he chose not to run for a second term amid low approval ratings — and the beating he took in the presidential race, when he failed to gain traction and dropped out in 2015 before voting began. “The critics have to remember ... that I have been right time and time again,” he said, referring to the Iraq War, 38 Studios and the nomination of Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. “And they have been wrong.”q


Monday 14 May 2018

Ex-student files sexual-abuse lawsuit against New Hampshire prep school By MARINA VILLENEUVE Associated Press A former New Hampshire boarding school student says in a lawsuit the school violated her civil rights by failing to protect her from sexual assault in a “hypersexualized environment” where older students scored points for having sex with younger ones. The lawsuit , filed Friday in federal court in Concord, New Hampshire, claims officials at St. Paul’s School failed to report the sexual assault of a freshman during the 2012-13 school year. The student said she was forced to leave the school following bullying and retaliation. The president of the school’s board of trustees, Archibald Cox, said the school plans to cooperate with police and the state attorney general to investigate the matter. “We take these allegations very seriously, but do not know whether they are accurate or not,” Cox said in a letter to the school community. “In my experience this administration has taken all reporting obligations seriously and has fulfilled them.” The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Jane Doe, a former student who was 13 years old when she enrolled in 2012 and now lives in Maryland. It demands a trial and damages for severe emotional distress. “From the time she arrived on campus, Ms. Doe experienced unwelcome sexual advances from some male students who were emboldened by formal and informal ‘tradition’ at the school,” the lawsuit says. “Unbeknownst to Ms. Doe, older boys started to sexually target her the moment she set foot on campus.” The lawsuit says school officials failed to report, investigate or address the girl’s specific reports of sexual assault to state or local authorities. It says school officials also failed to investigate or

This Feb. 26, 2016 file photo shows the entrance to St. Paul’s School in Concord, N.H. Associated Press

eliminate the practice of older students “scoring” with freshman girls. In January, the school settled a lawsuit with another former student who said it failed to protect her from being sexually assaulted. Chessy Prout was a 15-yearold freshman at St. Paul’s in 2014 when she accused 18-year-old then-student Owen Labrie of assaulting her as part of Senior Salute, a competition among upperclassman seeking to have sex with younger students. Prout’s parents sued in 2016, shortly after Labrie was convicted of sexual assault, child endangerment and using a computer to lure her for sex. Prout, now 19, said this year that what began as an effort to speak up for herself in her case against Labrie grew into “standing up against a 162-year-old institution with a secret history of rape and cover-up.” She said she wrote a book, “I Have The Right To: A High School Survivor’s Story of Sexual Assault, Justice, and Hope,” in a bid to reclaim her name. The prep academy has denied that it could have prevented the assault and that it had a culture of sexual assault, but it said the case has led to positive changes on campus. This month, two alumni from the 1970s filed a complaint against the school alleging they were sexually assaulted as students by former

faculty members. Cox said the school was “truly sorry” for their pain “and for any failure of the

school to protect them.” Most of the former staffers in the complaint were named last year in an investigation conducted by the school into its history of sexual abuse dating to 1947. The school reported allegations against 18 former staffers and shared its findings with the attorney general’s office. The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, as Prout has done. Labrie, of Tunbridge, Vermont, is appealing his conviction.q

A6 U.S.

Monday 14 May 2018


Quick release of gun data called trailblazing and troubling

Gun rights advocate Drew Deal of Dallas, right, discusses the second amendment with a gun control advocate who would not give her name as dueling groups demonstrated outside Dallas City Hall during the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on Saturday, May 5, 2018, in Dallas. Associated Press

By MIKE CATALINI Associated Press TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Gun control advocates are hailing New Jersey's release of near-real-time firearms trafficking data as a trailblazing use of federal information, but Second Amendment advocates and skeptical Republicans question whether the re-

port amounts to a way around a federal limitation on the release of some data. Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy unveiled the data Tuesday as part of a campaign promise to strengthen New Jersey's alreadytight gun laws. The colorful, four-page report uses what gun control supporters say is a novelty: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gun-trace data for the first quarter of 2018 to show that 77 percent of guns used in crimes in New Jersey come from out of state. The publication appears to be the first time a state has taken advantage of the ATF data with such speed, according to experts at the gun safety Giffords organization and the Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Cities, most notably Chicago, have used the ATF data in reports, but those came out annually. New Jersey has pledged to post monthly data and quarterly data based on ATF reports. "New Jersey stepped up, said we have this data, we get it from ATF and we're going do the work to gather, visualize and then publicize this," David Chipman, a former ATF agent and the senior policy adviser at Giffords, the organization named for gun-attack victim and former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The data release comes amid a national conversation surrounding gun control in the aftermath of fatal shootings at a high school in Parkland, Florida, and as Democrats push for tighter gun laws while the Republican-led Congress has not passed any such measures.

In New Jersey, Murphy and the Democrat-led Legislature are pushing a package of six gun control bills. The speed of the state's release of ATF data stands out particularly because the most current information the bureau has publicized is from 2016. ATF Special Agent Joshua Jackson said the bureau won't comment on how a state could publicize data faster than the agency itself. He also said the bureau doesn't track state initiatives in response to questions about whether New Jersey was the first to publish the data this quickly. Chipman and Kyleanne Hunter, the Brady Campaign's vice president for programs, said they believe ATF does not prioritize near-real-time release of data. "It hasn't been a priority, even less so in this administration," Hunter said of President Donald Trump. Speedy data reporting by ATF is also a political lightning rod. That's because the ATF's release of data is governed by an appropriations provision that prohibits it from releasing information from its firearms trace database to anyone other than a law enforcement agency or prosecutor in connection with a criminal investigation. That has led Second Amendment advocates to raise concerns over the publicizing of such information. The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, an affiliate of the National Rifle Association, said Murphy could be skirting the federal provision on gun data.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Deal reached in dispute over statue marking Polish massacre By BRUCE SHIPKOWSKI Associated Press An acrimonious battle in New Jersey over plans to move a waterfront statue commemorating the 1940 massacre of Poles has ended. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and local Polish groups announced late Saturday that they have reached an agreement on relocating the Katyn Memorial. Details on the deal will be announced Monday. Fulop, a Democrat, called the deal a "win-win" in a tweet announcing the agreement. He wrote that the goal was one that "respects/cares/keeps the monument in an extremely prominent location to honor sacrifices" while also giving the city "a chance to re-purpose our waterfront." City officials wanted to

move the statue as part of a renovation of the plaza where it currently stands, on the waterfront across from downtown New York City. The head of the group organizing the renovation has called the statue "gruesome" and has said he prefers that it get a new home, according to published reports. But the Polish groups opposed that and had sought a court order in recent days to block the move. The bronze statue depicts a Polish soldier bound, gagged and impaled by a bayonet. It sparked strong emotions in Poland, where Katyn is remembered as one of the worst tragedies to befall the nation in a long tragedy-filled history. The plans to remove the statue have been a top news story in Poland in re-

cent days, where many feel that it is revenge for the passage earlier this year of a Polish law that makes it a crime to blame Poland for any of the Holocaust crimes committed by Nazi Germany. The Polish government said Sunday it's pleased an agreement has been reached that is satisfactory to all parties. "Respect for the murdered Poles, Jews and Ukrainians demanded from both sides a peaceful solution of this completely unnecessary dispute," said Andrzej Pawluszek, an adviser to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. "We are pleased that an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties has been reached." Maciej Golubiewski, Consul General of Poland in New York, said Fulop showed "real leadership" to end a

Ohio woman, 113, is now the oldest person in the U.S. CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (AP) — A 113-year-old woman living in suburban Cleveland is believed to be the oldest person in the United States after the

death of a 114-year-old Pennsylvania woman. reports the 88-year-old daughter of Lessie Brown says her mother remarked, "that's good" when told Friday she had become the country's oldest person. Daughter Verline Wilson says Brown spends much of her days sleeping. Brown was born in 1904 in Atlanta and moved to Cleveland when she was

18. She married and had five children, three of whom are still living. The Cleveland Heights resident has more than 50 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Family members have attributed Brown's long life to her eating a yam every day until she was 110. Delphine Gibson was 114 when she died Wednesday in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.q

In this May 4, 2018, file photo, buildings in Lower Manhattan provide a backdrop to a statue dedicated to the victims of the Katyn massacre of 1940, in Jersey City, N.J. Associated Press

potentially drawn out and acrimonious confrontation that nobody wanted. "The Polish-Americans 30 years ago put their hearts and souls into erecting this statue," Golubiewski said. "They are happy that the

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monument will stay on the waterfront against the dramatic Manhattan skyline, which makes for its iconic appeal." A Jersey City spokeswoman declined to elaborate on Fulop's tweet.q

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Monday 14 May 2018


Israel kicks off U.S. Embassy celebration, boosts border force By JOSEF FEDERMAN Associated Press JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Sunday kicked off festivities to celebrate the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, even as it bolstered its forces along the Gaza border and in the West Bank in anticipation of mass Palestinian protests of the move. A day before the embassy's formal opening, Israel hosted a gala party at its Foreign Ministry with President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, her husband, Jared Kushner, and other American VIPs. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Trump's "bold decision" in upending decades of U.S. policy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. "It's the right thing to do," a smiling Netanyahu told the jubilant crowd. Trump announced his decision on Jerusalem in December, triggering a joyous reaction from Netanyahu's nationalist government. The move infuriated the Palestinians, who claim Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem as their capital. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas halted ties with the Trump administration and declared it unfit to remain in its role as the sole mediator in peace talks. The rival Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza Strip, has been staging a series of weekly demonstrations against a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the territory. Those protests are to climax Monday, with tens of thousands of people expected to gather along the Israeli border in an event timed to coincide with the U.S. Embassy move. Hamas has signaled that large crowds, numbering

Israelis wave national flags outside the Old City's Damascus Gate, in Jerusalem, Sunday, May 13, 2018. Associated Press

perhaps in the thousands, might try to break through the border fence to realize the "right of return" to lost homes. Both the embassy move and the protests have symbolic timing. Trump has said the opening is meant to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel's establishment. The Palestinian protests also mark the date as the anniversary of their "naqba," or catastrophe, when hundreds of thousands of people fled or were forced from their homes during the war surrounding the event. About two-thirds of Gaza's 2 million people are descendants of Palestinian refugees. A mass border breach could trigger potentially lethal Israeli force. Fortytwo Palestinians have been killed and over 1,800 have been wounded by Israeli fire since the weekly protests began on March 30. The U.N., European Union and rights groups have accused Israel of using excessive force against unarmed

protesters. Israel says it is protecting a sovereign border and accuses Hamas of using the unrest to plan and carry out attacks. Marchers have thrown stones and burned tires at the fence and flown flaming kites over it to try to set Israeli fields on fire. On Friday, a Palestinian crowd attacked the main cargo crossing between Israel and Gaza, disrupting shipments of cooking fuel, gasoline and building materials, and causing millions of dollars in damage. Israeli officials said it could take weeks or months to repair the crossing. "Unfortunately, the crossing is closed today and will remain closed until the foreseeable future due to severe damage caused by Palestinian rioters," said Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a military spokesman. "It is still unclear how long it will take to fix and replace the necessary parts." The Israeli military announced that it bolstered forces on the Gaza border

with combat battalions, special units, intelligence forces and snipers. Israeli warplanes also dropped leaflets in Gaza, urging residents to stay far from the fence. "You deserve a better government. You deserve a better future," the leaflets said. "Do not approach the security fence nor participate in the Hamas display that is putting you in risk." A high-ranking delegation of Gaza's Hamas rulers headed Sunday to Egypt, amid diplomatic efforts aimed at containing the mass rally. But one of the Hamas participants, Khalil al-Hayya, said there were no breakthroughs and the march would go on as planned Monday. The army said it was also reinforcing its troops in the West Bank with several combat battalions and intelligence units in case of possible unrest there as well. Sunday's celebrations coincided with Israel's "Jerusalem Day," the 51st anniver-

sary of what it refers to the city's "unification" during the 1967 Mideast war. Israel immediately annexed east Jerusalem — home to the city's most sensitive Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites — in a move that has not received international recognition. The Palestinians claim east Jerusalem as the capital of a future state. In an annual ritual, tens of thousands of Israelis marched through Jerusalem's Old City to mark the day. Revelers sang, danced and waved Israeli flags. Earlier Sunday, Netanyahu told his Cabinet that there would be a "series of decisions" to build up Jerusalem, including its contested eastern sector. Shortly after, the government approved construction of a $57 million cable car system that will link west Jerusalem to the Old City. Although Trump has said his declaration does not set the final borders of the city, his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital has been perceived by both Israel and the Palestinians as taking Israel's side in the most sensitive issue in their conflict. Only two countries, Guatemala and Paraguay, have said they will follow suit. Most of the world maintains embassies in Tel Aviv, saying the Jerusalem issue must first be resolved. In a reflection of the deep sensitivities, dozens of countries — including Britain, France and Germany — skipped Sunday night's celebration at the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Netanyahu, who frequently clashed with President Barack Obama, has found a welcome partner in Trump.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Turkey's Erdogan in U.K., praises country as 'real friend' ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan started a three-day visit to Britain by praising the country Sunday as "an ally and a strategic partner, but also a real friend." The Turkish leader is scheduled to meet Queen Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday. Speaking at a forum on Turkish-British relations, Erdogan noted that in July 2016, the British government quickly condemned a coup attempt against him and said "we will never forget this solidarity."

The Turkish president said bilateral cooperation between the two countries has grown, especially since the referendums that changed Turkey's governing system to an executive presidency and paved the way for Britain's departure from the European Union. The deepening ties are most evident in trade, Erdogan said, with a joint goal of increasing trade volume from $16 billion to $20 billion and a potential free trade agreement in the works. He cited British-Turkish cooperation in defense industries as an example for more

new ventures. "We want to continue our economic relations as the governments of Turkey and the United Kingdom without interruptions after Brexit," Erdogan said before leaving Istanbul for London earlier Sunday. Erdogan also said he also would be discussing regional and international issues with May. Topics include the latest developments in Cyprus, where Turkey and Britain both act as guarantors, and a "joint action plan" for the Middle East, especially Syria, Iraq and Iran.q

Powerful dust storm, heavy rain strike India, killing 23 LUCKNOW, India (AP) — A powerful dust storm, heavy rain and lightning struck parts of India on Sunday, killing at least 23 people, injuring more than 40 and taking the death toll in similar unseasonal storms this month to 157.

The storm, with a wind speed of up to 70 kilometers per hour (45 miles per hour), demolished dozens of homes and uprooted trees and power lines in northern Uttar Pradesh state, government official Avneesh Awasthi said. At least nine people lost their lives and another 23 were injured in various parts of the state, Awasthi said. Another two people were killed and 18 were injured in the Indian capital, New Delhi, the Press Trust of India news agency said. At least 12 people were killed by lightning in the Howrah, Western Midnapore and North Pargana districts of West Bengal state, the

agency said. The dust storm also swept parts of southern Andhra Pradesh state. Similar unseasonal powerful dust storms and thundershowers in the past two weeks have left 200 people injured in five Indian states. Eighty-seven of those killed were in the worst-hit northern Uttar Pradesh state, where the storms have affected the lives of more than 100 million residents, who also have lost cattle and crops. Schools and colleges remained closed for days in several districts. The country's monsoon season is nearly six weeks away.q

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shakes hands as his supporters gathered outside his hotel in London, Sunday, May 13, 2018. Associated Press


Monday 14 May 2018


Police: Members of a family bombed 3 Indonesian churches By TUJI MARTUJI, Associated Press SURABAYA, Indonesia (AP) — Coordinated suicide bombings carried out by members of the same family struck three churches in Indonesia's second-largest city Sunday, police said, as the world's most populous Muslim nation recoiled in horror at one of its worst attacks since the 2002 Bali bombings. At least seven people died at the churches in Surabaya along with the six family members, the youngest of whom were girls aged 9 and 12, according to police. Another 41 people were injured. Indonesia's president condemned the attacks as "barbaric." National police chief Tito Karnavian said that the father detonated a car bomb, two sons aged 18 and 16 used a motorcycle for their attack, and the mother and her two daughters wore explosives. Karnavian said the family had returned to Indonesia from Syria, where until recently the Islamic State group controlled significant territory. IS claimed responsibility for the attacks in a statement carried by its Aamaq news agency. It didn't mention anything about families or children taking part and said there were only three attackers. Indonesia's deadliest terrorist attack occurred in 2002, when bombs exploded on the tourist island of Bali, killing 202 people in one night, mostly foreigners. But the fact that children were involved in Sunday's attacks in Surabaya shocked and

angered the country. Jemaah Islamiyah, the network responsible for the Bali attacks, was obliterated by a sustained crackdown on militants by Indonesia's counterterrorism police with U.S. and Australian support. A new threat has emerged in recent years, inspired by IS attacks abroad. Experts on militant networks have warned for several years that the estimated 1,100 Indonesians who traveled to Syria to join IS posed a threat if they returned home. Karnavian identified the father as Dita Futrianto and said he was head of the Surabaya cell of Jemaah Anshorut Daulah, an Indonesian militant network affiliated with IS that has been implicated in attacks in Indonesia in the past year. He identified the mother as Puji Kuswati. The attacks occurred within minutes of each other, according to Surabaya police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera. Karnavian said Futrianto drove a bomb-laden car into the city's Pentecostal church. Kuswati, with her two daughters, attacked the Christian Church of Diponegoro, he said. Based on their remains, Karnavian said the mother and daughters were all wearing explosives around their waists. The sons rode a motorcycle onto the grounds of the Santa Maria Church and detonated their explosives there. A witness said the woman arrived at the Diponegoro church carrying two bags. "At first officers blocked

Burnt motorcycles are seen at one of the sites of the church attacks in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, Sunday, May 13, 2018. Associated Press

them in front of the churchyard, but the woman ignored them and forced her way inside. Suddenly, she hugged a civilian, then (the bomb) exploded," said the witness, a security guard who identified himself as Antonius. At Santa Maria, a Catholic church, shattered glass and chunks of concrete littered the entrance, which was sealed off by armed police. Rescuers treated victims in a nearby field while officers inspected wrecked and burned motorcycles in the parking lot. A street merchant outside the church said she was thrown several meters (yards) by the blast. "I saw two men riding a motorbike force their way into the churchyard. One was wearing black pants and one with a backpack," said the merchant, Samsia, who uses a single name. "Soon

after that, the explosion happened." President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo visited the sites and described the attacks as "cowardly actions" that were "very barbaric and beyond the limit of humanity." In Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, the Indonesian Church Association added its condemnation. "We are angry," said Gormar Gultom, an official with the association, but he urged people to let the police investigation take its course. Indonesia's two largest Muslim organizations, Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, also condemned the attacks. Mangera, the Surabaya police spokesman, said police responded about 9 p.m. to an explosion in a residential building in Sidoarjo, a district bordering

Surabaya. He confirmed TV reports that three people, including a child, were inside the fifth-floor flat at the time of the blast. A bomb squad was checking the building, he said, and hundreds of people were evacuated from the neighborhood. Separately, national police spokesman Setyo Wasisto said police fatally shot four suspected militants and arrested two others early Sunday in West Java towns. It wasn't clear whether the shootings were connected to the church attacks. "They have trained in order to attack police," Wasisto said, identifying the militants as members of Jemaah Anshorut Daulah. Jakarta police placed the capital and surrounding areas on high alert, while the transportation ministry warned airports to be on guard.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Bridge collapses into river in Kashmir; 5 dead, 11 missing

In this April 26, 2017, file photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, China's newly-built aircraft carrier Liaoning is transferred from dry dock into the water at a launch ceremony at a shipyard in Dalian. Associated Press

China's first homebuilt aircraft carrier begins sea trials BEIJING (AP) — China's first entirely home-built aircraft carrier began sea trials Sunday in a sign of the growing sophistication of the country's domestic arms industry. The still-unnamed ship left dock in the northern port of Dalian at 7:00 a.m. to "test the reliability and stability of its propulsion and other system," the Defense Ministry said in a statement. The Liaoning provincial

maritime safety bureau issued an order for shipping to avoid a section of ocean southeast of the city between Sunday and Friday. The 50,000-ton carrier will likely be formally commissioned sometime before 2020 following the completion of sea trials and the arrival of its full air complement. q

By ROSHAN MUGHAL Associated Press MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan (AP) — An old wooden bridge over a fast-moving river in Kashmir collapsed as dozens of students were taking pictures on it, leading to at least five deaths on Sunday. Javed Ayub, a senior tourism department official in Pakistani-administered Kashmir, said 14 students were rescued after the bridge collapsed and that civil and military rescue teams were searching for 11 others. Ayub said rescue workers recovered the bodies of five drowned students. The students, most in their early 20s, were enrolled in the medical college at Faisalabad in eastern Punjab province. He said some students from a college in Lahore were also among those who fell into the river. "We hope for the best but it will be unlikely to find the remaining (students) alive

Pakistani rescue workers search for bodies at the site of bridge collapse in Kundal Shahi, some 75 kilometers (47 miles) north of Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani controlled Kashmir, Sunday May 13, 2018. Associated Press

as the water flow is very high," said Ayub. Ayub said the hanging wooden bridge was designed for locals to use in small numbers. "The touring youths have not realized the danger despite a warning board asking people not to overload the old structure," he said. Police official Mohammad Siddiq said eight of the rescued students were injured and airlifted to Muzaffarabad in a military helicop-

ter for medical aid. He said the incident took place near the picnic point of Kundal Shahi, some 75 kilometers (approx. 47 miles) north of Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani Kashmir. The Neelum Valley is a popular tourist destination in the Pakistan-administered part of Kashmir. Kashmir is split between Pakistan and India, both of which claim the Himalayan region in its entirety.q


Monday 14 May 2018


French police question parents, friend of Paris attacker By ELAINE GANLEY PARIS (AP) — Investigators are following the trail of a 20-year-old Frenchman born in Chechnya who rampaged through a festive Paris neighborhood slashing passers-by with a knife, raising anew the specter of terrorism in France after less than two months of calm. Using a knife, the man identified as Khamzat Azimov killed one person and wounded four others in a festive area near Paris' old opera house. Police shot him to death as he charged them, witnesses said. Less than 24 hours later, investigators were questioning three people — his parents and a friend. The Islamic State group quickly claimed responsibility for the Saturday night attack via its Aamaq news agency, saying Azimov was their "soldier" acting in response to the group's calls for supporters to target members of the U.S.led anti-IS military coalition, a stock response. France's military has been active in the coalition since 2014. On Sunday, Aamaq released a posthumous video said to show the attacker calling on Muslims in Europe to "take action in the land of disbelievers" if they can't travel to the crumbling caliphate in Iraq and Syria, which has been pounded by coalition forces. The man said French citizens should pressure their government "if you want it (attacks) to end." SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi propaganda, obtained the

Scientific police officers investigate after a knife attack in central Paris, Saturday May 12, 2018. Associated Press

video, which could not be independently authenticated. The young man's face is covered, except for his eyes, with a black bandanna and the hood of his coat. The video was made outside amid trees and falling rain. French authorities had no comment. Police detained Azimov's parents in the northern 18th district of Paris and held a friend from Strasbourg in that city on the border with Germany in eastern France, French officials said. The friend was detained Sunday afternoon. A security official said investigators searched the Paris residence of the parents. The official wasn't authorized to speak about the investigation and insisted on not being quoted by name. French media reported that the family had lived in Strasbourg, and it

wasn't clear if the suspect moved to Paris with his parents. Counterterrorism investigators want to know if the assailant had help or co-conspirators. The attacker killed a 29-year-old man and wounded four other people, one from Luxembourg, before police fatally shot him. The suspect was on a police watch list for radicalism, a judicial official not authorized to speak publicly about the case told The Associated Press. But he had a clean criminal record and did not know his victims, Interior Ministry spokesman Frederic de Lanouvelle said. Witnesses reported hearing the man shouting "Allahu akbar," the Arabic phrase for "God is great," during the attack that happened at about 9 p.m. in a lively area near the Opera Gar-

nier. The assailant obtained French nationality in 2010, the Interior Ministry spokesman said. He was born in November 1997 in the largely Muslim Russian republic of Chechnya, where extremism has long simmered. Chechens have been among the numerous foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, some joining the Islamic State cause early in the fighting. Chechnya's president weighed in after the rampage, perhaps striking a nerve by insisting Sunday that France bears responsibility for the knifings. He said Azimov held a Russian passport only until he was 14 years old. "I consider it necessary to state that all responsibility for the fact that Khamzat Azimov went on the road of crime lies completely with the au-

thorities of France," Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said. "He was only born in Chechnya, and his growing up, the formation of his personality, his views and persuasions occurred in French society." France has counted the most foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq of all European nations, many — but not all — of North African origin. At home, IS sympathizers have killed more than 200 people in France in recent years — 130 in an attack on revelers in 2015. The last attack occurred in March near the touristic southern town of Carcassonne where an extremist with a gun killed three people, two in a supermarket, including an officer who exchanged himself for a hostage. Like the Carcassonne killer, the Paris assailant was listed in a nationwide database of thousands of people suspected of links to radicalism, according to the judicial official. Extremists behind multiple attacks in France in recent years have turned out to be on the watch list. The attacker targeted five people and then fled, according to Paris police and a witness. When police officers arrived minutes later, he threatened them and was shot dead. Several witnesses said the attacker ran directly toward police. "I was working in the restaurant and suddenly I heard a woman screaming ... he came and attacked her," recalled Jonathan, a witness working nearby who wouldn't provide his last name.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Between May 15 and 19, 2018

A.T.A. organizes 34rd “Annual Tourism Conference Aruba” Meeting with partners from North America

ORANJESTAD — Once more Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) is ready to welcome more than 50 participants, mainly from the North American market, at the ‘Annual Tourism Conference Aruba’ (ATCA) taking place 15th to 19th of May 2018. The participants are tour operators, local and international airlines, hotels, representatives of Aruba in North America and also local stake holders. What is ATCA? Stake holders and agencies have a common goal to sell Aruba abroad. The objective of ATCA is to take the opportunity to broaden the knowledge of Aruba for this group and at the same time enforce the relationship. This of course with the focus on enriching our touristic market. Participants will also be able to share their successful experiences, strategic goals and bind with ATA offices in the United States as well as Aruba. These kind of meetings are important and will provide a strategic view on the coming year for Aruba’s incoming tourism market, in this case the continent that provides in the majority of visitors coming to our island: North America. This year an

increase of 3.6 % is projected for the United States, 3 % for Canada, resulting in an overall increase of 3.6 % for 2018.

tion”, is presented by Gregg Wasiak and John Speers of The Concept Farm, and ‘advertising agency’ for Aruba in North America.

The Program The conference starts off with a reception at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino Tuesday evening in honor of the participants of ATCA. The official opening takes place Thursday morning where Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) together with Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA) and Aruba Airport Authority N.V.(AAA) welcome the participants at the Renaissance Convention Center. The conference is only open for invites and the CEO of ATA will present “A.T.A.’s Strategic Direction for 2018: The Big Picture”. CMO of AHATA Jim Hepple will speech too and “Gateway 2030“, the Expansion Project of Aruba Airport Authority N.V. is presented by James Fazio,CEO Aruba Airport Authority N.V.

The afternoon ATCA offers participants several activities to get to know the island. There will be the possibility to enjoy a cruise along the South Coast to discover different beaches. The night will offer a cultural and gastronomic experience in the center of Oranjestad where a visit is also paid to Cosecha art center to get introduced to the work of our local artisans.

The “Evolution of the North America Creative Campaign”, will be introduced by Sanju Luidens, CMO of A.T.A. and finally “Authentic Aruba: A first look at the Strategic & Creative Evolu-

Thursday during the day ATA has walk in sessions and participants can also discover ‘Path to Happiness.’ In this way the different ‘niches’ in the market will be presented and the diversity of the island is explored in the areas of romance, gastronomy, family joy, well-being and so on. Several inspection visits will be paid to accommodations, and in the afternoon one will continue with the toruistic marketplace, the most important part of this conference. The marketplace is the place where partners can meet, negotiate and share.

This is the place where strategics can be discussed more profound and initiatives can be shared on the field of intelligence, innovation and integration. These sessions will proceed on Friday all day.

Naturally, during the program, the participants have the opportunity to discover our island by jeep or catamaran or elseway. Friday evening ATCA 2018 will have its closure with a reception at the Archeological Museum. q


Monday 14 May 2018

Honorary Consul of Israel in Aruba speaks at Independance day ORANJESTAD – Israel Independence Day is celebrated annually on the anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, according to the Hebrew calendar, on 5 Iyar, May 14. The day preceding this celebration is devoted to the memory of those who gave their lives for the achievement of the country’s independence and its continued existence. Israel’s consulate in Oranjestad is the only Israeli representation in Aruba. Martha E. Lichtenstein, Honorary Consul of Israel in Aruba gave a speech on the occasion of Israel’s 70th birthday, the Independence Day celebration. This is part of the speech given by the Honorary Consul, at the Aruba Surf-

side Marina, in the presence of the island’s Governor his Excellency Alfonso Boekhoudt, government ministers and members of parliament, with entertainment by Israeli Pianist, Saxophonist and Vocalist Noam Vazana: “Israel, the tiny nation that accomplished what was practically impossible, is today a power house of creativity, scientific discoveries, great agricultural know-how that is offered to developing countries, a flourishing hi-tech industry constantly producing new applications, and a great heart that welcomes new immigrants and promotes their absorption. This tiny nation converted, against all odds, an abandoned and barren land into lush vegetation. Israel

now leads the world in developing and exporting green technologies that could save the planet. No other nation has faced an endless degree of demonization from nations who could not tolerate its very existence. At great human cost almost with no weapons, Israel won a war initiated by five Arab armies one day after its declaration of independence, while trying to absorb survivors of the Holocaust who dreamed of starting a new life there. Yet Israel never abandoned hope nor its yearning for peace. Israel is a thriving democracy, unique in the Middle East, with a Supreme Court prepared, when it deems appropriate, to overrule the prime minister or the mil-

itary establishment, a feisty parliament, the Knesset, that includes every imaginable viewpoint along the political spectrum, a robust civil society, and a vigorous press free to criticize the Government without fear of consequences. This is part of the Israeli culture. They have a powerful military that is like no other: At the Israeli Air Force they emphasize that oftentimes the most critical part of a mission might be the mandatory debrief. In these sessions, the most senior officers may be subject to open and direct critique from the most junior servicemen. Performance and not military grade is the criterion that defines them. The best officers learn not just to listen to those under their command, but to incorporate their advice. Israel’s cultural network is impressive: Theaters, concert halls and special opera performances at Masada, the fortress that was the last place of resistance against the Romans. There are constantly festivals of all types, gigantic book fairs, numerous dance groups, more than 200 museums, a new Opera house. All of this is just a fraction of the gamut of activities offered. Israeli innovations range from Intel microprocessors to messaging systems that ensure the safety of nearly all the world’s financial transactions. Microsoft Intel, IBM, Apple, Cisco and HP all have research and development centers in Israel. WAZE and WhatsApp are Israeli creations. With the support of the Government and universities that research, develop and commercialize the product, Israel has, in absolute terms, the largest number of start-up companies in

the world, more than 1000, mostly in hi-tech. Israel has attracted more foreign investment in hightech businesses in the past decade than all of Europe. It has more companies quoted on the high-tech NASDAQ stock exchange in New York than any other country outside the United States. In innovation it outshines all its neighbors. Between 1980 and 2000, Egyptians registered 77 patents in the US, Saudi Arabia registered 171, and Israelis registered 7,652. The maturity and the ability to make on the spot hard decisions that the Israelis get from their army experience they apply to daily life, constantly innovating. Israelis are vibrant and love life, their physical survival is not the only concern; they constantly look forward to an even brighter future, brought about by innovation and the conviction that if it’s not there they can create it. This nation is the first to send medical delegations that build field hospitals in record time when disaster strikes in remote parts of the world; they assist emerging nations with scientific know how. Medical advances like the digitalization of medicine, allowing individualized disease management and reduction of chronic pain, put Israel at the vanguard of the developed nations of the world. However, it’s their resilience, their tenacity, their social networks, and an insatiable desire to make the world a better place that give Israelis their uniqueness. Israel. Almost miraculously, has managed to survive and thrive because its greatest wealth is its human potential and its moral values of universal significance.”q


Monday 14 May 2018

Aruba Tourism Authority honored loyal visitors as their home away from home for so many years on behalf of the Government

PALM BEACH — Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority honored Goodwill Ambassadors visitors of Aruba as a token of appreciation for visiting the island for more than 25 and more consecutive years. Honorees were: Mr. Den-

nis & Mrs. Donna Zundel. Ms. Darline de Cuba representing the Aruba Tourism Authority, together with the General Manager of Holiday Inn, Mr. Kevin Anderson, bestowed the certificate and thanked them for choosing Aruba as their vacation destination and

of Aruba. Visitors love Aruba for the people are very welcoming, the beauty of

the Island, beaches, very tasty food, and it’s truly one home away from home.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Aruban born and bred Steve Francees has a passion for photography. Being a local photographer he knows the hidden gems of this island and captures them in an amazing way. As a Family and Landscape photographer Steve is ready to create your next ‘vacation memories’, morning and/or sunset shots. T: (297) 738-0777, M:, and

Traditional house

How to look good in vacation pictures

Here in Aruba we do have something very special on our houses and that is the decoration on the outer walls of the houses. It’s a tradition and recently a Dutch student came to Aruba to do a research how come we do have designs on our houses. This house is located in “Piedra Plat” that means “flat stone”.

Night at the beach

As a photographer my job is to let you look good and we all know we all gain extra kilos on vacation and vacation weight does not count but it can be seen in pictures. Here are four tips. First tip is to always have a straight up spine, do not bend or don’t look like a palm tree. Second have emotions in the picture like having fun and have expression on your face, emotions always kills extra kilos. Third, always have your chin up and a bit forward and this will kill the double chin. Fourth, have one leg before the other one. This is a picture of Lena I took last week using these 4 tips.

Downtown Aruba

This is a very local tradition and as kids this was one activity we were looking forward to. We still do this every month at least 2 times. Families get together to dine on the beach and just talk and have fun. If you want to do this, please remember that it is against the law to grill/ BBQ on the white sand, this is not possible. Do the grilling somewhere else but not on the white sand.

This is a place you don’t go at night because all the stores are closed but it’s very nice to walk downtown at night. The shot I took December 2015 and things have not changed since then.

local A17

Monday 14 May 2018

Aruba’s Life luxury condominiums approach completion

NOORD – As Aruba’s Life luxury condominiums approach completion in 2018 the project offers affordable and spacious home ownership in Aruba. Located in Noord, only 5 minutes away from Aruba’s pristine Palm Beach, hottest casinos, restaurants and night clubs. Aruba’s Life offers uniquely designed condominiums with a variety of condos in seven different combinations with floor plan variations on bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces to accommodate your perfect fit. Aruba’s Life condos also include separate storage units for each condo, secure private parking, optional housekeeping services, a fully equipped gym and beach tennis court. The poolside restaurant offers delicious cocktails and tasty treats to enjoy while relaxing by the pool and garden area. Or you may prefer to take advantage of the daily shuttle service to and from Aruba Pam Beach. The Rental Management Service will also assistance you with renting your condo hassle free and generate profit while you are not using your property. You can relax knowing

that all your needs are taken care of in one place, whether you‘re on a summer holiday or escaping the cold winter months. For more information or to make an appointment to preview Aruba’s Life Condominiums phone the toll free number at 1 866 978 6192 or local number at 297 699-2979. q

TOLL FREE 1 866 978 61 92 + 297 699 29 79 @arubaslife FOLLOW US ON: |


Monday 14 May 2018

WEBB AGE Kevin Harvick celebrates with the trophy after winning the NASCAR Cup Series auto race at Kansas Speedway on Saturday, May 12, 2018, in Kansas City, Kan.

Harvick passes Truex with 1 to go to win at Kansas Speedway

By DAVE SKRETTA, AP Sports Writer KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — Nobody has been able to keep pace with Kevin Harvick this season. Not even the reigning series champion on a track where he swept both races last season. Harvick surged past Martin Truex Jr. with one lap to go Saturday night at Kansas Speedway, winning for the fifth time in what has turned out to be a recordsetting start to the year. His total matches a career high for Harvick, who still has 24 chances to win a few more Monster Energy Cup Series races. Nobody had ever won five of the first 12 races in NASCAR’s top series. “Man, that was wild the last few laps,” said Harvick, who deftly dodged a couple late-race cautions, then used four fresh tires to roar to the front on the final restart with 10 laps remaining. “That was so fun,” he said, “hearing those fans screaming and yelling. It was a great race.” Continued on Page 21

Webb Simpson wins The Players in TPC Sawgrass runaway

Webb Simpson celebrates winning The Players Championship golf tournament Sunday, May 13, 2018, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Associated Press


Monday 14 May 2018

Celtics take Game 1 of East finals, beating Cavaliers 108-83 By JIMMY GOLEN AP Sports Writer BOSTON (AP) — The assignment for Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris in his first start this postseason was easy to explain but nearly impossible to execute. His job: Guard LeBron James, and keep the fourtime NBA MVP from running the Celtics out of their own gym in the Eastern Conference finals for the second year in a row. “He’s obviously the best player in the game,” said Morris, who during the week boasted that he was up to the challenge and on Sunday explained why he wanted it. “Because I’m a competitor. He’s the best player, and I’m going to be able to tell my kids this one day.” Morris scored 21 points and added 10 rebounds while pestering James into a playoff-high seven turnovers — and a playoff-low 15 points — and the Celtics opened a 21-point, first-quarter lead to scorch Cleveland 108-83 in Game 1. Jaylen Brown scored 23 points and Al Horford had 20 for Boston, which ran off 17 points in a row in the first and never allowed the Cavaliers within single digits again. The Celtics led by 28 when Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue pulled James for good with 7:09 left. Game 2 is Tuesday night. “I have zero level of concern at this stage,” said James, who was 5 for 16 from the floor and missed all five 3-point attempts. “I’ve been down before in the postseason, but for me there’s never any level of concern — no matter how bad I played tonight, with seven turnovers, how inefficient I was shooting the ball,” he said. “We have another opportunity to be better as a ball club coming in Tuesday night, and we’ll see what happens.” Kevin Love had 17 points and eight rebounds, and James added nine assists and seven boards. The Cavaliers missed their first 14 3-point attempts of the game and shot just 32 percent in the first half. By that time, Boston led 6135 — the biggest halftime

playoff deficit in James’ career. “I think we’re very alert to the fact that we’ll get a heavyweight punch on Tuesday night,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said. “It’s another great challenge, another great opportunity to experience something for this team.” With injured stars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving on the bench in street clothes, the Celtics continued their stunning run this season with what may have been the most surprising turn of events yet. A year after dropping the first two games at home against Cleveland in a fivegame East final, the Celtics pounced on James, and the favored Cavaliers were never really in it. “The last couple of playoffs, and our meeting at the end of year, they blew us out of the water,” Boston guard Marcus Smart said. “We’ve got a different team, just like they do, and a lot of younger guys. So for them to see that, and have that feeling like we did tonight, is huge.” TIP-INS Cavaliers: Kyle Korver’s 3-pointer with nine minutes left in the third period was their first after missing 14 in a row. It cut the deficit from 28 points to 65-40. ... Tristan Thompson had eight points and 11 rebounds. Celtics: The Celtics improved to 8-0 at home this postseason. They do not have to win on the road to reach the NBA Finals. ... Boston’s 36-18 lead at the end of one quarter was the second-largest in a playoff game in franchise history. GET HYPED The Celtics took the floor to a hype video that began with the broadcast of Hayward’s injury in the first quarter of the first game, at Cleveland. A variety of commentators predicted the team’s demise, including Hall of Famer Charles Barkley saying: “Their season’s over.” As more players went down to injury — including Irving, who came over from the Cavaliers last summer but was done for the season in March — the prophesies grew even gloomier.

Boston Celtics forward Al Horford (42) celebrates a made basket with guard Jaylen Brown (7) during the first quarter of Game 1 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sunday, May 13, 2018, in Boston. Associated Press

But there the Celtics were, back in the Eastern Conference finals against the Cavaliers for the second year in a row — with Hayward, Irving, Daniel Theis and Shane Larkin all injured

and Stevens down to an eight-man rotation. It was more than they needed. Starting in place of Aron Baynes, Morris backed up his boast that he could cover James

better than anyone except Kawhi Leonard. The Cavaliers star had seven of Cleveland’s nine turnovers after accruing eight in the entire four-game, secondround sweep of the Raptors. “Our confidence level is very high,” said Morris, who recorded the first postseason double-double of his career. FAST START Horford made his first seven shots and scored 10, including eight straight, during the 17-0 run that turned a three-point deficit into a 21-7 lead. After James wiggled his way to a layup — Cleveland’s first points in 4 minutes, 43 seconds — Boston ran off eight more points in a row; Brown had six of them, and he finished the quarter with 13 points and five rebounds.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Simpson completes a big win at Players Championship By DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Webb Simpson navigated his way through a few mistakes but not too much stress to win The Players Championship on Sunday. Staked to a seven-shot lead, no one got closer than four shots of Simpson, even after a double bogey on the 18th hole when his only concern was finishing the hole at the TPC Sawgrass. He closed with a 1-over 73 for a four-shot victory, his biggest title since the 2012 U.S. Open at Olympic Club. Tiger Woods made another big run that revved up the crowd and revived hopes that he was close to winning. So did Jason Dufner, Jimmy Walker and Danny Lee. None could do enough to catch Simpson during record scoring at the final Players Championship in May. His only big mistake didn’t even matter. Simpson’s approach to the 18th bounded across the green and into the water. He closed

Webb Simpson kisses the The Players Championship trophy, Sunday, May 13, 2018, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Associated Press

with a double bogey, but that only made the final margin closer than what it really was. “Being in that position is a

lot harder than I thought,” Simpson said. “It’s hard to stay motivated to continue to do what I’ve been doing. I had a good morn-

ing, and I was able to get it done.” Justin Thomas left the TPC Sawgrass as the No. 1 player in the world. He closed with a 66 to tie for 11th, more than enough to end Dustin Johnson’s 15-month reign at the top of the ranking. Thomas is the 21st player to reach No. 1 since the ranking began in 1986, and the seventh American. “I’m very proud to have gotten there, but it means more to me how long I can hold it,” Thomas said in a text message. Jimmy Walker closed with a bogey-free 67 and tied for second with Charl Schwartzel and Xander Schauffele, who also shot 67s. Walker, who struggled all of last year with Lyme disease, had his best finish since he won the 2016 PGA Championship. Woods made the cut on the number — helped by Thomas and Jordan Spieth making bogey on the 18th hole Friday — got back to the first page of the leaderboard with a 65 on Saturday and ran off six birdies through 12 holes in the final round. He was tied for second at one point, still four shots behind, but that was as close he got. Woods made a soft bogey on the 14th hole when he missed the green with a sand wedge, and was well short of the island green in making double bogey on No. 17. He shot 69 and tied for 11th. “I hit the ball better today than I did yesterday, and I obviously didn’t end up with the score I needed to,” Woods said. The final edition of May was one for the record books. Simpson tied the course record with a 63 in the second round when he seized control — even with a double bogey from the water on the 17th — and he tied Greg Norman’s 54hole record from 1994 at 19-under 197. Simpson set a record for the largest mar-

gin through three rounds. Brooks Koepka became the eighth player with a 63 on Sunday, which featured an albatross 2 on the par-5 16th. And there 1,754 birdies for the week, breaking by 136 the record from 1996. But this ultimately was all about Simpson, who had missed the cut in four of his previous eight appearances at the TPC Sawgrass and had gone 107 starts on the PGA Tour since his most recent victory in Las Vegas toward the end of 2013. He had struggled from the start of 2016, when golf’s ruling bodies outlawed the anchored stroke that Simpson used for his belly putter. He had gone to a longer handle that ran up the left side of his arm, and then Tim Clark gave him the missing link. It was at The Players a year ago when Clark suggested he also use a claw grip, and Simpson had been working his way back to golf he expects to play. “It’s pretty special that a year later, I got this victory,” he said. To win it on Mother’s Day nearly brought him to tears. Simpson lost his father in November, and it was the first time his mother was without him in North Carolina. Simpson said it has been hard on her, along with his siblings. “It’s been a tough few months for my mom, my brothers and sisters,” Simpson said as his voice began to crack. “This is a little beacon of light for my mom, to get this done on Mother’s Day.” Simpson won for the fifth time and moves to No. 20 in the world. The rest of the tournament would have been plenty exciting had Simpson decided to call in sick for work this week. At one point, Dufner made a birdie to break out of a 10-way tie for third place.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Kansas Speedway Continued from Page 17

Harvick made the final pass as he crossed the start-finish line to take the white flag, while Truex chased him the final lap to finish second — a strong showing after his two wins at Kansas last year. “He just got through traffic too quick and was too fast,” Truex said. “The flip switched, I got tight, started shaking the right front tire and I knew I was in trouble. He was coming quick.” Joey Logano finished third, and Kyle Larson rallied from a late tangle with Ryan

Blaney to finish fourth. Denny Hamlin rounded out the top five for Joe Gibbs Racing. “Kevin was ripping there with the new tires at the end. He was the fastest,” Logano said. “My only show was those guys (Harvick and Truex) wrecking each other and they’re too good for that.” The race was free of wrecks until the last 30 laps, when Alex Bowman and Daniel Suarez got into each other. But things really shook up a few laps later, when Harvick passed Larson on the restart to assume control,

Zverev beats Thiem to win Madrid Open MADRID (AP) — Secondseeded Alexander Zverev eased past fifth-seeded Dominic Thiem 6-4, 6-4 to win the Madrid Open on Sunday, claiming his second title in a week. The German broke Thiem’s opening service games in each set and didn’t give his Austrian rival a single break chance to win in 1 hour, 19 minutes. Zverev won his eighth career title and second of the season after also winning the Munich Open last weekend. “It is unbelievable,” Zverev said. “This is my third Masters 1000 and I am only 21 years old. It has been an amazing journey.” Zverev dominated the entire week in the Spanish capital, not losing a single set en route to victory. Thiem lost his second consecutive final at the Caja

Magica. He avenged last year’s final loss to Rafael Nadal by beating him in Friday’s quarterfinals for the Spaniard’s first clay-court loss in a year. Zverev started strongly when Thiem conceded his first service game with a costly double fault. Serving to close out the first set, Zverev trailed 0-30 but used his big serve to force deuce and finally closed out the point when Thiem’s return sailed long. Zverev started the second set in similar fashion, hitting a deep forehand that Thiem could only send into the net on the final point of his service game to fall behind a break. It was Zverev’s second win in six meetings with Thiem. On Saturday, Petra Kvitova beat Kiki Bertens in three sets to win the women’s title.q

and the No. 42 car began bumping with Blaney down the front stretch. Those two got together, sending Blaney into the wall and Larson into the pits. “I’m definitely to blame on that,” said Blaney, who won the first stage before Larson had charged to the front to capture the second. “Just trying to side-drift too hard.” The race had barely returned to green when William Byron triggered a heavy wreck in front of the grandstand. Local favorites Clint Bowyer and Jamie McMurray were among a half-dozen cars involved. “That one hurt really bad, but I’m fine,” Byron said. “We took two tires and just couldn’t get it turned on the bottom. We were trying to kind of push some things there and it didn’t work out.” The red flag set up one last sprint to the finish. Truex used some pit strategy to restart in the lead, and quickly built a buffer. But the No. 4 car swept past Logano and Hamlin on the outside to put Truex in his sights, then Harvick closed on the lead until finally overtaking the reigning series champion with a lap to go. “They’re hitting on all cylinders,” Truex said. “They’ve got a great balanced race car and they’re doing all the right things, and we’re just a step behind.” LARSON’S LETDOWN After his week started on a high with the birth of his daughter, Larson was on his way to capping it with a win. But after Harvick got around him on the restart with 25 laps left, Blaney

Kevin Harvick (4) passes Martin Truex Jr. (78) with a lap to go to win the NASCAR Cup Series auto race at Kansas Speedway on Saturday, May 12, 2018, in Kansas City, Kan. Associated Press

bumped into him as they dueled on the front-stretch, sending the No. 12 car into the outside wall. Larson needed to have his rear fender fixed, too, and a mix-up with the tire changer in the pits forced him to pit again. That left team owner Chip Ganassi kicking a pit cart in frustration, and forced Larson to restart far enough back that he couldn’t contend for the win. “We had that we didn’t turn today into a win,” he said, “but satisfying to see how much speed our car had tonight, and good to show Chevy has some speed, at least the 42 team.” SPEAKING OF Chevrolet continued to struggle with only Larson breaking the stranglehold of Ford and Toyota for the

top 11 spots. Chase Elliott was the next-best Chevy in 12th. Jimmie Johnson was 19th. KENSETH’S RETURN Matt Kenseth had a forgettable return to the Cup Series. The former series champ’s first race as part of a timeshare with Trevor Bayne in the No. 6 for Roush Fenway Racing was spent lamenting a lack of speed, and ended when Byron triggered his hard wreck with 15 laps to go. UP NEXT The series heads to Charlotte Motor Speedway next Saturday night for the AllStar Race. NASCAR will be using a new aerodynamic package that includes restrictor plates designed to create more side-by-side racing, similar to the threewide racing at Daytona.q


Monday 14 May 2018


The Jets built Cup contender by drafting, developing talent By LARRY LAGE AP Hockey Writer WINNIPEG, Manitoba (AP) — Not many people, if any, expected the Winnipeg Jets to have one of the NHL’s best teams this season. Vegas Golden Knights assistant general manager Kelly McCrimmon was one of the few. The former owner, general manager and coach of the Western Hockey League’s Brandon Wheat Kings said he watched Winnipeg play 20 times last season, giving him a peek at what was to come. “It was pretty easy to see that it was going to happen,” McCrimmon said. “This year, certainly it has.” The Jets earned 114 points during the regular season, trailing only Nashville. Winnipeg advanced in the playoffs for the first time since moving from Atlanta in 2011. The Jets lost only once to Minnesota in the first round, and eliminated the top-seeded Predators on the road in Game 7 of the second round.

postseason appearance in 2015 lasted just four games against Anaheim. Coach Paul Maurice, likewise, was afforded the opportunity to lead the team for fourth-plus season this year. He made the most of it by helping the Jets go 52-20-10 during the regular season. When Winnipeg had high draft picks, as it often did as a struggling team, it didn’t miss. Patrik Laine, a 20-year-old winger, was drafted second overall two years ago and is one of the league’s best young players. He had 70 points in the regular season and scored his fourth goal of the playoffs in Game 1. Winnipeg Jets’ Nikolaj Ehlers (27), Mark Scheifele (55), Dustin Byfuglien (33) and Patrik Laine (29) Mark Scheifele, selected celebrate Byfuglien’s goal against the Vegas Golden Knights during the first period of Game 1 of No. 7 overall in 2011, leads the NHL hockey playoffs Western Conference final, Saturday, May 12, 2108, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. all postseason scorers with Associated Press 12 goals and has averThe Jets clearly looked like have the best chance of man led by Dustin Byfuglien aged more than a point the better team in a 4-2 win winning the Stanley Cup, , and 24-year-old Connor per game the past two Saturday night in Game 1 especially if it wins Game 2 Hellebuyck has been one seasons. On the back end, of the Western Conference at home on Monday night. of the best goaltenders this defenseman Jacob Troufinals against Vegas, the The Jets have a pair of fan- postseason. ba has been exceptional darling of the NHL in its ex- tastic lines up front along How has a franchise, which in the playoffs as the franpansion season. with two solid ones and a has largely been an af- chise hoped he would be Suddenly, Winnipeg might strong group of defense- terthought in the league, eventually after taking him gone from finishing fifth or No. 9 overall in 2012. worse in its division the pre- The Jets have also hit on vious three seasons to hav- some late-round picks, ining one of the world’s best cluding Hellebuyck, whom hockey teams? they took No. 130 overall six “They put on a clinic in years ago. Canada. The Czech Re- of confidence going into drafting and developing,” “Hit home run after home public beat France 6-0 for the next game against Fin- McCrimmon said. “Along run in the draft,” captain its second consecutive land.” with that, great patience Blake Wheeler said . “A lot shutout. Kane scored with Dylan Larkin and Cam At- and leadership from Mark of our marquee players are a slap shot from the right kinson had a goal and Chipman as an owner. guys we drafted and have circle on a power play to a couple assists, Charlie “What they did takes time.” taken huge steps in the last open the scoring and add- McAvoy got a goal and an Unlike other NHL teams, year or two to be impact ed another power play assist in another high-scor- which fire general manag- players.” goal almost from the same ing victory for the U.S. ers and coaches if they Winnipeg didn’t draft its spot for a 2-0 lead. “Our goal is to keep win- don’t quickly have success, best player, Wheeler, but The forward leads the tour- ning, to keep getting bet- the Jets have allowed gen- the franchise acquired nament with 15 points for ter,” Atkinson said. eral manager Kevin Chev- him from Boston in a trade five goals and 10 assists. Alec Martinez, Anders Lee, eldayoff to build a champi- while it was in Atlanta in “A good performance by Colin White and Neal Pionk onship contender since hir- 2011 and has built around the team tonight,” Kane had a goal apiece. ing him in 2011 when they him. That same year, the said. “We had a lot of dif- Norway got its goals from left Atlanta. He was just 20 Thrashers took advantage ferent guys to contribute Kristian Forsberg, Ken An- games above .500 in his first of Chicago’s need to get and chip in, which is good dre Olimb and Mathis five seasons as Winnipeg’s rid of salaries by dealing for to see, and give us a lot Olimb.q GM, and its only previous Byfuglien.q

U.S. routs Norway 9-3 at hockey worlds, Germany upsets Finland By KAREL JANICEK Associated Press HERNING, Denmark (AP) — Captain Patrick Kane scored two goals for the second straight game and added an assist to lead the United States to a 9-3 victory over Norway for its sixth straight win at the ice hockey world championship on Sunday. Defending champion Sweden also recorded its sixth win, 5-3 at the expense of Switzerland, while Finland was upset by Germany 3-2 in overtime — a day after the Finnish team outplayed


Monday 14 May 2018

Amanda Nunes, right, from Brazil, right, fights Raquel Pennington, from the United States, during their UFC women’s bantamweight mixed martial arts bout in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, early Sunday, May 13, 2018. Associated Press

Brazil’s Nunes beats Pennington and retains UFC title Yates wins 9th stage to cement Giro lead, Froome loses time

Britain’s Simon Yates , center, sprints to win the 9th stage of the Giro d’Italia cycling race from Pesco Sannita to Campo Imperatore, Italy, Sunday, May 13, 2018. Associated Press

Associated Press RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Amanda Nunes of Brazil beat American Raquel Pennington early Sunday to defend her UFC bantamweight title for the third time. The heavily favored Brazilian won by technical knockout in the fifth round in front of her home fans in Rio de Janeiro. Nunes said winning against her friend Pennington was the hardest challenge she had to face in her career. “I respect this woman so much,” the Brazilian said with tears in her eyes after her victory. “This was the hardest thing I did in my career. I had to do it to defend this belt, defend my biggest dream. “We will have some beers as friends later tonight.” Before the decisive round, Pennington was heard saying “I’m done,” but her coach insisted she should return to the bout. The American hadn’t fought since November 2016 because of injuries. The two friends were scheduled to clash in December,

but Pennington broke her left leg in an ATV crash. In the opening of the event’s main card, former lightweight champion Vitor Belfort announced his retirement after losing to countryman and former champion Lyoto Machida by knockout. “Everything in life has beginning, middle and end,” Belfort said. “I will stop fighting here because I think I reached the end. Thanks for your love.” American Kelvin Gastelum beat crowd favorite Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in a split-decision that was booed by local fans. Unbeaten Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist Mackenzie Dern needed less than three minutes to overcome American Amanda Cooper in the strawweight division. Dern, who made her UFC debut only two months ago and weighed in seven pounds above the limit on Friday, won by submission. “I try not to cry,” Dern said, “but my camp was very hard and I had the weight issue.”q

GRAN SASSO, Italy (AP) — Simon Yates cemented his position as overall leader of the Giro d’Italia by winning the ninth stage on Sunday but it was a bad day for British compatriot Chris Froome, who lost more than a minute in the general classification. Yates was part of a fiveman group that escaped in the final kilometers of the summit finish and the Mitchelton-Scott cyclist attacked right at the end to edge out Thibaut Pinot. Four-time Tour de France winner Froome had been ninth — 1 minute, 10 seconds behind Yates. But the Team Sky cyclist struggled at the end of the 225-kilometer (140-mile) route from Pesco Sannita up to Gran Sasso d’Italia and is now 2:27 behind his countryman. “I realize how big it is to win my first stage with the Maglia Rosa,” Yates said. “That one is for the boys who rode at the front all

day. It’s really nice. Since the beginning of the day we believed in the possibility of winning the stage as well as defending the Maglia Rosa.” It looked like a cyclist from the 14-man breakaway would win with an advantage of around eight minutes heading into the penultimate climb, less than 50K from the finish. However, Astana drove a high pace at the head of the peloton to slash their advantage in half by the time they reached the final ascent of the Gran Sasso d’Italia, with 26K remaining. Attacks started from the break and Fausto Masnada got away before he too was reeled in 2.7K from the line, setting up the final attack and victory for Yates. Yates’ teammate Esteban Chaves was third to leapfrog defending champion Tom Dumoulin in the overall standings and move into second, 32 seconds off the pace. Dumoulin is a further

six seconds behind. “We haven’t got so much time on (Dumoulin), 38 seconds of an advantage on him isn’t enough before the time trial,” Yates said. “On the other hand, some guys lost time — Chris Froome, maybe it was from the crashes, maybe he’s got no form, I don’t know. I was surprised to see Fabio Aru being dropped, but it’s a long race. Maybe they can bounce back.” It has been a difficult opening week for Froome, who had a training crash before the opening time trial, lost time in a split on stage four and injured himself again in a second crash on the final climb on Saturday. “He was looking good the last couple of days but we have to stay optimistic. We have two more weeks coming up and hopefully we have some better days,” Team Sky coach Nicolas Portal said. “Let’s hope that we can quickly forget this stage.”q


Monday 14 May 2018

Launch of F1 TV marred by ‘technical difficulties’ Associated Press BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Formula One’s subscription television service got off to a slow start as some viewers were unable to watch the live broadcasts of practice and qualifying at the Spanish Grand Prix on Saturday. “We’re sorry to say that we have experienced a few technical difficulties with F1 TV’s live broadcast,” F1 said. It said it was “aware that this has impacted customers with an F1 TV Pro subscription and while we are working hard to fix these issues, we wanted to let those impacted subscribers know that we will contact them by email shortly to address this with a partial refund.” F1 said the “issues” affected customers only during live playback but all sessions from this weekend’s Spanish GP were available on demand, including all onboard cameras and team radio. It didn’t say how many subscribers were affected.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany steers his car during the qualifying session for the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix at the Barcelona Catalunya racetrack in Montmelo, Spain, Saturday, May 12, 2018.

F1 said the streaming platform marks F1’s “biggest investment in its digital transformation to date.”

The service is expected to give fans access to live feeds with access to onboard cameras for all 20

drivers, as well as to broadcasts of news conferences and other interviews. Pricing and accessibility

vary according to market, with the yearly service costing $99 (83 euros) in the United States. q

China’s first home-built aircraft carrier begins sea trials

This May 9, 2018, photo released by China’s Xinhua News Agency shows China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning at a shipyard in Dalian.

Associated Press BEIJING (AP) — China’s first entirely home-built aircraft carrier began sea trials Sunday in a sign of the growing sophistication of the country’s domestic arms industry. The still-unnamed ship left dock in the northern port of Dalian at 7:00 a.m. to “test the reliability and stability of its propulsion and other system,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. The Liaoning provincial maritime safety bureau issued an order for shipping to avoid a section of ocean southeast of the city

between Sunday and Friday. The 50,000-ton carrier will likely be formally commissioned sometime before 2020 following the completion of sea trials and the arrival of its full air complement. China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, arrived as a mostly empty hull from Ukraine and was commissioned in 2012 along with its flight wing of Chinese J-15 fighter jets. State media reports say China is also planning to build a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier capable of remaining at sea for

long durations. China has the world’s largest navy in terms of numbers of ships, although it lags behind the U.S. in technology and combat capabilities. It has been deployed to assert China’s claim to virtually the entire South China Sea and is increasingly ranging farther into the Pacific and Indian oceans. China last year established its first overseas military base in the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti, where rivals such as the U.S., Japan and several European nations also have a permanent presence.q

BUSINESS A25 Trump says US will help penalized Chinese company Monday 14 May 2018

Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — In a surprising overture to China, President Donald Trump said Sunday he would help a Chinese telecommunications company get "back into business," saying too many jobs in China are at stake after the U.S. government cut off access to its American suppliers. At issue is the Commerce Department's move last month to block the ZTE Corp., a major supplier of telecoms networks and smartphones based in southern China, from importing American components for seven years. The U.S. accused ZTE of misleading American regulators after it settled charges of violating sanctions against North Korea and Iran. The case dates to before Trump took office in

January 2007 but the Commerce Department's decision came amid worsening trade tensions between the U.S. and China centered on technology-related intellectual property. Trump's unexpected announcement came as the two countries prepared to continue trade talks in Washington this week. "A reversal of the ZTE decision could temporarily tamp down trade tensions by allowing the Chinese to make concessions to the U.S. without losing face," said Eswar Prasad, a professor of trade policy at Cornell University. "Trump may have recognized that backing off on ZTE clears the path for him to claim at least a partial victory in the US-China trade dispute based on the concessions

the Chinese seem prepared to offer." ZTE, which has more than 70,000 employees and has supplied networks or equipment to some of the world's biggest telecoms companies, said in early May that it had halted its main operations as a result of the department's "denial order." Trump, who has taken a hard line on trade and technology issues with Beijing, tweeted that he and Chinese leader Xi Jinping "are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!" The widening trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies has

In this Oct. 8, 2012, file photo, a salesperson stands at counters selling mobile phones produced by ZTE Corp.

taken a toll on both sides. U.S. companies that export to China have seen their goods held up at China's ports amid tougher inspections. The block on ZTE was a heavy blow for the company but also hurt the U.S. companies it buys from. According to IDC data, ZTE

sources more than 40 percent of its components from the U.S., creating a multibillion-dollar revenue stream for suppliers like Qualcomm and Intel. You should care more about our national security than Chinese jobs," Schiff said in a tweet directed at Trump.q

Eyes turn to Vermont as it sees success with health system By WILSON RING Associated Press MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont health care organization working to keep patients healthier while reducing costs is being closely watched because of its rate of success — it was within 1 percent of meeting its financial target in its first year and has now been expanded to cover about 18 percent of the state's population, officials said. Last year, OneCare Vermont covered about 24,000 Medicaid patients and now covers about 112,000 patients whose health care is provided through Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance. The long-term goal is to expand it so that about 70 percent of health care services provided in Vermont are covered by the system, which encourages patients to stay healthier using specialized care, such as helping them manage chronic conditions like diabetes so they don't wind up needing more expensive treatment. Officials consider 70 percent a realistic goal. Twelve states have Medicaid programs using varia-

tions of the model being used in Vermont, and another nine are planning them, said John McDonough, a health care policy expert at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. "Vermont's is an important and watched experiment among state health policy experts," said McDonough, who noted the state's effort is being discussed in health care journals , at conferences and among experts. He called being within 1 percent of the financial target "an impressive and important achievement." In a switch from when providers were paid for each service performed, providers are allocated a set amount of money to cover the people in the program. This year, $580 million has been allocated to OneCare Vermont, an organization of health care providers tasked by the state with carrying out the spirit of the program. It's essentially an incentive for doctors and the companies that employ them. There are limits to both the risk and the possible benefit, but when the care costs less than the amount allo-

cated, providers can keep the difference. Conversely, when it costs more, they have to make up for it. In addition to traditional health care, such programs also focus on "social determinants of health," such as housing, transportation and nutrition, which frequently have more to do with health than available medical care, McDonough said. Toni Potvin, 57, of Northfield, Vermont, who has used alcohol excessively on and off throughout her life, has worked closely in recent years with her doctor and a social worker who helps her manage her care, even to the point of ensuring she has rides to appointments. "I was on my deathbed, pretty much," five years ago, Potvin said. Now, with her health care being provided through OneCare Vermont, she is also working with a social worker whose job has been to help her navigate her treatment, understands it, follows doctor's orders and gets to her appointments. Without the special treatment, it's likely Potvin would be dead, said Dr. Jeremiah Eckhaus.q

In this Feb. 16, 2018 photo, Dr. Jeremiah Eckhaus, left, Toni Potvin, center, and social worker Kari Little, right, pose in a doctor's office in Montpelier, Vt. Potvin has been working for years with Eckhaus and Little to help her recover from liver disease.


Monday 14 May 2018


Conceptis Sudoku

6 Chix


Mother Goose & Grimm

Baby Blues


Saturday’s puzzle answer

Sudoku is a number-placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid with several given numbers. The object is to place the numbers 1 to 9 in the empty squares so that each row, each column and each 3x3 box contains the same number only once. The difficulty level of the Conceptis Sudoku increases from Monday to Sunday.


Monday 14 May 2018

Portrait of a casino: Back in the black after 40 years By WAYNE PARRY Associated Press ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — When Resorts became the first casino in the United States to open outside Nevada, gamblers overwhelmed it. Cars streamed into Atlantic City on May 26, 1978, and throngs waited in line for blocks on the famous Boardwalk. People bought tickets for buffets they had no intention of eating, just to sneak inside the casino earlier than the rest. Men relieved themselves into plastic coin cups to avoid losing their spot at the tables. And cash — more than anyone had ever seen and more than management could imagine — flooded into the counting room, taking an entire day to count. Forty years later , Resorts is a microcosm of the forces that boosted and buffeted the seaside gambling resort: the rapid rise to fabulous riches, the slowdown and struggle as more competitors emerged, and the recovery in a slimmeddown market. “We were the first one here, and we’re going to keep doing what we do best,” said Resorts president Mark Giannantonio. The casino plans to re-create the ceremonial first toss of the dice that came after then-Gov. Brendan Byrne confessed that his father taught him never to bet on anything other than Notre Dame and the New York Yankees. But as Atlantic City grew, Resorts’ market share shrank. As one of the small-

This April 20, 2018 photo shows a game of roulette underway at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. As Atlantic City’s casinos mark their 40th anniversary, the industry is hailing the reopening of two of the five casinos that shut down since 2014, though some worry that re-expanding the market could lead to the same conditions that caused the wave of closings in the first place.

er casinos in town, with 942 hotel rooms, it suddenly found itself staring down newcomers with rooms of 2,000 or more. And when casinos started proliferating in nearby Pennsylvania and New York, Resorts came within hours of handing the keys over to lenders and walking away in Dec. 2009. Veteran casino executive Dennis Gomes, known for wacky promotions including customers competing against a chicken at tictac-toe, bought the casino but died soon afterward. His investment partner, Morris Bailey, kept Resorts afloat by writing checks each month, even as the casino lost money. A turning point came when

Resorts inked a deal to have the Mohegan tribe assume day-to-day management and to affiliate it with other tribal-owned casinos in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. A deal with Jimmy Buffett brought the Margaritaville brand to Resorts, and by 2014, it was back in the black, helped by $110 million of capital investments. It has succeeded as one of seven casinos in a market that just four years ago had 12. But two of the shuttered casinos are reopening this year. Some see the opening of the Hard Rock casino next door, in what used to be the Trump Taj Mahal, as a potential boon to Resorts. “If the place next to Re-

sorts is a home run, there will be overflow,” said analyst Lawrence Klatzkin with Rice, Voelker LLC in New York. “Hard Rock could be the best thing that happens to Resorts. There could be good symbiosis there.” Resorts has found its niche, much as downtown Las Vegas casinos have by not trying to match their larger competitors on the Strip, said David Schwartz, director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. “Downtown casinos aren’t competing by trying to build their own Bellagio lake; they are competing by offering better value and better gaming conditions,” he said. “If Resorts can do that, it has a good future ahead of it.” Giannantonio predicts Resorts will have its best summer in a decade or more this year. “I think we will be around 40 years from now,” he said. “Matter of fact, I’d bet on it.”q

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Monday 14 May 2018

Lobster industry fears weaker shells, but evidence is mixed

In this June 12, 2015, file photo, a lobster is pulled from a crate in Kennebunkport, Maine.

By PATRICK WHITTLE Associated Press PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — More people outside the U.S. are enjoying the New England tradition of cracking open a freshly cooked American lobster, and that experience hinges on one thing — the lobster getting there alive. That's a looming problem, according to some members of the American lobster industry, who are concerned that lobsters' shells are getting weaker. Scientific evidence about the issue paints a complicated picture. U.S. lobster exports to Asian countries have increased exponentially this decade, and American shippers prefer lobsters with hard,

sturdy shells to survive the long journey to places such as Beijing and Seoul. But some members of U.S. industry have complained in recent years of poor shell quality among lobsters, most of which are plucked from the ocean off Canada and New England. They've raised concerns about warming ocean waters or acidification of the ocean having a negative effect on lobster shells. Scientists said there is a correlation between warm temperatures and increased shell disease, but incidence of the disease is very low off Maine, the nation's top lobster-producing state. Lobstermen also are catching lots of lobsters in the

summer, when the creatures molt and are softer. Otherwise, there isn't much hard evidence to suggest lobster shells are weakening, scientists said. Here are some issues raised by the industry and what the science says: ___ WHY DOES THE INDUSTRY PREFER STRONG SHELLS? There's a lot of money at stake in getting lobsters to their destinations alive. American lobsters were worth a record $669.3 million at the docks in 2016, a year in which fishermen caught nearly 160 million pounds of the crustaceans. While lobster meat is used in some processed products, such as lobster macaroni and cheese and lobster bisque, the whole live lobster is one of the biggest draws in the seafood world. It's also the sought-after item in the booming Chinese market, which took a record of nearly 18 million pounds of U.S. lobster last year A lobster with a harder, sturdier shell has a better chance to live through the

one- to two-daylong journey. Bill Bruns, operations manager for The Lobster Company of Arundel, Maine, said "finding and producing enough product that's possible to ship" has become a problem. ___ WHAT DOES THE SCIENCE SAY? Rick Wahle, a University of Maine zoologist who studies lobsters, said he hasn't "heard anything that lobsters are necessarily getting softer." But he and many other scientists said lobsters do face environmental challenges that could impact their ability to be shipped. Wahle and others said the jury is still out on whether the increasing acidification of the ocean is one of those factors. There appear to be subtle effects on lobster larvae from acidification, but nothing to suggest something as dramatic as weaker shells, he said. It's possible that processors are just seeing more "soft shell" lobsters that have recently molted, which is a

natural process necessary for them to grow, Wahle said. A 2017 study that appeared in the scientific journal FACETS looked at the subject of the health of soft-shelled lobsters in southwestern Nova Scotia. It concluded that future research is needed "to evaluate the effects of long-term ecosystem change on shell-quality." ___ DO WARMING OCEANS PLAY A ROLE? Many lobsters live in the Gulf of Maine, which is warming faster than most of the world's oceans. This poses many challenges to lobsters, including potential changes to their access to food and the abundance of predators. It also raises concerns about epizootic shell disease, which disfigures lobsters to the point that they can't be sold. The Maine Department of Marine Resources said researchers found the disease in about 1 percent of lobsters last year after almost never finding it as recently as a decade or so ago. Justin Ries, a marine biogeochemist with Northeastern University, said it's important to monitor for the disease because it devastated the population off of southern New England. ___ WHAT IS THE INDUSTRY DOING? Whether or not lobster shells really are getting weaker, the industry is working on ways to make them stronger. One Portland firm, Ready Seafood Co., is partnering with the University of Maine to try to harden lobster shells for better shipping. Curt Brown, a marine biologist with the company, said Ready hopes to "expedite that natural process" with strategies such as manipulating the ion concentrations in the tanks where it stores lobsters. The goal is to consistently improve a soft-shelled lobster to one that can survive an international flight over the span of a week, Brown said.q


Monday 14 May 2018

Kennedy Center festival shines spotlight on Cuban culture By LUIS ALONSO LUGO WASHINGTON (AP) — Renewed tensions between the U.S. and Cuba aren't stopping the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts from shining a spotlight on the island's rich cultural heritage during what's being billed as the largest Cuban arts festival ever held in the United States. "Artes de Cuba: From the Island to the World," which began this past week and runs through May 20, showcases the work of more than 400 Cuban and Cuban-American artists across more than 50 events. The program includes the salsa band Los Van Van and other musicians, visual artists, movies, theater companies and ballerina Alicia Alonso and the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. "Cuba is a cultural powerhouse, and to present such a diverse slate of Cuban and Cuban-American art-

Cuban designer Celia LedĂłn poses with her fashion creation at the Kennedy Center in Washington, Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

ists all in a two-week span is unprecedented," said Deborah F. Rutter, president of the Kennedy Center. The festival is not without controversy.

It has come under fire from Cuban-American lawmakers, including GOP Reps. Carlos Curbelo, Mario Diaz-Balart and Ileana RosLehtinen of Florida, as well

as Rep. Albio Sires, D-N.J. They wrote to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in April urging him to consider the advisability of allowing "so many pro-Castro regime

Cuban nationals" to enter the United States. Last year, the United States withdrew more than half of its diplomats from Cuba and halted visa processing, citing mysterious "health attacks" in Havana that have harmed at least 24 Americans. Full diplomatic ties between the U.S. and the communist nation had been restored in 2015, under the Obama administration. Curator Alicia Adams, vice president of International Programming and Dance at the Kennedy Center, pushed back at the notion that the festival has ideological overtones. "It is important for people in this country to be exposed to, in the aggregate, the extraordinary talent that exists in Cuba," she told The Associated Press. "The Kennedy Center has a golden rule, and that is that we maintain the ultimate curatorial authority. q


Monday 14 May 2018


NBC speeding up trend of revived comedy series By DAVID BAUDER NEW YORK (AP) — NBC is turbo-charging the trend of reviving canceled comedies with its pickup of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." The network quickly swooped in after Fox dumped it last week, adding it to NBC's midseason schedule. While the fan outcry was heartening, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said Sunday that because of business considerations, the pickup already was in the works. The show is made by an NBC Universalowed studio. Greenblatt said if he had known earlier in the series' development that Andy Samberg was going to star in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," NBC's studio never would have sold it to Fox in the first place. "It was a missed opportunity for us from the beginning," he said. "We jumped on it really quickly, and we're thrilled to have it." He said he believes it's a better fit for NBC's brand of comedy than it ever was for Fox.

In this June 22, 2016, file photo, Terry Crews, left, and Andy Samberg attend "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" FYC Event held at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

NBC succeeded this past season with a reboot of "Will & Grace," while ABC's revival of "Roseanne" has been an even more spectacular success. That's left network executives scouring old cast lists for shows that can be brought back. ___ SEASON KICKOFF NBC says it will introduce

five new dramas and two new comedies next season. It's the only one of the four biggest broadcast networks with more viewers than last season, although that would not have been the case without the Winter Olympics and Super Bowl. Broadcast television's schedule week is a whirlwind of star-studded pre-

sentations and parties for advertisers, who will use what they see to decide where to buy billions of dollars' worth of commercial time. It is, however, becoming less significant for consumers. Twenty-five years ago, the decisions announced influenced the evening habits of millions more people. In those days,

71 percent of televisions in use during prime time were tuned to either ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox, the Nielsen company said. Today, it's roughly half that. During last season, 40 percent of the TVs were watching those channels, along with other broadcasters like the CW, Univision and Telemundo, Nielsen said. ___ SIMON AND THE ROCK NBC was admittedly "treading water" in the winter between editions of "The Voice," during the last few years, Greenblatt said. He's taken steps to rectify that and will start a winter edition of the summer hit "America's Got Talent," with judge Simon Cowell on board. The format will be a championship tournament of past favorite performers and winners from international editions of the show. Dwayne Johnson also will be a part of "The Titan Games," a competition from the producers of "American Ninja Warrior." Ellen DeGeneres also will return with "Ellen's Game of Games."q

Salma Hayek after Cannes protest: Change already happening

Sofia Boutella, from centre left, Salma Hayek and Patty Jenkins stand as part of 82 film industry professionals on the steps of the Palais des Festivals to represent, what they describe as pervasive gender inequality in the film industry, at the 71st international film festival, Cannes, southern France, Saturday, May 12, 2018.

By JAKE COYLE CANNES, France (AP) — A day after joining more than 80 women protest at the Cannes Film Festival, Salma Hayek said Sunday that change for women in Hol-

lywood already is happening. In a conversation that was part of the "Women in Motion" talk series at Cannes, Hayek said her production company is having trouble

keeping up with the demand for female writers and directors. The actress-producer said she has sold four TV shows about women this year. "I can't find enough female writers and directors," Hayek said. "They're all busy. The change already happened."Hayek said much work still needs to be done, particularly on the issue of equal pay. The 51-year-old actress said she hasn't been insisting on equal pay yet because male stars and producers still need to adjust. But she repeatedly spoke positively about progress behind the camera. "Maybe you don't see the difference in the numbers, but it just happened this year," Hayek said. "It worked. And I think we should enjoy it."q


Monday 14 May 2018

Netta Barzilai wins 2018 Eurovision Song Contest for Israel By BARRY HATTON LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Netta Barzilai is sassy, she's fun and she can sing — and now the Israeli has won the Eurovision Song Contest with a catchy techno dance tune about women's empowerment. The 25-year-old pre-competition favorite beat out competition from 42 other countries' performers Saturday to claim the music extravaganza's annual crown at the Grand Final with her song "Toy." There was a strong field of contestants at this year's event in Lisbon, Portugal, which was watched by an estimated 200 million people. The votes coming in live from the capitals of participating countries delivered a tense finale, with Israel gripped in a tight, five-way race with Cyprus, Austria, Sweden and Germany. Barzilai eventually racked

Netta from Israel celebrates after winning the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon, Portugal, Saturday, May 12, 2018 during the Eurovision Song Contest grand final.

up 529 points, compared with 436 for runner-up Cyprus with "Fuego" by Eleni Foureira, and 342 for thirdplace Austria with Cesar Sampson's "Nobody But

You." The contest largely shed its traditional hallmarks of glitz and glitter in favor of a more restrained and tasteful tone in Lisbon, which

was hosting the event because it won last year with Salvador Sobral's sober and subdued ballad "Amar pelos Dois." Sobral last week criticized

"Toy" as "horrible music," insisting the focus should be on the music and not the spectacle. But Barzilai, with her Asianthemed show in red and yellow and her dancers doing funky chicken moves, was unrepentant. "I'm happy people chose something different. It's refreshing," she said. "I believe authenticity (shows) through." Her win — Israel's fourth and first since 1998 — means her country hosts next year's Eurovision Song Contest. "Next time in Jersualem!" Barzilai shouted to the audience as she picked up her award. The international contest began as a competition between European countries, but its huge popularity has led to the inclusion of Israel and Australia among the performers. Barzilai, known more usually as Netta, has a witty and endearing personality.q

Artist, poet publish book about heroin overdose victims By HOLLY RAMER PLAISTOW, N.H. (AP) — A partnership between a poet and an artist who both lost loved ones to heroin overdoses started with similar phone calls at separate beaches four years ago. Mary Ellen D'Angelo-Lombardi was waiting out a rainstorm in July 2014 when her husband called to say her son's best friend was dead at age 18. Three months later, Anne Marie Zanfagna was on Cape Cod for the weekend when she heard from her husband that their 25-yearold daughter, Jackie, had overdosed. For months afterward, D'Angelo-Lombardi struggled to return to her writing, and Zanfagna's paints and brushes went untouched. But after eventually finding separate solace in their art, they came together to selfpublish a book they hope will reduce the stigma of addiction but also warn young people away from drugs. "Every conversation this book starts is a good thing,"

said D'Angelo-Lombardi, who runs an adult education program in Boston. "If you're talking about it, it's out in the light, and it's healing." "Portraits, Poems & Heroin: 30 Souls Tell the Story" includes a series of poems D'Angelo-Lombardi wrote about her son's friend, along with Zanfagna's brightly colored portraits of young people who died of overdoses and brief biographies written by their families. "Dan was a very functional addict. He worked every day and put a lot of effort into his appearance. If you saw him, you would never think he was an addict," reads the biographical material accompanying the orange, violet, black and white portrait of 40-year-old Daniel Barnes. In the following poem, "My Favorite Place," D'Angelo-Lombardi describes thinking of her son's friend whenever she returns to the beach where she learned of his death: "every time I go your presence/ woven into the magic of

Poet Mary Ellen D’Angelo-Lombardi, left, and artist Anne Marie Zanfagna display their book on Monday, May 7, 2018 in Plaistow, N.H.

the tide." While the poems aren't specifically about those pictured, D'AngeloLombardi said, they touch on the same emotions experienced by their families and loved ones. "We relied on the commonality of all the stories, the commonality of addiction, the commonality of how it ends, the

commonality of how those left behind feel," she said. "So although each poem doesn't maybe match the portrait per se, there's just a commonality that runs through the grief of losing a loved one that way." Zanfagna, who began getting portrait requests from other parents after bringing

her daughter's painting to a grief support group, runs a nonprofit organization called Angels of Addiction to raise money for scholarships and addiction recovery resources. Both women said the publishing process was more complicated than they anticipated, but worth the effort.q


Monday 14 May 2018

A surprising bullying battleground: Senior centers By MATT SEDENSKY AP National Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The unwanted were turned away from cafeteria tables. Fistfights broke out at karaoke. Dances became breeding grounds for gossip and cruelty. It became clear this place had a bullying problem on its hands. What many found surprising was that the perpetrators and victims alike were all senior citizens. Nursing homes, senior centers and housing complexes for the elderly have introduced programs, training and policies aimed at curbing spates of bullying, an issue once thought the exclusive domain of the young. "There's the clique system just like everywhere else," said Betsy Gran, who until recently was assistant director at San Francisco's 30th Street Senior Center. "It's like 'Mean Girls,' but everyone is 80." After the cafeteria exiles and karaoke brouhahas, the 30th Street Center teamed up with a local nonprofit, the Institute on Aging, to develop an anti-bullying program. All staff members received 18 hours of training that included lessons on what constitutes bullying, causes of the problem and how to manage such conflicts. Seniors were then invited to similar classes, held in

In this Friday, April 13, 2018 photo, Patrick Arbore, left, talks to Corazon Leano as he conducts an anti-bullying class at the On Lok 30th Street Senior Center in San Francisco.

English and Spanish, teaching them to alert staff or intervene themselves if they witness bullying. Signs and even place mats around the center now declare it a "Bully Free Zone." "I think in the past I would have just stayed out of it," said Mary Murphy, 86, a retired real estate agent who took the classes. "Now I might be inclined to help." Robin Bonifas, a social work professor at Arizona State University and author of the book "Bullying Among Older Adults: How to Recognize and Address an Unseen Epidemic," said existing studies suggest about

1 in 5 seniors encounters bullying. She sees it as an outgrowth of frustrations characteristic in communal settings, as well a reflection of issues unique to getting older. Many elderly see their independence and sense of control disappear and, for some, becoming a bully can feel like regaining some of that lost power. "It makes them feel very out of control," Bonifas said, "and the way they sort of get on top of things and make their name in this new world is intimidating, picking on people, gossiping."

In this Friday, April 13, 2018 photo, two women talk in front of anti-bullying signs at the On Lok 30th Street Senior Center in San Francisco.

There is far less recognition of bullying as a problem among seniors compared with young people. Even among those who have been called bullies, many are unaware how problematic their behavior is until it's labeled. Campaigns around the country have sought to spread the word, including a booklet circulated last year by the National Center for Assisted Living. "In the life cycle, it doesn't go away," said Katherine Arnold, a member of the city Human Rights Commission in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, which created a public service announcement on its community-access station that included a portrayal of a man who was excluded from a card game and became the subject of gossip by other seniors. "There's really not a lot of escape." Most senior bullying isn't physical but rather involves name-calling, rumors and exclusion, said Pamela Countouris, a longtime schoolteacher who now runs a Pittsburgh-based consultancy that offers training on bullying. Women constitute the bulk of the bullies Countouris encounters among seniors, a reflection of lifespan disparities and the gender makeup of those who live at or participate in programs at

senior facilities. Countouris' business began with a focus on school bullying but now centers exclusively on seniors. In the next month alone, she has more than a dozen training sessions planned. After four years immersed in the wrath of older bullies, Countouris has heard all manner of stories. At a senior high-rise, a woman who saw herself as the queen of the parking garage would key the cars of those who crossed her. Elsewhere, laundry rooms became vicious places where the bullied had their detergent stolen and their clothes thrown on the floor. Bingo rooms so often devolved into battlefields — with lucky newcomers badgered and accused of cheating by veteran players — she came to call it "the devil's game." "I didn't realize it was an underground society where people could be mean to each other," Countouris said. In the worst cases, bullying goes far beyond bingo squabbles. Marsha Wetzel moved into a senior apartment complex in Niles, Illinois, after her partner of 30 years died and her partner's family evicted her from the home the couple shared. At Glen St. Andrew Living Community, she said she was met with relentless bullying by residents mostly focused on her being a lesbian. One man hit Wetzel's scooter with his walker and unleashed a barrage of homophobic slurs. A woman rammed her wheelchair into Wetzel's table in the dining room and knocked it over, warning "homosexuals will burn in hell." In the mailroom, someone knocked her in the head, and in an elevator, she was spit on. "I'd just go in my room and barricade my door and just pray," said Wetzel, now 70 and living at a senior complex in Chicago. "I just felt like a slug, like I was nothing, like I wasn't even human." "I felt like a person in a pool of piranhas," she said.q

May 14, 2018  
May 14, 2018