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Ties with U.S., N. Korea make Singapore optimum summit site The national flag of Singapore flies against the financial skyline lining the edge of the Singapore River on Thursday, May 10, 2018, in Singapore. U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore on upcoming June 12, Trump announced in a Tweet Thursday May 10, 2018. Associated Press Page 3

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Friday 11 May 2018


Even from afar, McCain raises his voice against torture

In this Oct. 16, 2017, file photo Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., receives the Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  Associated Press

By LISA MASCARO and DEB RIECHMANN Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — As Senate consideration of Gina Haspel to head the CIA quickly turned into a debate over torture, one voice weighed in from afar. Republican Sen. John McCain, a Navy pilot who was beaten in captivity during the Vietnam War,

was watching from home in Arizona where he is battling brain cancer. He urged the Senate to reject the nominee. McCain is not expected to return to Washington for the vote, and he may not be able to sway his colleagues to stop her confirmation. Still, the senator who has defined his political career by going against the grain of party norms is doing it again in what may be his last battle in a decadeslong fight against torture. “I believe Gina Haspel is a patriot who loves our country and has devoted her professional life to its service and defense,” he said in a statement late Wednesday night. “However, Ms. Haspel’s role in overseeing the use of torture by Americans is disturbing. Her refusal to acknowledge torture’s immorality is disqualifying.” He concluded, “The Senate should exercise its duty of advice and consent and reject this nomination.” McCain’s statement sent a warning to President Donald Trump, who has suggested reviving torture techniques. But it has had limited impact in the Senate, where Haspel was gaining support. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who has said he expects Haspel will be confirmed. “Obviously, everyone has tremendous respect for John,” said Sen. John Thune, R-S.D. “But I think most of our members are just kind of in a different place than he is, and Lindsey probably is most representative of that.” It’s not the first time Graham and McCain have split on the torture issue. In 2005, they led efforts during the George W. Bush admin-

istration to stop enhanced interrogation techniques. But they parted ways a decade later when McCain teamed up with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., to pass a law to ensure no future president could tear up President Barack Obama’s executive action banning torture. Two days after taking office in 2009, Obama issued an executive order prohibiting all government employees from using any interrogation method that wasn’t spelled out in the Army Field Manual, a military guide that banned brutal interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, which simulates drowning. For McCain, getting the anti-torture amendment passed in 2015 was personal. He was beaten and kept in solitary confinement as a prisoner of war in Vietnam in the 1960s. Graham, who missed much of the Senate action this week to spend time with his friend at the McCain family home, said in an interview that it’s thanks to the Arizona senator’s work that Haspel will be required to follow the law, as she said she would do. “Sen. McCain’s view of what the country’s doing won the day,” Graham told AP. “The reason we are where we are is from Sen. McCain’s voice.” Haspel, the CIA’s acting director and a career intelligence officer, faced grilling at the Senate Intelligence Committee about her role overseeing some CIA operations in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Some senators asked about her morals. Haspel told them she doesn’t believe torture works.q


Friday 11 May 2018






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Summit set, detainees free; Trump sees N. Korea ‘big success’ By ZEKE MILLER, JILL COLVIN and MATTHEW LEE Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Envisioning “a very special moment for world peace,” President Donald Trump announced Thursday he will meet North Korea’s Kim Jong Un for highly anticipated summit talks in Singapore on June 12. He set the stage for his announcement by hosting a 3 a.m., made-for-TV welcome home for three Americans held by Kim’s government. “We welcomed them back home the proper way,” Trump told supporters at a campaign rally in Indiana Thursday evening. Final details in place, Trump and Kim agreed to the first face-to-face North KoreaU.S. summit since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. It’s the most consequential and perhaps riskiest foreign policy effort so far in Trump’s presidency as North Korea’s nuclear program approaches a treacherous milestone — the capacity to strike the continental U.S. with a thermonuclear warhead. Trump says the U.S. is aiming for “denuclearization” of the entire Korean peninsula, but he has yet to fill in just what steps that might include and what the timing would be. “We’re starting off on a new footing,” Trump said of himself and Kim as he welcomed the detainees in a floodlit ceremony at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington. He hailed their release as a potential breakthrough in relations between the longtime adversary nations. He and Kim “will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!” he said of the summit later

on Twitter. He told his rally crowd, “I think it’s going to be a very big success.” Kim has suspended nuclear and missile tests and put his nuclear program up for negotiation, but questions remain about how serious his offer is and what disarmament steps he would be willing to take. The White House has said withdrawal of thousands of U.S. troops from South Korea is “not on the table.” Long before dawn Thursday, with the former detainees by his side on the air base tarmac, Trump said it was a “great honor” to welcome them back to the U.S. but “the true honor is going to be if we have a victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons.” The ceremony, which also featured a giant American flag suspended between the ladders of two firetrucks, emphasized Trump’s penchant for the dramatic as he raised expectations for the summit. And it underscored how closely the fate of his foreign policy agenda is being tied to the North Korean negotiations. He had wanted to hold the summit in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas but yielded to the concerns of officials who thought a DMZ meeting would focus attention on relations between the North and South rather than the nuclear question. Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, other top officials and first lady Melania joined the president for the air base celebration. The former detainees — Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Tony Kim — had been released Wednesday at the end of Pompeo’s

visit to North Korea. They appeared tired but in excellent spirits, flashing peace signs and waving their arms as they emerged from the aircraft. One said through a translator, “It’s like a dream; we are very, very happy.” They later gave the president a round of applause. Pence said Pompeo had told him that at a refueling stop in Anchorage, “one of the detainees asked to go outside the plane because he hadn’t seen daylight in a very long time.” The men were taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for evaluation before being reunited with their families.q

President Donald Trump, accompanied by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, back, shakes hands with former North Korean detainees Kim Dong Chul, with Kim Hak Song, upon their arrival, Thursday, May 10, 2018, at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. Associated Press

A4 U.S.

Friday 11 May 2018


Republicans override Dem objections to confirm federal judge By KEVIN FREKING Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The political battle over President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees escalated on Thursday when the Senate took the rare step of confirming the nomination of a Wisconsin attorney to serve as a federal judge despite the objections of one of his home-state senators. The Senate voted along party lines to confirm Milwaukee attorney Michael Brennan to fill an opening on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The tally was 49-46. The seat has been open for more than eight years, the longest for the nation’s appellate courts. The Senate gives lawmakers a chance to weigh in on a judicial nominee from their home state by submit-

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of N.Y., points to a question during a media availability after a policy luncheon on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, May 8, 2018 in Washington. Associated Press

ting a blue-colored form called the “blue slip.” A positive blue slip signals the Senate to move forward with the nomination process. A negative blue slip, or withholding it altogether, signals a senator’s objec-

tion and almost always stalls the nomination. Until this year, it had been nearly three decades since the Senate confirmed a judge without two positive blue slips. Brennan’s confirmation marked the second

time it has happened this year. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., declined to return her blue slip. The move to go ahead with a hearing for Brennan and a vote on the floor had Democrats complaining that Republicans were eroding one of the few remaining customs in the Senate that forced consultation on judicial nominations. They also noted that Republicans used the blue slip to block one of President Barack Obama’s nominees for the very same judgeship. “I’d admonish my friends on the other side of the aisle, this is a very dangerous road you’re treading,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “As everyone knows, the winds of political change blow swiftly in America. The minority one day is the majority the next.” The warning was reminiscent of the one that Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell issued when Democrats changed the rules to lower the threshold necessary to end a filibuster for district and circuit court judges. Under the change, the Senate can cut off debate with a simple majority rather than 60 votes. At the time, the Kentucky Republican said, “You’ll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think.” Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Democrats’ complaints were based on an incorrect understanding of the blue slip’s history. “The blue slip courtesy is just that — a courtesy,” Grassley said. He said past chairmen of the committee had rarely

used negative or unreturned blue slips as unilateral vetoes. The most recent exception was Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who was chairman during the first six years of Obama’s presidency. “That was his prerogative,” Grassley said. Still, Democrats counter that the blue slip has been in use for more than a century, and until this year, only a handful of judges had won confirmation without two blue slips. Grassley said that under his tenure, the blue slip will be used to ensure the president consults with homestate senators, but not as a veto for appellate court nominees. He said he was satisfied in Brennan’s case that the White House consulted with both of Wisconsin’s senators before the president nominated him. Republicans have made it a priority to confirm the president’s nominees, particularly those who will serve on federal appeals courts. It’s a top issue with social conservatives leading into this year’s midterm elections. With Democrats slow-walking many of Trump’s nominees, McConnell said last October that the blue slip process should not be used to “blackball” nominees. For Democrats, it was particularly galling that Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., used his blue slip to object to Obama nominee Victoria Nourse to serve on the 7th Circuit. She eventually withdrew from consideration. “It’s an appalling double standard,” Schumer said. Johnson said more than 1 million of the state’s residents had voted for him, and he had no role whatsoever in the nomination of Nourse, “so I decided not to return the blue slip.”q


Friday 11 May 2018

Nurse charged in death of former Trump adviser’s father By ALEXANDRA VILLARREAL and MICHAEL RUBINKAM Associated Press PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A nurse was charged Thursday in the death of the father of President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser after authorities said she failed to give him a series of neurological exams following his fall at a Philadelphia senior care facility. Christann Shyvin Gainey, 30, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, neglect and records tampering in the death of H.R. McMaster Sr. The 84-year-old retired U.S. Army officer died April 13, about eight hours after falling and hitting his head at the Cathedral Village retirement community. Surveillance video showed that Gainey, who worked as a contract nurse at Cathedral Village, failed to conduct a series of eight neurological evaluations of McMaster as required, prosecutors said. Gainey then allegedly falsified documents to make it seem she had. Gainey’s attorney, Sharon Piper, said her client intends to plead not guilty. She declined further comment, as did Gainey’s employer, General Healthcare Resources of Plymouth Meeting. McMaster’s son, H.R. McMaster Jr., served as Trump’s national security adviser from February 2017 until he resigned in March. “Our father ... was a tough and compassionate soldier and public servant,” McMaster’s daughter, Letitia

McMaster, said in a statement. “The best way to honor his memory is for all of us to do all we can to prevent others from suffering at the hands of those who lack compassion and abandon even the most

This undated photo from the Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General shows Christann Shyvin Gainey, 30, a nurse, who was charged, Thursday, May 10, 2018, in the death of the father of H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, after authorities said she failed to give him a series of neurological exams following his fall at a Philadelphia senior care facility. Associated Press

basic standards of human decency. Today’s charges are an important step forward in that connection.” McMaster was admitted to Cathedral Village on April 9 for rehabilitation following a stroke. Three days later, according to court documents, he was found on the floor of his room by a nursing assistant, who alerted Gainey, the charge nurse. Cathedral Village policy mandates close neurological monitoring of patients

who hit their heads, including assessments every 15 minutes for the first hour and every hour for the next three. An assistant nursing director told police that after McMaster’s death, she

asked Gainey whether the nurse had conducted the required evaluations of McMaster. Gainey replied she had and said, “They were fine,” according to a police affidavit. When the supervisor noted

the last entry on McMaster’s neurological chart indicated that an evaluation had been performed 20 minutes after his death, Gainey told her, “Well, I falsified that one,” the affidavit said.q

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Friday 11 May 2018


Military finds multiple failures led to deadly Niger ambush By LOLITA C. BALDOR Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Multiple failures led up to the deadly Niger attack last October, but top military leaders said Thursday that none directly caused the overwhelming enemy ambush that killed four American service members and sent others fighting and running for their lives. “The direct cause of the enemy attack in Tongo Tongo is that the enemy achieved tactical surprise there and our forces were outnumbered approximately three-to-one,” Maj. Gen. Roger Cloutier Jr. told reporters during a Pentagon press conference. He described a brutal, chaotic firefight, as 46 U.S. and Nigerien forces battled more than 100 enemy fighters. Amid the chaos, he said, there were repeated acts of bravery as the outnumbered and outgunned soldiers made split-second decisions under heavy fire, struggling to protect and rescue each other during the more than hourlong assault. Killed in the attack were: Army Sgt. La David T. Johnson, 25, of Miami Gardens, Florida; Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, 35, of Puyallup, Washington; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 39, of Springboro, Ohio; and Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29, of Lyons, Georgia. Four Nigerien troops were also killed, and two American soldiers and eight Nigerien forces were wounded. The Americans who were killed “gave their last full measure of devotion to our country and died with honor while actively engaging the enemy,” the report said. None were captured alive by the enemy, and all died immediately or quickly from their wounds, it said.

These images provided by the U.S. Army show, from left, Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, 35, of Puyallup, Wash.; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 39, of Springboro, Ohio; Sgt. La David Johnson of Miami Gardens, Fla.; and Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29, of Lyons, Ga. Associated Press

After months of silence during the investigation, Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, head of U.S. Africa Command, laid out the findings and took responsibility for what happened. He said the report, which has not yet been made public in full, singles out three individuals whose actions could be faulted. He did not name them. U.S. Special Operations Command will make any discipline decisions, as well as recommendations on awards for valor, Waldhauser said, adding he believes there will be awards for numerous acts of extraordinary bravery by the troops. The investigation has already triggered changes in the way military activities are carried out in Niger and elsewhere in Africa, including giving teams the option to use heavily armored vehicles and beefed-up firepower. “We are now far more prudent on our missions,” said Waldhauser, who sat alongside Cloutier, Africa Command’s chief of staff who led the investigation. A report summary released Thursday includes recommendations to improve mission planning and approval procedures, re-evaluate

equipment and weapons requirements, and review training that U.S. commandos conduct with partner forces. The summary lays out a confusing chain of events that unfolded on Oct. 3-4, ending in the ambush, and points to “individual, organizational, and institutional failures and deficiencies that contributed to the tragic events.” But it concludes that “no single failure or deficiency was the sole reason” for what happened. It said the U.S. forces didn’t have time to train together before they deployed and did not do preparatory battle drills with their Nigerien partners. And the report said lax communication and poor attention to details led to a “general lack of situational awareness and command oversight at every echelon.” Robert Karem, the assistant defense secretary for international security affairs, who also spoke, said there are about 800 U.S. troops in Niger, and that none are supposed to be engaged in direct combat. Most are involved in the construction of a new air base there. According to the report, the Army Special Forces team left Camp Ouallam on Oct. 3 to go after Doun-

dou Chefou, a leader of the Islamic State group who was suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of an American aid worker. But the team leader and his immediate supervisor submitted a different mission to their higher command, saying they were simply going out to meet tribal leaders. Waldhauser called the mischaracterization of the mission unacceptable, but Cloutier rejected suggestions the team leaders lied. It’s not clear if those two are among the three service members he said could face discipline. “It wasn’t a deliberate intent to deceive,” Cloutier said. “It was lack of attention to detail.” When the Ouallam team got to the location the insurgent wasn’t there. Senior commanders, unaware of the team’s earlier actions, then ordered the troops to serve as backup for a second team’s raid, also targeting Chefou. That mission was aborted when weather grounded the second team. The Ouallam team members were then ordered to another location to collect intelligence also linked to Chefou, which they did without problems. On their way back to their home base

they stopped at the village of Tongo Tongo to get water. Soon after leaving Tongo Tongo, about 120 miles (200 kilometers) north of Niamey, Niger’s capital, they were ambushed by Islamic State-linked militants carrying small arms and machine guns. The report concludes that although the enemy fighters can move freely around the village area, “there is not enough evidence to conclude that the villagers of Tongo Tongo willingly (without duress) aid and support them. Additionally, there is insufficient evidence to determine if villagers aided the enemy or participated in the attack.” Cloutier said it appears insurgents attempted to take away the bodies of three of the killed American troops — Black, Wright and Jeremiah Johnson — but fled when French fighter jets buzzed the area. Two of the bodies were found in the bed of an enemy truck, and another was beside it. The other American fatality, La David Johnson, and two Nigerien soldiers got separated from the others during the battle and were gunned down. Johnson’s body wasn’t found until two days later. All were stripped of weapons and equipment. Families of the fallen have expressed frustration with the incident and the briefings they got. “The whole thing was a screwed-up mess,” said Arnold Wright, father of Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright of Lyons, Georgia, who was killed in the attack. Wright said he’s concerned the Army may be pinning blame on lower-ranking soldiers and not accepting responsibility high enough up the chain of command.q


Friday 11 May 2018



Hawaii volcano could spew boulders the size of refrigerators By SOPHIA YAN and SETH BORENSTEIN Associated Press PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) — If Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano blows its top in the coming days or weeks, as experts fear, it could hurl ash and boulders the size of refrigerators miles into the air, shutting down airline traffic and endangering lives in all directions, scientists said Thursday. “If it goes up, it will come down,” said Charles Mandeville, volcano hazards coordinator for the U.S. Geological Survey. “You don’t want to be underneath anything that weighs 10 tons when it’s coming out at 120 mph.” The volcano, which has been spitting and sputtering lava for a week, has destroyed more than two dozen homes and threatened a geothermal plant. The added threat of an explosive eruption could ground planes at one of the Big Island’s two major airports and pose other dangers. The national park around the volcano announced that it would close because of the risks. “We know the volcano is capable of doing this,” Mandeville said, citing similar explosions at Kilauea in 1925, 1790 and four other times in the last few thousand years. “We know it is a distinct possibility.” He would not estimate the likelihood of such an explosion, but said the internal volcanic conditions are changing in a way that could lead to a blast in about a week. The volcano’s internal plumbing could still prevent an explosion. If it happens, a summit blast could also release steam and sulfur dioxide gas. Kilauea has destroyed 36 structures — including 26

homes — since May 3, when it began releasing lava from vents about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of the summit crater. Fifteen of the vents are now spread through the Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens neighborhoods. Hawaii Gov. David Ige said crews at a geothermal energy plant near the lava outbreak accelerated the removal of stored flammable fuel as a precaution. The Puna Geothermal Venture plant has about 50,000 gallons (189,270 liters) of pentane. It was removed early Thursday. Barbara Lozano, who lives within a mile of the plant, said she would have thought twice about buying her property if she had known the risks. “Why did they let us buy residential property, knowing it was a dangerous situation? Why did they let people build all around it?” she asked. About 2,000 people have been evacuated from the neighborhoods were lava has oozed from the ground. Avani Love, 29, moved to the Big Island about a month ago from Maui with her four children. They evacuated their home May 3, and only found out it was destroyed when a relative went back to get her personal belongings. While saying she’s sad to have lost her home, she also feels a sense of renewal brought on by Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, to correct overpopulation of the island. “Everyone comes here,” she said. “When you have that, it’s Pele’s way of clearing house and restoring the place. There’s beauty and also darkness.” No one lives in the immediate area of the summit crater. The crater and sur-

rounding region are a part of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which planned to close at 10 p.m. Thursday. Officials don’t expect a possible explosion to be deadly as long as people stay out of the closed park. Communities a mile or two (kilometers) away may be showered by pea-size fragments or dusted with nontoxic ash, said Tina Neal, scientist-in-charge at the Hawaii Volcano Observatory. What could happen is not an eruption of volcanic gases but mostly trapped steam from flash-heated groundwater released like in a kitchen pressure cooker, with rocks, said volcanologist Janine Krippner of Concord University in West Virginia.q

This photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows a Hawaii Volcano Observatory geologist recording a temperature of 103 degrees C (218 degrees F) at a crack along Nohea Street in Leilani Estates near the town of Pahoa, Hawaii, Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Associated Press


NEWS Australian, 104, dies in assisted suicide in Switzerland Friday 11 May 2018

By PHILIPP JENNE, Associated Press LIESTAL, Switzerland (AP) — A 104-year-old Australian biologist who drew international attention to his rightto-die case ended his life in Switzerland on Thursday, an advocacy group said. Exit International, the group that helped David Goodall carry out his wish, said the scientist was declared dead at 12:30 p.m. in Liestal, a town outside the city of Basel, where he had traveled to take advantage of Switzerland’s assisted-suicide laws. “My life has been rather poor for the last year or so. And I’m very happy to end it,” Goodall said Thursday in the room where he died shortly after. The British-born scientist said this week that he had been contemplating the idea of suicide for about 20 years, but only started thinking about it for himself after his quality of life deteriorated over the last year. He cited a lack of mobility, doctor’s restrictions and an Australian law prohibiting him from taking his own life among his complaints, but he was not ill. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, where the procedure is available for anyone who acknowledges in writing that they are taking their lives willingly — without being forced. But the practice is frowned upon by many doctors and some others who say it should be

Picture shows 104-year-old Australian David Goodall in a room in Liestal near Basel, Switzerland, where he plans to end his life on Thursday, May 10, 2018. Associated Press

reserved for the terminally ill. Goodall and his supporters want the practice to be more accepted as a legitimate choice for elderly people in sound mind. On Wednesday, Goodall told a crowded news conference that medically assisted suicide should be more widely available. “At my age, and even at rather less than my age, one wants to be free to choose the death and when the death is the appropriate time,” he said. Hundreds of people —

some far more frail than Goodall, who used a wheelchair — travel to Switzerland every year to take their lives. The best-known group to help foreigners end their days in the Alpine country is Dignitas, but others include Life Circle in Basel, Goodall’s choice. Goodall took his life with an intravenous drip of pentobarbital, a chemical often used as an anesthetic but which is lethal in excessive doses. A doctor put a cannula in his arm, and Goodall turned a wheel to allow

the solution to flow, Exit International said. “He answered those questions with great clarity, activated the process” while Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony played in the background, he added. His last words before losing consciousness were “this is taking an awfully long time,” Nitschke said, but “he died shortly thereafter.” Exit International said Goodall had requested that his body be donated to medicine, or his ashes

sprinkled locally. “He wishes to have no funeral, no remembrance service or ceremony,” the group said in a statement. “David has no belief in the afterlife.” The Swiss federal statistics office says the number of assisted suicides has been growing fast: Nine years ago, there were 297. By 2015, the most recent year tabulated, the figure had more than tripled to 965. Nearly 15 percent of the cases last year were people under 65 years old.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Mahathir Malaysia’s leader again after ruling party booted By EILEEN NG and STEPHEN WRIGHT Associated Press KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia’s former authoritarian leader Mahathir Mohamad was sworn in as prime minister on Thursday, cementing a stunning political comeback and a historic change in government after leading opposition parties to their first election victory in six decades. The ceremony before Malaysia’s king at the official state palace in Kuala Lumpur ended a day of uncertainty during which rumors swirled that the National Front, Malaysia’s perennial ruling party, would try to stay in power. People waiting outside the palace cheered, waved opposition flags and sounded car horns. The election result is a political earthquake for the Muslim-majority country, sweeping aside the 60-year rule of the National Front and its leader Najib Razak, whose reputation was tarnished by a monumental corruption scandal, a crackdown on dissent and a new sales tax that hurt his coalition’s poor rural supporters. It was also a surprising exception to backsliding on democratic values in Southeast Asia, a region of more than 600 million people where governments of countries including Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines have swung toward harsh authoritarian rule. Amnesty International said Malaysia’s first-ever change in government is an opportunity to “eradi-

cate repressive policies” and put human rights first. “We need to have this government today without delay,” Mahathir, 92, said before the ceremony. “There is a lot of work to be done. You know the mess the country is in and we need to attend to this mess as soon as possible and that means today.” Many analysts had thought the National Front might lose the popular vote but cling to a parliamentary majority due to an electoral system that increases the ballot power of rural Malays, the coalition’s core supporters. After the result of the election became clear, supporters of the incoming government took to the streets to celebrate. People stood on roadsides waving the white, blue and red flag of the triumphant opposition alliance. Cars honked their horns as they sped past. “I’m so happy,” said Zarini Najibuddin while waving the opposition flag. “I hope we’ll have a better Malaysia now. Malaysia reborn!” Ibrahim Suffian, co-founder of the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, said the new government will have to contend with “enormous forces of inertia and resistance from within the government elites.” “The bureaucracy and the rest of the government apparatus has never been used to this idea, having been, you know, more than 60 years under the same political party,” he said. Mahathir, prime minister for 22 years until stepping down in 2003, was credited

Mahathir Mohamad, left, receives official documentation from Malaysia’s King Muhammad V, right, as he was sworn in as Malaysia’s new prime minister at the National Palace in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Thursday, May 10, 2018. Associated Press

with modernizing Malaysia but was also known as a heavy-handed leader who imprisoned opponents and subjugated the courts. Angered by the graft scandal at state investment fund 1MDB, Mahathir emerged from political retirement and joined the opposition in an attempt to oust Najib, his former protege. The U.S. Justice Department says $4.5 billion was looted from 1MBD by associates of Najib between 2009 and 2014, including $700 million that landed in Najib’s bank account and a $23 million pink diamond necklace bought for Najib’s wife. He has denied wrongdoing. Mahathir said the new government will not conduct a witch hunt, but Najib will have to face the consequences if he has broken

the law. Bridget Welsh, a Southeast Asia expert at John Cabot University in Rome, said it was hugely ironic that Mahathir, who damaged Malaysia’s democratic institutions with his strong-arm rule, has returned as its political savior. “It is not just a comeback,” she said. “It is about making amends about his mistakes and moving Malaysia forward.” Mahathir has said the new government would seek the release and full pardon of Anwar Ibrahim, an opposition icon imprisoned on sodomy charges that Anwar and his supporters said were fabricated by the National Front to crush the opposition. Anwar, whose sentence ends on June 8, should be free to participate in politics, he said. Anwar, a former

deputy prime minister in the ruling party, was also imprisoned under Mahathir following a power struggle. On the economic front, Mahathir vowed to cancel a goods and service tax imposed since 2015 and said the government could also renegotiate the terms of Chinese loans for infrastructure projects. He criticized a “fake news” law pushed through parliament by the National Front during the lead-up to the election. Mahathir is being investigated under that law for claiming a plane he was to travel on was sabotaged during the campaign. Najib, 64, said he accepted the “verdict of the people.” The National Front “will honor the principle of democracy in the parliament,” he said.q


Friday 11 May 2018


Israel, Iran engage in most serious confrontation in Syria By ZEINA KARAM and ARON HELLER Associated Press BEIRUT (AP) — Israeli forces unleashed a heavy bombardment against Iranian military installations in Syria on Thursday in what Israel called retaliation for an Iranian rocket barrage on its positions in the occupied Golan Heights, the most serious military confrontation between the two bitter enemies to date. The two rivals have long fought each other through proxies, and with the new exchange each seemed to be sending a warning that a direct clash between them could swiftly escalate. “If we get rain, they’ll get a flood,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman

In this photo released Thursday, May 10, 2018, by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian President Bashar Assad speaks during an interview with the Greek Kathimerini newspaper, in Damascus, Syria. Associated Press

warned. The scope of the attacks — which Israel called its largest in Syria since the 1973 Mideast war — raised the specter of a full-fledged

war between Iran and Israel in Syria, a conflict that could potentially drag the militant Hezbollah and Lebanon into the mix with devastating effects, although

both sides appeared to signal they wanted the confrontation to remain contained, at least for now. Israel, however, has been emboldened by President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal earlier this week, and the latest escalation seemed to signal a potentially coordinated surge in military activity targeting Iran. The Israeli military said Thursday it hit nearly all of Iran’s military installations in Syria in response to the overnight Iranian rocket barrage that targeted Israeli front-line military positions in the Golan Heights, a strategic plateau that Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war. It was the first time Israel has directly accused Iran of firing toward Israeli territory. Iranian media described the Israeli attack as “unprecedented,” but there was no official Iranian comment on Israel’s claims. Iran has vowed to retaliate for repeated Israeli airstrikes targeting its forces in Syria. But it seemed to carefully calibrate its response by targeting the Golan Heights, which Israel annexed in 1981 in a move that is not internationally recognized, instead of striking Israel proper. Tehran is wary of a wider military conflagration with Israel that could jeopardize its military achievements in Syria at a time when it is trying to salvage the international nuclear deal and may be limited in its ability to strike back. The recent clashes reveal the difficulty both sides face in dealing with an unprecedented situation, said Jean-Pierre Filiu, a professor of Middle East studies at Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs. The clashes will eventually likely lead not to further escalation, but to the “consolidation of new ‘red lines’ tacitly endorsed by Israel and Iran,” he said in an analysis written for the Carnegie Middle East Center. The extent of the damage inflicted by the Israeli airstrikes was not immediately clear.

Israel said among the targets were weapons storage, logistics sites and intelligence centers used by elite Iranian forces in Syria. It also said it destroyed several Syrian air-defense systems after coming under heavy fire and that none of its warplanes were hit. The Syrian military acknowledged that the strikes destroyed a radar station and an ammunition warehouse, and damaged a number of air defense units. It said three people were killed and two were wounded. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which closely monitors the civil war through sources inside Syria, said 23 fighters, including five Syrian soldiers, were killed. It was not immediately clear if any Iranians were among the dead. The White House swiftly condemned Iran’s “provocative rocket attacks from Syria against Israeli citizens” and expressed strong support for “Israel’s right to act in self-defense,” while Russia said the Israeli strikes marked a dangerous escalation and urged both Israel and Iran to avoid provoking each other. In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said “the Iranian regime’s deployment into Syria of offensive rocket and missile systems aimed at Israel is an unacceptable and highly dangerous development for the entire Middle East.” But in the past few weeks, Israel has shifted to a more direct and public confrontation with Iran, striking at Iranian bases, weapons depots and rocket launchers across Syria, and killing Iranian troops. Israel accuses Tehran of seeking to establish a foothold on its doorstep, something it has vowed never to allow. Reflecting the scope of the pre-dawn attack, Russia’s military said 28 Israeli jets were involved, striking Iranian and government sites in Syria with 70 missiles. It said half the missiles were shot down.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Iraqi forces capture 5 top IS leaders in cross-border raid By SUSANNAH GEORGE and JOSH LEDERMAN Associated Press BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqi forces in coordination with U.S.backed Syrian forces have captured five senior Islamic State group leaders, the U.S.-led coalition said Thursday in a statement. The arrest was a “significant blow to Daesh,” coalition spokesman Army Col. Ryan Dillon said, using the Arabic acronym for the extremist group. A Pentagon spokesman, Marine Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway, said the U.S. credited Iraqi security forces with the militants’ capture “on the Iraq-Syria border.” “These arrests are a significant blow to ISIS as we continue to remove its leadership and fighters from the battlefield,” Rankine-Galloway said. IS fighters no longer control significant pockets of territory inside Iraq, but do

maintain a grip inside Syria along Iraq’s border. The U.S. -led coalition supported Iraqi ground forces and Syrian fighters known as the Syrian Democratic Forces in the more than three-year war against IS. After Iraqi forces retook the Iraqi city of Mosul from IS last summer, Syrian forces on the other side of the border claimed a series of swift victories, but the campaign was stalled recently when Turkey launched a cross-border raid into Syria’s north. Earlier this month the coalition announced a drive to clear the final pockets of IS territory inside Syria. U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted about the anti-IS raid Thursday, saying those arrested were the “five most wanted” IS “leaders.” It was unclear what criteria, if any, Trump was using to describe the IS operatives as the “five most wanted.”

A U.S. national security official said there were no indications that the operation had captured Abu Bakr alBaghdadi, the leader of IS who has long been the coalition’s top target. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss the targets publicly and requested anonymity. Last year the Pentagon said that there were “some indicators” that al-Baghdadi was still alive a month after Russia claimed to have killed him in a strike near the Syrian city of Raqqa. None of the statements released Thursday from the president or the coalition named the IS fighters arrested. IS fighters swept into Iraq in the summer of 2014, taking control of nearly a third of the country. At the height of the group’s power their self-proclaimed caliphate stretched from the edges of Aleppo in Syria to just north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.q

At least 44 killed as dam bursts in Kenya, officials say By TOM ODULA Associated Press NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Villagers said it started with a loud rumble, then houses collapsed one by one under an approaching wall of water. “We took our children and rushed to higher ground,” farmer Joseph Maina told The Associated Press. Their home was submerged and their crops were washed away but unlike dozens of others, they survived. At least 44 were dead and another 40 were missing Thursday after a dam swollen by weeks of

seasonal rains burst in Kenya’s Rift Valley, sweeping away hundreds of homes and sending people fleeing, officials said. At least 20 of the dead were children. “Many people are missing. It is a disaster,” said Rongai town police chief Joseph Kioko. The bursting of the Patel Dam in Solai, Nakuru County, on Wednesday night was the deadliest single incident yet in the seasonal rains that have killed more than 170 people in Kenya since March. The floods hit as the East African nation was recover-

ing from a severe drought that affected half of the country. Almost an entire village was swept away by silt and water from the burst dam, said Gideon Kibunja, the county police chief in charge of criminal investigations. Officials said homes over a radius of nearly 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) were submerged. Forty people have been reported missing, Regional Commissioner Mwongo Chimwanga said, while about 40 others were rescued from the mud and taken to local hospitals.q

In this June 23, 2014 file photo, fighters from the Islamic State group parade in a commandeered Iraqi security forces armored vehicle on the main road in Mosul, Iraq.  Associated Press


Friday 11 May 2018


Puerto Rico stocks food, water, radios as storm season nears By DANICA COTO Associated Press SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Federal and local officials said Thursday that they are stockpiling radios, food, water and generators in Puerto Rico and demanding rigorous emergency training to prepare the U.S. territory for dealing with any catastrophic storm as the Atlantic hurricane season approaches. In the wake of the devastation from Hurricane Maria, emergency plans have been changed to warn the island’s 3.3 million people that they need to have enough supplies to survive 10 days. “After Maria, we learned that three days is not enough,” said Carlos Acevedo, interim commissioner of Puerto Rico’s emergen-

In this Dec. 22, 2017 file photo, Melanie Oliveras stands on her front porch near a handful of electric cables knocked down by the winds of Hurricane Maria, in Morovis, Puerto Rico.  Associated Press

cy management agency. “Now the minimum is 10 days ... 10 days of supplies, 10 days of gasoline, 10 days of everything.” He said satellite antennas have been installed and

100-watt radios distributed to police stations, emergency management centers, fire stations and hospitals so crews can still communicate in the event of a disaster.

Officials noted that Hurricane Maria destroyed all critical infrastructure across Puerto Rico when it hit as a Category 4 storm Sept. 20 with winds of up to 154 mph. It knocked out power

for the whole island and caused damage estimated at more than $100 billion. Approximately 75 percent of power distribution lines were destroyed, and more than 20,000 power customers remain in the dark. Steps are being taken to harden the communications system. More than 1,100 miles of fiber optic cable are now underground, and officials are discussing the idea of laying a submarine cable to Puerto Rico’s southern region, said Sandra Torres, president of the island’s Telecommunications Regulatory Board. She said 98 percent of the island’s cell towers are functioning again, and 1,800 new generators are on stand-by since 15 percent of the towers still depend on generators.q

Bring your family to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing evening here at one of the most spectacular sunset restaurants in Aruba right over a dock surrounded by water.

In this April 24, 2018 file photo, a protester holds up a piece of cardboard with marked with a -3, in reference to the three film students killed by drug cartel assassins, in Mexico City.

Killers of 3 Mexican students dissolved 12 victims in acid

To make things even more special, we have a complimentary mimosa for all moms as you come and will have specials on sparkling wine, and Kir Royale which will surely have all mothers feeling like Royalty! We will also still have our special Dutch white asparagus menu, treat your family to an amazing night out.

LOCATION Bucutiweg #50, Oranjestad, Aruba Behind the Aruba Airport

CONTACT Phone +297 586 9949 Mobile: +297 592 0743 General: Reservation:

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A drug cartel’s assassins who killed three film students apparently mistaken for members of a rival gang and dissolved their bodies in acid did the same thing to nine other people, authorities said. Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete said investigators had detected DNA from 12 separate people in residual fats found at a location where one of the killers confessed to having dissolved bodies in sulfuric acid. Navarrete did not say whether any of the DNA profiles matched those of

the three film students who were abducted March 19 on the outskirts of the western city of Guadalajara. He did say that three of four suspects in the students’ abduction and killing had been arrested. The three students were unwittingly working on a film project for school at a house that was apparently being watched by members of the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel. The house had once been used by a rival drug gang, and the Jalisco cartel apparently suspected the students were part of that gang.q


Friday 11 May 2018


ORANJESTAD – Cozy, intimate, rustic and calming …. These are some of the characteristics of The Wine Room, THE place to really enjoy a great wine in good company. There are bars all over the island and places to drink at any corner, but this is something else. Sophisticated yet informal, jazzy and relaxing and most important: the best wines accompanied by background information told by the owner himself: Monrick Croes. “It was my dream to have my own wine consultancy place, now The Wine Room. From there it grew into more, we do wine tastings and are open daily,

except Mondays, for the public to enjoy a good wine in a cozy-house ambiance.” The Wine Room is divided in three different services; the a la carte part, the wine tastings and the wine gatherings, so the functions and parties which are a more social focused event. “We also offer specialty events, in combination with tasty bites that pair with the wines. Sometimes with guest chefs even. A possibility is always to book a Personal Flight, meaning food and wine pairing done by myself, offering 4 wines and 4 tapas.” Monrick sees that Aruba’s wine culture is growing, you notice that because of the increase in wine agencies.

“The local community is slowly getting into knowing more about wines, and our visitors for sure value good wines.” A wine to Monrick is history, there is a story in every glass and by drinking it right you taste that story. “Essential is to be open. I teach people to be open to wines as that is how you learn to appreciate.” I Heard it Through the Grapevine As a young man Monrick’s idea was pretty much to finish the only hotel school in the island: Bushiri. The school was famous in the Caribbean, people came from outside to achieve their associates’ degree here. “We started culinary arts and my initial plan was to be a chef. But the school’s curriculum was designed to continue with a bachelor if desired so I went to Holland with 21 years old. I started Fontys School where we were taught to give classes to restaurant and kitchen staff.” Wednesday was wine day and there started his interest. “My connection with wine only grew from that period on. We had a school trip

to France and visited the vineyards, I was passionate about it. I learned to drink wine and appreciated it more and more. Now I visit vineyards practically every year.” You can feel it by listening to him, his passion for the wine reaches

far and The Wine Room reflects that vibe. Here it is all about wine, relax, a good talk and some jazzy music. Just to unwind and wine-up with a good glass. Check the Facebook page The Wine Room for more information.q


Friday 11 May 2018

RENAISSANCE ARUBA WINS PROPERTY SALES FORCE SERVICE TEAM OF THE YEAR IN ELITE AWARDS Selected by Senior Leadership from each Continent, the ELITE Awards Honors Renaissance Aruba as 2017 CALA Regional Winner ORANJESTAD - Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino has been named a regional winner in the category of “Property Sales Force Service Team of the Year” in the ELITE Awards. Based on nominations received in numerous categories, the ELITE awards have chosen winners based on 2017 performance. All nominations are reviewed by a regional and continent selection committee, consisting of senior leaders. Senior leadership from each continent (The Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East & Africa) will select one winner for each award to compete for the distinction of the global award. Global Award Winners will be announced shortly. Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, comprised of the adult-exclusive Marina Hotel and spacious Ocean Suites, is pleased to be selected as a winner in these prestigious awards. “The sales team at Renaissance Aruba works hard every day, so to be recognized for our achievements in these impressive awards is truly an honor,” says Janien Huistra, Director of Sales and Marketing. “It showcases our dedication and commitment to the hotel and Marriott brand.” About Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino is comprised of the adult-exclusive Marina

Hotel and spacious Ocean Suites. The resort is the only property on Aruba to operate its own private island, a 40-acre atoll that is exclusive to guests and serviced by complimentary water taxi. Tropical retreat meets urban chic as the resort encompasses upscale shopping, 15 restaurants, two casinos, the 3,500 square-foot Okeanos Spa and a six-theatre cinema. Oranjestad’s hip nightlife options are within walking distance. The Renaissance Convention Center is Aruba’s largest meeting facility. To learn more, visit www.


Friday 11 May 2018

Aruba Tourism Authority honored loyal visitors at Costa Linda Beach Resort EAGLE BEACH - Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority honored a friendly and loyal group of Goodwill Ambassadors of Aruba as a token of appreciation for visiting the island for more than 20 and more consecutive years. Honorees were: Mary Jane Brennan Sangiolo, resident of Plymouth MA. She said: “I had always heard my relatives talk about Aruba. I finally got the chance in 1997 on a cruise which made a stop in Aruba. Although it was only a day at the port, I knew I wanted to come back. In 1998 I rented a friend’s timeshare in the high rise area and my love affair with Aruba began. It was on that visit in 1998 that I bought my 2 weeks at Costa Linda. I have come every year since and cannot say enough about this beautiful island. I love the weather, the restaurants and yes the casinos, but most of all it is the people in Aruba that I love. When I come to Aruba and especially Costa Linda I feel I am home. The employees here are like my family. I look forward to seeing them and talking with them. I stay

in touch with many of the CLBR employees on social media so even though I may not be here on the island it feels like I have a piece with me always.” Stephen Porpora and Antonia Olaco, residents of Staten Island New York: “My first Visit to Aruba was as a guest of Costa Linda through an RCI trade, I knew immediately that this resort in Aruba was home. I think in my 23 years vacationing in Aruba at Costa Linda,I have spoken to many residents of Aruba and to many Costa Linda’s Staff in every department like Housekeep-

ing, Maintenance, Accounting, Member Relations Activities, Security and Management. Also most concessions and restaurants especially 12 degrees north and the pool bar. From the moment my wife Antonia and my family Laura and Richy arrived at check-in until the time we regrettably check out everyone on Costa Linda’s staff is warm and friendly and helpful and this carries through with the concessions and restaurants and bar. Costa Linda is and will always be a welcoming happy place, the leadership of our Board is excel-

lent, their decision to develop the Frangipani Suits is a great idea. Well done everyone!” Ms.Darline de Cuba, representing the Aruba Tourism Authority, and members of Costa Linda: General Manager Luigi Heredia Mrs. Miriam Rodriquez , Mrs. Gloria Janga , Mrs. Lina, bestowed the certificates of the Ambassadors and handed some presents to the honorees and thanked them for choosing Aruba as their vacation destination and as their home away from home for so many years on behalf of the Government of Aruba.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Mother’s Day Weekend

It is the day where we put mom in the spotlight. It will be her show, her catwalk. As it is Mother’s Day, coming Sunday. It is also a perfect opportunity to enjoy

all weekend with the family and spend quality time together. Aruba has Mother’s day breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners to offer, pick your pick from one

of the advertisers in Aruba Today with their specials. On Saturday you can take mom on a tour around the island and make a stop at a flea market and finish off with a local concert. On Sunday; take a dive into the ocean and cool down with an ice cream and do not miss out on Aruba’s beautiful sunset on this very special day! Saturday’s Flea Market Rococo Plaza Outlet in Tanki Leendert organizes a

small Flea Market especially for Mother’s Day around the Antique shop that is inside the Rococo Plaza. You can also visit the first Floor for the Rococo Plaza Outlet. There will be healthy food available, vegan by Sandra. The market starts at 9 AM and ends at 1 PM. For more information you can visit Facebook Fleamarket Rococo Plaza Tanki Leendert. Saturday’s Concert by Nico Connor & Friends San Nicolas has a Concert for Mother’s Day 2nd

Edition from Nico Connor and Friends scheduled. It’s called: To the City and People of San Nicolas Performing artists are Etty Toppenberg / Shurby Maria / Eltienne Yarzagaray / Gregory Goedgedrag / Lloyd Baptist / Eugene Jones / Nico Connor. Take that ride to San Nicolas town and mingle with the local crowd while enjoying some live music by local musicians. Place to be is Teresita Center from 7.30 to 11.30 PM. More information on Facebook: Sweet Pan Music.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum, right drives to the basket against Philadelphia 76ers forward Robert Covington during the first quarter of Game 5 of an NBA basketball playoff series in Boston, Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Associated Press


The NBA’s Final Four: Cavs, Celtics, Warriors, Rockets By TIM REYNOLDS AP Basketball Writer The franchise with the most titles. The best player of this generation. The reigning champions. The probable MVP. The NBA has its Final Four. It certainly does not disappoint. Boston’s win over Philadelphia on Wednesday night brought down the curtain on the postseason’s second round — one that wasn’t exactly loaded with drama, since it was the first time since 2002 that none of the NBA’s four conference semifinal series went past five games. Cleveland swept Toronto, while Houston, Golden State and the Celtics all prevailed by 4-1 counts. Everyone gets to catch their collective breaths for a few days, with the league going dark until the weekend. Continued on Page 19

Six players share the lead at the Players Championship Webb Simpson reacts to his shot from the second tee during the first round of The Players Championship golf tournament Thursday, May 10, 2018, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Associated Press Page 18


Friday 11 May 2018

Dustin Johnson part of 6-way tie for lead at Players By DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson delivered plenty of entertainment Thursday at The Players Championship. The lead belonged to just about everyone else. Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar were among six players who shared the lead at 6-under 66 in ideal scoring conditions, creating the largest logjam ever at the TPC Sawgrass and the most players tied at the top at The Players in 40 years. “If you’re on your game, this course suits you,” Kuchar said. That’s been the story of the TPC Sawgrass over the years — a design that doesn’t favor one particular style of play. That notion was on overdrive in warm sunshine and moderate wind, conditions so ideal that 12 players were separated by one shot after the opening round, and 68 players in the 144-man field broke par. Woods wasn’t among them. He shot 72 in his first time at The Players since in three years. Neither was Mickelson, who had three double bogeys on the back nine and shot 79. Rickie Fowler rounded out the threesome and shot 74. They were the feature group in the afternoon that

Dustin Johnson hits from the 11th tee during the first round of The Players Championship golf tournament Thursday, May 10, 2018, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Associated Press

brought out thousands of sun-soaked fans. “Toward the back nine, it started getting a little sparse,” Woods said. “I think they might have tipped back a couple and got a little sleepy.” Or maybe they were just bored. All the action was all around them. Kuchar, Chesson Hadley and Patrick Cantlay each got to 7 under until late bogeys. Johnson, Alex Noren and Webb Simpson each shot 66 in the morning when there was only a

mild breeze, still enough to make even the best look foolish. Johnson played like he was determined to keep that No. 1 ranking, which he could lose if he finishes 12th or worse. And he putted like he was fed up with not seeing enough go in. He tried the “AimPoint” method that some players use to help them read the greens. He liked the results. Johnson started on No. 10 and went out in 31, and when he rolled in a 10-foot birdie putt on the par-5 second hole, he was on his

way. Johnson only gave himself a few reasonable chances the rest of the way, though he was more than happy with his 66. It was his best score ever on the Stadium Course, and only his fourth time in the 60s. “I was just not making enough putts,” Johnson said. “It’s definitely helped. Because I’m a feel putter, anyway, and so the way you’re doing it really is you’re just feeling. So it definitely works. I was pretty good the first time I switched. I had done it a lit-

tle bit, like messing around with it. I’m very pleased with the way I putted today.” Rookies and veterans alike were in the group at 67. The rookie was Keith Mitchell, who didn’t even know he was in the field until Paul Casey withdrew on Wednesday. Mitchell birdied his opening four holes, made seven birdies over his first 11 holes and was slowed only by a double bogey on the par-3 third. The veteran was 51-yearold Steve Stricker, who still can’t decide whether to hang his hat in the big leagues or the senior circuit. He was irritated by a late bogey and failing to birdie the par-5 ninth, settling for a 67. That was enough to remind him he can still challenge the best. “I’m not surprised,” Stricker said. “I expect to play well.” So did Woods, even after his putting woes last week at Quail Hollow. Back on putting surfaces he knows, Woods made a number of key putts. Except for an 18-footer just off the green at No. 9 for eagle, however, most of them were for par. There was also a 10-footer to escape with bogey on the 18th hole after he put his iron off the tee into the water. Woods hit only five fairways.q

Giovinco tops MLS salaries at $7.1M; Ibrahimovic at $1.5M BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — Toronto’s Sebastian Giovinco has taken over as Major League Soccer’s highestpaid player, and new LA Galaxy forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic earns a relatively modest $1.5 million. Giovinco, the Italian forward who joined Toronto in 2015, has a $5.6 million salary and $7,115,556 in total compensation, according to figures released Thursday by the MLS Players Association. That is the same as his totals last year, when Orlando’s Kaka topped the league with a $6.6 million base salary and total earnings of $7,167,500, including

Toronto FC forward Sebastian Giovinco reacts after being fouled by a Seattle Sounders player during the first half of an MLS soccer match Wednesday, May 9, 2018, in Toronto. Associated Press

a prorated share of compensation not specified to

a specific year. Kaka retired at the end of last season.

Toronto midfielder Michael Bradley is second this year ($6 million salary, $6.5 million total compensation), followed by Los Angeles FC forward Carlos Vela ($4.5 million, $6,292,500), Chicago midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger ($6.1 million), LA Galaxy forward Giovani dos Santos ($4.25 million, $6 million), New York City forward David Villa ($5.61 million) and Toronto forward Jozy Altidore ($5 million). Montreal midfielder Ignacio Piatti was next ($500,000, $4,713,444), followed by Colorado goalkeeper Tim Howard ($2 million, $2,475,000), Port-

land midfielder Diego Valeri ($2.32 million, $2.38 million), Seattle midfielder Nicolas Lodeiro ($1.8 million, $2,302,500), Atlanta midfielder Miguel Almiron ($1,912,500, $2,297,000), forward Yura Movsisyan (on loan from Salt Lake to Sweden’s Djurgardens; $1.85 million, $2,073,750), LA Galaxy midfielder Jonathan dos Santos ($2 million) and New York City midfielder Maxi Moralez ($2 million). Forty-six players have total compensation of $1 million or more, an increase from 28 in the initial list last year and from 23 in the first 2016 list.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Final Four

Continued from Page 17

Cleveland and Boston don’t tip off the Eastern Conference finals until Sunday, and the Warriors and Rockets start their West title series on Monday. And yes, the Cavaliers and Warriors are four wins away from a fourth consecutive meeting in the NBA Finals. A few things to know going into the conference finals: LEBRON, OF COURSE Any list of anything this time of year basically has to start with LeBron James, still generally considered the best player on the planet even at 33 years old and in his 15th NBA season. Cleveland’s star is trying to reach the NBA Finals for the eighth consecutive season — something only four other players have done, and they were all Boston Celtics. Bill Russell went to 10 straight title series, Sam Jones and Tom Heinsohn went to nine, and Frank Ramsey went to eight. James is already the NBA’s all-time playoff leader in points, steals and minutes played. He’s fifth in playoff wins with 152, behind only Derek Fisher (161), Tim Duncan (157), Robert Horry (155) and Kareem AbdulJabbar (154). CAVS-CELTICS HISTORY This is the eighth time Cleveland and Boston have met in the postseason. Boston has won four of the previous seven meetings, but Cleveland has won the last two — including the East finals last season. WARRIORS-ROCKETS HISTORY This is only the third Golden State-Houston play-

off meeting, and all have come in the last four seasons. The Warriors are 2-0 in the series, winning both times in five games — the 2015 West finals and a firstround matchup in 2016. SEEKING 10 Golden State is trying to reach the NBA Finals for the 10th time, a mark that two other franchises have reached. The Los Angeles Lakers have made The Finals on 31 occasions (winning 16 titles), and the Celtics have gone 21 times (winning a league-high 17 titles). If the Warriors successfully defend their NBA title and go back-to-back, it’ll be the franchise’s sixth time as the last team standing — and would tie Chicago for the third-most championships in league history, behind the Celtics and Lakers. MVP WATCH Houston’s James Harden seems like the probable winner of the NBA’s MVP award this season, with the only other realistic candidate for top honors probably LeBron James. They won’t know who won until June 25 — after the season. Regardless, they could wind up adding to a recent trend. The league MVP has played in the NBA Finals in four of the last six seasons — James and the Miami Heat won titles in 2012 and 2013, Stephen Curry and the Warriors won in 2015 and lost to Cleveland in 2016. MATTER OF TIME Ray Allen is still the league’s all-time leader in playoff 3-pointers made, with 385.

Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul (3) and James Harden celebrate the team’s win over the Utah Jazz during Game 5 of an NBA basketball second-round playoff series, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, in Houston. Associated Press

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are coming his way. James is No. 2 on the alltime list with 346 playoff 3-pointers. Curry is No. 3 with 329 — in only 79 playoff games. Allen played in 171, and James has played in 228. WELL DONE, SCHEDULE MAKERS Here’s how the NBA season began, back on Oct. 17: Boston at Cleveland, and Houston at Golden State. Almost seven months later, the conference finals begin with Cleveland at Boston, Golden State at Houston. WIN GAME 1 Winning Game 1 of any NBA playoff series is important; under this format that the league has been using since 1984, teams that take 1-0 series leads ultimately win those matchups about 80 percent of the time. That’s even more pronounced in this round.

Of the 68 teams that have taken 1-0 series leads in the conference finals, 57 have gone on to make the NBA Finals. But four times in the last seven years, a team has dropped Game 1 in this round and made The Finals anyway. MORE DAYS OFF? The NBA Finals start May 31. That means there could be a lot of days without basketball before then. If both series end in sweeps — unlikely, of course, but possible — the BostonCleveland winner would have 10 days off before The Finals and the HoustonGolden State winner would have nine. Starting Thursday, there will be no games five times in a nine-day span. There’s no games until Sunday, and there’s no games in either series on May 17 and 18. Those needing a basketball

fix on those last two days, fret not — there will be NBA Combine activities going on in Chicago on those two days. POOL UPDATE The NBA’s playoff pool for this season is $20 million, and here’s a look at how much the four remaining teams have made so far in this postseason — along with a look at what they could get. Rockets: $2,322,122. Would finish with $4,669,069 if they lose the NBA Finals, $5,864,018 if they win the title. Celtics and Warriors: $1,646,226 each so far. They’d get $3,993,173 if they reach The Finals and lose, $5,188,122 if they win the championship. Cavaliers: $1,478,543. Would finish with $3,825,490 if they lose the NBA Finals, $5,020,439 if they win the title.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Gardner, Judge rally Yankees past Red Sox for 17-1 surge By The Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — Brett Gardner capped a slumpbusting performance with a go-ahead, two-run triple off Craig Kimbrel in the eighth inning, Aaron Judge followed with a homer and the New York Yankees rallied to beat the Boston Red Sox 9-6 Wednesday night for their 17th victory in 18 games. Kimbrel entered with two on and one out to face Gardner seeking the first five-out save of his career. Gardner drilled a full-count pitch into left-center field, well over the head of center fielder Mookie Betts, who was playing shallow. Neil Walker scored easily from third and rookie Gleyber Torres raced from first and slid past a lunging tag attempted by catcher Christian Vazquez. Judge followed with a line drive to center measured at 117 mph off the bat, his ninth homer of the season. He had three hits and three RBIs as New York won its eighth straight overall and 11th in a row at home. Kimbrel replaced Matt Barnes (0-1) after a double by Walker and a one-out walk to Torres. Yankees reliever Jonathan Holder (1-1) cleaned up a mess left by Chasen Shreve in the eighth, getting Benintendi to ground out with the bases loaded. Aroldis Chapman pitched the ninth for his ninth save. ASTROS 4, ATHLETICS 1 OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Gerrit Cole struck out nine to raise his major leagueleading total to 86, and the Houston Astros beat the Oakland Athletics 4-1 Wednesday to complete a three-game sweep. Max Stassi and Derek Fisher hit consecutive home runs with two outs in the seventh off Daniel Mengden (2-4)

New York Yankees Brett Gardner (11) follows through on a two-run triple during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the Boston Red Sox in New York, Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Associated Press

for a 2-1 lead. Yuli Gurriel added a two-run double against Yusmiero Petit that extended his hitting streak to 11 games. Cole (4-1) allowed one run, four hits and three walks in six innings. His 1.43 ERA is second in the major leagues behind the 1.17 of teammate Justin Verlander. Ken Giles pitched a perfect ninth for his fifth save and second in two days. Before Tuesday, he had not pitched since allowing four runs in the ninth inning of a May 1 loss to the New York Yankees. BLUE JAYS 5, MARINERS 2 TORONTO (AP) — Yangervis Solarte hit a game-tying double in the eighth inning and Justin Smoak followed with a go-ahead double as Toronto rallied to beat Seattle. Toronto started the eighth with five straight hits off Mariners reliever Juan Nicasio (1-1), turning a 2-1 deficit into a 4-2 lead. Josh Donaldson doubled and scored on Solarte’s hit and Solarte was replaced by pinch runner Anthony

Alford, who scored on Smoak’s double to right. Kevin Pillar hit an RBI single to left, but was thrown out trying to stretch his hit into a double. Russell Martin ended Nicasio’s outing with a double. Erik Goeddel replaced Nicasio and struck out Lourdes Gurriel Jr., but gave up an RBI single to Luke Maile. Teoscar Hernandez homered and had three hits for the Blue Jays, who came in having lost five of six at home. Ryan Tepera (3-1) pitched one inning for the win and Tyler Clippard pitched around a leadoff single in the ninth to earn his first save. BRAVES 5, RAYS 2 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Nick Markakis hit a threerun homer and Atlanta set a franchise record for consecutive shutout innings on the road. Wilson Ramos’ two-run single with two outs in the eighth ended a string of 34 straight shutout innings for the Braves, who won for the seventh straight

time on the road. That is the longest streak for the Braves in the modern era (after 1900), according to the Elias Sports Bureau, surpassing the 30 consecutive innings by Atlanta’s staff in July 1992. Ramos’ hit extended his hitting streak to 16 games, the longest active streak in the majors. Julio Teheran (3-1) struck out seven in six shutout innings, the third time in four starts that the right-hander has not given up a run. Arodys Vizcaino pitched the ninth for his sixth save in seven opportunities. Markakis’ seventh homer of the season capped a fourrun third inning against Rays starter Ryan Yarbrough (2-2) that gave the Braves with a 5-0 lead. ORIOLES 5, ROYALS 3 BALTIMORE (AP) — Mark Trumbo delivered a tiebreaking two-run single in the eighth inning, Chris Davis homered and Baltimore ended a seven-game losing streak. Jonathan Schoop had two hits and scored twice for

the Orioles, who lost 18 of their previous 21 games. Lucas Duda homered and drove in three runs for the Royals. With two outs in the eighth, Manny Machado legged out a slow roller to third base for an infield single and Schoop sent him to third with a double. Trumbo then hit a liner up the middle that knocked Kansas City pitcher Kevin McCarthy (3-1) off his feet. Richard Bleier (3-0) worked two innings and Brad Brach got three outs for his fourth save, striking out Jon Jay to end it with runners on second and third. RANGERS 5, TIGERS 4 ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Nomar Mazara led off the 10th inning with his second homer of the game, giving Texas its first winning home series this season. Mazara pulled a 1-0 pitch into the right field seats off Warwick Saupold (1-1), the sixth Detroit pitcher. It was his first career game-ending homer. He has 10 home runs this season, seven in May. Rangers closer Keone Kela (3-2) struck out three in two innings. Texas took two of three, but are still 7-16 overall at home. The Rangers had lost their first six home series, their most ever to start a season. PIRATES 6, WHITE SOX 5 CHICAGO (AP) — Colin Moran hit a two-run homer that capped a four-run rally against Nate Jones in the ninth inning, and Pittsburgh sent the White Sox to their fifth straight loss. Starling Marte and Josh Bell singled off Jones (2-1), Elias Diaz had a two-run double and Moran homered. Richard Rodriguez (1-1) got the win and Felipe Vazquez pitched a perfect ninth for his seventh save in seven chances.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Dodgers beat NL West-leading Diamondbacks 6-3, end 3-game skid By The Associated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kyle Farmer’s sacrifice fly scored the go-ahead run in a sixth inning that included mistakes by Arizona’s bullpen and helped Los Angeles beat the NL West leaders. The scuffling Dodgers improved to 4-8 against their division rivals this season. Their three-game skid ended on a night when they got back one of their injured stars. Yasiel Puig went 3 for 4 with two runs scored in his return from the disabled list. The Diamondbacks’ three-game winning streak was stopped. Pinch-hitter Chase Utley had a two-run double for the Dodgers in the eighth. Pedro Baez (1-1) got the win with one inning of relief. Kenley Jansen pitched a perfect ninth for his sixth save. Fernando Salas (3-3) took the loss. PHILLIES 11, GIANTS 3 PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Carlos Santana had three hits and five RBIs, Nick Pivetta struck out seven in five scoreless innings and Philadelphia improved to 20-11 since a 1-4 start. Pivetta (2-2) bounced back from an awful start against the Nationals in which he lasted only one inning and allowed six runs. He scattered four hits and didn’t walk anyone. Giants starter Chris Stratton (3-3) gave up five runs and five hits in 4

2/3 innings. Santana ripped an RBI double to right field in the first inning and scored on Maikel Franco’s single to left. Franco drove his seventh homer to deep left-center for a 3-0 lead in the fourth. Santana’s tworun single in the fifth made it 5-0. He added another two-run single during a sixrun sixth against San Francisco’s bullpen. Santana raised his batting average to .191 and tied a career best with the five RBIs. REDS 2, METS 1, 10 INNINGS CINCINNATI (AP) — The New York Mets wasted a first-inning rally by batting out of turn, and Adam Duvall led off the 10th with a homer to win it for Cincinnati. Duvall connected for his first career gameending homer, a drive off A.J. Ramos (1-2). Catcher Devin Mesoraco started for the Mets and went 0 for 4, a day after the Reds dealt him to New York for pitcher Matt Harvey. Raisel Iglesias (1-0) retired six straight batters. New York got off to a rough start in the first, when Wilmer Flores fanned for the second out and Asdrubal Cabrera doubled, following the announced batting order. But the lineup card the Mets turned into the umpires had those two switched in the order and plate umpire Gabe Morales called an out. INDIANS 6, BREWERS 2

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Yasmani Grandal, right, scores on a sacrifice fly by Kyle Farmer as Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Alex Avila stands at the plate during the sixth inning of a baseball game Wednesday, May 9, 2018, in Los Angeles. Associated Press

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Carlos Carrasco struck out 14 in a complete game and Tyler Naquin and Francisco Lindor homered for Cleveland. Carrasco (5-1) gave up five hits, walked one and threw 117 pitches in his second complete game this season. He also hit an RBI single. Naquin hit a three-run drive off Junior Guerra (2-3). Milwaukee closer Corey Knebel, who had been out since April 5 with a hamstring injury, was activated from the disabled list and gave up Lindor’s leadoff home run in the seventh. CUBS 13, MARLINS 4 CHICAGO (AP) — Kris Bryant hit his 100th career homer, Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell connected in an eight-run third inning, and Chicago routed Miami. Rizzo also had a pair of doubles and finished with five RBIs as the Cubs outscored the Marlins 31-9

in a three-game sweep after dropping a season-high five in a row. The 26-yar-old Bryant hit a drive about halfway up the bleachers in left-center in the first inning for his third homer in four games, and later had an RBI double. Jose Quintana (4-2) returned the favor after getting hit hard in a loss at Miami on April 1. Wei-Yin Chen (1-2) was tagged. ANGELS 8, ROCKIES 0 DENVER (AP) — Rene Rivera homered with a sore right hand, Jaime Barria threw efficiently into the sixth inning and the Angels ended Colorado’s six-game winning streak. Barria (3-1) allowed five hits and struck out seven over 5 1/3 innings. Zack Cozart and Justin Upton both homered in the third. Rivera added a solo shot in the seventh despite taking a pair of early foul tips off his right hand. Tyler Anderson (2-1) strug-

gled over five innings and allowed four runs. His outing snapped Colorado’s string of nine straight quality starts. PADRES 2, NATIONALS 1 SAN DIEGO (AP) — Matt Szczur hit a go-ahead double in the seventh inning and San Diego’s bullpen pitched four scoreless innings against Washington. With the game tied at 1, Manuel Margot opened the seventh with a single — his third hit of the game — and stole second before advancing to third on catcher Matt Wieters’ throwing error. Szczur doubled off reliever Trevor Gott (0-2). Kirby Yates pitched a perfect eighth, and Brad Hand got three outs for his 10th save. Anthony Rendon homered for the Nationals, who had their three-game winning streak snapped. Craig Stammen (1-0) pitched out of trouble in the seventh for the win.q


Friday 11 May 2018


‘Flower’ blossoms: Fleury back to being great playoff goalie By STEPHEN WHYNO AP Hockey Writer Anyone who has played with Marc-Andre Fleury can tell he’s dialed in by watching his mannerisms. Last year, he rubbed the shaft of his stick after making a save with it on Alex Ovechkin. This year, he continued a career-long tradition of rubbing the post as a sign of appreciation for keeping a puck out. “That’s when you know he’s in the zone,” Pittsburgh defenseman Olli Maatta said. Fleury is in one of the best zones of his career in the playoffs with the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, who have followed up a magical inaugural season with a trip to the Western Conference final. The goaltending of Fleury is the biggest reason they’ve gotten this far and is a continuation of his remarkable playoff reputation rehabilitation. After taking the Penguins to the Stanley Cup Final in 2008 and winning it all in 2009, Fleury lost four of the next five series he played and each postseason posted a save percentage under .900. He has since gotten his groove back, helping the Penguins win the Cup again a year ago, and now leads the NHL playoffs with a 1.53 goals-against average, .951 save per-

In this April 26, 2018, file photo, Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (29) blocks a shot by the San Jose Sharks during the first period of Game 1 of an NHL hockey secondround playoff series in Las Vegas. Associated Press

centage and four shutouts. “I don’t think it was anything physically that he changed,” former Penguins teammate and current Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik said. “It was all confidence-driven. He’s always been a guy who’s really competitive and really loose at the same time. I think it was just confidence. I think he needed a fresh start. Maybe he just needed a clean slate, and you perform better when you’re more appreciated.” It’s impossible not to appreciate the impact “Flower” has made in the desert as the face of a new franchise as he went 29-13-4 with a 2.24 GAA and .927 save

percentage for Pacific Division-winning Vegas. The fresh start might have rejuvenated Fleury more than a decade into his career, but his bounce-back in becoming a great playoff goalie again is six years in the making. The low point came in 2012. Fleury allowed 26 goals over six games to Philadelphia in a first-round exit. The next playoffs, backup Tomas Vokoun started more games, and it was fair to wonder if Fleury had lost it. “You learn from losing,” Fleury said Wednesday. “You learn from tough times and pressure and stuff like that. It made me a better goalie from it.”

Now-Capitals defenseman Matt Niskanen was there for some of the struggles but didn’t level them all on Fleury. By 2014, he noticed a different goalie. “There was a period of time there where maybe (it was) not entirely his fault, a few things went wrong and it snowballed on him and he had a tough go there, I think, mentally for a couple springs,” Niskanen said. “But by the time of my last year there he was really good again.” The scars of another second-round exit led to more blame for Fleury, who was scapegoated for a team with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin not doing more after the Cup in 2009. “Sometimes it’s the way your team plays in front of you,” said Penguins winger Carl Hagelin, who beat Fleury with the Rangers in playoff series in 2014 and 2015. “Sometimes, like any other player, you might have a bad series or a bad playoffs and I think for a goalie if you have that, people are going to be all over you.” Following a forgettable first-round loss to Hagelin and the Rangers in 2015, Fleury had one of his best regular seasons. But he was nevertheless replaced as Pittsburgh’s playoff starter by Matt Murray on the way to the Cup in 2016.

Before he played a substantial role in the Penguins’ second consecutive title run, Fleury agreed to waive his no-movement clause to go to Vegas in the expansion draft. Golden Knights general manager George McPhee, whose 2009 Capitals lost to Fleury in the second round, said Dave Prior was insistent on adding Fleury because the veteran goaltending coach felt there was more improvement to be made in his game. “He obviously studies goaltenders all around the league and looks at the way that they’re playing the game,” McPhee said. “He was excited and he really advocated for him in our meetings and thought that he could make him even better than he’s been. We like the calming effect he has on this team. When he plays, he’s really good when you need him the most. Needless to say you don’t get to the third round in this league unless you got a goaltender that’s playing well.” Fleury will be playing in the third round for the fifth time in his career, a testament to the 33-year-old’s willingness to adjust as he has gotten older, including eating the right food, training meticulously and allowing his body to recover. q

Ex-NFL player: Police fabricated evidence for gun charge

In this Sept. 3, 2015, file photo, then-Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Khaseem Greene (44) sits on the sidelines after an interception during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Miami Dolphins, in Miami Gardens, Fla.  Associated Press

By DAVID PORTER Associated Press ELIZABETH, N.J. (AP) — A former NFL linebacker’s career was cut short after authorities in New Jersey fabricated evidence linking him to a gun used in a shooting, the player alleged in a lawsuit filed this week. The Elizabeth police department and Union County prosecutor’s office “willfully ignored and were deliberately indifferent to overwhelming evidence” that Khaseem Greene hadn’t provided the weapon used in a shooting outside a nightclub in Elizabeth in December 2016. The Kansas City Chiefs released Greene in May of last year, the day charges

against him were reported. Two months later, a gun charge against Greene was dropped after an audio recording surfaced of the accused shooter telling detectives he lied about Greene’s involvement in the shooting. The lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses the police and prosecutor’s office of “simultaneously manufacturing and fabricating false evidence in order to charge Plaintiff with a crime he did not commit.” A spokesman for the county prosecutor’s office declined comment Thursday. A message left at the Elizabeth police department wasn’t immediately returned.

The 29-year-old Greene is an Elizabeth native who was a Big East defensive player of the year while at Rutgers. He appeared in a total of 25 games for the Chicago Bears in the 2013 and 2014 seasons, starting six games at linebacker. The lawsuit charges numerous counts including civil rights violations, false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, negligence and defamation. It seeks unspecified punitive and compensatory damages, including for past and future economic loss. It also seeks the appointment of an independent monitor to oversee the Elizabeth police department.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Nadal breaks McEnroe’s mark of straight sets won on surface MADRID (AP) — Rafael Nadal broke John McEnroe’s record of 49 straight sets won on the same surface by beating Diego Schwartzman 6-3, 6-4 in the third round of the Madrid Open on Thursday. Nadal extended his winning streak to 50 consecutive sets on clay, eclipsing the mark McEnroe established on carpet in 1984. “When my career is over, these are things that are going to be there for always. It’s difficult to be able to win 50 sets in a row,” Nadal said. “Well, it’s done. It’s over. Let’s not talk about that any more and let’s continue on what we have ahead which is what I am concerned about.” The world No. 1’s focus is trained on his next match against Dominic Thiem, a rematch of last year’s final. Thiem, who outlasted Borna Coric 2-6, 7-6 (5), 6-4, is the last player to beat Nadal

on clay at Rome last year. “On this surface, (Thiem) is one of the most dangerous players you can face,” Nadal said. “Tomorrow is a key match in the tournament.” While Nadal marched on, the top women’s players continued to struggle in the Spanish capital after topranked Simona Halep and Maria Sharapova both lost in the quarterfinals. Also on the men’s side, second-seeded Alexander Zverev brushed aside Leonardo Mayer 6-4, 6-2 and will meet John Isner after he edged Pablo Cuevas in a hard-fought match that needed tiebreakers to decide all three sets. Isner prevailed 6-7 (9), 7-6 (3), 7-6 (4) in 2 hours, 21 minutes. The top-ranked Nadal, who improved to 18-1 overall on the season, has won 38 of his last 39 matches on his favored clay.

Nadal went up a break at 4-2 in the first set after backto-back errors by Schwartzman, including a missed smash. Nadal then struck a forehand winner on the run to break Schwartzman again in the second set. Schwartzman broke back, but two straight double-faults gave Nadal a third break en route to the win. The 16-time Grand Slam champion is seeking his sixth title in Madrid after taking his trophy hauls at Monte Carlo and Barcelona to 11 apiece. Also, Dusan Lajovic fought back from 0-4 in the decisive tiebreaker to stun fourth-seeded Juan Martin del Potro 3-6, 6-4, 7-6 (6) for his first career win against a top-10 ranked player. Lajovic moved on to meet sixth-seeded Kevin Anderson, who eliminated Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3, 7-6 (7). Kyle Edmund continued

Rafael Nadal from Spain celebrates his victory over Diego Schwartzman from Argentina during a Madrid Open tennis tournament match in Madrid, Spain, Thursday, May 10, 2018. Nadal won 6-3, 6-4. Associated Press

his excellent run by ousting eighth-seeded David Goffin 6-4, 6-4. Edmund, an unseeded Brit, defeated former No. 1 Novak Djokovic in straight sets on Wednesday. Edmund will face 19-yearold Denis Shapovalov, after he bettered Milos Raonic 6-4, 6-4 in an all-Canadian clash. Halep lost to Karolina Pliskova 6-4, 6-3, ending her bid to become a threetime consecutive champion in Madrid.

Pliskova gave the Romanian no chance, breaking her serve four times and hitting 20 winners. “I think I played one of my best matches this year for sure, and for sure on clay in my life,” the sixth-seeded Pliskova said. “I feel amazing since in the last six matches I lost to her.” Halep got off to a positive start by breaking Pliskova for a 2-0 lead, only for the Czech to take the break right back to swing the match in her favor.q

Yates moves into overall lead of Giro, Chaves wins stage 6 ETNA, Sicily (AP) — Simon Yates took the overall lead of the Giro d’Italia on Thursday after the British rider finished second on stage six, just behind MitcheltonScott teammate Esteban Chaves on the summit of Mount Etna. Yates overtook Chaves in the final meters but sat up on the approach to the finish line and told his teammate to cross first after the Colombian had spent the whole day in the breakaway. Thibaut Pinot was third on the 164-kilometer (102-mile) route from Caltanissetta. The Groupama-FDJ rider led Chris Froome and most of the other favorites over

the line, 26 seconds behind the leading duo. “It was a crazy day with a lot of attacks going at the beginning. As Esteban was at the front with a pretty big group, it made me sit back. I could save some energy. It worked out perfectly,” Yates said. “I felt good so I took my chance to ride across. Esteban had been out all day so he deserved the win. I said to him as soon as I caught him that he could take the stage because if I had enough time then I would take the jersey.” Chaves had been out front as part of a 28-man breakaway for most of the day

Colombia’s Esteban Chaves, left, celebrates as he crosses the finish line ahead of Britain’s Simon Yates to win the sixth stage of the Giro d’Italia cycling race, from Caltanissetta to Mt. Etna, Thursday, May 10, 2018. Associated Press

and attacked on the final climb with five kilometers remaining, and swiftly built a significant advantage. Yates made his move with 1.5K remaining and surged into the lead before indicating to Chaves he should take the win. The duo hugged each other in celebration immediately after crossing the line. Yates, who won the young rider classification at last year’s Tour de France, replaces Rohan Dennis in the leader’s pink jersey and has a 16-second advantage over defending champion Tom Dumoulin. Chaves is third overall, 26 seconds behind the 25-year-old Yates.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Italian researchers develop lighter, cheaper robotic hand By COLLEEN BARRY FRANCESCO SPORTELLI Associated Press ROME (AP) — Italian researchers on Thursday unveiled a new robotic hand they say allows users to grip objects more naturally and featuring a design that will lower the price significantly. The Hennes robotic hand has a simpler mechanical design compared with other such myoelectric prosthetics, characterized by sensors that react to electrical signals from the brain to the muscles, said researcher Lorenzo De Michieli. He helped develop the hand in a lab backed by the Italian Institute of Technology and the INAIL state workers’ compensation prosthetic center. The Hennes has only one motor that controls all five fingers, making it lighter, cheaper and more able to adapt to the shape of objects. “This can be considered low-cost because we reduce to the minimum the mechanical complexity to achieve, at the same time, a very effective grasp, and a very effective behavior of the prosthesis,” De Michieli said. “We maximized the effectiveness of the prosthetics and we minimized

Marco Zambelli shows his prosthetic hand during an interview with the Associated Press in Rome Thursday, May 10, 2018. the mechanical complex- been too heavy for some. in a work accident while still ity.” Italian researchers say the a teenager, and has used They plan to bring it to mar- Hennes weighs about the a variety of prosthetics over ket in Europe next year with same as a human hand. the years. A video presena target price of around In the United States, many tation shows him doing a 10,000 euros ($11,900), amputees prefer the much variety of tasks, including about 30 percent below simpler hook prosthetic, removing bills from an aucurrent market prices. which attaches by a shoul- tomated teller machine, Arun Jayaraman, a robot- der harness, because it al- grasping a pencil and drivic prosthetic researcher at lows them to continue to ing a stick-shift car. the Shirley Ryan Ability lab operate heavy equipment, “Driving, for example, is not in Chicago, said the lighter Jayaraman said. a problem,” Zambelli, 64, design could help over- Italian retiree Marco Zam- said, who has also learned come some resistance in belli has been testing the to use a table knife. “Now users to the myoelectric Hennes hand for the last I have gotten very good at hands, which to date have three years. He lost his hand it. I think anyone who’s not

looking with an expert eye would find it difficult to spot that it’s an artificial hand.” About a dozen labs worldwide are working on improvements to the myoelectric prosthetic, with some focusing on touch, others on improving how the nervous system communicates with the prosthetic. “Each group is giving baby steps to help the field move forward,” Jayaraman said. Cost remains a barrier for advanced prosthetic limbs, as well as the fact that the more complex motorized systems tend to be “heavy and fragile. They also get hard to control,” said Robert Gaunt, an assistant professor of rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh. The Hennes design “could make a difference. I think it is a clever approach and one that could see significant benefits for people with missing hands,” he said. Limitations remain the inability to control individual fingers for tasks like playing the piano or typing on a computer. “But the vast majority of what many of us do with our hands every day is simply grasp objects,” Gaunt said.q

Volunteers work to save vintage train simulator in Berlin

In this Friday, May 4, 2018 photo Tobias Hirsch of the ‘Historic City Train Driving Simulator’ poses in the simulator cockpit in Berlin, Germany.

By JONA KALLGREN Associated Press BERLIN (AP) — Hydraulic systems jerk and pull the metal train cab back and forth as the driver pilots it along the tracks of Berlin’s commuter rail system, as images of the city just after the fall of the Berlin Wall whiz by.

Completed in communist East Germany in 1968, the one-of-a-kind train simulator had its last major overhaul nearly 30 years ago when it was outfitted with then-state of the art equipment — its 16mm film screen replaced with LaserDisc technology and a

Commodore Amiga 3000 computer installed to run the system. Not surprisingly, those systems today are breaking down more and more frequently, and volunteers who have kept the unit running in a museum in an industrial building on the eastern outskirts of the German capital are now trying to raise the funds to save it. “It has quite a historical importance,” said Lutz Tannigel, the last teacher to use the simulator to test train drivers. “It was the first simulator that the Deutsche Reichsbahn (East German national railway) had. And we still have it and it still works, so it is absolutely imperative to maintain it for the future.” Built in the city of Halle, northwest of Leipzig, it was a sort of early virtual real-

ity experience that was used to teach train drivers to deal with unexpected emergencies such as the loss of break pressure or an electrical fault. Air is pressurized by an electric engine for the brake system. The cylinders move the train cab noisily forward and backward, left and right to mimic the movements of a real train on a track. And, it occasionally lets off an alarm. “This was a huge innovation back then in the 1960s,” said Tannigel, an energetic 54-year old who still works as a teacher for train drivers in Berlin. “That you could use a simulator to train drivers. That was very advanced.” East German train authorities commissioned the unit from their research and

development unit in Halle after visiting a train simulator in Britain produced by General Precision Systems. After testing, it was put into use in 1969 for the training of locomotive drivers. Thousands of drivers were trained on the machine, which in those days used 16mm film on a screen. The cabin was set up like a diesel locomotive from the Deutsche Reichsbahn. In 1988, it was moved to Berlin and refitted to match the city’s local “S-Bahn” commuter train service. The simulator was kept in service after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the following reunification of Germany, and it got its upgraded LaserDisc video system and Commodore computer over the next two years.q


Friday 11 May 2018

Tech and health care firms drive more gains for US stocks By ALEX VEIGA AP Business Writer A broad rally drove U.S. stocks solidly higher Thursday for the second day in a row, extending the market’s gains for the week. Technology companies, which have led the market this year, contributed the most to the rally. Health care stocks and banks also accounted for a big slice of the market’s gains as investors sized up the latest company earnings and economic news. Crude oil prices rebounded after an early slide. The S&P 500 index rose 25.28 points, or 0.9 percent, to 2,723.07. The Dow Jones industrial average climbed 196.99 points, or 0.8 percent, to 24,739.53. The gain turned the Dow back to positive for the year. The Nasdaq added 65.07 points, or 0.9 percent, to 7,404.97. Smaller-company stocks continued to post solid gains. The Russell 2000 index of smaller-company stocks picked up 7.66 points, or 0.5 percent, to 1,603.71. That’s the highest close for the index since January. “They’ve had a good couple of months,” said Tom Martin, senior portfolio manager with Globalt Investments. “The dollar really strengthened here up until the last couple of days, and that is benefiting those smaller-cap companies.” The major indexes were moving higher from the get-go Thursday as investors sifted through the latest measure of inflation in the economy. The Labor Department said that U.S. consumer prices rose a modest 0.2 percent

This Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, file photo shows the New York Stock Exchange. Stocks are off to a solid start on Wall Street, building on the market’s gains from a day earlier.

in April, a sign that broader inflation pressure remains muted. Excluding the volatile food and energy categories, core prices ticked up just 0.1 percent last month and 2.1 percent from April last year. Slower growth in core prices may mean that the Federal Reserve will be less inclined to accelerate interest rate hikes. The Fed has signaled they will lift rates twice more this year, following an increase in March. Some expect that an uptick in inflation or economic growth might spur the Fed to add a third hike. “It tells us that rates are going to continue to go higher, but maybe it starts to call into question: Are we really going to have four? Maybe three is enough,” said Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management. Bond investors appeared to interpret the consumer prices data as a sign that the Fed is not likely to speed up the pace of its planned rate hikes. Bond prices rose, pulling the yield on the 10-

year Treasury note down to 2.96 percent from 3 percent late Wednesday. Technology stocks extended their gains. The sector, which is up 11.1 percent this year, ahead of all others. On Thursday, Qualcomm led the sector, climbing 3.4 percent to $54.97 after the company’s board approved a $10 billion share buyback. Envision Healthcare was the biggest gainer among health care stocks. The company added 5 percent to $42.74. Cardinal Health also moved higher, adding 3.8 percent to $54.74 after The Wall Street Journal reported that experts think the Trump administration’s plan to reduce drug prices won’t have a big effect on costs. Traders also had their eye on corporate earnings Thursday. CenturyLink jumped 7.5 percent to $19.40 after the telecom company reported earnings that were much higher than analysts were expecting.

Booking Holdings slid 4.7 percent to $2,080.02 after its latest quarterly report card disappointed traders. L Brands slumped 7.2 percent to $31.68 after the retailer said it expects to only reach the low end of its first-quarter profit forecast. Benchmark U.S. crude oil reversed an early slide. It rose 22 cents to settle at $71.36 a barrel in New York. Brent crude, used to price international oils, gained 26 cents to close at $77.47 per barrel. The dollar fell to 109.37 yen from 109.72 yen on Wednesday. The euro strengthened to $1.1927 from $1.1861. The pound weakened to $1.3519 from $1.3555 after the Bank of England held off raising interest rates due to weaker economic growth so far this year. Gold rose $9.30 to $1,322.30 an ounce. Silver gained 22 cents to $16.76 an ounce. Copper picked up 5 cents to $3.11 a pound. In other energy futures

trading, heating oil was little changed at $2.22 a gallon. Wholesale gasoline added 3 cents to $2.19 a gallon. Natural gas gained 8 cents to $2.81 per 1,000 cubic feet. Major indexes in Europe finished higher Thursday. Germany’s DAX rose 0.6 percent and France’s CAC 40 added 0.2 percent. Britain’s FTSE 100 gained 0.5 percent. Earlier in Asia, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 rose 0.4 percent. South Korea’s Kospi added 0.8 percent. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng gained nearly 1.0 percent.q


Friday 11 May 2018


Conceptis Sudoku

6 Chix


Mother Goose & Grimm

Baby Blues


Yesterday’s puzzle answer

Sudoku is a number-placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid with several given numbers. The object is to place the numbers 1 to 9 in the empty squares so that each row, each column and each 3x3 box contains the same number only once. The difficulty level of the Conceptis Sudoku increases from Monday to Sunday.


Friday 11 May 2018

dOCTOR ON DUTY Oranjestad

Dr. HorenbeeckTel. 586 3434

San Nicolas

In this Nov. 5, 2014 file photo, Dr. Dre attends the WSJ. Magazine 2014 Innovator Awards at MoMA in New York. Dr. Dre has lost his trademark fight against Dr. Drai.

Dr. Dre loses trademark claim against ‘Dr. Drai’ By MICHAEL RUBINKAM Associated Press Dr. Dre has lost his trademark fight against Dr. Drai. Dre, the rap mogul and record producer whose real name is Andre Young, opposed the trademark application of Dr. Draion M. Burch, a Pittsburgh gynecologist who styles himself “America’s OBGYN.” Burch, whose website advertises that he’s a sex expert and media personality, is known professionally as “Doctor Drai” — a shortened version of his first name — and in 2015 he sought trademark protection for it. Dre objected, arguing that because Drai’s media appearances and speaking events take place in a “non-medical setting,” they constitute entertainment. His lawyers told a panel of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that consumers were likely to mix up Dre and Drai, whose names are pronounced the same way even though they’re spelled differently. The trademark panel rejected that argument, saying in its May 3 decision that Drai’s “entertainment and educational motivational speaking services, which are specifically limited in content to osteopathic medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, are a subject matter which is obviously far removed from music.” Dre’s lawyers also argued that Burch’s use of Dr. Drai “implied a false suggestion of a connection” between the two. But the gynecologist said he applied for the trademark simply because “that’s my name.”q


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Friday 11 May 2018

Study finds little bang for the buck in Zika blood testing By MIKE STOBBE AP Medical Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Screening blood donations for the Zika virus netted only a few infections at a cost of more than $5 million for each positive test result, according to new research. The study was the first large look at the impact of guidelines set two years ago, when the Zika epidemic was an unfolding menace in the U.S. and health officials were scrambling to prevent new infections. The study, published Wednesday by the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the blood donation testing requirements offered little bang for the buck. It also raised questions about whether a cheaper testing method should be used. In more than 4 million blood donations checked in the United States, nine tested positive for the Zika virus. Of those, three were considered an infection threat. “We can’t afford to spend that kind of money to find a single case,” said Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, a Columbia University infectious diseases expert who was not involved in the research. Zika infections swept across

This 2016 digitally-colorized electron microscope image made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the Zika virus, in red, about 40 nanometers in diameter.

Latin America and the Caribbean in 2015 and 2016, with a few very small outbreaks in the southern United States. The virus is mainly spread by tropical mosquitoes, but scientists also discovered some infections were spread through sex. Fearing Zika might also

spread through transfusions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2016 called on all blood banks to screen for it. “The risk from transfusion was poorly known. We put this testing in place as a precaution without really having solid data about

the necessity for it,” said Dr. Darrell Triulzi, a University of Pittsburgh transfusion medicine specialist. The new study is the first large one to evaluate whether the testing made sense, he added. The researchers looked at the results of screenings

done by the American Red Cross, which collects 42 percent of the U.S. blood supply. They focused on donations from the Lower 48 states from June 2016 to September 2017. Health officials say there have been four transfusionrelated Zika cases reported in Brazil, but none in the United States. The FDA has never before revoked a recommendation to test blood donations for a potentially harmful germ, and it’s unlikely the agency would do that now, experts said. But the agency could call for a less intensive screening called mini-pool testing. Rather than running a test on each separate donor, mini-pool testing involves mixing samples from 16 donors and testing the batch. When a batch tests positive, individual testing is done to find the tainted donation. That’s what’s done with West Nile virus and other germs, experts said. Mini-pool testing would cut the cost of Zika testing in half, said Susan Stramer, one of the study’s authors and vice president of scientific affairs at the Red Cross.q

Cancer docs feel unprepared, but recommend marijuana anyway

This Sept. 15, 2015 file photo shows marijuana plants a few weeks away from harvest in a medical marijuana cultivation center in Albion, Ill. Associated Press

By CARLA K. JOHNSON AP Medical Writer SEATTLE (AP) — Nearly half of U.S. cancer doctors who responded to a survey say they’ve recently recommended medical marijuana to patients, although most say they don’t know enough about medicinal use. The results reflect how marijuana policy in some states has outpaced research, the study authors said. All 29 states with medical marijuana programs allow doctors to recommend it to cancer patients. But no rigorous studies in cancer patients exist. That leaves doctors to make assumptions from other research on similar prescription drugs, or in other types of patients. “The big takeaway is we need more research, plain

and simple,” said Dr. Ilana Braun of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, who led the study published Thursday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Patients want to know what their doctors think about using marijuana. In the new study, cancer doctors said their conversations about marijuana were almost always started by patients and their families, not by the doctors themselves. Overall, nearly eight in 10 cancer doctors reported having discussed marijuana with patients or their families, with 46 percent recommending it for pain and other cancer-related problems to at least one patient in the past year. Among those who said they recommended marijuana, 56 percent said they did not have sufficient

knowledge to do so. “They’re not as close-minded as you might think, and they also feel they have a lot to learn,” Braun said. The survey was conducted in a random sample of cancer doctors; researchers got completed surveys from 237 doctors, or 63 percent. Marijuana is considered an illegal drug by federal officials and federal restrictions have limited research. Last year, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine concluded the lack of scientific information about marijuana poses a risk to public health. There’s evidence marijuana can treat chronic pain in adults and medications similar to marijuana can ease nausea from chemotherapy. q


Friday 11 May 2018

Gabrielle Union fights for her family ‘Breaking In’ By LINDSEY BAHR AP Film Writer There is one perfect moment in “Breaking In “ that one goes to see a movie like “Breaking In” for and it comes relatively early on. Gabrielle Union’s character, Shaun, has found herself under attack in the driveway where she’d been attempting to order pizza for her two kids. She’s unaware that her son and daughter have already been grabbed by the home invaders. She’s shoeless, surprised and on interminable hold with the pizza place when the attack happens. But, she also has just accidentally broken her wine glass and, so, as resourceful ladies are wont to do, stabs the guy in the chest with the stem. Thankfully she’d had the chance to gulp down the contents first considering what comes next, which, might actually not be a bad idea for the audience either. Happy Mother’s Day, folks, your house is under attack and your kids are being held hostage. Are your “mama bear” instincts up to the task? It’s not a bad idea and Union proves more than capable of nailing her Liam Neeson/Bruce Willis moment of save-your-family action stardom, but the movie has trouble sustaining interest even over its brisk 88 minutes. Directed by James McTeigue (“V for Vendetta”) and written by Ryan Engle (“Non-Stop”), “Breaking In” is basically “Panic Room” in reverse, but less clever and thrilling than that Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart yarn.

This image released by Universal Pictures shows Ajiona Alexus, left and Gabrielle Union in “Breaking In.” Associated Press

In “Breaking In,” Union, as Shaun and her son Glover (Seth Carr) and teenage daughter Jasmine (Ajiona Alexus) are on a little weekend trip to her late father’s Wisconsin mansion to collect some belongings and meet the real estate agent. “This place is a fortress,” someone actually says as they explore the intense security system that her tech savvy son explains is so easy to use that even mom could do it (hey, perhaps that’ll come in handy later). Shaun’s father dies in the

opening scene in an intentional hit-and-run, amid a barely explained DA investigation. But no one seems to care or be too curious about that, plus Shaun’s been estranged from her father for years. It’s why the four burglars assumed that there won’t be anyone in the house when they pick this night to find a safe that they’ve been told contains $4 million in cash. Why they couldn’t just come back another night instead of getting themselves involved in an

escalating hostage crisis isn’t something the movie is interested in exploring, either. They’d already gone through all the trouble of getting there and cutting the phone lines I guess. So the leader, Eddie (Billy Burke), the frosted-tipped and morally conflicted Sam (Levi Meaden), the psychotic Duncan (Richard Cabral) and the ex-military Peter (Mark Furze) decide that the best course of action is to kidnap the kids, hunt down the mom and play it by ear as to whether

or not to kill them. Shaun is put through the ringer as she attempts to break back into the house to get her kids and take control of the situation, which quickly starts to feel repetitive. If only the script were a little better. Burke seems unwilling to go full campy villain, instead playing it straight even though every other line of dialogue is him psychoanalyzing Shaun’s mom drive. (“Fear I can manage, desperation is a whole other thing” and “Moms don’t run, not when their babies are trapped in the nest” are just a few of the gems). He also often goes back to the refrain that he’s pretty impressed with her determination and how he “knows” that everyone underestimates her. I suppose it’s the sort of line that women are supposed to relate to in general, maybe, but you also start to realize that you know nothing about Shaun — occupation, interests, life, exercise regimen. Do people underestimate her? Did he? Were we supposed to? It’s telling about the level of thought put into this story and script, but, again, “Breaking In” is not necessarily even trying to live up those standards, and despite all odds and everything going on around her, Union sells it. Maybe we did underestimate her after all. “Breaking In,” a Universal Pictures film, is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for “violence, menace, bloody images, sexual references, and brief strong language.” Running time: 88 minutes. Two stars out of four.q


Friday 11 May 2018


Music mural displayed for 1st time since Hurricane Katrina By JANET McCONNAUGHEY Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A mural that covered the wall of a pioneering New Orleans bar is back on display for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. The 29-foot-long (9-meterlong) painting, which caricatures more than 60 musical celebrities of the 1940s, once covered a wall at Dixie’s Bar of Music , an early haven for gay patrons in the city. It’s by Xavier Gonzalez , whose work has been collected by major art museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Curators are celebrating with music Friday evening in the New Orleans Jazz Museum , where the painting is being shown along with the clarinet played by bar owner and bandleader Yvonne “Dixie” Fasnacht, who lived to be 101, and other mementos of the club. In the painting, Fasnacht is shown as a small blue cherub hovering in front of Frank Sinatra. Gonzalez also depicted the Nat King

A detail of the oil on canvas painting Dixie’s Bar of Music is seen at the New Orleans Jazz Museum in New Orleans, Thursday, May 10, 2018.

Cole trio, trumpeter Louis Armstrong and bandleader Xavier Cugat. Among the largest likenesses is jazz pianist Dorothy Sloop, whose nickname is said to have inspired Ohio’s state rock song — the 1960s hit “Hang on, Sloopy,” said David Kunian, music curator for the Louisiana State Museum and curator of the

jazz museum. Painted just as large is movie star Dorothy Lamour, wearing a sarong and standing hipshot near singer Paul Robeson, who is shown in the epauletted uniform he wore for the movie “The Emperor Jones.” The painting was autographed by some of its subjects, including members of the Andrews Sisters group and singer Johnnie Ray. Wayne Phillips, another Louisiana State Museum curator, said Fasnacht ap-

parently commissioned the painting soon after she opened the bar on St. Charles Ave. in 1939, since an October 1940 newspaper ad for the bar touted Gonzalez’ “clever mural caricatures.” The bar moved to Bourbon Street a decade later. Police never raided Dixie’s, but when the city’s first gay Carnival ball was raided in 1962, “the story is that Miss Dixie just grabbed handfuls of cash from the cash register and went and bailed

everybody out,” Phillips said. Fasnacht didn’t advertise Dixie’s as a gay bar but it was known to be gayfriendly, her friend Peter Patout told ‘ The Times-Picayune in an interview for her obituary in 2011. “It was more a social center than it was a pickup bar,” patron and former TimesPicayune critic Frank Gagnard told the newspaper. “It was where gay people went to meet friends.” Fasnacht sold the bar in 1964 and donated the painting to the museum in 1978. The jazz museum was damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and reopened about a year ago. The painting, undamaged by the storm, was quickly moved from a second-floor lobby wall to storage and rolled onto a cylinder. Once unrolled, it had to re-stretched, retouched to fix cracks and flaking, and varnished — a $10,000 job. A museum patron donated the money. Although museum records describe the painting as 35 feet (nearly 11 meters) long, it turned out to be 29 feet when measured, Kunian said.q

Watches, wardrobe of comedian Jerry Lewis to be auctioned

In this May 23, 2013, photo, comedian Jerry Lewis poses for photographers during a photo call for the film Max Rose at the 66th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France.

Associated Press LAS VEGAS (AP) — Property that belonged to famed comedian Jerry Lewis will be auctioned next month

in Las Vegas. Julien’s Auctions says some of his watches, including one given to him by Dean Martin, and his wardrobe

and props from the 1963 film “The Nutty Professor” are among the items that will be auctioned. The auction house says the watch is engraved with the phrase “Jerry My Buddy/ and Pal/ I Love You/ Dino.” It is expected to sell for between $4,000 and $6,000.A custom-made tweed burgundy suit that Lewis wore in the film is expected to fetch between $2,000 and $4,000. Lewis, whose fundraising telethons became as famous as his hit movies, died Aug. 20. The estate auction will take place June 22 at Planet Hollywood casinoresort.q

PEOPLE & ARTS A31 Spotify cuts R. Kelly music from playlists, cites new policy

Friday 11 May 2018

By NEKESA MUMBI MOODY Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — Spotify has removed R. Kelly’s music from its playlists, citing its new policy on hate content and hateful conduct. A spokesperson said Thursday that Kelly’s music is no longer available on the streaming service’s owned and operated playlists and algorithmic recommendations. His music will still be available, but Spotify will not promote it. Kelly’s representative didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment. The new policy defines hateful conduct as “something that is especially harmful or hateful,” such as violence against children and sexual violence. It’s another blow for the R&B superstar, who has been battling allegations that he has sexually abused

women for decades. While Kelly has denied the allegations and was acquitted in 2008 of child pornography charges, recent attention and a #MuteRKelly campaign has put the singer, songwriter and producer under more scrutiny. He was recently dropped from a concert in his hometown of Chicago, and there is pressure to cancel a Friday concert in Greensboro, North Carolina. In a statement, the founders of the #MuteR.Kelly movement applauded Spotify’s move. “It is important that those who market the work of problematic entertainers stand, in the end, with their company’s collective values,” it read in part. “We find this decision by Spotify a victory, and is just another step in our mission to Mute. R. Kelly.”

In its policy, Spotify made it clear that it doesn’t tolerate “content that expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics, including race, religion, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability.” Kelly’s music doesn’t apply — it’s been defined by its explicit sexual nature — but he’s also written love ballads, pop songs and even gospel music. However, the new policy also delves into an artist’s behavior. “While we don’t believe in censoring content because of an artist’s or creator’s behavior, we want our editorial decisions — what we choose to program — to reflect our values,” the statement

Musical artist R. Kelly performs the national anthem before an NBA basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Atlanta Hawks in New York.

said. The policy will apply to songs R. Kelly performs on as a solo artist or with other artists, like “Same Girl,” which he wrote for Usher. But songs he wrote for other acts like Michael Jackson will not be affected. However, there are a myriad of other artists who in theory could be the subject to the policy. Chris Brown is featured in several Spotify-created playlists; he pleaded guilty to an attack on Rihanna several years

ago. And there are a multitude of songs from artists in different genres that could be construed as hateful. Spotify said it worked with several groups to create its policy, including GLAAD, the Anti-Defamation League and The Southern Poverty Law Center. It has also created what it calls an internal monitoring tool to identify content flagged as hateful and has asked users for their help as well.q

Sting and Shaggy share chemistry, on and off their new CD

By JOHN CARUCCI Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — You can hear the playful banter long before Sting and Shaggy enter the room. There’s a genuine chemistry between the two men that defies difference in age and musical styles, one that translates seamlessly into their collaborative effort, the new CD “44/876.” “The album is a conversation between two people from two different cultures, two different islands. One is kind of warm and tropical, and one that isn’t — that’s mine,” said Sting. “And we talk about various issues, you know, various subject interests us both. It’s not just love songs.” The title is a combo of the phone country codes for Sting’s native England and Shaggy’s Jamaica and they feel the songs strike the right balance for current times. “We’re singing about issues that we care about in a way that is not angry or polemic or aggressive. I think the world needs a smile at the moment because it is

In this April 23, 2018 photo, musicians Shaggy, left, and Sting pose during an interview to promote their new CD, “44/876” at 520 West 28th by Zaha Hadid on in New York.

such a dark, febrile political times. You know, I think the world needs to just relax a little bit,” said Sting. Some of the songs dabble in politics, but it’s the music that matters most to Sting. And that includes working with Shaggy. “One of my greatest pleasures was to force him to sing,” said Sting of Shag-

gy. “You know, he’s obviously a singer, but actually singing in the way that we would define singing. Not rapping.” Shaggy chimes in: “Now he can’t get me to stop.” “I’ve created a monster because he has a great voice and I’m taking full credit for that,” Sting said. In the early days of The Po-

lice, reggae was a big influence for Sting, so teaming up with Shaggy was a good fit. But Sting also relied on some other musicians he’s worked with in the past, most notably Branford Marsalis who played on much of Sting’s early solo work. “It’s nice to bring some DNA in from somewhere else and throw it in the petri dish

that people will recognize and see what happens. Dominic Miller is on the album. Robbie Shakespeare came from Jamaica and played a couple of notes. He was just a presiding spirit. There were so many Jamaicans in the studio the whole time. I’ve no idea of most of them are doing, except they were creating vibe. They were there for support and vibe,” Sting said. Sting and Shaggy kick off the European leg of their tour June 19 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Sting prides himself on being a bass player and, back in the era of his old band, The Police, the rocker would play the big bass with his trio. But don’t expect it for this tour. “I don’t think that would fit with the sound of this record,” Sting said. Then Shaggy tries to persuade him: “You could at least bring it out one time just to show off.” Sting responds: “Maybe I will teach you to play the standup bass and you will suffer.”q


Friday 11 May 2018

People, power costs keep indoor farming down to Earth By RYAN NAKASHIMA AP Technology Writer SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) — There’s a budding industry that’s trying to solve the problem of the limp lettuce and tasteless tomatoes in America’s supermarkets. It’s full of technologists who grow crops in buildings instead of outdoors, shortcutting the need to prematurely harvest produce for a bumpy ride often thousands of miles to consumers in colder climes. More than 30 high-tech companies from the U.S. to Singapore hoping to turn indoor farming into a major future food source, if only they can clear a stubborn hurdle: high costs. These companies stack plants inside climate-controlled rooms, parse out nutrients and water, and bathe them with specialized light. It’s all so consumers can enjoy tasty vegetables year-round using a fraction of the water and land that traditional farming requires. Farmers can even brag the produce is locally grown. But real estate around cities is pricey. Electricity and labor don’t come cheap. And unlike specialty crops like newly legal marijuana, veggies rarely command premium prices. (It’s tough to compete with plants grown in dirt with free sunlight, after all.) Even the best-funded indoor farming company on the planet — Plenty, which has raised nearly $230 million so far — has embraced a longtime farmers’ crutch: government handouts. It hasn’t found any takers yet. “We believe society should consider investing in this new form of agriculture in the way it invested in agriculture in the 1940s,” said Plenty CEO Matt Barnard in a recent interview. Barnard says public aid — in the form of cheaper power — is one way to turn a good but elusive idea into a sustainable venture. Last year, the U.S. paid farmers $9.3 billion in direct support, and subsidized weather-related crop insurance to the tune of $5.1

In this Jan. 18, 2018 photo, production manager Emy Kelty, left, and senior grower Molly Kreykes scan and monitor plants growing on towers in the grow room at the Plenty, Inc. office in South San Francisco, Calif. Associated Press

billion. In a nutshell, Barnard argues that some of that money could be diverted to crops that grow in rain or shine. Plenty grows kale, mixed greens, basil and natural sweetener stevia in a grey, low-rise warehouse complex in the industrial suburb of South San Francisco. Visitors arriving via the back door must don full-body overalls and rubber boots dipped in disinfecting shoe baths before entering the air-tight workspace. Seedlings are grown on flatbeds and bathed in purple light that gives them

the look of a 3D movie watched without glasses. Maturing plants are stuffed into columns where they grow sideways, fed by drip irrigation, and irradiated by columns of light-emitting diodes. The plants will be clipped and packaged before heading to stores later this year. For indoor farms, making money has largely meant shipping in bulk to grocery stores, a conundrum if costs aren’t in line. Investment in indoor farming soared to $271 million last year, up from just $36 million in 2016, according

to market research firm Cleantech Group. “The question is, how are they going to scale?” asks Pawel Hardej, CEO of Civic Farms, a vertical farming consultancy in Austin, Texas. There have been plenty of indoor farming failures already. FarmedHere shuttered its operations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Bedford Park, Illinois, in January last year due to cost overruns. Georgia-based PodPonics, which filed for bankruptcy in 2016, cited labor costs as its biggest drag. Google’s X, the search gi-

This Jan. 18, 2018 photo shows plant seedlings growing under LED lights in the seedling room at the Plenty, Inc. office in South San Francisco, Calif.

ant’s secretive “moonshot factory,” killed its indoor farming efforts because it couldn’t grow food staples like grains and rice. Even fans of the technology aren’t sure it can beat another sheltered alternative: greenhouses. “Vertical farming to a lot of (investors) is an ‘if’ and a ‘maybe’ versus a ‘when,’” says Cleantech adviser Yoachim Haynes. “The question that needs to be answered is, ‘Can they do it with cheaper electricity and cheaper labor?’ This is not a question that many have been able to answer.” Barnard says Plenty can prosper if it spends 3 to 5 cents per kilowatt hour on power — well below the 10.4 cents that is the average price nationwide, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. While Plenty announced plans to build a 100,000 square-foot facility in the Seattle suburb of Kent in November, it said it isn’t in talks about power breaks with any U.S. city now. Seattle City Light provided $10,000 worth of energy-efficient lighting to an indoor growing facility that helped feed the city’s homeless. But it already offers the lowest power rate of the top 25 cities in America. “That’s the deal that’s on the table,” says spokesman Scott Thomsen. Chicago provided some $344,000 in construction grants since 2008 to The Plant , a former pork processing plant that is home to multiple indoor farms. While that helped with structural improvements, it didn’t help with operations, says John Edel, the president of Bubbly Dynamics LLC, which owns The Plant. Supplying grocery stores in large volumes is “harder than it sounds,” he says. And other ways of obtaining cheap power — like The Plant’s plan to install a bio-gas guzzling turbine — have faced obstacles that make it uneconomical. “There isn’t a whole lot in the way of incentives for farms here,” Edel says. “There needs to be.”q

May 11, 2018  
May 11, 2018