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Slow Recovery from Latest Nor'easter; 3rd Storm on Tap? Utility crew members work power lines, Friday, March 9, 2018, in Boxford, Mass. The arduous recovery from the latest storm to pummel the Northeast will likely stretch through the weekend as utility crews clear downed trees and power lines and restore electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers, with a possible third nor'easter in the offing. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola) Page 5


Saturday 10 March 2018


US says it will hold North Korea to its promises ahead of summit By DARLENE SUPERVILLE FOSTER KLUG WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House tried to swat away criticism Friday that the U.S. is getting nothing in exchange for agreeing to a summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said North Korea has made promises to denuclearize, stop its nuclear and missile testing and allow joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises. "Let's not forget that the North Koreans did promise something," Sanders said, responding to a reporter's question about why Trump agreed to summit without preconditions. She added: "We are not going to have this meeting take place until we see concrete actions that match the words and the rhetoric of North Korea." It was not clear whether the comments would add a wrinkle to plans, announced Thursday, for an unprecedented meeting between leaders of the antagonistic nations. North Korea's government has yet

South Korean national security director Chung Eui-yong, center, speaks to reporters at the White House in Washington, Thursday, March 8, 2018, as intelligence chief Suh Hoon, left and Cho Yoonje, the South Korea ambassador to United States, listen. President Donald Trump has accepted an offer of a summit from the North Korean leader and will meet with Kim Jong Un by May, Chung said in a remarkable turnaround in relations between two historic adversaries. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

to formally comment on its invitation that was relayed to Trump by South Korean officials who met with Kim in Pyongyang this week. The South Koreans, briefing Trump at the White House on Thursday, relayed that

the North Korean leader expressed a commitment to denuclearization, a top demand of Trump and U.S. allies. However, that would be a subject of negotiation, not a precondition for the meeting.

Kim also pledged to halt nuclear and missile testing, after conducting a string of such tests during Trump's first year in office, the South Koreans said, and expressed an eagerness to meet Trump. They said the

president agreed to meet Kim by May, and the White House later confirmed the president's decision. However, Sanders said no time and place had been set. No sitting U.S. president has ever met with a North Korean leader. The White House said Trump's policy of "maximum pressure" against North Korea — tough sanctions and diplomatic isolation — compelled the reclusive nation to reach out for presidential-level talks, validating the Trump administration's hard-line strategy of economic penalties and bellicose barbs. "North Korea's desire to meet to discuss denuclearization — while suspending all ballistic missile and nuclear testing — is evidence that President Trump's strategy to isolate the Kim regime is working," Vice President Mike Pence, who has visited the region, said Friday in a written statement. Trump took office vowing to stop North Korea from its pursuit of a working long-range nuclear-tipped missile. He’s oscillated between threats and insults directed at Kim and more conciliatory rhetoric.q

Former Trump campaign aide Nunberg appears before grand jury By ERIC TUCKER Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — A former Trump campaign aide appeared for hours before a federal grand jury Friday, after he defiantly insisted in a series of news interviews just days earlier that he intended to defy a subpoena in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Sam Nunberg spent more than six hours inside the federal courthouse in Washington. He declined to speak with journalists on the way in or out of the building, and it was not immediately clear what testimony he offered to the grand jury or what documents he provided. His appearance marked a turnabout from extraordinary public statements

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg, left, arrives at the U.S. District Courthouse to appear before a grand jury, Friday, March 9, 2018 in Washington. Nunberg had insisted in a series of defiant interviews earlier in the week that he intended to defy a subpoena issued by special counsel Robert Mueller's office, which is investigating potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Monday when Nunberg, in multiple interviews,

balked at complying with a subpoena that sought

his appearance before the grand jury as well as correspondence with other campaign officials. In doing so, he became the first witness in the Mueller probe to openly threaten to defy a subpoena. But later that night, Nunberg, who initially suggested that he considered Mueller's document demands unreasonable, told The Associated Press he had relented and predicted he'd wind up complying after all. "I'm going to end up cooperating with them," he said. Nunberg said he worked for hours to produce the thousands of emails and other communications requested by Mueller, who is investigating whether Donald Trump's campaign improperly coordinated with

Russia during the 2016 presidential election. "I thought it was a teachable moment," he said of his 24 hours in the limelight. So far, 19 people and three companies have been charged in Mueller's investigation. Among those charged are President Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn and 13 Russia nationals accused in a hidden but powerful social media campaign to meddle in the American election. Five people, including Flynn, have pleaded guilty. Trump has denied any wrongdoing. His lawyers are currently negotiating the terms and scope of a possible interview with Mueller's office.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

Florida governor signs gun restrictions 3 weeks after attack By CURT ANDERSON Associated Press TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a far-reaching school-safety bill Friday that places new restrictions on guns, cementing his state's break with the National Rifle Association and decades of Republican thinking on gun control in the aftermath of the Parkland high school attack. Surrounded by family members of the 17 people killed in the shooting just over three weeks ago, the GOP governor said the bill balances "our individual rights with need for public safety." "It's an example to the entire country that government can and has moved fast," said Scott, whose state has been ruled for 20 years by gun-friendly Republican lawmakers. Tony Montalto, whose daughter Gina was killed in the shooting, read a statement from victims' families: "When it comes to preventing future acts of horrific school violence, this is the beginning of the journey. We have paid a terrible price for this progress." The bill fell short of achieving the ban on assault-style weapons sought by survivors. The gunman who opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School used such a weapon, an AR-15 rifle. Nevertheless, the bill raises the minimum age to buy rifles from 18 to 21, extends a three-day waiting period for handgun purchases to include long guns and bans bump stocks, which allow guns to mimic fully automatic fire. It also creates a so-called guardian program enabling some teachers and other school employees to carry guns. The NRA insisted that the measure "punishes law-

Florida Gov. Rick Scott talks to the media in his office after signing the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act at the Florida Capital in Tallahassee, Fla., Friday, March 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser)

abiding gun owners for the criminal acts of a deranged individual." The Parkland gunman "gave repeated warning signs that were ignored by federal and state officials.

If we want to prevent future atrocities, we must look for solutions that keep guns out of the hands of those who are a danger to themselves or others, while protecting the rights of law-

abiding Americans," Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, said in a statement. The signing marked a major victory for the teens who

lived through the attack and swiftly became the public faces of a renewed gun-control movement. Just days after the shooting, they began holding rallies, lobbying lawmakers and harnessing the power of social media in support of reform. The governor told the students: “You helped change our state. You made a difference. You should be proud.” Scott said he is still “not persuaded” about the guardian program that will let districts authorize staff members to carry handguns if they complete law enforcement training. It is not mandatory. “If counties don’t want to do this, they can simply say no,” he said. Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died, called the new law “a start for us.” He added: “Let’s get the rest of the country to follow our lead and let’s make schools safe. Let’s harden the schools and make sure this never happens again.”q

Watchdog group:

DOJ should investigate porn actress payment By TAMI ABDOLLAH WASHINGTON (AP) — A nonprofit watchdog group has asked the Justice Department and the Office of Government Ethics to investigate whether a secret payment to an adult film actress made prior to the 2016 presidential election may have violated federal law because Donald Trump did not list it on his financial disclosure forms. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington lodged the civil and criminal complaint on Thursday. The group ar-

gues that Trump attorney Michael Cohen's $130,000 payment may have been a loan to Trump and, if so, needed to be disclosed. And CREW noted that special counsel Robert Mueller may also want to investigate because of "a similar pattern of potential blackmail" in personal matters involving Trump. Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, claimed in a lawsuit filed this week that the $130,000 payment made as part of a nondisclosure agreement

was to ensure she didn't share details of an extramarital affair with Trump. Clifford sought to invalidate their agreement in order to "set the record straight." She alleged in the filing that Trump "at all times has been fully aware of the negotiations ... the existence and terms of the Hush Agreement, the payment of $130,000, (and) the use of (Essential Consultants LLC) as a conduit." CREW argues that Trump's 2016 financial disclosure form did not include any

reference to Cohen or Essential Consultants LLC, and that if the allegations are true, it should have. Public officials are required under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to report all liabilities beyond $10,000 during the preceding calendar year. If "Mr. Trump intentionally omitted this material information from his financial disclosures as part of a larger scheme to hide his relationship with Ms. Daniels, that would be no small thing," said Norm Eisen, chairman of CREW.q

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Saturday 10 March 2018


Gunman takes hostages at party at largest US veterans home By ELLEN KNICKMEYER JANIE HAR YOUNTVILLE, Calif. (AP) — A gunman slipped into an employee going-away party at the largest veterans home in the United States and took at least three people hostage Friday, leading to a lockdown of the sprawling grounds in California, authorities and family members said. California Highway Patrol Sgt. Robert Nacke told reporters that he knew of no injuries, and authorities gave no immediate information about the gunman or his motive. Police evacuated the property of the Veterans Home of California after reports of a man with a gun at the facility in Yountville, one of Napa Valley's most upscale towns in the heart of Northern California wine country.

A Sonoma County Sheriff's helicopter stages on the Vintners Golf Club near the entrance to the Veterans Home of California in Yountville, Calif., on Friday, March 9, 2018. A gunman took at least three people hostage at the largest veterans home in the United States on Friday, leading to a lockdown of the sprawling grounds in California, authorities said. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

"We do have an active shooter situation with a hos-

tage situation in Yountville," Highway Patrol Officer

John Fransen told KTVU-TV of San Francisco.

Larry Kamer told The Associated Press that his wife, Devereaux Smith, was at the party and told him by phone that the gunman had entered the room quietly, letting some people leave while taking others hostage. Smith, a fundraiser for the nonprofit Pathway Home, was still inside the facility's dining hall and was not allowed to leave, he said. The Pathway Home, a privately run program on the veteran home's grounds, treats veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with post-traumatic stress disorder. An armored police vehicle, ambulances and several fire trucks were at the facility, which is home to about 1,000 residents. “I don’t know the world we live in today, I really don’t,” she said.q

'Pharma Bro' gets 7 years in prison in fraud case By COLLEEN LONG TOM HAYS Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — The smirk wiped off his face, a cry-

ing Martin Shkreli was sentenced to seven years in prison for securities fraud Friday in a hard fall for the pharmaceutical-industry

Paradise in the Caribbean

SALES OFFICE +297 2801005 MOBILE +297 5927275

bad boy vilified for jacking up the price of a lifesaving drug. Shkreli, the boyish-looking, 34-year-old entrepreneur dubbed the "Pharma Bro" for his loutish behavior, was handed his punishment after a hearing in which he and his attorney struggled with limited success to make him a sympathetic figure. His own lawyer confessed to wanting to punch him in the face sometimes. The defendant hung his head and choked up as he admitted to many mistakes and apologized to the investors he was convicted of defrauding. At one point, a clerk handed him a box of tissues. "I'm not the same person I was," Shkreli said. "I know right from wrong. I know what it means to tell the truth and what it means to

lie." He also said: "The only person to blame for me being here today is me. There is no conspiracy to take down Martin Shkreli. I took down Martin Shkreli." In the end, U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto gave him a sentence that fell well short of the 15 years prosecutors wanted but was a lot longer than the 18 months his lawyer asked for. He was also fined $75,000. Shkreli was found guilty in August of lying to investors in two failed hedge funds and cheating them out of millions. The case was unrelated to the 2015 furor in which he was accused of price-gouging, but his arrest was seen as rough justice by the many enemies he made with his smug and abrasive behavior online and off.

The judge insisted that the punishment was not about Shkreli's online antics or his raising the cost of the drug. "This case is not about Mr. Shkreli's self-cultivated public persona ... nor his controversial statements about politics or culture," Matsumoto said. But she did say his conduct after the verdict made her doubt the sincerity of his remorse. She cited his bragging after the verdict that he would be sentenced to time served. And she quoted one piece of correspondence in which he wrote: "F--- the feds." The judge ruled earlier that Shkreli would have to forfeit more than $7.3 million in a brokerage account and personal assets, including a oneof-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album that he boasted of buying for $2 million.q

U.S. NEWS A5 Slow recovery from latest nor'easter; 3rd storm on tap? Saturday 10 March 2018

BOSTON (AP) — The sun came out across much of the Northeast on Friday as utilities tackled the arduous task of restoring power to hundreds of thousands of customers who lost electricity during the storm that hit the region this week, all with the possibility of a third nor'easter in the offing. Utilities asked for patience, warning that because of the damage caused by the storm that dropped 2 feet of snow in some areas, pulling down trees, branches and power lines and blocking roads, it could be days before power is back on. Power crews were working to restore electricity to more than 300,000 customers in Northeast on Friday. New Jersey and Massachusetts had the most outages, according to the website, which compiles statistics from utilities across the nation. The utility National Grid tried to assure its Massachusetts customers it had hundreds of crews working on restorations and that power would return to the hardest hit areas, including the Merrimack Valley, by midnight Sunday. But there

A lineman for PIKE electric company, from southern Maryland, pulls up a downed powerline on New Road in Aston, Pa.,, in order to reconnect it on Thursday, March 8, 2018. (Michael Bryant /The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

still were complaints about the pace of the restorations. "It is completely unacceptable that our citizens have to bear another night without heat or power," Mayor Jim Fiorentini of Haverhill, Massachusetts, posted Friday on Facebook. He said he contacted National Grid and demanded more crews.

"Please plan to be without power for multiple days as we work through this significant restoration," Eversource posted on Twitter. The utility serves customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. That was little consolation to some residents. "It's colder in the house than it is outside," Salem, Massachusetts, resident Cindy Pe-

ters told The Eagle-Tribune newspaper. Robert Nixon, 83, sat in his running car to keep warm on Thursday after the senior housing complex where he lives in Norton, Massachusetts lost power. He also had to throw out all the food in his fridge. "When you're on Social Security, that stuff hurts," he told The Boston Globe.

People without power piled into relatives' homes, hung out at the local coffee shop or went to "warming centers" that some towns opened in libraries or senior centers. Karl Carlo Green went to Billerica Town Hall when he lost power to enjoy a warm beverage and a snack, but told The Sun of Lowell that he was worried about his cat. "He's like my child because I don't have kids," Green said. The storm was being blamed for at least two deaths in New York and New Jersey. In Maine, excessive speed on icy roads is being blamed for a 14-vehicle pileup on Interstate 95; no injuries have been reported. The heavy wet snow was also the apparent cause of a roof collapse in a vacant building in Bridgeport, Connecticut. No one was hurt. The rush is on to restore power as forecasters monitor another system that could move up the coast Monday. Some weather models, however, have the storm missing the mark.q

Romney focuses on Utah campaign, downplays feud with Trump By BRADY McCOMBS Associated Press MOAB, Utah (AP) — Mitt Romney is shaking hands, posing for pictures and cracking jokes as he barnstorms Utah seeking votes for his Senate bid. What he isn't doing is talking about his well-documented feuds with President Trump. Wearing blue jeans and flashing his famous smile, Romney strode into a gymnasium lined with elk antlers and rifles to greet a group of sportsmen not far from the Bears Ears National Monument, downsized recently by the Trump administration. Before he spoke, the lights went down and up came a video portraying President Obama as the villain for setting the land aside as a monument. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Presi-

dent Donald Trump were cast as champions and heroes for shrinking it by 85 percent. "Finally the land has a voice, a champion (picture of Zinke) and a hero (picture of Trump)," the narrator said as the crowd of 400 ranchers and hunters boomed their approval. The voters in these tiny towns, flanked by magnificent red rock landscapes and full of red-blooded conservatives, are the ones Romney needs to support him as he campaigns to restart his political career and succeed retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch. He drew big applause when he told the convention he wants to see reform of the Antiquities Act so presidents can't lock up such large expanses of land with one stroke of the pen.

In this Friday, March 2, 2018 photo, Mitt Romney poses with a group at the Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife Banquet during a campaign stop, in Blanding, Utah. The former Republican presidential nominee continues his bid to become a U.S. Senator for Utah. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The crowd of hunters also bellowed when he said the Endangered Species Act has been overused. At 70, he is arguably one of the nation's most famous Mormons and is treated like

royalty at every stop. Though some hope Romney will become the GOP's counterbalance to Trump, whom he called a "phony" and "con man" during the 2016 presidential race, as

a candidate, Romney is avoiding lobbing any new attacks on the president and is instead trying to keep the focus on Utah issues. Romney makes a point in short speeches to applaud President Trump's moves to lower taxes, shrink bureaucracy and shift more control of public lands to the states — examples he hopes show he and Trump see eye-to-eye on some issues. When asked directly about Trump, Romney strikes a middle ground and stops short of pledging blind loyalty to the billionaire businessman who in 2016 called Romney a "choke artist." "President Trump and I both respect people who speak their mind. I call them like I see them. q

A6 U.S.

Saturday 10 March 2018


California bullet train costs soar to $77B; opening delayed

This photo shows one of the elevated sections of the high-speed rail under construction in Fresno, Calif. The California High-Speed Rail Authority will release its latest business plan for the bullet train, which has been beset by delays and cost increases, Friday March 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

By K. RONAYNE SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The projected cost of California's bullet train between San Francisco and Los Angeles has jumped to $77 billion and the opening date has been pushed back four years to 2033,

according to a business plan released Friday. The two-year plan presented by the California HighSpeed Rail Authority presents the latest setbacks for a project that's been beleaguered by delays and cost overruns since voters

first gave it the greenlight in 2008. Among the challenges in the latest plan: A lack of money and the difficulty of weaving through mountain passes between Silicon Valley and the inland Central Valley. "It's going to be

bumpy," the agency's new chief executive, Brian Kelly, told The Associated Press in an interview in advance of the plan's release. The plan brought fresh fire from critics who doubt the project will ever be completed. The last plan, presented in 2016, estimated the project would cost $64 billion and be open by 2029. "Let's cut our losses and use the billions not yet wasted on (high-speed rail) to instead improve freeways, highways and roads and perhaps improve existing rail systems throughout California," Republican state Sen. Andy Vidak said. If completed, it would be the nation's fastest train, carrying people between the two major cities in less than three hours. Kelly has promised to be more transparent about the project's challenges, including by assigning costs to every potential risk, such as trouble acquiring land or securing environmental clearance. While $77 billion is the baseline cost estimate, the plan estimates total costs could be as low as $63.2 billion or as high as $98.1 billion.

The ultimate goal is to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles — and eventually Sacramento and San Diego — but the immediate focus is opening track between San Francisco and the Central Valley, an agriculturally dominant, less-populated portion of inland California. Rail proponents say linking the two areas would be an economic boon, as housing costs are exploding in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley is in need of jobs. That portion of track is now set to be finished by 2029, also marking a four-year delay, and significant challenges remain. One is how to cross a section of mountains — a critical segment to link Silicon Valley to the Central Valley. Right now, the agency doesn't have a detailed plan or enough money to do that. The state is looking to build from San Francisco to the west edge of the mountains and from Bakersfield to the east edge of the mountains by 2027 before connecting the two.q

White nationalist's lawsuit against university set for trial By DAN SEWELL Associated Press CINCINNATI (AP) — A federal judge has set a trial date in 2019 for a lawsuit over an Ohio college's demand for a security fee from organizers of white nationalist Richard Spencer's campus tour. U.S. District Judge Susan J. Dlott scheduled a series of preliminary pretrial deadlines in her order Thursday leading to a March 18 jury trial, which would be more than a year after Spencer had planned to speak on

the University of Cincinnati campus. The school, last October, agreed to let Spencer speak, and his tour organizers set a March 14 date, which is during the students' spring break. But the lawsuit was filed in January over UC's security fee demand of nearly $11,000 that Spencer's attorney at the time called discriminatory and unconstitutional. The school later said that amount was a "mere fraction" of its expected costs. James Kolenich, a Cincin-

nati area attorney who recently took over the case, said there had been settlement discussions with the university. The school didn't immediately comment Friday. Spencer calls his views "altright" as he advocates a white "ethno-state" and espouses anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant beliefs. UC's board of trustees publicly condemned hate last October while citing the fundamental right to free speech at a public university.

He spoke Monday at Michigan State University , where protesters far outnumbered his audience during that school's spring break. Spencer's side this week dropped a federal lawsuit against Ohio State University over its refusal to book him. The school said Spencer's appearance posed a "substantial risk" to public safety and of disruption. Spencer's lead tour organizer didn't respond to a request for an explanation of the decision to drop the OSU lawsuit.

Ohio State pointed to deadly violence in the Charlottesville, Virginia, rally last August in which Spencer was a scheduled speaker, and his raucous October appearance at the University of Florida, where authorities estimated security costs at $600,000. He had also wanted to speak at Kent State University in May, but that Ohio school said he couldn't be accommodated during the busy time at the end of the school year.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

American Living:

'Chosen families' gain legal recognition in sick-leave laws By JENNIFER PELTZ Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — Yee Won Chong had just been diagnosed with cancer. His relatives were half a world away in Malaysia and couldn't care for him. So he turned to the friends he considers his "chosen family." "There was no question," says his longtime housemate Brooks Nelson, a Portland, Oregon, charity executive who used his own sick days to accompany Chong to doctor's appointments. "That's what family does." Arrangements like theirs have quietly been gaining political recognition. In the last two years, Arizona , Rhode Island and the three biggest U.S. cities — New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — have passed laws that let workers use sick days to care for anyone who's like family to them. Similar laws also passed in Austin , Texas, just last month and St. Paul , Minnesota, in 2016. Millions of federal employees and contractors also have the benefit. To some business interests, such laws put bosses in the awkward position of figuring out who's the "equivalent" of family. But to Chong, the policies simply "catch up with the ways people are related to each other." At 46, the nonprofit-organization consultant has had romantic partners but also forged bonds with people in homes he has shared and in his circle of liberal activists. Still, as he asked for help dealing with cancer, he wondered: "Am I imposing on them?"

His friends didn't see it that way. Roberta Hunte readily kept Chong company at chemotherapy, recalling her

federal contractors. The more recent state and local measures cover an estimated 10 million privatesector and government

visioned when he moved into a studio at a Fitchburg, Massachusetts, home five years ago in exchange for carpentry work.

In this March 2, 2018 photo, Yee Won Chong, far right, poses with his "chosen family" in their home in Portland, Ore. When Chong was diagnosed with cancer, Chong's longtime housemate Brooks Nelson, middle left, used his own sick days to take time off to care for Chong during chemotherapy and surgery. Also pictured are Nelson's partner, Jeannie LaFrance, top left; her daughter, Avalon LaFrance, 5; and the family dog, Fred. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

friends' support when her mother had cancer. Andrei Joseph, who flew in to help Chong recuperate from surgery, is a cancer survivor and part of a couple whose home Chong shared for years in Brookline, Massachusetts. "What kind of person would I be if I didn't go in his time of need?" says Joseph, a retired teacher. Acknowledging the "equivalent" of family relationships is rooted in a 1969 regulation about federal employees' leave for military funerals in the thick of the Vietnam War. A 1994 law extended the "equivalent" definition to federal workers' sick time, and a 2015 presidential order did the same for many

workers, says Wendy ChunHoon of Family Values at Work, a paid sick leave advocacy group. Workers don't get extra sick days for family-"equivalent" care; it's just a way they can use their allotted time. It's not yet clear whether the broad definition spurs workers to take more of their sick days. Much of the impetus for chosen-family-friendly sick leave laws has come from gay people. But New York City got complaints about workers being denied sick leave to care for aunts and a fiancée before its law was broadened last fall, consumer affairs Commissioner Lorelei Salas said. Wil Darcangelo's chosen family is one he never en-

The household now includes him and his husband; a 22-year-old blind woman with autism they legally adopted last summer; his husband’s strokestricken ex-partner; a British expat who helps aides care for the ex-partner and plays music with Darcangelo and his daughter; and the 72-year-old homeowner. “Our system works for us, but only in spite of the way the larger system works,” says Darcangelo, 48, a church spiritual coordinator whose flexible hours allow him to fill care gaps. Regardless of laws, some employers let employees use sick or “personal” days to care for whomever they choose. “I don’t need to

know or research or see a birth certificate, a wedding certificate. We’re dealing with adults,” says Jim Houser, co-owner of Hawthorne Auto Clinic in Portland. But some business groups and employment lawyers are wary of managing sick time around the “equivalent” of family. “This open-ended provision, which defies any definition or parameters, is priceless” to sick-time slackers, says Michael Soltis, a Connecticut lawyer who tracks paid sick leave laws. Lisa Horn of the Society for Human Resource Management, a major association of HR professionals, says the language “raises a host of concerns” about its meaning. Others see better ways to be inclusive. “Who gets to decide who’s the ‘equivalent of family?’” asks Richard V. Reeves, a senior fellow in economics at the Brookings Institution think tank. He suggests simply letting workers use sick time to care for themselves or “another.” However it’s worded, the meaning of chosen family seems clear to Jana Clark, who is looking forward to seeing Rhode Island’s law take effect in July. After a stint in graduate school, Clark, who is 30 and starting a job at a university, returned to Providence last summer because of her chosen family there. The friends help one another in ways as big as opening homes when someone needs to stay, and as everyday as dropping off soup when someone’s sick. “Just the same kinds of things,” she says, “a family member might do.” q


Saturday 10 March 2018


UK military chemical experts aid police in spy poison probe By JILL LAWLESS LONDON (AP) — Dozens of khaki-clad troops trained in chemical warfare were deployed on the streets of the usually sleepy English city of Salisbury on Friday as part of the investigation into the nerve-agent poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter. The sight of the soldiers, and forensic experts in bright yellow hazmat suits, added to the increasingly surreal scenes in a city best known for its towering medieval cathedral and its proximity to the ancient Stonehenge monument. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, 33, were found unconscious on a bench near the River Avon in the city on Sunday. They remained in critical condition in a local hospital Friday, poisoned with what authorities say is a rare nerve agent. A police officer who helped investigate was in serious condition, and a total of 21 people have received medical treatment. Skripal, a former Russian military intelligence officer,

Members of the Falcon Squadron, Royal Tank Regiment, at Winterbourne Gunner, southern England, conducting final preparation and training before deploying in support of the civil authorities in Salisbury city centre, Friday March 9, 2018. (Cpl Pete Brown/Ministry of Defence via AP) .

was convicted in 2006 of spying for Britain and released by Moscow in 2010 as part of a spy swap. The 66-year-old former agent had been living quietly in Salisbury, 90 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of London. Counterterrorism detec-

tives are leading a vast investigation. One line of inquiry is whether the pair were poisoned at Skripal's modest suburban house before going out for Sunday lunch and a visit to a pub. On Friday, police called in about 180 marines, soldiers

and air force personnel with expertise in chemical weapons, decontamination and logistics to help with the probe and to remove vehicles that might be contaminated. Military vehicles arrived at Salisbury District Hospital, where the victims are being treated,

to take away a police car. Authorities say there is no risk to the general public from the attack. Unlike radioactive poisons, nerve agents dissipate quickly. Detectives were retracing the Skripals' movements as they try to discover how the toxin was administered and where it was manufactured. Authorities cordoned off Skripal's house, a car, a restaurant, a pub and the cemetery where Skripal's wife, Lyudmila, is buried and where there is also a memorial headstone for his son, Alexander. Lyudmila Skripal died of cancer in 2012. Alexander died last year at the age of 43. The cause is unclear: some reports say he died in a car accident while on holiday in Russia, others that he died of liver failure. At the graveyard, forensic officers in protective gear could be seen erecting a blue tent on Friday. One anchorman on a state television news show began a report on Skripal’s poisoning with a warning to anyone considering becoming a double agent.q

Tens of thousands protest in Slovakia at journalist's death By KAREL JANICEK Associated Press PRAGUE (AP) — Tens of thousands of Slovaks rallied in massive anti-government protests across the country on Friday to demand a thorough investigation of the slayings of an investigative reporter and his fiancee, and changes in government. The protesters packed a central square in Bratislava and other rallies were taking place in dozens of other places in Slovakia as well as abroad, the biggest since the 1989 Velvet Revolution. The organizers want foreign experts to join the team investigating the killings and the creation of "a new trustworthy government with no people who are suspected of corruption" or ties to organized crime. Jan Kuciak's last, unfinished story was about the activities of Italian mafia in Slo-

People gather on a square during an anti-government rally in Bratislava, Slovakia, Friday, March 9, 2018. The country-wide protests demand a thorough investigation into the shooting deaths of Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova, whose bodies were found in their home on Feb. 25, and changes in the government. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak)

vakia and their ties to people close to Prime Minister Robert Fico, whose government is allegedly also linked to other corruption

scandals. "Slovakia is shaken as it has not been for a long time," organizer Karolina Farska said.

The peaceful protesters had a message for Fico: "Resign," they repeatedly chanted. In the wake of the unprec-

edented slayings of Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova, Slovakia quickly turned from what seemed to be a stable European Union country into chaos. In a speech last month, President Andrej Kiska talked about his country as "successful, proud and self-confident." On March 4, however, he said Slovakia faces a "serious political crisis" triggered by the shooting deaths. Police said Kuciak's killing was likely linked to his work. The political storm has been intensifying daily since the bodies were found Feb. 25. Amid heated exchanges between the ruling coalition and the opposition, claims by Fico of conspiracies against him, and his repeated verbal attacks on Kiska, a growing number of people have started to turn against the Fico government, threatening its very existence.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

Polish official confirms document revealing US-Polish strain By VANESSA GERA WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland's foreign minister on Friday acknowledged the existence of an internal ministry document that reveals tension in the U.S.-Polish relationship but denied Polish media suggestions that Washington is imposing "sanctions." The strains have emerged over new Polish legislation that makes it a crime to falsely attribute the Holocaust crimes of Nazi Germany to Poland. The U.S. fears it could violate free speech. A Polish news portal, Onet. pl, reported earlier this week that it had seen an internal Foreign Ministry document from February. It said the document revealed that Warsaw was informed by the U.S. administration that the Polish president and prime minister should not expect meetings with the U.S. president or vice president until the matter is resolved. Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz largely confirmed that on Friday, though he characterized the U.S. message as being: "It would be good if meetings at the highest level could take place in an atmosphere when these issues are resolved." He stressed that there was no mention of sanctions and denied the U.S. position as meaning that diplomatic ties are somehow "frozen," as some reports claimed. Czaputowicz's characterization seems confirmed by a number of meetings that have taken

Poland's President Andrzej Duda, right, and U.S President Donald Trump attend a news conference at Royal Castle, in Warsaw. According to online news reports published Tuesday March 6, 2018, the Polish President Andrzej Duda cannot count on any meetings with either President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence until Poland changes their controversial new Holocaust law. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

place in recent weeks between U.S. and Polish officials in both Washington and Warsaw. "There is nothing in it that could raise concerns," Czaputowicz said of the docu-

ment. He also said prosecutors are investigating the leak of the document, "which should not have been made available to journalists." Poland's president last

month signed the law, but also sent it to the Constitutional Tribunal for review. Many hope the court will find a way out of an impasse that caused what appears to be the worst rift

in U.S.-Polish ties in many years, and also created a dispute with Israel. "The United States has concerns which I hope the Constitutional Tribunal will resolve," Czaputowicz said.q

Dutch: EU prepared to respond to US tariffs BRUSSELS (AP) — Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says the European Union must make clear it is prepared to take "countermeasures" if efforts to wind back planned U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum fail.

At his weekly press conference Friday, Rutte called U.S. President Donald Trump's tariffs decision "very disappointing." The Netherlands exported some 550 million euros ($675 million) worth of steel worldwide

last year and Rutte says the United States is the biggest market outside Europe. Rutte says, "All our efforts are aimed at achieving as much flexibility as possible for our exports." But he adds that "we have to make

clear we are prepared to take counter-measures." He says the EU is the biggest trading block in the world "and in that sense we can make a fist together to reduce the impact of this measure."q


NEWS Turkey's war on Kurds unsettles fronts in northern Syria Saturday 10 March 2018

By PHILIP ISSA Associated Press BEIRUT (AP) — Turkey's war on a Syrian Kurdish militia that is closely aligned with the United States is forcing the group to give up positions against Islamic State militants in the Syrian desert to defend against the advancing Turkish troops. Ankara's go-it-alone campaign against the Kurdish People's Protection Units, known as the YPG, in a region called Afrin is reshaping military alignments in northern Syria and forcing the U.S. to pause its mop-up operations against pockets of the Islamic State group. But the U.S. is not supporting the defense of Afrin, and the Kurds are looking to Damascus for help, despite the Syrian government's pariah status in the international community. Washington and many Western nations hold President Bashar Assad's government chiefly responsible for the civil war that has engulfed the country for nearly seven years and still shows little sign of abating. To date, Damascus is the only major player to send

This photo shows a convoy of militiamen loyal to the Syrian government on their way to aid the Kurds against Turkish forces, in the northern city of Afrin, Syria. Turkey’s shattering war on a Syrian Kurdish militia that is closely aligned with the United States is forcing the group to give up positions against Islamic State militants in the Syrian desert to defend against advancing Turkish troops. (SANA via AP)

forces to defend Afrin. The move gives Assad particular leverage over the Kurdish self-administration at a time when global powers are jostling for influence in Syria. "Afrin is in need of whoever can defend it," said Ilham Ahmed, a senior official in

the Kurdish self-administration unit of northern Syria, which the Kurds call Rojava. "We are ready for dialogue with the regime and to resolve our issues with them," she said. The U.S. is naturally hesitant to enter into a military con-

frontation with NATO member Turkey, but White House officials may have underestimated the Kurds' determination to defend Afrin, says Mutlu Civiroglu, a Kurdish analyst in Washington. "So many major political and military leaders of the Kurds are from Afrin, and

Afrin, in the Kurdish heart and mindset, is an inseparable part of Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan," said Civiroglu. Ahmed, a native of Afrin, said the Kurds have been "astonished" by the "global silence" in the face of the Turkish campaign. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's goals are unclear: the Kurds control a wide swath of northern Syria, and his ambitions may be tempered by the possibility of reigniting a fullblown Kurdish insurgency inside his own country. But his campaign has strained the relationship between the Kurds and Washington, something that Erdogan can point to as a success after three years of growing affinity between the two over Ankara's strenuous objections, said Nicholas Danforth, a Turkey analyst at the Washington-based Bipartisan Policy Center. Turkey considers the YPG to be a "terrorist organization" and an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK, which has fought for Kurdish autonomy in Turkey.q

Aid delivered to Syria's Ghouta amid renewed violence By ZEINA KARAM BASSEM MROUE BEIRUT (AP) — An aid convoy crossed into the embattled rebel-held suburbs of Damascus Friday, delivering desperately needed aid despite heavy fighting that broke out "extremely close" to the convoy and renewed airstrikes by the Syrian government. The International Committee of the Red Cross said the close-range fighting came despite security guarantees from the parties involved in the conflict that humanitarian aid could enter the town of Douma, in eastern Ghouta. "We were taken aback by the fighting that broke out despite guarantees from the parties involved in this conflict that humanitarians could enter Douma, in Eastern Ghouta," said ICRC regional director Robert

This photo shows trucks convoy of the Syrian Red Crescent which carry humanitarian aid to be distributed in Douma, eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, Syria, Friday March 9, 2018. Relief workers used a brief lull in Damascus' embattled rebelheld suburbs to try and deliver remaining aid left over from a mission earlier in the week but were interrupted by renewed violence shorty after their team entered eastern Ghouta on Friday. (Syrian Red Crescent via AP)

Mardini. "As more aid is needed in the coming days, it is absolutely critical that these assurances be renewed and respected in the future,"

Mardini said. "Aid workers should not have to risk their lives to deliver assistance." Late Friday, Syrian state TV said a group of opposition fighters and their families

managed to reach areas controlled by the government — the first to leave the rebel-held district since a new wave of violence broke out last month. State TV showed 13 bearded men it said had earlier handed themselves over to authorities boarding a bus. It added that they were searched by troops before being taken to where journalists and paramedics were gathering near the bus. In the report, Russian troops were seen aboard the bus. Russia, a main backer of President Bashar Assad had offered a safe passage to opposition fighters who surrender in eastern Ghouta. State TV on Friday also reported that "dozens of civilians" would likely get out of eastern Ghouta, in addition to 13 gunmen who had turned themselves in,

via the Wafideen safe corridor designated by the government. The channel has been reporting since last week that rebels have prevented civilians from leaving. It added that insurgents targeted the Wafideen corridor on Friday afternoon with bullets and mortar shells. The government and its Russian backers, determined to wrest eastern Ghouta from rebel control after seven years of war, recently intensified the shelling and bombardment to clear the way for its troops to advance on the ground. Around 900 people have been killed in the past three weeks of relentless bombardment. It added that 15 of the 20 hospitals and clinics that MSF supports have been hit by bombing or shelling, with varying degrees of damage.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

China floods Africa with neeed dollars, stoking US concern By JOSH LEDERMAN Associated Press DJIBOUTI (AP) — The new electrified rail line snakes through the African desert, charting a course from a port along the Djibouti coast to Addis Ababa, the capital of land-locked Ethiopia. The Chinese built the railway, and part of the port, and the new military base next door. On the other end of the line, Chinese dollars financed Addis Ababa's new light rail, and the new ring road system, and the silver African Union headquarters that towers over the city. Across the Atlantic Ocean, America has noticed. From Djibouti to Ethiopia, Kenya to Egypt, the United States is sounding the alarm that the Chinese money flooding Africa comes with significant strings attached. The warnings carry distinct neocolonial undertones: With Beijing's astonishing investments in ports, roads and railways, the U.S. says, come dependency, exploi-

In this photo provided by China's Xinhua News Agency people gather before a red banner written in English and Chinese set up for the opening ceremony of the African Union Conference Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Jan. 28, 2012. The sleek, green-and-white trains glide past the congested, ragged streets of Addis Ababa along the city’s new light rail _ built and financed by China. The towering silver African Union headquarters here was built by China, too. So was the new ring road system around the city. And the new railway connecting landlocked Ethiopia to Djibouti. (Ding Haitao/Xinhua via AP)

tation and intrusion on nations' basic sovereignty. "We are not in any way attempting to keep Chinese investment dollars out of Africa. They are badly

needed," U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said this week in the Ethiopian capital. "However, we think it's important that African countries carefully consider

the terms." Those terms lead to deals in which Chinese workers, not Africans, get the construction jobs, Tillerson and other U.S. officials warn.

They say Chinese firms, unlike American ones, don't abide by anti-bribery laws, fueling Africa's pervasive problems with corruption. And if countries run into financial trouble, they often lose control over their own infrastructure by defaulting to a lender that historically has not always been forgiving. Some African countries now owe sums double that of their annual economic output, the U.S. has said, with most debt owed to China. In Djibouti, the debt totals roughly 84 percent of its GDP, Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf acknowledged on Friday. "We are not that worried," Youssouf said, standing next to Tillerson as the top U.S. diplomat visited the tiny coastal country. "No country can develop itself without having a strong infrastructure. And China is, from that perspective, a very good partner." Thomas Waldhauser, head of U.S. Africa Command, predicted this week that “there will be more.”q

Kenya president and opposition leader agree to unify country By TOM ODULA JOSH LEDERMAN Associated Press NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Kenya's president and opposition leader announced Friday they will work together to unite the country, which has been divided along ethnic lines following last year's disputed elections. President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga spoke after holding discussions, the first talks between the two since the elections sparked widespread turmoil. The Kenyan leaders agreed that their meeting was not the result of pressure from

Western countries. "This is a purely domestic initiative," Odinga's spokesman, Dennis Onyango, said. The Kenyan politicians' initiative to bring the country together was welcomed by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who arrived in Nairobi Friday to start a three-day visit. "This is a very positive step in our view, and while we know addressing Kenya's ethnic and political divisions will take some time and effort, today both of these men showed great leadership in coming together," Tillerson said after meeting Kenyatta. "All

the credit goes to the two leaders." U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo to Kenya in January to try to mediate the political crisis. "We hope that our role played a bit part even in anything that moves in the right direction," Guterres spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Friday. Kenyatta and Odinga met publicly at a funeral service where they shook hands earlier this year, but did not have talks. "The time has come for us to confront and resolve our

differences," said Odinga, after the talks. "These differences are becoming too entrenched." The fathers of Odinga and Kenyatta were allies in the struggle for Kenya's independence from British colonial rule and then became political adversaries. Now the sons have extended the family rivalry, which starts with personal politics and carries on to affect the country's ethnic allegiances. The two men, who also faced off in a 2013 election marred by opposition allegations of vote-rigging, are vying for power in Ke-

nya, East Africa's economic hub that plays a key role in the Western-backed fight against neighboring Somalia's Islamic extremists. For many observers, the historical divisions between the Kenyatta and Odinga political dynasties and the ethnic groups they represent cloud the promise of Kenya's democracy. On Friday, President Kenyatta said he and Odinga had reached an understanding "that this country of Kenya is greater than any one individual. And for this country to come together, leaders must come together."q


Saturday 10 March 2018


Venezuela-linked trust sues foreign oil traders for bribes By JOSHUA GOODMAN Associated Press CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — A trust linked to Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA has filed a lawsuit against major international energy trading firms for their alleged role funneling bribes to corrupt company officials in exchange for rigged oil purchase contracts. The civil complaint was unsealed Thursday by a federal judge in Miami and alleges the ongoing scheme cheated the socialist-run company of billions in lost revenue since 2004. The lawsuit comes as the U.S. expands a criminal investigation into corruption at PDVSA, and the Trump administration threatens crippling oil sanctions on the country sitting atop the world's largest crude reserves. David Boies, the powerful New York attorney representing PDVSA who is also

A Lukoil gas station is seen in Philadelphia. A lawsuit has been filed in Florida on Thursday, March 8, 2018, against Glencore, Lukoil and other international energy firms for their alleged role funneling bribes to corrupt Venezuelan officials in exchange for rigged oil purchase contracts involving state-run PDVSA. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

involved in two other politically charged cases straining relations between the U.S. and Venezuela, said the lawsuit was prompted by the Venezuelan gov-

ernment's determination to show it takes corruption seriously. "This is an action that Venezuela has taken to reestablish itself as a country

where the rule of law applies, where corruption isn't going to be tolerated and where people who violate the public trust will be held accountable," Boies told

The Associated Press. "It's a long road, but every long road begins with the first few steps." Boies said the 60-page complaint reads like a John Grisham novel, reflecting the lawless behavior by PDVSA officials and international oil companies over more than a decade. Switzerland-based Glencore and Russia's Lukoil are named as among more than 40 defendants including rogue traders, multinational energy firms, shell companies, mid-level PDVSA officials and a Nicaraguan-owned bank in Florida The scheme to fix prices, rig bids and eliminate competition, as well as steal highly-confidential information by cloning the company's servers, was allegedly carried out by two former PDVSA traders, Francisco Morillo and Leonardo Baquero. Ramirez was not named in the civil lawsuit.q

US: Mexico Playa del Carmen threat unrelated to ferries By MARK STEVENSON Associated Press MEXICO CITY (AP) — The U.S. Embassy in Mexico said Thursday that a security alert about the Caribbean resort of Playa del Carmen was not related to an explosion on a ferry that injured at least two dozen people. The embassy did not specify what kind of security threat it had been informed of in the resort, which is near Cancun, Cozumel and Tulum.

But it did say that "we do not have information relating the ferry explosion to the security threat in Playa del Carmen." That threatened to complicate matters for one of Mexico's key tourism sites, since the ferry threats had at least already been known and, according to Mexican officials, were related to "business issues" with the ferry company. Now it appears a different threat also exists. The area has also been hit, albeit

infrequently, by drug violence, and the violent Jalisco cartel has been seen moving into the area. But it was not clear if that was in any way related to the security alert issued Wednesday by the Embassy. The alert included an indefinite ban on travel to Playa del Carmen by U.S. government employees. It said the U.S. consular agency there "will be closed until further notice." Mexican officials said the

city is safe, despite the U.S. alert. "All tourism and economic activity in Playa del Carmen continues in a normal manner," the government of Quintana Roo state said in a statement, noting that hotel occupancy at the resort was 80 percent. It said President Enrique Pena Nieto attended an ocean conservation conference in Playa del Carmen on Thursday. "We do not know why the U.S. government decided

to emit this alert," the state government said. A Feb. 21 explosion on a ferry that runs between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel injured 19 Mexicans and at least five U.S. citizens. After that, the U.S. Embassy barred employees from taking the ferries to Cozumel, one of the world's busiest cruise ship ports of call. And last week, undetonated explosive devices were found on another boat owned by the same ferry company.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

Peaking Pizza PALM BEACH - When it comes to indulging in pizza, we have become spoilt for choice as of late. But, there is a new kid on the block that has something different. Tomato Charlies Pizza, part of the Brickell Bay Beach Club & resort is a healthy choice. Yes, it is possible to crave for pizza and not feel blown up afterwards. Juan Keyter, General Manager of Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa Hotel, explains us how and why. “It is not your regular fatty pizza that is oily and fat with a lot of dough. We needed something different and with the owners and ourselves having a tie to Chicago, we went back to Chicago and found this place called Bull’s Pizza. There we ate a low fat, thin crust pizza and the beautiful part of it is that it is literally almost like cracker bread. It does not blow you up and is made with low-gluten dough.” This is exact the pizza Tomato Charlies offers. “The flower itself makes the difference as it is an unbleached flower. What that does is that it cannot rise. Same with the

yeast, we use fresh yeast, NO powder yeast. This all together makes a big difference.” All vegetables are fresh and cut every morning, nothing is canned and the Italian sausage is brought in from Chicago as well as the pepperoni. The mozzarella cheese comes from Fabri, one of the largest suppliers out of Chicago and most of the top restaurants buy their cheeses here. “Our mozzarella is a low-fat one and from a very well-known quality.” Cheese Tops When it comes to the menu we find a range of choices. The pizza comes 9, 12 or 14 inch. There are four signature pizzas with three or four toppings. “We choose not to overpower too many flavors, than it becomes just one big pot of soup and that would be too much. But, our toppings are extralarge toppings and therefore we offer square slices instead of the points, to prevent the toppings to drop.” The red sauce Tomato Charlies uses has no sodium, again it does not blow you up and is much healthier. Another unique

detail is that this place does not put your cheese under

the sausage, but on top of it. “Why: taste and flavor stay locked in the melted cheese, the sausage just pops in your mouth. It fills the flavor between the red tomato base and the sausage, together with the toppings you have a true pizza delight.” Besides the signature pizza you can Build Your Own, choose Lasagna or one of the four sandwiches or even BBQ Chicken Wings. Delivery on the Beach Tomato Charlies has been here before, almost 14 years ago at the location of now Joe &Guisseppe Steakhouse. “An Italian Steakhouse that is the only one in Aruba that brings in prime steaks, every single steak on our menu is prime steak, the best quality you will find in Aruba”, Juan

mentions on the sideline. Back to the pizza “Last year we made the decision to open Tomato Charlies again, upon a lot of request from the public. We chose for a take-out store, right in the Brickell Bay Mall. On weekends people go out and have a drink and we stay open till 1AM at night. It is an enjoyable pizza and you can still have something healthy. Also we do delivery at all high rise hotels from RIU to Marriott, between 5 PM until 12 AM, Fri and Sat until 1 AM. On the beach we deliver too! By sending a location from what’s app, we will find you and deliver to your sun bed. For more information: Facebook Tomato Charlies Aruba.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

Aruba Tourism Authority Honors Loyal Visitors at Renaissance Ocean Suites

ORANJESTAD - Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority honored Distinguished Visitors and of Aruba as a token of appreciation for visiting the island for more than 15 and more consecutive years.

The honorees were Mr. Russell and Mrs. Colleen Sims from Grosse, Michigan. Ms. Darline de Cuba representing the Aruba Tourism Authority, and members of Renaissance Ocean Suites handed some presents to

the honorees and thanked them for choosing Aruba as their vacation destination and as their home away from home for so many years on behalf of the Government of Aruba. These visitors love Aruba for the people are very welcoming, the beauty of the island, the beaches, very tasty food, and it’s truly one home away from home.q

Loyal Visitor Honored at the Aruba Beach Club

EAGLE BEACH - Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a very special couple as Emerald Ambassadors of Aruba at the Aruba Beach Club. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as tokens of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for 35-or-more consecutive years. The honorees for Emerald Ambassador were Mr. Robert (‘Bob Yankees’) and Mrs. Patsy Kettell of Rhode Island, celebrating their 42nd consecutive annual visit to Aruba! These special guests love Aruba very much because of the friendly people, the weather, the beaches, the restaurants, the Casinos, and just about everything

else! They say being on the island is like being in paradise and that Aruba is truly their ‘home-away-fromhome.’ The certificate and commemorative emerald coin were presented by Ms. Darline de Cuba representing the Aruba Tourism Authority, together with Amanda Sing and associates from the Aruba Beach Club.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

When in Aruba Launch Party

ORANJESTAD - The creative team behind the glossy pages of Island Temptations magazine has taken an exciting leap into the digital world with its brand new website—When in Aruba. Through incredible imagery, breathtaking videos, and inspiring stories told through authentic voices, the dynamic site portrays the beautiful island of Aruba in its best light. The When in Aruba team hosted a launch party on

March 1 at the Alhambra Ballroom, inviting many of the island’s movers and shakers to celebrate the debut of this new platform that aims to attract visitors to the island as well as serve as a resource for locals. Rona Coster, coowner of the new website, commented, “People are increasingly choosing where and how they want to spend their vacation dollars by researching online. Businesses on the island will have the opportunity to list

their products and services on the site as well, making it easy for vacationers to plan their trip to Aruba. The site showcases gorgeous photography and videography. Trust me, Aruba never looked so good!” Coster and Causey-Bislick pointed out that When in Aruba is the only tourismdriven destination website in the Caribbean to prominently feature the LGBTQ community as a valuable tourist demographic. Also, its gorgeous wedding and romance blog serves as a valuable resource for the growing destination wedding market. Tina and Rona also shared some words of gratitude with developer of the site, Create. “We’re so pleased that we used a local firm to develop our site. We had an instant connection with the team, who believed in our project from the start. We’re so grateful to Tristan Every, Rudy Croes, and the

rest of the Create team for bringing our vision to life with this gorgeous site.” Visit the website at www.

Businesses interested in having a listing on the website should contact info@


Saturday 10 March 2018

Initial Economic Improvement During the First Nine Months of 2017 ORANJESTAD - Today the Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA) publishes the State of the Economy for the first three quarters of 2017. This publication provides a synopsis of the local and international economic developments of this period. The highlights here of are presented below, including a summary of main economic indicators. The Aruban economy showed initial signs of improvement in the first three quarters of 2017. Tourism-related output strengthened with substantial growth in tourism receipts, improved hotel performance, a rebound in U.S. arrivals as well as increased cruise visitors. Data for private investment and private consumption point towards a positive development, but caution is warranted with regard to its sustainability. Furthermore, the domestic price level remained virtually flat. Investment indicators re-

vealed an overall upswing in the first three quarters of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016. Both the number and value of construction permits expanded, while investmentrelated imports picked up. On the other hand, anticipated refinery-related investments appeared not

to have fully materialized. Consumption strengthened in the first three quarters of 2017, based upon available indicators. Income from consumption-related taxes increased, possibly due to a rise in compliance and tax arrears collection. Furthermore, car loans grew, while the Con-

sumer Confidence Index improved slightly from the second to the third quarter. Nevertheless, it stayed below the 2016 level as well as in the pessimistic territory. Aruba’s trade deficit, as reported by the CBS, grew in the first nine months of 2017. The total value of import of goods expanded, due largely to a gain in the imports of animalrelated goods, investment goods, and mineral products, while the value of exports also rose but at a lower pace. The balance of payments posted a deficit in the first three quarters of 2017, according to the preliminary commercial bank data available. This deficit was due mainly to net outgoing transfers from notified foreign accounts held by residents, as well as net outflows resulting from other capital and financial account transactions. This deficit was partially compensated by a surplus on the current account. Al-

though the net foreign assets declined, they stayed above the critical norms monitored by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the CBA. In summary, the economy seemed to be on a rebound for the first nine months of 2017. Nevertheless, caution remains because of considerable downside risks such as the sustainability of consumption and investment, the weak financial position of the government, the downward trend in the international reserves, and the fragile political situation in Venezuela. The complete publication is available on the CBA’s website (www.


Saturday 10 March 2018

United States' Mikaela Shiffrin poses on the podium of the women's World Cup giant slalom, in Ofterschwang, Germany, Friday, March 9, 2018. Mikaela Shiffrin won her second straight overall World Cup title, finishing third in a giant slalom. Associated Press


Shiffrin secures overall World Cup title with 5 races to go

OFTERSCHWANG, Germany (AP) — Mikaela Shiffrin can finally relax again. After a tense build-up to the Olympics, the American won her second straight overall World Cup title on Friday, five races before the end of the season. "It's been a big battle for me mentally to know exactly where my focus should be," said Shiffrin, who turns 23 on Tuesday. "It was quite a relief actually when the Olympics were over so I could focus on the rest of the World Cup season." Shiffrin won the Olympic gold medal in the giant slalom, and it was in Friday's giant slalom that she clinched the overall World Cup title by finishing third. Ragnhild Mowinckel of Norway, the Olympic silver medalist, won the race. Even before her final run, Shiffrin was guaranteed of winning the title because her only remaining rival, Wendy Holdener, failed to finish in the top two, which she needed to maintain her mathematical title chance. The Swiss skier finished 14th. Continued on Page 23

Tiger Woods reacts to a missed putt on the 14th hole during the second round of the Valspar Championship golf tournament Friday, March 9, 2018, in Palm Harbor, Fla. Associated Press

Tiger Woods trails by 2 at Innisbrook By DOUG FERGUSON PALM HARBOR, Fla. (AP) — Corey Conners knew Tiger Woods had finished his second round at Innisbrook because he couldn't see him. He was only about 50 yards from the ninth green,

but there were too many fans covering every inch of grass, packed in a dozen deep because of Woods. Woods brought the Valspar Championship to life Friday with his best round of a comeback that is build-

ing momentum toward the Masters. Conners was happy to play a quiet round in the afternoon and wind up with the lead. The Canadian rookie ran off three birdies before a careless error set him

back, and he finished with a 2-under 69 for a two-shot lead going into the weekend. Right on his heels was Woods, who kept a clean card until his final hole and shot 68. Continued on Page 19


Saturday 10 March 2018

Serena powers to 1st win in comeback with baby on her mind By BETH HARRIS AP Sports Writer INDIAN WELLS, Calif. (AP) — Serena Williams' power game is intact, whether she's firing aces or smashing groundstrokes. Her grit is there, too. Her timing may be a little off and the unforced errors are a clue she has been away for 14 months. All in all, the 23-time major winner is glad to be back on the job with a new husband and 6-month-old baby. Williams began her latest comeback with a 7-5, 6-3 victory over Zarina Diyas of Kazakhstan in the first round of the BNP Paribas Open on Thursday night. "I'm not where I want to be, but I'm getting there," she said. "Every day is going to be a challenge for me, but I know I'll overcome it." Away since winning the 2017 Australian Open early in her pregnancy, Williams gave birth to Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. in September and married Alexis Ohanian in November. She's playing under a protected ranking of 22nd and hasn't been unseeded at a tournament since 2011 in Cincinnati. "I'm a little rusty, but it doesn't matter," she said. "I'm just out here on this journey and doing the best I can."

Serena Williams prepares to hit a forehand to Zarina Diyas during the first round of the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament in Indian Wells, Calif., Thursday, March 8, 2018. Associated Press

Another new mother, Victoria Azarenka of Belarus, won her first-round match over Heather Watson 6-4, 6-2. "Walking out on court I felt so much love and almost had tears in my eyes," Azarenka said. "It really means the world to me to be able to be here and play and enjoy myself and do what

I like to do." Azarenka, who like Williams is a two-time winner of the desert tournament, has been off the tour since Wimbledon. She gave birth to son Leo in December 2016 and has been in a custody fight that limited her travel. Williams said she texted Azarenka when she was preg-

nant to ask questions. "She's been incredibly helpful," Williams said. "She's such a great mom. I got to meet her little baby when he was so young." Williams plays No. 29 seed Kiki Bertens of the Netherlands and Azarenka plays U.S. Open champion Sloane Stephens in the second round on Saturday.

Williams could potentially meet older sister Venus in the third round if both win their next matches. Away from the court, it's all about her baby. Venus said her 36-year-old sister acts like a child herself, and Serena said that's why she gets along so well with her daughter. "We play games. I can't wait for her to grow up because we're going to go to Disney every week," she said. "I don't know if it's going to be for her or for me more. I have an excuse to watch certain programs that are animated." Ohanian bought four billboards along Interstate 10 outside Palm Springs in tribute to his wife. The fourth billboard shows a photo of Williams and their daughter with the phrase "G.M.O.A.T" — greatest mother of all time — and is signed by Alexis Sr. and Jr. Williams said she almost cried before her match because she missed her daughter, who was sleeping at their home while the rest of her family watched in the stands. "My favorite thing is definitely her toothless smile. It's absolutely my favorite thing," she said. "Just holding her and the way my heart skips a beat. I never thought about that."q

New F3 championship to start in 2019 on F1 race weekends

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain steers his car during a Formula One pre-season testing session in Montmelo, outside Barcelona, Spain, Friday, March 9, 2018. Associated Press

By JEROME PUGMIRE AP Sports Writer Aspiring young drivers will get the chance to race in a new Formula 3 championship featuring on F1 race weekends beginning next year.

The decision to add an F3 race to the existing F1 and F2 series was confirmed after motorsport governing body FIA held a world motorsport council meeting in Geneva on Friday. The Formula One Group has been

chosen by FIA to promote the series. F3 cars will have a single supplier for engines, chassis and tires to be selected by FIA in collaboration with the Formula One Group. F3 represents an ideal platform for "young drivers working their way up the FIA's single-seater pyramid, which now spans the full spectrum of the discipline from Formula 3 to Formula 2 and Formula 1," the F1 Group said in a statement Friday. All three race series will be held at the same events,

which the F1 Group says will make it "easier than ever for fans to follow the careers of aspiring young drivers" hoping to reach the pinnacle of F1. A maximum grid of 30 cars will be accepted, with the championship planned to run between nine and 10 events, with two races per event. F3 cars will feature the latest FIA safety, including the Halo frontal protection device, as well as increased chassis strength and increased cockpit rim height. "We are pleased to have been entrusted with

the organization of the FIA Formula 3 Championship as from 2019," F1 managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn said. "The Grand Prix weekends will also feature another step on the FIA's racing ladder, in which the best young drivers from national and regional categories will be able to race on the greatest and most prestigious race tracks of the world." Last year, the former GP2 format — a traditional stepping stone into F1 — was renamed F2 to bring the series more in line with F1.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

TIGER WOODS Continued from



Conners was on the putting green when Woods and his entourage — officials, security, media and stragglers — walked along the edge of the green, in front of another group waiting to tee off on No. 1 and toward the scoring area. "I definitely saw that," Conners said. "I've seen that the last few days as well. Pretty cool. Hopefully, I can be in a position where I get some followers Sunday." Until that moment, the closest Conners ever got to Woods was at the Masters three years ago when he watched him on the range. Conners played at Augusta National that year as the U.S. Amateur runner-up. Being close to him on the leaderboard is an entirely different dynamic. Conners was at 6-under 136 and will play in the final group with Paul Casey, who had a 68. Woods and Brandt Snedeker (68) will be in the group in front of them, with thousands of fans lining the fairways and surrounding the greens. "I don't think this will be leading, but at least I'm there with a chance going into the weekend," Woods said when he finished. "Today was a good day." Woods has been slowed by mistakes, some leading to big numbers. The second round at Innisbrook was all about control of his shots that rarely put him out of position off the

tee and especially on the green, where he could attack putts from below the hole.He took the lead with a drive that was heading left, struck a cart path and caromed back into the fairway on his 14th hole, the par-5 fifth. That set up a long iron into the front right bunker and a delicate shot from the sand to about 5 feet for his fourth birdie of the round. He saved par with a 12foot putt on No. 7 and was heading toward a bogeyfree round until his wedge on the par-5 ninth rode the shifting wind to the right and into the gallery, his ball on a woman's bag. After getting a drop, his chip came out too strong and hit the flag, leaving it only 6 feet away. He missed the putt and didn't seem all that bothered. Just over five months ago, Woods still didn't have clearance to begin hitting full shots, much less to play without restrictions. In his fourth PGA Tour event in seven weeks, he looks like a contender. "I've come a long way in that span of time," Woods said. The energy in the gallery was enormous, especially for this sleepy tournament, and toward the end of the round the fans were looking for any reason to cheer. "The roars are a little louder, and there's certainly an energy about the gallery that you don't have anywhere

else," Jordan Spieth said. Spieth missed the cut for the second time this year. He is still trying to rediscover his putting touch, and his iron game left him in an opening round of 76. He didn't fare much better on Friday with two birdies, two bogeys, a 71 and a phone call to get back to Dallas sooner than he wanted. "I've played with Tiger many times. It's nothing new," Spieth said. "It kind of feels like you're playing in a major championship in a normal round, which if anything should bring out better golf for me. I just got way off on my iron play, with putting not improving either. That's how you shoot over par." Henrik Stenson, the other major champion in the group, had another 74 and missed the cut. Also headed home was Rory McIlroy, who shot 73 and missed the cut for the second time in four starts on the PGA Tour this year. McIlroy played with Woods in December before his return and was alarmed at how good he looked. He said Woods never missed a shot when they played. "I'd seen this three months ago," McIlroy said. "So yeah, he's playing great. I'd love to be here for the weekend to be in contention, but I'll be an interested observer watching TV over the weekend, see how it unfolds." Casey holed a 15-foot birdie putt on the 18th for his 68, putting him in good shape going into the weekend. Casey has gone nearly four years since his last victory. He was on the opposite side of the course as Woods, though he could hear him. "Feels like the old days," Casey said. Woods never really saw his name on the board. Whenever he glanced at the video board, it was showing Spieth or Stenson putting and their statistics. But he could sense from the crowd that everything was going his way. "To play myself into contention this early into it was nice, and on top of that, to build on what I did a week ago," he said, referring to the Honda Classic when he was on the fringe of contention going to the final nine holes. "I feel comfortable out there."q

Corey Conners tees off on the 18th hole during the second round of the Valspar Championship golf tournament Friday, March 9, 2018, in Palm Harbor, Fla.


Saturday 10 March 2018

Predators win 10th straight, Golden Knights blank Red Wings By The Associated Press NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Austin Watson scored a short-handed goal late in the second period and the Nashville Predators beat the Anaheim Ducks 4-2 on Thursday night to extend their franchise-record winning streak to 10 games. The Predators also matched Colorado for the longest winning streak in the NHL this season. The victory kept Nashville's edge at six points ahead of Winnipeg and Vegas for the Western Conference lead. Pekka Rinne made 31 saves to improve to 18-1-1 over his last 20 games. Craig Smith, Ryan Johansen and Viktor Arvidsson each scored. Filip Forsberg had two assists for Nashville, which honored David Poile before the game for becoming career wins leader among NHL general managers with his 1,320th victory last week. Rickard Rakell scored twice in the third period for the Ducks. GOLDEN KNIGHTS 4, RED WINGS 0 DETROIT (AP) — Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 28 shots, Cody Eakin and Alex Tuch each scored two goals and the Vegas Golden Knights dominated the Detroit Red Wings. The Pacific Division-leading Golden Knights had lost four of five, their worst

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Trevor Daley (83) deflects a shot by Vegas Golden Knights center William Karlsson (71) in front of goaltender Jimmy Howard during the first period of an NHL hockey game Thursday, March 8, 2018, in Detroit. Associated Press

stretch during their inaugural season since losing five of six early on. The victory at Little Caesars Arena was their 19th on the road, tying Anaheim's 1993-94 team for the most by an expansion team. Fleury got his third shutout of the season and the 47th of his career. Jimmy Howard had 28 saves for the Red Wings, who have lost five straight games for the third time this season. PANTHERS 5, CANADIENS 0 SUNRISE, Fla. (AP) — Roberto Luongo made 40 saves

in his second shutout of the season, Nick Bjugstad scored his fourth goal in two games, and the Florida Panthers beat the Montreal Canadiens for their seventh straight home win. Evgenii Dadonov had a goal and an assist, and Vincent Trocheck, Micheal Haley and Jonathan Huberdeau also scored for the Panthers, who have points in eight straight games. Keith Yandle added three assists, and Aleksander Barkov had a pair. Charlie Lindgren stopped 27 shots for the Cana-

diens, who lost their second straight. BLUE JACKETS 5, AVALANCHE 4, OT COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Seth Jones scored 59 seconds into overtime to lift the Columbus Blue Jackets over the Colorado Avalanche in a matchup of teams fighting to stay in the playoff mix. Jones added two assists, Thomas Vanek scored twice and Zach Werenski also tallied for the Blue Jackets, who have won three straight for the first time since November. Colorado got third-period

goals from Gabriel Landeskog and Carl Soderberg to force overtime. Soderberg had two in the game, and Tyson Barrie also scored for the Avs. HURRICANES 3, BLACKHAWKS 2 CHICAGO (AP) — Sebastian Aho snapped a tie with a power-play goal in the third period, and the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Chicago Blackhawks in their first game since Ron Francis was forced out as general manager. Justin Williams had a goal and an assist as Carolina stayed four points back of Columbus for the second wild card in the Eastern Conference. Scott Darling made 22 saves in his return to Chicago after he was traded to Carolina in April, and Elias Lindholm added two assists. Tomas Jurco and Patrick Sharp scored for last-place Chicago (29-31-8), which had won two of three. Jean-Francois Berube made 37 stops. JETS 3, DEVILS 2 NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Patrik Laine extended his pointscoring streak to 10 games and Connor Hellebuyck made 41 saves as the Winnipeg Jets won their fourth straight game. Joel Armia and Nikolaj Ehlers also scored as the Jets posted their ninth win in the last 11 games.q

Geraint Thomas takes overall lead of Tirreno-Adriatico TREVI, Italy (AP) — Geraint Thomas moved into the overall lead at the TirrenoAdriatico on Friday, and Primoz Roglic rode to an uphill victory at the end of the third stage. Roglic was involved in a crash on Thursday, but the Slovenian rider attacked with just over 1 kilometer remaining of the 239-kilometer (149-mile) route from Follonica to Trevi. Adam Yates crossed the line three seconds behind Roglic, and Tiesj Benoot was a further three seconds behind in third. "It was my tactic to attack from far out because I've already lost some sprints in

Primoz Roglic, of Slovenia, celebrates as he crosses the finish line to win the 3rd stage of the Tirreno-Adriatico cycling race, from Follonica to Trevi, Italy, Friday, March 9, 2018. Associated Press

my career," Roglic said. "I couldn't wait till the end so I

just went flat out after I got a gap.

"I came to Tirreno-Adriatico for GC but I lost my hopes yesterday. My bike was damaged in the crash. So I switched focus to on other goals. I got my stage win and I'm happy with that." Thomas moved into the lead with the same time as Greg Van Avermaet of BMC, who won the opening time trial. Pre-race favorite Chris Froome moved up to third, three seconds behind Thomas, his Team Sky teammate. Another Team Sky Rider, Michal Kwiatkowski, is fifth, nine seconds behind Thomas. There were a number of crashes on the hilly route,

one involving race leader Patrick Bevin. Simon Geschke was the worst affected and had to be taken to the hospital. The fourth stage on Saturday is a rolling 219-kilometer (136-mile) route from Foligno to Sarnano-Sassotetto, ending in a mountain-top finish. "A lot can happen tomorrow. It's a long climb and having strength in numbers is good," Thomas said. "Hopefully I'll feel good but if I don't then hopefully Froomey or Kwiato will be on a good day, too. We've got options. It's a great position to be in." The race ends Tuesday.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

Kyrie Irving returns, Celtics beat Timberwolves 117-109 By The Associated Press MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Kyrie Irving returned from a onegame absence to help Boston fend off Minnesota, finishing with 23 points, seven rebounds and eight assists to pace the Celtics in a 117-109 victory over the Timberwolves on Thursday night. Irving, the five-time All-Star whose first season with the Celtics has been stellar save for some minor injuries, was good to go after sitting out at Chicago on Monday to rest a sore left knee that was aggravated in the previous game. Al Horford added 20 points, eight rebounds, six assists and tough defense on Karl-Anthony Towns for the Celtics, who stayed two games behind Toronto in the Eastern Conference race with their sixth win in seven games. They have three more losses than the Raptors. Marcus Morris added 17 points for the Celtics, whose victory was tempered a bit by the hard landing Jaylen Brown took on his back after a dunk late in the third quarter. He left with 14 points for evaluation of concussion-like symptoms. Nemanja Bjelica scored a career-high 30 points on 11for-16 shooting, including 6 for 9 from 3-point range. His first 20-10 game in the NBA was ultimately wasted in the third straight loss for the Timberwolves, who are still trying to find their way without injured All-Star Jimmy Butler. WARRIORS 110, SPURS 107 OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) —

Kevin Durant had 37 points, 11 rebounds and four blocked shots and almost single-handedly led undermanned Golden State's fourth-quarter rally past San Antonio after Stephen Curry went down early. Durant hit his third straight jumper to tie it with 2:01 remaining before the Warriors went ahead on Draymond Green's putback the following possession. Klay Thompson made two free throws with 15.9 seconds left. Bryn Forbes' 3-point try from the top to tie it hit the front rim as the final buzzer sounded. Green had his third tripledouble this season with 11 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Curry was lost for the night to a rolled right ankle early in the first quarter, but the Warriors responded without their two-time MVP to win their seventh straight since the All-Star break. THUNDER 115, SUNS 87 OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Russell Westbrook had 27 points, eight rebounds and nine assists to help Oklahoma City rout Phoenix. Paul George added 21 points, Corey Brewer had 17, Steven Adams 16, and Carmelo Anthony 11. Brewer replaced Josh Huestis in the starting lineup and responded with a 6-for11 performance from the floor. Devin Booker, wearing a headband for the first time in his three-year NBA career, had 30 points for Phoenix. He had 39 last week in Arizona in a loss to the Thunder.

Boston Celtics's Kyrie Irving, right, shoots as Minnesota Timberwolves' Nemanja Bjelica of Serbia watches in the first half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, March 8, 2018, in St. Paul, Minn. Associated Press

HEAT 108, 76ERS 99 MIAMI (AP) — Hassan Whiteside scored 26 points, Dwyane Wade added 16 and Miami beat Philadelphia to move a step closer to the playoffs. Josh Richardson scored 13 points, Tyler Johnson had 12 and Kelly Olynyk added 10 to help the Heat stay No. 7 in the Eastern Conference

and move within a game of No. 6 Philadelphia. Dario Saric had 20 points and 10 rebounds for the 76ers. NETS 125, HORNETS 111 CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Allen Crabbe made his first six 3-point attempts and finished with 29 points and eight rebounds, helping Brooklyn beat Char-

lotte to snap a four-game losing streak. Caris Levert scored 16 of his 22 points in the second half, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson had 18 points and 12 rebounds to provide a spark off the bench for the Nets. Kemba Walker had 21 points on 7-of-11 shooting for the Hornets. They've lost five straight.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

Ngoepe had busy offseason promoting baseball in South Africa By ROB MAADDI AP Sports Writer DUNEDIN, Fla. (AP) — Gift Ngoepe had quite the busy offseason. After becoming the first African-born player to reach the major leagues last season, Ngoepe was traded from Pittsburgh to Toronto and spent almost three months back home in South Africa promoting the sport. "Just trying to make the sport a little bigger, make more people interested and playing so we have a bigger population for baseball," Ngoepe told The Associated Press on Friday. "Hopefully me making it to the big leagues and everybody knowing that there is baseball in South Africa, there will be more interest and more younger children coming to play baseball." Ngoepe had many media requests so he did plenty of talking about baseball in interviews. He also was involved in youth programs. "I enjoyed my time and I enjoyed playing with kids, especially down in the development areas where gangster life is the life over there," Ngoepe said. "So we tried to change their mindset and be like you know

This is a 2018 file photo showing Gift Ngoepe of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. Associated Press

what, this is not the right way and sport is where it's going to make life better for you." Ngoepe learned baseball in a country where the sport isn't popular because his family lived in the clubhouse of a men's league ballpark where his mother worked. He lived there from age 2 to 18 and eventually played for the Randburg Mets. He was good enough to go

to MLB scouting camps in Italy in 2007 and 2008, and was signed by the Pirates in 2008. He struggled in a different country but continued chasing his dream and finally made it to the majors last year when the Pirates called up him from Triple-A Indianapolis. Ngoepe singled off Chicago Cubs ace Jon Lester in his first at-bat and batted .222 (12 for 54) in 28 games.

The slick-fielding infielder was sent to the Blue Jays in November and is trying to earn a spot on the roster. "He can handle the glove with anybody, a great defensive fielder out there," Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. "You can put him at any spot, a great kid. He's working on some adjustments with the bat. If he gets the bat going, he can be a really good major league player. He brings

energy, he's a tremendous kid and I've been impressed with his defense. It's hard to find guys who can field like he does." The 28-year-old Ngoepe is a career .231 hitter with a .320 on-base percentage in nine seasons in the minors. “My expectation is to do the best I can every single day I’m out there and play with everything I have,” he said. “Whether I make the big league club or not, it’s not going to break me down. Go out there and have fun. I’m usually a person who thinks a lot and overanalyzes everything so this year I told myself we’re not going to go that route and we’re going to have fun. No matter how the season is going, stay positive in each and every aspect of the game.” Ngoepe knew one familiar face when he joined the Blue Jays. He first met teammate Curtis Granderson in 2007 when the threetime All-Star made a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, as an ambassador for baseball. Granderson, who played for the Tigers at the time, encouraged Ngoepe to pursue his dream.q

Boone already making impression on Hal Steinbrenner By MARK DIDTLER Associated Press TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Yankees managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner is impressed with Aaron Boone without seeing him manage a regular-season game. Boone was hired to replace the fired Joe Girardi on Dec. 4. He went to the broadcast booth after his career ended in 2009 and has no major league managing or coaching experience. Steinbrenner likes what he has seen from Boone during spring training. "Calm, cool, collect, got a good sense of humor," Steinbrenner said. "Has a really good rapport in a group setting or individual setting with the players."

Boone is part of the first family to produce three generations of major league players. His father, Bob, had a 19-year career and his grandfather, Ray, spent 13 years playing. His older brother, Bret, was on the field for 14 years. Bob Boone also managed

Kansas City (1995-97) and Cincinnati (2001-03). "He's a knowledgeable guy," Steinbrenner said. "He's had a lot of help along the way from grandfathers, fathers and his own experience. I think he's going to be great." Yankees left-hander CC Sa-

bathia had no doubt that Boone had what it takes to manage when they were teammates with Cleveland in 2005-06. Boone, who celebrated his 45th birthday on Friday, dissected the game like a manager while sitting on the bench. "He was serious with it," Sabathia said. "He was really good at it. I'm just happy people are going to get to know his personality like I do. I think we just hit it off right away." Sabathia’s leadership will play a key role in the clubhouse as the Yankees look to reach the World Series one year after losing Game 7 of the ALCS to Houston. “Just now being here with him and as the elder statesman, as the veteran that

he is, his impact in our room is enormous,” Boone said. “I think he touches a lot of guys in there with his professionalism and his willingness to be a mentor. I think it’s important you have guys in a clubhouse where messages don’t always have to come from me or my coaching staff.” It’s a role Sabathia accepts. “I think that’s what I’m here to do,” Sabathia said. “Obviously perform and try to pitch well, but to also try to be that presence and be here for guys. I can’t say I was the leader when Derek (Jeter) and Andy (Pettitte) and those guys were here, but I felt like I was one. But it naturally happened when those guys starting retiring.”q


Saturday 10 March 2018

SHIFFRIN Continued from Page 17

"That's really exciting, for sure. It's hard to explain that feeling really," said Shiffrin, who holds a 603-point lead over Holdener in the overall standings with only Saturday's slalom and four races at next week's World Cup finals in Sweden remaining. "The best thing for me now is to have the crystal globe already locked in," she said. "I can really just enjoy the last races and not have to fight for points to win the globe." Shiffrin is the second American female skier to win multiple overall titles. Lindsey Vonn won the sport's most coveted prize four times. Friday's result came exactly two months after Shiffrin's last victory in a World Cup race. She racked up a personal best 10 World Cup wins this season, but they all came in a relatively short 46-day spell between Nov. 25 and Jan. 9. She was a clear favorite to successfully defend her maiden overall title since setting a World Cup record

by winning the first five races of 2018. However, she failed to win another race after triumphing at a night slalom in Flachau, Austria. A dip in form during her last five races before the Pyeongchang Olympics saw her failing to finish three times and placing seventh twice. In South Korea, she won Olympic gold in the giant slalom and silver in the combined event, but missed out on a medal in her strongest discipline, the slalom. She vomited before the start and later said that nerves played a role. "I had goals for the slalom and GS globes, the overall globe, Olympic medals," Shiffrin said Friday. "My next biggest goal was to be strong for the end of the season." In her first race after the Olympics, Shiffrin was fourth after the opening run but improved a spot to third, 0.74 seconds behind Mowinckel. The Norwegian won Olympic silver medals in both giant slalom and downhill last

United States' Mikaela Shiffrin speeds down the course during an alpine ski, women's World Cup giant slalom, in Ofterschwang, Germany, Friday, March 9, 2018. Associated Press

month but called her first career World Cup win "the best feeling there is." "I've worked hard for this a really long time," Mowinckel said. "I knew my skiing was solid." Viktoria Rebensburg of Germany finished 0.66 behind in second and closed in on the season title in the discipline. With one race remaining, she leads world giant slalom champion

Tessa Worley of France by 92 points in the discipline standings. Friday's result stretched Rebensburg's lead over Shiffrin to 101 points, leaving the American out of contention for the GS title. However, Shiffrin could add another discipline globe this weekend, holding a 175-point lead over Petra Vlhova of Slovakia going into the penultimate slalom

race of the season on Saturday. "For sure I have a big lead," Shiffrin said. "But nothing is impossible so I am going to stay focused." Friday's race was interrupted after Tina Robnik crashed and had to be taken off the hill on a sled with an apparent knee injury. There was no immediate update on the Slovenian skier's condition.q

Speedskaters go for Allround worlds on open-air oval By MIKE CORDER AMSTERDAM (AP) — A week ago, Amsterdam residents and visiting tourists were walking and skating along frozen canals in the Dutch capital. On Friday, elite speedskaters were doing laps of a man-made outdoor track in streaming rain in the city's Olympic Stadium. For the first time since 2001, the three-day speedskating Allround World Championships are being held on an outdoor track, a temporary oval at the stadium which hosted the 1928 Summer Olympics. The Dutch were expected to dominate. Sven Kramer, the Olympic 5,000-me-

ter champion from Pyeongchang, is the threetime defending men's champion and is looking to win his 10th title. Pyeongchang 1,500-meter gold medal winner and defending champion Ireen Wust was aiming for her seventh title. But she got off to a bad start in the 500 meters on a rainy night, trailing in ninth place, 1.8 seconds behind winner Miho Takagi, who crossed the line in 39.01 seconds. Gabriele Hirschbichler of Germany was second and Ayaka Kikuchi finished third. Takagi skated in the second pair and Wust in the last, after rain had degrad-

ed the ice. "It's outdoor skating, and that means dealing with the weather," Wust told national broadcaster NOS. Wust dealt with the conditions better in the 3,000-meter race, winning in 4 minutes, 15.80 seconds to move up to second in the overall standings, behind Takagi. Takagi was nearly four seconds slower than Wust in the 3,000, with Martina Sablikova finishing third. The championships are a test of skaters' allround prowess, with races over 500, 1,500, 3,000 and 5,000 meters for women and 500, 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 meters for men. The skaters were not the

Raindrops sit on the glasses of Ireen Wust of The Netherlands as she competes during the women's 500 meters race at the World Championships Speedskating Allround in the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Friday, March 9, 2018. Associated Press

only ones challenged by the conditions. The women's championship finishes

Saturday with the 1,500 and 5,000, while the men skate the 500 and 5,000.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

Washington becomes 1st state to approve net-neutrality rules By RACHEL LA CORTE Associated Press OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Setting up a likely legal fight with the Trump administration, Washington has become the first state to enact its own net-neutrality requirements after U.S. regulators repealed Obamaera rules designed to keep the internet an even playing field. "We know that when D.C. fails to act, Washington state has to do so," Gov. Jay Inslee said Monday before signing the bipartisan measure that banned internet providers from blocking content or interfering with online traffic. The new law also requires internet providers to disclose information about their management practices, performance and commercial terms. Violations would be enforceable under the state's Consumer Protection Act. The Federal Communications Commission voted in December to gut U.S. rules that meant to prevent broadband companies such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon from exercising more control over what people watch and see on the internet. The regulations also prohibited providers from favoring some sites and apps over others.

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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, center, speaks before signing a bill Monday, March 5, 2018, in Olympia, Wash., that makes Washington the first state to set up its own net-neutrality requirements in response to the Federal Communications Commission's recent repeal of Obama-era rules. Associated Press

Because the FCC prohibited state laws from contradicting its decision, opponents of the Washington law have said it would lead to lawsuits. Inslee said he was confident of its legality, saying "the states have a full right to protect their citizens." As he has done frequently over the past year, Inslee took aim at President Donald Trump's administration, saying the decision by the Federal Communications Commission was "a clear case of the Trump administration favoring powerful corporate interests over the interests of millions of Washingtonians and Americans." While several states introduced similar measures this year seeking to protect net

neutrality, so far only Oregon and Washington have

passed legislation. But Oregon's measure wouldn't

put any new requirements on internet providers. It would stop state agencies from buying internet service from any company that blocks or prioritizes specific content or apps, starting in 2019. It's unclear when Oregon's measure would be signed into law. Washington state was among more than 20 states and the District of Columbia that sued in January to try and block the FCC's action. There are also efforts by Democrats to undo the move in Congress. Governors in five states — Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Montana and Vermont — have signed executive orders related to netneutrality issues, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.q

Facebook to stream 25 MLB games in exclusive deal NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is getting deeper into the professional sports streaming game, partnering with Major League Baseball to air 25 weekday afternoon games in an exclusive deal. The games will be available to Facebook users in the U.S. on Facebook Watch, the company's video feature announced last August, via the MLB Live show

page. Facebook said Friday that recorded broadcasts will also be available globally, excluding select international markets. The package, MLB's first digital-only national broadcast agreement, precludes teams from televising those games on their regional sports networks. The concept is similar to the exclusive package of Sunday night games on ESPN.

Facebook, Twitter and Amazon and other tech companies are in a race to acquire sports streaming rights, which can be lucrative and potentially boost user loyalty. The deal comes at a time when leagues are worrying about cord-cutters causing a decrease in viewers among cable television networks. Verizon signed a deal with the NBA to stream eight basketball games on Yahoo, and Amazon paid $50 million to stream NFL games to Prime members last season. The games will be produced by the MLB Network for Facebook Watch, with interactive and social elements that differentiate them from live streaming. Facebook's first-month schedule includes Philadelphia-New York Mets on April 4, Milwaukee-St. Louis on April 11, Kansas City-Toronto on April 18 and Arizona-Philadelphia on April 26. Facebook had a package of 20 non-exclusive Friday night games last year that began in mid-May and used broadcast feeds from the participating teams.q

BUSINESS A25 US stocks soar on strong jobs report; inflation fears ease Saturday 10 March 2018

By MARLEY JAY AP Markets Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Wall Street got exactly what it wanted from Friday's jobs report: solid hiring, moderate wage growth and continued low unemployment. Investors sent stocks sharply higher, particularly their recent favorites, technology companies. U.S. employers added 313,000 jobs in February, more than forecast, and wages didn't rise as much as investors had feared. The Labor Department also said January's spike in wages was a bit smaller than it originally thought. It made for a happy ninth anniversary for the current bull market. A month earlier, a jump in wages got investors worried about inflation and set off a stock market swoon, giving the benchmark S&P 500 index its first 10 percent decline in two years. "I think the fears of wages getting out of control in this point in the cycle ... were squashed," said Katie Nixon, chief investment officer for Northern Trust Wealth Management. Bond yields also moved solidly higher as investors

Trader Ronald Madarasz works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Wall Street got exactly what it wanted from Friday's jobs report: solid hiring, moderate wage growth and continued low unemployment. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

anticipated that the solid jobs survey portends more steady growth in the U.S. economy. The Nasdaq composite regained the last of its February losses and closed at an all-time high. Banks also rose as interest rates increased, and industrial and health care and basic materials companies also climbed. Those sectors

tend to do better when the economy is growing quickly. The S&P 500 index climbed 47.60 points, or 1.7 percent, to 2,786.57. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 440.53 points, or 1.8 percent, to 25,335.74. The Nasdaq composite jumped 132.86 points, or 1.8 percent, to 7,560.81. The Russell 2000 index of smaller-

company stocks picked up 25.18 points, or 1.6 percent, to 1,597.14. Apple rose $3.04, or 1.7 percent, to $179.98 and Microsoft jumped $2.11, or 2.2 percent, to $96.54. Both finished at record highs. Technology companies have led the market's rally since early 2017, and they have led the recovery from its recent lows as well.

The S&P 500 is still 3 percent beneath its latest record high close, which came on Jan. 26. None of the other major S&P sectors have recovered all of their February losses, as technology has. Bond prices dropped. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose to 2.90 percent from 2.85 percent. Banks advanced, but highdividend stocks like utilities and phone companies fell. Those stocks are often compared to bonds and they tend to fall when yields move higher, as higher yields make them less appealing to investors seeking income. Stocks initially declined last week after President Donald Trump said he would place tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. They've recovered their losses after he granted exemptions to Canada, Mexico, and potentially to other countries. Gold rose $2.30 to $1,324 an ounce. Silver added 11 cents to $16.61 an ounce. Copper jumped 6 cents, or 1.9 percent, to $3.14 a pound. The dollar rose to 106.77 yen from 106.24 yen. The euro rose to $1.2313 from $1.2306.q

US hiring surge last month pulls in flood of new workers By CHRIS RUGABER WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. employers went on a hiring binge in February, adding 313,000 jobs, amid rising business confidence lifted by the Trump administration's tax cuts and a resilient global economy. The surprisingly robust hiring, reported by the Labor Department on Friday, was the strongest in 1½ years. It was accompanied by the biggest surge in 15 years in the number of people either working or looking for work. That kept the nation's unemployment rate unchanged for a fifth straight month at 4.1 percent. At the same time, average wage growth slowed to 2.6 percent in February from a year earlier. That was down from January's revised pace of 2.8 percent, which

had spooked investors because it raised fears of inflation. The hiring boom caught many economists off guard, because they expected a smaller — though still healthy — increase. Job gains typically slow as the unemployment rate falls, because companies run out of workers to hire. The economy has expanded for 104 straight months, or nearly nine years, the third-largest expansion on record, and hiring often declines as recessions fade further into the past. Yet job growth has accelerated in recent months. Companies have added an average of 242,000 jobs a month over the past three months, above 2017's pace of 182,000. "The February employment

Work continues on a new development in Fair Lawn, N.J. On Friday, March 9, the Labor Department reported that U.S. employers added 313,000 jobs in February, the most in any month since July 2016, and drawing hundreds of thousands of people into the job market. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

report was unambiguously strong, confirming that the U.S. labor market is on fire," said Michelle Girard, chief U.S. economist at NatWest Markets. "The pace of job

growth is gaining momentum — a very impressive development at this stage of the economic cycle." The Trump administration's tax cuts appear to have

lifted optimism among consumers and businesses. U.S. employers have also benefited from a strengthened global economy. And consumers are more confident than they have been since 2000. Investors celebrated the news, sending the Dow Jones industrial average up 390 points in early afternoon trading. The bull market reached its ninth anniversary Friday, with market indexes nearly quadrupling since March 2009. The muted wage growth is a relief to Wall Street, because faster raises could spur higher inflation and additional interest rate increases from the Federal Reserve. The economy has now gained jobs for 89 straight months, the longest streak on record.q


Saturday 10 March 2018


Conceptis Sudoku

6 Chix


Mother Goose & Grimm

Baby Blues


Yesterday’s puzzle answer

Sudoku is a number-placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid with several given numbers. The object is to place the numbers 1 to 9 in the empty squares so that each row, each column and each 3x3 box contains the same number only once. The difficulty level of the Conceptis Sudoku increases from Monday to Sunday.


Saturday 10 March 2018

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Saturday 10 March 2018

Study finds false stories travel way faster than the truth By SETH BORENSTEIN WASHINGTON (AP) — Twitter loves lies. A new study finds that false information on the social media network travels six times faster than the truth and reaches far more people. And you can't blame bots; it's us, say the authors of the largest study of online misinformation. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology looked at more than 126,000 stories tweeted millions of times between 2006 and the end of 2016 — before Donald Trump took office but during the combative presidential campaign. They found that "fake news" sped through Twitter "farther, faster, deeper and more broadly than the truth in all categories of information," according to the study in Thursday's journal Science . "No matter how you slice it, falsity wins out," said coauthor Deb Roy, who runs MIT's Laboratory for Social Machines and is a former chief media scientist at Twitter. Twitter funded the study but had no say in the outcome, according to the researchers. The scientists calculated that the average false story takes about 10 hours to reach 1,500 Twitter users, versus about 60 hours for the truth. On average, false information reaches 35 percent more people than true news. While true news stories almost never got retweeted to 1,000 people, the top 1 percent of the false ones got to as many as 100,000 people. And when the researchers looked at how stories cascade — how they link from one person to another like a family tree — false infor-

This Oct. 26, 2016 file photo shows a Twitter sign outside of the company's headquarters in San Francisco. Associated Press

mation reached as many as 24 generations, while true information maxed out at a dozen. Concern over bogus stories online has escalated in recent months because of evidence the Russians spread disinformation on social media during the 2016 presidential campaign to sow discord in the U.S. and damage Hillary Clinton. Social media companies have experimented with using computer algorithms and human fact-checkers to try to weed out false information and abuse online. Twitter earlier this month said it is seeking help from outside experts to better deal with the problem. And Facebook this week announced a partnership with The Associated Press to identify and debunk false and misleading stories about the midterm elections. "We have witnessed abuse, harassment, troll armies,

manipulation through bots and human-coordination, misinformation campaigns and increasingly divisive echo chambers," tweeted Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. "We aren't proud of how people have taken advantage of our service, or our inability to address it fast enough." The MIT study took the 126,285 stories and checked them against six independent fact-checking sites —,, factcheck. org,, and— to classify them as true, false or mixed. Nearly twothirds were false, just under one-fifth were true, and the rest were mixed. The six fact-checking websites agreed with each other on classification at least 95 percent of the time, plus two outside researchers did some independent factchecking to make sure everything was OK, said co-

author Sinan Aral, an MIT management professor. Lead author Soroush Vosoughi, an MIT data scientist, said the three false stories that traveled the farthest and fastest were about a Muslim guard called a hero in the Paris bombings of 2015; an Iraq war veteran finishing as runner-up to Caitlyn Jenner for an ESPN courage award ; and an episode of "The Simpsons" that had a story line in 2000 about a Trump presidency. (It was in 2015.) University of Pennsylvania communications professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a co-founder of factcheck. org, had problems with the way the study looked at true and false stories. The MIT team characterized a story's truth on a 1-to-5 scale, with 1 being completely false. Factcheck. org, Jamieson said, looks more at context and does not label something either true or false. She also suggested that

calling this bogus information "false stories" does not capture how malignant it is. She said it would "better be called viral deception. VD. And treated as analogous to venereal disease." The researchers looked at obvious bots — automated accounts — and took them out. While the bots tweeted false information at a higher rate than humans, it wasn't that much of a difference, and even without bots, lies still spread faster and farther, Roy said. David Lazer, a political and computer scientist at Northeastern University who wasn't part of the study but wrote an accompanying report, praised the MIT research but said the scientists may have missed a lot of bots and cyborgs — sort of in-between humans. His ongoing, not-yet-published research has found that about 80 percent of false stories come from just onetenth of 1 percent of users. The researchers dug deeper to find out what kind of false information travels faster and farther. False political stories — researchers didn't separate conservative versus liberal — and stuff that was surprising or anger-provoking spread faster than other types of lies, Aral said. "Falsehood was significantly more novel than the truth," Aral said. "It's easy to be novel when you make things up." That fits perfectly with previous research on the psychology of fake information, said Yale University's Dan Kahan and Dartmouth College's Brendan Nyhan, scientists who study the phenomenon. "The more strange and more sensational the story sounds, the more likely they are going to retweet," Kahan said. Nyhan and Lazer said that while more fact-checking and education of people on how to tell fake from real can be helpful, the more effective solution will have to come from the social media platforms themselves. Politifact traced a version of it back to Jonathan Swift in 1710.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

CNN takes a historical look at the Kennedy family By DAVID BAUDER AP Media Writer NEW YORK (AP) — In the Trump era, the story of the Kennedys has never seemed so distant or, one family member believes, more urgent to tell. "It's important for people to know that there is another way," said former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. "What people understand to be the paradigm of today, that doesn't have to be the narrative for our country." He's also interviewed in CNN's new six-part series, "American Dynasties: The Kennedys," that debuts at 9 p.m. EDT on Sunday. Coupled with the premiere of a new series about popes, it's an example of CNN's new approach to historical programming now that it is running out of decades to celebrate. The Kennedys are one of the most documented families in modern American life, and CNN hopes that its work in the series offers new looks at a familiar story. Sunday's first episode focuses on family patriarch Joseph Kennedy, who wanted to be president himself until his poor performance as U.S. ambassador to Britain during World War II ended that ambition. He

In this Nov. 9, 1960 file photo, President-elect John F. Kennedy, center, is surrounded by members of his family in the living room of the home of Joseph P. Kennedy, in Hyannisport, Mass. Standing, from left, Ethel Kennedy; Steve Smith and wife, Jean Kennedy; Senator Kennedy; brother Robert, campaign manager; sister, Patricia Lawford; Sargent Shriver; brother Ted's wife, Joan; and British actor Peter Lawford. In foreground, seated from are: Eunice Shriver, sister; mother Rose Kennedy; father, Joseph; Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of John; and Ted Kennedy, brother of the presidentelect. Associated Press

transferred that drive to his large family, which culminated in the election of second son John F. Kennedy as president in 1960. Through the episodes, the series continues through John and brother Bobby's assassinations, Ted Kennedy's long career in the Senate and the varied paths of

new Kennedy generations, including the plane crash that killed John F. Kennedy Jr. While it discusses the family's achievements, the project is not a hagiography. The series discusses JFK's womanizing, the disastrous decision to lobotomize the young Rosemary Kennedy

and, in a later episode, Ted Kennedy's involvement in a deadly car accident in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts. Producers sought archival material that went beyond familiar clips, said Amy Entelis, who oversees CNN's film and original series units. For example, the first

episode shows Joseph Kennedy's family greeted by photographers upon his arrival in Britain, where young Bobby and Ted gave media interviews. "That was footage that was really new to me — to see them as children and already, as children, on the public stage," she said. "We really made an effort to dig deeply and find not only new angles to the story, but new ways to illustrate the story." Experience has taught CNN executives that its viewers respond to historical programming. The breezy series celebrating particular decades is the most prominent example, but since CNN is airing one on the 2000s this summer, they've hit a dead end, at least for two more years. "The Kennedys," like last month's series on Patricia Hearst, enables the network to examine certain time periods through specific lenses. The nostalgia appeal is obvious, but CNN executives were surprised five years ago at how well a documentary on JFK's assassination did among young viewers who were anxious to get more details about an event many had heard about but hadn't looked at closely, Entelis said. q

AP Newsbreak: Sherman Alexie declines literary award By HILLEL ITALIE AP National Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Sherman Alexie has declined the Carnegie Medal he received last month, the American Library Association told The Associated Press on Friday. Alexie was given the $5,000 award for nonfiction for his memoir "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me." He

has since faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment and issued a statement acknowledging wrongdoing. Jay Asher and James Dashner are among other writers who recently faced similar allegations. The library association did not have immediate comment on whether the decision was solely by Alexie or whether he had been urged to turn the award down. Attempts to reach Alexie on Friday were not immediately successfully. His publisher, Hachette Book Group, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. When it announced Alexie's medal in February, the

ALA praised him for writing "a courageous, enlightening, anguished, and funny memoir told in prose and poetry that pays tribute to his Spokane Indian mother and reveals many complex traumas and tragedies of reservation life, as well as his own struggles." The Carnegie prize, established in 2012, is awarded for fiction and nonfiction. Colson Whitehead, Donna Tartt and Doris Kearns Goodwin are among the previous winners. The library association told the AP on Friday that no nonfiction prize will be given this year. Jennifer Egan's "Manhattan Beach" was the fiction winner.q

In this Oct. 10, 2016 file photo, author and filmmaker Sherman Alexie appears at a celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day at Seattle's City Hall. Associated Press


Saturday 10 March 2018


'Veep' creator: I could never reach 'giddy heights' of Trump By JAKE COYLE AP Film Writer TORONTO (AP) — How different was Stalin-era 1950s Russia to the Washington D.C. of "Veep"? For "Veep"creator Armando Iannucci, there were more similarities than you might think. In his second feature film, "The Death of Stalin," some quite funny people (Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor, Simon Russell Beale) play some of the more fearinducing names in 20th century history. When Stalin dies, it's a mad rush for power (Buscemi's Nikita Khrushchev comes running in his pajamas) and a race for the mantle of 'reformer' after years of purges, murders and imprisonments. Yet the satirical ballet of hapless government strivers will be familiar to those who know Ianuncci's other farces ("In the Loop," ''The Thick of It"). It's just that the consequences for losing step with the party line are a tad direr. "If you say the wrong thing or back the wrong person, you might be out of power," said Iannucci in an

This image released by IFC Films shows, from left, Steve Buscemi, Adrian McLoughlin, Jeffrey Tambor, Dermot Crowley and Simon Russell Beale in a scene from "The Death of Stalin." Associated Press

interview. "But being outside of power can mean being dead, so there's that added tension. You don't just retire and open up a library. You're shot." "The Death of Stalin," which opened in theaters Friday, is Iannucci's first post-"Veep" project. He departed after the first four seasons. When

it was announced in early September that the acclaimed HBO season will end with its seventh season, he applauded David Mandel for "bringing her safely home." But while "Death of Stalin" might be a kind of comrade to "Veep," it also charts a different path for Iannucci. The movie, he feels, resonates particularly in the Donald Trump era, and, more than any of Iannucci's previous work, connects insular political maneuvering with its often tragic results for the populace. AP: This is a fairly brutal time period for a comedy. Iannucci: I was keen to make sure of that, yes, we see these people and the decisions they make within the Kremlin, but I also wanted to show how these deci-

sions impacted people on the outside. There's no shying away from that. So you do see people rounded up. People are killed. People are taken away. And you never see those people again. So it was always about going inside, behind closed doors, and then going outside and seeing the effect of what's just happened. I wanted the audience to feel a little bit of what every Russian must have felt on a daily basis: Will I get through the day? AP: Do you think history remembers its figures too seriously and soberly? The Kremlin leaders of your film are uncouth, petty and often thoughtless. Iannucci: They're human. They're not superhuman. And I think a lot of them are either deluded themselves or are persuaded by others

to think that they are superhuman. When they find out that they're human, that's when things unravel. In 'The Death of Stalin,' these are people who think they're powerful and therefore they're in complete control. It's fear of not having power that drives them. AP: Where do you get your interest in the comedy of politics? Iannucci: It affects everything you do. It's so important. And therefore I'm fascinated with how it happens. That's it, really. But I also want people to get that vague sense of finding out how important it is. When it goes wrong, it goes very badly wrong. We have this golden view of democracy. We think now that we've arrived at democracy, it's going to stay here forever. Well, no. Get it ever so slightly wrong, just tip it a slightly different way and you end up with authoritarianism and autocracy. AP: How do you think the Trump administration compares to your political comedies? Iannucci: I don't think I could ever reach the giddy heights of the inspired comedy and tragedy that's happening now in Washington. I mean, it's mesmerizing to watch but it's also scary. For me, the scariest thing about it is all those people who were so absolutely opposed to him before he got elected, and then have just drifted away and kept quiet. It goes back to: We've always got to be vigilant about democracy because it can go wrong.q

Review: 'Stealing the Show' applauds women in TV By LINCEE RAY For the last 15 years, Joy Press has been writing about television for prestigious media outlets. She had a front-row view during television's Golden Age as strong, confident women pushed boundaries to transform the traditional

female role. In "Stealing the Show," Press chronicles the progress made and applauds the women who are responsible for the movement. The book begins by highlighting female pioneers in the industry. Press praises powerhouses like Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler

Moore and Marlo Thomas who nudged male writers and producers to depict a more accurate description of women. According to “Stealing the Show,” they are the voices of the next generation of television who will shape future generations to come.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

High school musicals, teen angst star in new drama 'Rise' By LYNN ELBER AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) — Even if you're trying to put the squeeze on a ballooning TV watchlist, consider the pedigree of NBC's "Rise": It's from the "Friday Night Lights" producer who created "Parenthood" and a producer of Broadway's "Hamilton." With stars Josh Radnor ("How I Met Your Mother") and Rosie Perez ("Fearless") and a strong cast of young performers, including Auli'i Cravalho of "Moana," the drama revolving around a small-town high school and its theater program clearly deserves attention. For Jason Katims, the chance to take a different approach to themes he explored as executive producer of "Friday Night Lights" drew him to "Rise," debuting 10 p.m. EDT Tuesday. He was captivated by the "idea of being able to observe the people of this community and do it through this beautiful storytelling device of musical theater," said Katims, who's collaborating with "Hamilton" producer Jeffrey Seller. Don't be misled by "musical" and "high school." The series, based loosely on the life's work of teacher Lou Volpe that was detailed in Michael Sokolove's 2013 book "Drama High," doesn't pick up where "Glee" left off.

This image released by NBC shows Rosie Perez as Tracey Wolfe, left, and Josh Radnor as Lou Mazzuchelli in a scene from "Rise," debuting Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST. Associated Press

"If I felt like that was the show it was going to be I wouldn't have done it, because 'Glee' did that so beautifully," Katims said. "We spend as much time, more time in fact, in their (the students) homes and with their families and relationships. ... and the theater becomes their home base in a way that's driving the story." The youngsters face challenges that are both timeless and contemporary, including teen pregnancy and gender identity. Shades of "Friday Night Lights," there's even a football thread, with one stu-

dent (Damon J. Gillespie) caught between his talents as an athlete and a performer. The adults face their own problems. Radnor plays Lou Mazzuchelli, a fictional version of Volpe who finds himself in a rut teaching English and trying to cope with family tensions. Lou grabs a chance to take over his school's theater program despite scant experience in the field and the fact he's leap-fogged a more experienced colleague, Perez's Tracey Wolfe. But Lou's passion is real — for theater, for the students he wants to inspire and for his

Pennsylvania town, which is struggling with hardship after a steel mill's closure. He challenges the status quo and students by choosing to stage a provocative musical, "Spring Awakening," instead of a more predictable, safe high school choice like "Grease." (There's irony here: the ongoing network fascination with live musicals has itself skewed heavily toward comfortable fare including "The Sound of Music" and, yes, "Grease," with "Spring Awakening" staged only within fiction.) "The core of the story is this beautiful idea that Lou's

vision enables these students to see their lives in a different way and imagine ... a different future for themselves than they might have had," Katims said. Seller underscored the importance of the arts in young people's lives during a Q&A with reporters. He recalled visiting New York for the first time as a teenager and the "formidable experience" of seeing Jennifer Holliday perform the "Dreamgirls" show-stopper "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." “Rise,” he said, is a project that “represents everything I believe in, which is family, which is community, and which is art, and that’s why I’m here today.” The show was already in the works when the 2016 presidential election highlighted national divisions, Katims said, but its smalltown, blue-collar focus makes the drama pertinent without being overtly political. “We never have to say ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’ or ‘Trump,’” he said. “Just putting the show out there in the world and observing this type of town that doesn’t get observed enough, without judging anybody, just letting their voice be heard, that is a political statement.” “The beauty of the story is that it is aspirational, it is hopeful,” he said.q

'A Wrinkle in Time' is a big leap for its teenage star By LINDSEY BAHR LOS ANGELES (AP) — Storm Reid tried to play it cool when Ava DuVernay told her she'd gotten the lead role in Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time," but it wasn't long before the tears started flowing. "I flipped out," says Reid, now 14 and in the ninth grade. The Atlantanative started acting at age 3 after she told her mother that she wanted to be a "stuperstar." She's had bit roles in television ("NCIS: Los Angeles," ''Chi-

cago P.D.") and film ("12 Years a Slave," ''Sleight"), but nothing even close to something like "A Wrinkle in Time." As the heroine Meg Murry, she is in nearly every frame, navigating mean girls at school, the loss of her father and even interdimensional travel. "It's such an important story to be told," says Reid, who had done a book report on the Madeleine L'Engle novel in the 6th grade. "She goes on this beautiful journey and finds herself and becomes

more accepting and learns that she is worthy of being loved." DuVernay saw Reid very early on in the casting process and said every girl after had to measure up to her. Eventually she trusted her initial impulse and went back to Reid. "This whole thing doesn't work if you don't have a great Meg. She goes from completely depressed to defiant to exuberant to joyful to determined to fighting evil. It's every emotion," says DuVernay. "She has the whole

In this Feb. 25, 2018 photo, Storm Reid poses for a portrait at The W Hotel in Los Angeles to promote her film, "A Wrinkle in Time," which opens nationwide on Friday, March 9. Associated Press

thing on her shoulders. She's incredible." The experience of filming "A Wrinkle in Time" was incredible, Reid says, not only because it meant

acting alongside the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Chris Pine, but because of DuVernay's set.q


Saturday 10 March 2018

NHL takes esports on ice with gaming tournament By STEPHEN WHYNO As Patrik Laine climbed the ranks of youth hockey in Finland, he learned about the NHL from video games. "I learned probably just about the players," the Winnipeg Jets star said. "Nowadays it's super realistic, and you can just pretty much see how everybody is playing and how good they are." It's about to get even more real with the NHL following the lead of the NBA, NFL, FIFA and other leagues in establishing a presence in a burgeoning esports market. The 2018 NHL Gaming World Championship, launched Friday, is a first step toward a potential version of the season-long NBA 2K League that's set to begin in May or perhaps eMLS on FIFA 18. "You're really both tapping into and expanding the existing fan base of the game," said NBC Sports executive Rob Simmelkjaer, who got his introduction to hockey from playing "NHL 94" on Sega Genesis. "I think that's something that the NHL can benefit from by putting esports front and center in the way that they market their sport." Players will be able to match up 1-on-1 in EA Sports NHL 18 qualification rounds. That will be followed by regional finals in the United States, Canada and Europe on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and then the June 19 championship at Esports Arena Las Vegas during the NHL Awards with a prize pool of $100,000. The hope is to land new fans and connect with current fans in a different way. "This is really at its embryonic stage," NHL executive vice president and chief revenue officer Keith Wachtel said. "This is the most basic way for our fans to play. We're also going to explore in the future the opportunity, and we're going to test this with some of the guys at the regional tournaments and the final, maybe a two-versus-two or a three-versus-three." WorldGaming and Collegiate StarLeague are already experimenting with gaming at movie theaters

In this March 3, 2018, file photo, gamers compete during the Athens Online mega-lan gaming expo hosted by eSports at the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga. Associated Press

in Canada and are in the midst of the Snider Hockey Cup tournament on EA Sports NHL 18 with the finals taking place March 22 in Philadelphia, next to the Flyers' arena. "After the response we got to this tournament, we worked closely with the NHL and Electronic Arts for this program," WorldGaming and Collegiate StarLeague CEO Wim Stocks said. "They're going to be in the marketplace with really cool esports programming in the very near future." Sports-based esports have a long way to go to catch up to fighting games like "Dota," ''League of Leg-

ends" and "Counter-Strike," but National Amusements programming and corporate development executive Kevin Mitchell doesn't believe the NHL needs to worry."Console gaming is just now starting to take off," said Mitchell, who also teaches esports at Emerson College in Boston. "I think it's really just coming up with an ambidextrous strategy on finding ways to integrate with their traditional fan base and finding ways to create cross-over engagement for this new generation that has been primarily consuming content online." Mitchell thinks esports ven-

tures are ways for leagues to make fans of young people who get their sports largely through their smartphones or computers. According to Newzoo's 2016 Esports Consumer Insights, 28 percent of hockey fans are 21-35, while 49 percent of esports enthusiasts are in that age bracket. "We have a very attractive fan base," Wachtel said. "It's young, it's very tech-savvy, and millennials these days, which is really the gamer, are consuming sports in a much different way." For a sport grappling with challenges of getting kids interested in hockey in places where ice time and

equipment can be expensive and difficult to come by, this is another possible route. Mitchell said about 50 U.S. colleges now offer esports scholarships and expects more development at youth levels as they become more popular. NBC Sports in the U.S., Rogers Sportsnet in Canada and Viasat in Europe will promote the event, airing regional finals and the championship and putting highlights on TV around playoff games. How it goes will help determine the NHL's next steps. "We don't really have a statement on what the future holds other than we're going to be active in one way, shape or form," said Chris Golier, NHL vice president of business development. "We're going to have a lot of involvement and conversation with a lot of the top gamers, as well, make sure that it's fun, engaging, the content works and we'll revise as we see fit going forward." Esports might be a way for the NHL to grow its audience in China, where it is already broadcasting regular-season games and hosting exhibitions ahead of the 2022 Olympics. “China is a huge gaming population,” Stocks said. “What better way to help bring the game of hockey to China than through video gaming? I think the NHL has a great opportunity.”q

In this Aug. 22, 2017, file photo, visitors play the latest FIFA 18 soccer game from EA Sports at the Gamescom fair for computer games in Cologne, Germany. Associated Press

March 10, 2018  
March 10, 2018