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Gandelman For a truly unparalleled experience in luxury duty-free shopping, visit Bulgari B.Zero1 Gandelman at any of its five locaring and necklace tions on Aruba. In its third generation as a family-run retailer, Gandelman offers a fine and diverse selection of watches and jewelry. Gandelman is the exclusive retailer for Rolex on Aruba and Curacao, as well as other fine names including Cartier, Patek Philippe, Breguet, David Yurman, Bulgari, TechnoMarine, Chanel, Carrera y Carrera, Damiani and Pomellato. Discover a wide variety of watches by Gucci, Omega, Movado and Swiss Army. Gandelman also offers an array of luxury goods, including porcelain by Lladró. An attentive after-sales service includes a modern, state-of-the-art workshop with certified, highly trained watchmakers. Customers don’t just shop at Gandelman, they live an unforgettable experience that survives well beyond any visit. Locations in Aruba: Royal Plaza Renaissance Mall Hyatt Regency and Marriott Hotel

Carrera y Carrera Córdoba bracelet Rolex, Everose Gold Daytona

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Our Aruba Your Experience Susan Ruiter Les doy un “Bon bini” ( la bienvenida) a quienes nos visitan de nuevo y a los que visitan por primera vez. Esta edition 27 de Aruba Experience cuenta con un vibrante diseño que incluye información actualizada de: Nuestra historia, nuestra lengua, lugares para visitar, donde salir a cenar e ir de compras y actividades para que disfrutes las vacaciones que tanto has soñado! Aruba, se ha convertido en un destino renombrado por su estilo y alma. Seguro que ustedes comparten esta sensación conmigo. Los invito a que exploren nuestras páginas y aprendan nuestro idioma, nuestra cultura y todas las maravillosas formas que Aruba Experience Magazine enriquecerá su visita. Intenta nuestro lengua materna: en un restaurante: “Kiko bo por recomenda’mi pa come?” Inténtelo en un bar: “Mi por a haya un cerbes local pa purba?” Respetuosamente le pedimos que sean conscientes de la fragilidad de nuestro medio ambiente insular,que nos rodea como en tierra y en el mar y asi ayudarnos a proteger y preservar este paraiso.


A warm Aruban “Bon Bini” (welcome) to the thousands of visitors who return year after year and to the families that often include second- and third-generation members. Welcome also to the first timers, who we expect will join our annually returning visitors. This 27th edition of Aruba Experience has been revitalized and made new again with a sparkling redesign. It includes the best and most up-to-date information about us: Our history and our language; places to visit, where to dine and shop, activities for your enjoyment… Your vacation dream!  Aruba has become a destination renowned for style and soul! I am certain you share this special feeling with me. I urge you to explore our pages and learn about our language, our culture and all the wonderful ways Aruba Experience will enhance and enrich your stay. We are always delighted when others use our language. Try it at the restaurant:  “Kiko bo por recomenda’mi pa come? ” Try it at the bar:  “Mi por a haya un cerbes local pa purba?” To you, we respectfully request that you be aware of the very fragile nature of our island environment, on land and in the sea that lovingly surrounds us. Please help us protect and preserve it.

Forum Shops Aruba·Divi All Inclusive The Shops at Alhambra·Radisson Aruba Resort Tel: (297) 588-0443··1-800-515-3935

Did you know... Aruba’s paper currency is the florin, written Afl. or Awg, also referred to in speech as the guilder. The current exchange rate generally accepted in stores ranges from Afl. 1,75 to Afl. 1,80 per U.S. dollar. The florin bills and coins were designed by Mr. Evelino Fingal. Elements of Aruba were essential components for the design. Images of the animal wild life in combination with decorative motives found on pre-columbian pottery were used emphasizing the relation between past and present. The following animals are depicted in: The bill of 10 a conch, the bill of 25 a rattle snake, the bill of 50 an owl, the bill of 100 a frog, and in the bill of 500 a grouper. La moneda de Aruba es el florín, escrito Afl. o AWG, también conosido como guilder. El tipo de cambio actual generalmente oscila entre AFL. 1,75 AFL. 1,80 por un dolar Americano. Los billetes y las monedas fueron diseñadas por el Sr. Evelino Fingal. Elementos de Aruba fueron componentes esenciales para el diseño. Imágenes de la vida animal salvaje en combinación con grabados decorativos que se encuentran en cerámica precolombina se utilizaron haciendo hincapié en la relación entre el pasado y el presente. Los siguientes animales se observan en: el billete de 10 un caracol, en el billete de 25 una cascabel, el el billete de 50 un búho, en el billete de 100 una rana y en el billete de 500 un mero. Yes, you may open a bank account on the island but in U.S. dollars only and some restrictions do apply. The Banks retains the right to decline an account opening request at its sole and absolute discretion. You might need valid ID’s (passport, driver’s licence or identification card), Bank reference letter adressed to the Bank . Employment letter from employer. Chamber of commerce documents if self employed (own busienss). Always nice to know when you come back there will be money waiting for you. Sí, usted puede abrir una cuenta bancaria en la isla, pero en U.S. dólares. Restricciones pueden aplicar, tome nota de eso. Los Bancos se reservan el derecho de admission a su sola y absoluta discreción. Entre sus requisitos esta que tengan identificación válida (pasaporte y licencia de conducir o targeta de identificación) carta de referencia dirigida al Banco, carta referencia del empleador y/ o los documentos de la Cámara de comercio si usted tiene su propio negocio. Siempre es agradable saber que al regresar habrá dinero esperando para usted.


Our Island Facts Geography: 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across, totaling 77 square miles/193 square kilometers. Location: 12° 30’ north latitude; 70˚ west longitude • 19 miles/31 km north of the Venezuelan coast • 1820 nautical miles from New York City • 990 nautical miles from Miami • 890 na utical miles from the equator • 3105 nautical miles from Buenos Aires. Climate: Little variation from yearly average of 81°F/27°C tempered by northeasterly tradewinds; outside the hurricane belt. Time zone: Atlantic Standard Time year-round (equivalent to Eastern Daylight Savings Time). Population: 106.113 Central Bureau of Statistics July 2011. Language: Official language Dutch • Native language Papiamento • English and Spanish widely spoken. Political structure: Since 1986, an autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands overseen by the Constitutional Monarchy with a democratically elected government. The Chief of State is the Governor, appointed by the Queen of the Netherlands to represent her for a period of 6 years. The Head of Government is the Prime Minister elected every 4 years who holds executive power with a Council of Ministers and is sustained by a 21-member Parliament. Judicial system: The safeguarding of the fundamental rights and freedoms, legal certainty and proper administration of the law is under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the cooperation of the Aruban Minister of Justice. Judges of the Common Court in Aruba are appointed by the Queen. Defense and external affairs: The Kingdom of the Netherlands is responsible for defense (hence, the Royal Marine Camp in Savaneta) and external political and diplomatic relations.


Little Switzerland

Defining Luxury for over 50 years, Little Switzerland is the largest authorized luxury brand retailer in the Caribbean and a preferred jewelry partner of major cruise lines throughout the US and Caribbean. To make shopping fast and easy instant credit available. At Little Switzerland/Jewels we will continue to improve on our tradition of over 50 years as the premier destination retailer by providing our customers with the finest shopping experience. We will offer luxury brands and quality merchandise at great prices, presented by friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff in a welcoming environment in premier locations. Store Locations: Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Key West, Nassau, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Tortola, St. Thomas, St. John.

Want to experience something different.... San Nicolas is the way to go....

You will be amazed to see a part of Aruba that is very unique and original.

San Nicolas, the second largest city of our island. On the Southeastern tip of Aruba is San Nicolas, a town with its own tempo and rhythm, its own culture and style. It is here that the annual Carnaval celebration began, where the economic stability of Aruba was founded and where the tradition of multi-nationals living in harmony was established. Acording the historian Dr. Johan Hartog, the name San Nicolas was derived from a former landowner in the region, Nicolaas van der Biest. Men of wealth and status were addressed as “Shon” , meaning master; from Shon Nicolaas, the present name San Nicolas has evolved. The Lago refinery that opened its doors in the early years of the last century was the reason why many people from other Caribbean islands moved here. Islanders were hired to supplement the Aruban work force along with North Americans to run the massive operation which contributed to build several residential areas for its workers in 1949. That’s why

En el extremo sureste de Aruba es San Nicolás. La segunda ciudad mas grande de Aruba que tiene su propio tiempo, ritmo, cultura y estilo. Es aquí donde la celebración anual del Carnaval comenzó, y donde la estabilidad económica de Aruba y la tradición de las multinacionales que viven en armonía fue fundada y establecida respectivmente. Según el historiador Dr. Johan Hartog, el nombre de San Nicolás fue derivado de un antiguo terrateniente de la región, Nicolaas Van der Biest. Un hombre rico y con estatus social muy alto al que se dirigian como “Shon” que traducido significa patron; Shon Nicolaas, como se aprecia el actual nombre San Nicolas ha evolucionado. La refineria del Lago que abrio sus puertas a principio de la ultima decada fue la razon por la que otros isleños se trasnladaron a esta ciudad. Para su operacion Islanders junto con Norteamericanos fueron contratados para complementar la fuerza laboral de Aruba. Esto conyebo a la contruccion de varias areas residenciales para los trabajadores en 1949. Es por eso que San Nicolas ofrece una interesante arquitectura. La comunidad se convirtio en una importante y alegre ciudad con muchas tiendas y radiante vida nocturna. Los vecindarios como Essoville, Lagoville y Lago Heights nos recuerda a esos dias! Parte de la colonia (exclusiva para los trabajadores de mas alto rango de la


San Nicolas offers interesting architecture. The village turned into an important and lively city with many shops and a beaming night life. Neighbourhoods like Essoville, Lagoville and Lago Heights remind us of the old days. Parts of the Colony (a former base for higher ranked American Lago workers) can still be found near Baby Beach. Some of these pretty houses have been brought back to their original state. If you see these houses you simply want to live there and enjoy the view on the beaches. In other residential areas many buildings and houses are in bright colors making them charming to the eyes of visitors. Baby Beach is located in San Nicolas. It is a perfect spot to bring your kids -due to the low water level- and to scuba dive in the deeper waters. Boca Grandi is the place to be if you want to enjoy some big waves. There is always some amazing kite surfing going on. Even if you don’t get into the water to surf yourself: it is wonderful to look at the kites racing in the water and flying through the sky. Keep your camera ready! And if the heat gets to you then you can always cool down with some shaved ice, a drink from the many rum shops.

refineria) todavian pueden ser encontrados cerca de Baby Beach. Algunas de estas hermosas casas fueron restauradas a su estado original. Verlas es querer vivir alli y disfrutar de la vista al la playa que ofrecen. En otros vecindarios se aprecia casas con pintorescos colores que las hace encantadoras a los ojos de nuestros visitantes. Baby Beach se encuentra en San Nicolás, un lugar perfecto para llevar a niños debido a que el agua es de bajo nivel. Alli mismo para bucear en aguas profundas. Boca Grandi es el lugar para disfrutar de unas olas muy grandes. Alli siempre hay actividades de kite-surf. Incluso, ideal para entretenerse observado estas actividades como ver las carreras de kite-surf y ver a los surfers volar por ese hermoso cielo. Mantenga su cámara lista! Si el calor le golpea, entonces siempre se puede enfriar con un poco de raspao que venden en las famosos Ron Shops de Aruba.


Culture / Cultura

Some linguistic scholars have stated that Arubans have a special aptitude for languages, it is almost instinctive. They can mix four or more languages in a single conversation. You may pick up words when you listen to a Papiamento conversation, and since it is always nice to hear visitors using our language, here we provide you a list of frequently used words:



Papiamento is the mother-tongue of Aruba. It is considered a language, not a dialect and it has evolved from several older languages as most languages today have done. The name is derived from the Portuguese verb ‘papear’ which means ‘to ramble’ or to speak incoherently, and the word ‘papiamento’ has derived from the French word ‘parler’ (to speak). Papiamento is fun! It has its own rhythm, it originated in the 1500s in order to allow the patrons, who were Portuguese and Spanish missionaries, Dutch merchants, South American traders, Indians and slaves to communicate with each other. Papiamento es el lenguaje nativo de Aruba. Es considerado un lenguaje, no un dialecto, y ha evolucionado de otros idiomas antiguos al igual que muchos otros. El nombre ha derivado del verbo portugués ‘papear’ que significa divagar o hablar incoherentemente, y la palabra ‘papiamento’, viene de la palabra francesa ‘parler’ que es ‘hablar’. Papiamento es gracioso! Tiene ritmo propio, se origino en el 1500’s dada la necesidad de comunicación entre los patrones, quienes eran misionarios españoles y portugueses, mercaderes de Holanda, comerciantes sudamericanos e indígenas, los cuales habían escapado la inquisición española, y sus esclavos africanos.


Algunos lingüistas han dicho que los Arubanos tienen una aptitud especial para los lenguajes, es casi intuitiva. Ellos pueden mezclar hasta cuatro idiomas y más en una sola conversación. Si escuchas con cuidado podrás entender varias palabras, y como es agradable escuchar nuestros visitantes usando nuestro idioma, aquí les damos una lista de palabras frecuentemente usadas:





Bon bini Con ta bai? Mi ta bon Te aworo Pasa bon dia Danki Bon dia Bon tardi Bon nochi Awenochi Ta bon Masha bon! Pabien Poco poco Cayente Pica Awa Dushi Sunchi Bunita

Welcome How are you? I am fine Goodbye Have a good day Thank you Good morning Good afternoon Good evening Tonight Okay Well done Congratulations Quietly, slowly Hot (weather) Hot (spicy food) Water Sweet Kiss Beautiful

Bienvenido Como estas? Yo estoy bien Hasta luego Ten un buen dia Gracias Buenos dias Buenas tardes Buenas noches Esta noche Esta bien Muy bien Felicitaciones Despacio Caliente Picante Agua Dulce Beso Bonito

Bem vindos Como vai voce? Eu estou bem Ate logo Tenha um bom dia Muito obrigado Bom dia Boa tarde Boa noite Esta noite Esta bem Muito bem Parabéns Devagar Quente Pimenta Água Doce Beijo Bonito




Art activities Workshops glass blowing will start during 2012 in co-operation with other international glass artists. Since a couple of years, Terrafuse is offering workshops in making glass beads, behind the torch. Italian Murrano glass is used and also complete beginners are welcome. In small groups from max 6, Marian guides people through the process of melting glass and forming them into beads. Workshops in glass bead making are given twice a week and people participating are unanimous positive and happy with the result and treasure their beads. A sample of their work can be viewed on their website:

If you think Aruba is hot… try this!

Actividades de Arte

On the road to the Alto Vista Chapel, a few minutes from the Highrise hotels, hidden behind a small yellow cunucu-style house, art studio Terrafuse can be found. Terrafuse is a foundation started by artist couple Ciro and Marian the Abath to promote the glass and ceramic art on the island. Visiting their studio, you will be impressed by the intensity of the work shown by the Abaths. Glass blowing is an intensive process. Collecting molten glass with a temperature of over 1000 Celsius (2100 Fahrenheit) on a steel blow pipe, adding colored glass frits, blowing and shaping the glass is impressive to be seen.

Durante el 2012 iniciarán los talleres de soplado de vidrio, en colaboración con otros artistas internacionales del vidrio. Desde hace un par de años, Terrafuse ofrece talleres en la fabricación de canicas de cristal, donde se utiliza cristal italiano de Murrano, y los principiantes también son bienvenidos. En pequeños grupos de un máximo de 6, Marian guía el proceso de fundición de vidrio y formación de cuentas. Talleres de fabricación de cuentas de vidrio se dan dos veces a la semana y las personas que participan son unánimes positivas y felices con el resultado y atesoran sus cuentas de cristal. Una muestra de su trabajo puede verse en su pagina web:

Si usted piensa que Aruba es caliente... ¡Prueba esto!

En el camino a la capilla de Alto Vista, a pocos minutos del area, escondido detrás de una pequeña casa amarilla de estilo conuco, vas a encontrar el estudio de arte Terrafuse. Terrafuse es una fundación que fue puesta en marcha por la pareja de artistas Ciro y Marian Abath, para promover el arte del vidrio y la cerámica en la isla. Al visitar su estudio usted quedará impresionado por la intensidad de la labor que muestran los Abath. El soplado de vidrio es un proceso intensivo. Trabajar con vidrio recien fundido a una temperatura de más de 1000 grados Celsius (2.100 Fahrenheit) en un tubo de soplado de acero, agregarle piezas de vidrio de color, soplar y darle forma al vidrio es impresionante para ver.



Shopping / Compras


hopper’s paradise

/Paraiso de compras

Aruba may be small, but it is well stocked with a variety of stores and boutiques where visitors can find designer fashion, rare island treasures and those familiar labels... and of course, stores duty and tax free. Travelers used to the finer things in life will experience pure bliss as they stroll around Aruba’s biggest shopping districts: Oranjestad, the picturesque town of San Nicolaas and the exciting highrise hotel area. However, you will find brand stores located inside most hotels and throughout the island. Aruba podrá ser pequeña, pero está bien surtida con una amplia variedad de tiendas y boutiques donde los visitantes encontraran ropa de diseñadores reconocidos, tesoros raros de la isla y aquellas marcas conocidas… y por supuesto, tiendas sin el familiar impuesto sobre la venta. Los viajeros acostumbrados a las mejores cosas de la vida, experimentaran una felicidad extrema mientras caminan por los mayores distritos comerciales de Aruba: Oranjestad, el pintoresco de San Nicolaas, y el excitante área hotelera. Sin embargo, también encontraras tiendas de marca situadas en algunos hoteles y a lo largo de la isla.


Like most islands, Aruba has an outstanding selection of duty-free items, such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, perfumes and of course, spirits. That means that you’re likely to find some of your favorite brands in perfumes, at substantially lower prices than at home. So many options, so little time! “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” –Bo Derek Como otras islas, Aruba tiene una selección sobresaliente de productos libres de impuesto tales como ropa, accesorios, joyas, relojes, cosméticos, perfumes y, por supuesto, licores. Eso significa que probablemente encontraras tus marcas favoritas, a precios substancialmente más bajos que en casa. Tantas opciones, tan poco tiempo! “Quien haya dicho que el dinero no compra la felicidad, simplemente no sabía dónde comprar! –Bo Derek

Paseo Herencia


Sun Specs Sunglass Boutique


Aruba Trading Company

Sun Specs

Paseo Herencia Mall

Sunglass Boutiques offers world famous brands such as: stylish Gucci; trendy Prada; hot Versace aviators; distinctive Dior models; elegant Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses; Tom Ford designed to perfection; the glamorous Bvlgari; luxurious Chopard for women who are passionate about fashion; Sporty Serengeti driver collection; innovative Maui Jim and Oakley models designed for active lifestyle; practical and the forever in style Ray Ban, popular since 1937!

An old village style plaza surrounded by great shopping, dining and a state of the art cinema featuring nightly liquid fireworks shows and musical performances against a backdrop of a unique blend of Aruban architectural designs and an expose of Aruban Heritage. Paseo Herencia is located in the area of Palm Beach, just walking distance from the high rise hotels.

Renaissance Mall ● Aventura Mall Palm Beach Plaza ● Holiday Inn Resort The Shops at Alhambra ●


Stores are open 10AM - 10PM Sunday 5PM - 10PM J.E. Yrausquin Blvd. 382-A Tel:(297) 586 6533 / (297) 5866286 Fax: (297) 5869233


Maggy’s Duty Free Perfumes, Cosmetics & Salons. Since 1955, Maggy’s has become Aruba’s beauty emporium specializing in brand-name duty-free fragrances, cosmetics and skincare products, and operating full-service beauty salons around the island. Since Maggy’s is an official member of the Tax Free World Association, you’ll save 20-40% versus US. Brands include Chanel, Clarins, Dior, Kerastase, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, Lancôme, La Prairie, YSL, Sisley, Shiseido, and many more.

If you’re looking for hi tech electronics then we guarantee you’ve come to the right place..... We have it all..... Mobile Phones, MP3 and MP4 Players, Digital Cameras, Video games, iPods, Zunes, Tablets, iPads , Galaxy II. Take your choice of a camera, iPod or computer bundled with a variety of those essential electronics accessories. Including Apple, HP, Samsung and Sony. Located at Paseo Herencia Mall. Opening hours from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm. Tel: 5869633


Kay’s Fine Jewelry

“Luxury with a Family Touch”

For 20 years, this family business has gained a reputation for providing their clients with exceptional customer service and the highest quality of fine jewelry at unmatched prices. DIAMONDS Kay’s carries an unmatched inventory of G.I.A and E.G.L certified diamonds. With a full jewelry workshop, you can set any diamond in a hand-engraved TACORI setting. Kay’s also carries the largest collection of natural chocolate-color diamonds in exquisite micro pave designs and tropical blue diamonds in a unique color of gold. Designer Jewelry and Timepieces Duty-free savings on brands such as Romaine Jerome Titanic DNA, Rado, Tissot, Hamilton, Frederique Constant, Ball Watch, Oris, KABANA, HIDALGO, and TROLLBEADS. Dream in Color Kay’s carries a large selection of colored gemstones including rare natural alexandrite and the newest color of topaz in the Caribbean. All jewelry purchases are accompanied with GIA certified appraisals, lifetime guarantees, and upgrades. Mention this page for your FREE 5ct gemstone. 25-A Havenstraat, Oranjestad La Hacienda, J.E. Irasquin Blvd, Palm Beach Aruba – St. Maarten – St.Kitts

Aruba Trading Retail Store Aruba Trading Retail Store, one of Aruba’s first and finest department stores, that with its elegance, unique merchandise, fashion brands and excellent service stands out from the competition. Aruba Trading, established in 1928, offers a variety of products that include, an unparalleled assortment perfumes, cosmetics, including world renowned make up lines, such as DIOR and Guerlain. Designer ladies’ and men’s Wear, lingerie, accessories, hosiery and leather goods. It’s a “ONE STOP & SHOP” department store with duty free savings up to 30%. You will find unsurpassed quality in the products they carry and the service offered by their specialized staff, including their own In-House make up Artist, Andrew Curiel. To resume, Aruba Trading Retail Store offers a differentiated shopping experience!


Sun Specs Sunglass

Balissima by Effy Calypso Bangles. Sterling silver bangle with gemstones, set in 18k yellow gold.

EFFY Jewelers

Effy is inspired by the strength, speed, and power of the panther. He is known as the “King of Color,” making beautifully hand crafted designs with diamonds and vividly colored gemstones. Since 1979, Effy Jewelers is a leader in innovative design for both men and women. The exclusive DiVersa, Balissima, and Espresso Bloom collections can only be found at Effy Jewelers in Aruba. Every DiVersa by Effy earrings. piece of Effy Jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee. Quadra earrings that can be

worn 4 different ways. White and Blue diamonds sent in 14k white gold.

2 Locations 90-92 L G Smith Blvd. ● 15 L G Smith Blvd. Oranjestad, Aruba Tel: 297-588-9812 Seaside collection. Vibrant blue sapphires

and diamonds set in 14k white gold.




From timepieces to knives to outdoor gear to suitcases and footwear, those seeking a badge of travel and exploration backed by over 100 years of quality and innovation will find genuine Swiss Army solutions that answer an array of challenges posed by all four quadrants of the natural world. The store allows consumers familiar with the quality of the Wenger Swiss Army knife to experience the entire breadth of our product line as well as learn more about the brand’s storied past.

Rat Land is Aruba’s only kustom kulture destination. We proudly broke all rules in 2012 and have Underground Kustom Klothing, Wild Ink Studios and Zombie Room Tiki Bar all under one crazy roof! Underground prides itself in rockabilly,punk,rock’n’roll and glamorous design clothing with one of a kind service and quality. Wild Ink with years of quality tattoos and piercings. Zombie Room will rock you all night long with the spectacular decor and music. Providing you eye candy with their Rat Rods and kustom bikes, Rat Land is a MUST stop shop for all who dare.

Stores are open 10AM - 10PM J.E. Yrausquin Blvd. 382-A


Real Estate / Bienes & Raises

ginning of this period. A general exemption applies of USD 33,520. This amount is doubled for married couples, if the real estate is in the name of both persons.



axes on Real Estate

mpuestos - Bienes & Raíces

If you are a non-resident of Aruba and you own real estate on Aruba you will be subject to tax in Aruba. The ownership of the real estate is taxable, but also the acquisition of the real estate and the income from the real estate. Below we will discuss these taxes in more detail. If you legally own real estate on Aruba you are subject to property tax. The property tax amounts to 0.4% of the fair market value of your property. If you rent out your property and the property is built after March 1, 1977, the fair market value is determined on 8 1/3 times the yearly rent. The fair market value is determined for a 5 year period, at the be-

Si usted no es residente de Aruba y es propietario de bienes raíces, estará sujeto a impuestos en Aruba. Las propiedades de bienes inmuebles están sujetas a impuestos, también lo están la adquisición de los bienes inmuebles y la renta de los bienes raíces. A continuación hablaremos de estos impuestos más detalladamente. El dueño legal de bienes raíces en Aruba está sujeto a impuestos de propiedad. El impuesto a la propiedad asciende a 0,4% del valor justo de mercado de su propiedad. Si usted alquila su propiedad y la propiedad se construyó después de Marzo 1 de 1977, el valor justo de mercado se determina en 8 1 / 3 veces la renta anual. El valor justo de mercado se determina para un período de 5 años, al comienzo


If you buy real estate on Aruba, real estate transfer tax is due. The real estate transfer tax amounts to 3% of the purchase price if the purchase price is USD 139,664 or less. The real estate transfer tax amounts to 6% if the purchase price is more than USD 139,664. On Aruba real estate has to be transferred by a public notary. The notary takes care of the payment of the real estate transfer tax to the Tax Collector. Finally, if you are a non-resident individual and you rent out your property on Aruba, you have to pay individual income tax on Aruba. The taxable income is the gross rental income, minus the costs of your property, like – for example – insurance, maintenance, property tax, agency fees for a rental program, etc. The income tax rate is progressive and increases if your income increases. The income and costs are reported once a year to the Aruban tax authorities in your individual income tax return. The tax authorities review this return and will sent you an assessment for the amount due. This assessment must be paid within 2 months.

de este período. La exención general se aplica a USD 33,520, y esta cantidad se duplica para los matrimonios, si el inmueble está a nombre de ambas personas. Si usted compra bienes raíces en Aruba, le aplica un impuesto sobre transacciones inmobiliarias. Las transferencias fiscales de bienes inmuebles es el 3% del precio de compra si el precio de compra es de USD 139.664 o menos Las transferencias fiscales de bienes inmuebles es el 6% si el precio de compra es de más de USD 139.664. Los bienes raíces en son transferidos por un notario público. El notario se encarga de efectuar el pago del impuesto sobre transacciones inmobiliarias al recaudador de impuestos. Por último, si usted es una persona no residente y alquila su propiedad en Aruba, tiene que pagar impuesto sobre la renta en Aruba. La base impuesta es la renta bruta de alquiler, menos los costos de su propiedad, como - por ejemplo - seguro, mantenimiento, impuestos a la propiedad, gastos de agencia de un programa de alquiler, etc. La tasa de impuesto sobre la renta es progresivo y se incrementa si el aumento de los ingresos. Los ingresos y gastos se presentan una vez al año a las autoridades fiscales de Aruba en su declaración de impuesto sobre la renta. Las autoridades fiscales revisan esta declaración y le envían una evaluación de la cantidad adeudada. Esta evaluación debe ser pagado dentro de 2 meses.


Nobody knows Aruba like Divi Resorts!

Divi came to Aruba 40 years ago.

With over 40 years in Aruba, and a family of five Divi Resorts, we are the Aruba vacation experts.

Five Divi Resorts to chose from: • Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort—new oceanfront suites! • Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort—new golf villa suites! • Divi Dutch Village Resort • Divi and Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusives

Delicious dining at unique venues: Pure Beach Restaurant and Lounge at the Divi Aruba Phoenix—trendy, cool, and right on the beach

Visit Call 586-6066 Sunset Beach Bistro at the Divi Aruba Phoenix—romantic tables under palm trees wrapped in twinkling lights

Visit Call 586-6066 Mulligans Café at the Links at Divi Aruba— casual open-air dining over-looking the greens with a view to sea

Visit Call 523-5062 Windows on Aruba—our finest dining with 360 degree views of Aruba and floor to ceiling windows

Visit Call 730-5017 Coming 2012! Fine dining at the Alhambra Mall.

Unlimited fun, relaxation, and adventure: • Golf at The Links at Divi Aruba golf course • Gaming at the Alhambra Casino • Aruba’s only rock climbing wall • 11 freshwater pools; Watersports; Spa

Exciting Ownership Opportunities: • Vacation ownership at the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort, Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort, and the Divi Dutch Village • Full ownership luxury condominiums at the Residences at Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort

Visit our sales office for more information, and receive a Some call it paradise. We call it home.


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for area restaurants, golf, tours & more! Call 586-1357 Restrictions apply. Call 586-1357 for details.

Aruba Beach Villas



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Amsterdam Manor Aruba Beach Club Aruba Beach Villas Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino Brickell Bay Beach Club Bucuti Beach Resort & Tara Suites Caribbean Palm Village Casa del Mar Beach Resort Costa Linda Beach Resort Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort Divi Resorts Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort Aruba Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club La Quinta Beach Resort Marriott’s Timeshares and Resort Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Occidental Grand Aruba Paradise Beach Villas Playa Linda Beach Resort Radisson Aruba Beach Resort & Casino Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino RIU Palace Aruba Talk of the Town Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive Tierra del Sol The Aruban Resort & Casino The Mill Resort & Suites The Westin Aruba Resort

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Call us for a personal matchmaking interview.


Roo m

MIKO is a boutique agency that provides a consistent level of service regardless of price range. Your experience is the priority of our business. Our extensive local knowledge will help you find the perfect Aruba retreat to buy, sell, rent and or manage your property.

Tel ep

Miko Your Real Estate Matchmaker

Aruba’s best kept secret, 31 private villas just half a mile past the Marriott with ocean sunset views. Choose ocean, courtyard or poolside units, studios, one or two bed room, all with white tiled floors, tropical fabrics, kitchenettes, hotshowers, maid service, air conditioning, cable TV, cell phone, Wi-Fi internet, kayaks. Flowering gardens surrounded by palm trees. Rates start at $78 (Tax17%). Website:

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H: High Rise Hotel • L: Low Rise Hotel • T: Timeshare & Hotel • I: All-Inclusive packages.


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Taxes in Aruba Like any other country in the world, the Aruban government levies taxes to pay for roads, schools, police, etc. A tourist will only be affected by some of the taxes. The only taxes a tourist will probably pay are room tax, turnover tax and gaming tax. Other taxes, like payroll taxes, profit tax and property taxes, will normally not apply to you. We will not discuss these last-mentioned taxes. Below we will discuss room tax, turnover tax and gaming tax. As of September 1, 2010, the room tax amounts to 9.5% of the room price, the tourist pays for the room. Also service charge and other charges (like energy charge) are subject to room tax. In case of “all inclusive” resorts, the price of the room is determined on 40% of the total package price, with a minimum of USD 90.5 per day. For the use of time share rooms, the Government has fixed the room rates on USD 100 for a studio, USD 108 for a one bed room apartment and USD 125 for other rooms. The room tax is exclusively used for the enhancement of the touristic product of Aruba.

Peace of mind in a changing world

The turnover tax (sales tax) amounts to 1.5% of the gross revenue of a company. You will see this 1.5% tax on your receipt of – for example – your restaurant, your island tour or your rental car. This tax is also called BBO (an abbreviation of the Dutch name for this tax). All companies on Aruba are subject to turnover tax, however, certain types of income are exempted. For example, if income is subject to room tax, no turnover tax is due. For this reason you will not see turnover tax on your room bill of the hotel. The gaming tax is tax due by the casino’s on Aruba. The gaming tax amounts to 4% on the gross revenue of the casino. For table games, the gross revenue is defined as the “table drop”. For slotmachines, gross revenue is defined as 1.55 times the slotwin. Since casino’s normally do not provide receipts, you will not be aware of this tax. Income which is subject to gaming tax is also not subject to turnover tax. If you are looking for professional advice regarding taxes, please contact Mr. Hans Ruiter, Tax Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Dutch Caribbean, at +297-5221647.

By using our knowledge and experience, we will give you the tools to keep doing business as usual in an environment that has drastically changed. L.G. Smith Boulevard 62 | Oranjestad, Aruba | Telephone: (297) 522 1647 | Email:

©2010 2011 PricewaterhouseCoopers Aruba. rights reserved. “PwC” refers to refers PricewaterhouseCoopers which is or, a as © PricewaterhouseCoopers Netherlands Antilles.All All rights reserved. “PricewaterhouseCoopers” to PricewaterhouseCoopersAruba, Netherlands Antilles the context requires, PricewaterhouseCoopers global network or otherLimited, member firms of the network, each is a separate and independent legal entity. member firm of the PricewaterhouseCoopers International each member firmofofwhich which is a separate legal entity.


In this document, “PwC” refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers Aruba, which is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, each member firm of which is a separate legal entity. This document is for general information purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional advisors.

Gold Coast The dream of owning a home on the island paradise of Aruba is a reality and well affordable at the island’s newest and fastest growing resort residential community, Gold Coast Aruba. Gold Coast, consisting of contemporary two and three bedroom Villas, Condos and Town Homes, is located in prestigious Malmok, adjacent to Aruba’s signature golf course, a short distance from the scenic northwest coastline and most beautiful beaches and only minutes away from the premier shopping, dining and entertainment areas of Aruba’s famous Palm Beach. Gold Coast offers a fresh concept in resort living appealing to those seeking luxury, style and comfort amongst picturesque plazas, fountains and lush landscaping. Coming soon will be The Clubhouse offering complete spa services, a state of the art fitness center, 2 tennis courts, swimming pool, restaurant and lounge, and much more. Currently offering 2 attractive swimming pool areas and 24 hour security, the community is operated by a professional management company offering an extensive variety of Platinum home services including a popular vacation home rental program where participating homeowners have the opportunity to earn additional return on their investment. Having welcomed nearly 100 home owners, Gold Coast Aruba has recently been approved to become a member of the Interval International network of vacation ownership resorts offering international recognition for its standards of excellence and quality. Whether one is searching for that perfect vacation retreat, a solid investment, a family legacy, or all three, Gold Coast provides the best of the Aruba experience and the realization of dreams of a lifetime.



Cuisine / Culinaria

You can enjoy a romantic private dinner for two on the beach or a fun night with your family, both, indoors and out. To make your experience more exciting and memorable, there are different ways to experience the food. To live the complete experience that the island has to offer, you have abundant choices in flavors, international wines, and friendly service; all combined make the perfect recipe for a very special dining experience and a long lasting memory.

Dining / Cenando Aruba is the perfect place to allow your self to succumb into the indulgence of trying the unique cuisines of our island. Step into the Caribbean by sampling our freshest seafood. From formal dining rooms to quaint courtyards, there’s a taste and a place for every occasion. The island’s wide selection of world-class cuisine, delicately prepared by top class chefs with only one aim in mind, to indulge your palate with their very best creations.

Aruba es el lugar perfecto para que se permita sucumbir en la indulgencia de degustar las gastronomía única de nuestra isla. Adéntrate en el Caribe probando nuestros pescados y mariscos. De comedores formales de patios pintorescos, hay un gusto y un lugar para cada ocasión. La amplia selección de la isla de la cocina de clase mundial, delicadamente preparada por chefs de primera clase con un solo objetivo en mente, para complacer a su paladar con sus creaciones lo mejor.


To help you customize that memory, you can dine out in a casual, elegant or in a creative ambiance such as a cruise by day or in the moonlight, with your toes in the sand, under the stars, or surrounded by a beautiful garden. The choices are endless. With over 100 different places to choose from, Aruba offers an eclectic mélange of shops, malls, cafés and restaurants. No matter where you go, you will find an eclectic menu of delicious ethnic and international fare.

Usted puede disfrutar de una romántica cena privada para dos en la playa o una noche de diversión con su familia, tanto en el interior como por fuera. Para hacer su experiencia más emocionante y memorable, hay diferentes maneras de experimentar la comida. Para vivir la experiencia completa que la isla tiene para ofrecer, usted tiene abundantes opciones de sabores, vinos internacionales, y un servicio amable, todo ello combinado hace la receta perfecta para una cena muy especial y unos bellos recuerdos. Personalizar los recuerdos es sencillo en Aruba pues, se puede cenar en un ambiente elegante ,casual, o creativo; como un crucero de día o a la luz de la luna, con los pies en la arena, bajo las estrellas, o rodeado por un hermoso jardín. Las opciones son infinitas. Con más de 100 lugares diferentes de donde escoger, Aruba ofrece una mezcla de tiendas, centros comerciales, cafés y restaurantes. No importa a donde vaya, encontrará deliciosos platos étnicos e internacionales de un menú ecléctico.


Chalet Suisse Champions French Steakhouse Giorgio’s Restaurant La Trattoria La Vista Restaurant Laguna Restaurant Mango’s Restaurant Maute Restaurant Mulligans Restaurant Papiamento Restaurant Passions on the Beach Pinchos Bar & Grill Pure Beach Quiznos Subs Ruth’s Chris Sbarro Simply Fish Starbucks Coffee Sunset Grill Sushi-Ya Texas de Brazil Tulip Restaurant Ventanas del Mar Windows on Aruba Zeerover

587-5054 586-9000 582-3444 582-3444 586-0786 520-6225 526-6612 527-1125 586-1120 525-5200 586-4544 527-1129 583-2666 586-6066 586-5151 520-6600 586-4755 520-6537 523-6150 526-6613 583-9982 586-4686 587-0110 586-7800 581-4653 584-8401

International Sports Bar Steakhouse Italian / Pizza Italian Italian Seafood Caribbean Steak House International Continental Seafood International International Subs Steak House Italian Seafood Coffee International Sushi / Japonese Churrascaria Dutch Finest Cuisine International Local Cuisine

● Information available in our Resort Experience Magazine


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Chalet Suisse

La Trattoria el Faro Blanco Italian Food has, arguably, never been experienced at its best until you visit La Trattoria el Faro Blanco Restaurant. Offering the best of a real Italian Trattoria, it is perfectly situated atop the hill of Hudishibana at the foot of Aruba’s famous landmark, The California Lighthouse. Renowned for our unsurpassed culinary masterpieces, years of experience in authentic Italian cuisine, a reputation of excellence, breathtaking views and the utmost in warm Aruban service magically surrounded by the best that nature, culture and history have to offer, makes us the most popular restaurant among visitors, repeat visitors and locals.

Treat yourself to the finest U.S. Black Angus meats flown in regularly from the best meat markets in New York. Another Chalet Suisse favorite, Chilean sea-bass, is also regularly supplied by the most reputable fish and seafood providers on the east coast of the United States, along with lobster and shrimp. The locally-caught red snapper and grouper are also not to be missed. Chalet Suisse is also very famous for its mouthwatering rack of lamb! The chefs are very creative in providing daily specials and vegetarian dishes. The new traditional wine cellar is stocked with a fine and varied selection of wines from all around the world including award-winning wines and rare exquisite ones. As a grand finale to an award winning meal, the unique Swiss dessert toblerone chocolate fondue is not to be missed! Located at J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 246, Dinner 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm Closed on Sunday, For reservations, please call: 587-5054

Located at the California Lighthouse, Lunch 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Mini-menu Pizza’s 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Dinner 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm For reservations, please call: 586-0786


Windows on Aruba

Sushi Ya Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

At Sushi-Ya, we temp your palate with the perfect food: delicate, delicious sushi. Our wide selections of sushi, from the traditional California roll to the most exotic creations, are made from the freshest ingredients. If raw fish is not your taste, several varieties feature cured seafood. Whether you are sitting at a table, the sushi bar or around the tatami, you will love our fantastic, affordable food… the local sure do! Therefore the weekends are often busy and it might be difficult to be seated. Sushi-Ya located at Renaissance Marketplace offers a cozy dining experience both indoors & outdoors, overlooking the Marina & the Boulevard, featuring a wide variety of exotic Japanes dishes, rolls, fresh sashimi and a selection of dishes without fish or seafood.


This glass-enclosed gourmet oasis overlooks tranquil desert beauty, turquoise sea and lagoons, and velvety greens. Dine under a fiery sunset or starry night sky, as magical lighting transforms the chic circular dining room with its two-story wine cabinet and atrium. Creatively presented and exquisitely-flavored new American culinary delights are prepared in an open kitchen, impeccably served, and complemented by an outstanding selection of international vintages.

Purebeach Azure blue ocean, white sand beach, bellowing curtains waving in the breeze, relaxed lounge style seating with stay-forever furniture, smooth drinks in the heat of the day, delicious menu- this is Pure Beach. Pure Beach is the new beach club to discover at the Divi Phoenix Beach Resort. Experience an oasis at water’s edge, nestled by a spectacular pool. During the day it’s cool spot to refresh; at night it’s the place to be seen. Upbeat music, excellent menu and dazzling light displays -it’s a new Caribbean experience.

Starbucks Starbucks has an unusually human approach to business. They always figured that putting people before products just made good common sense. Their relationships with farmers yield the highest quality coffees. The connections they make in communities create a loyal following. Starbucks ability to accomplish what they set out to do is based primarily on the people they hire – “We call each other partners and we are always focused on our people” Starbucks.

a moment to breathe and


Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

Texas de Brazil Diners are tempted by an extravagant 40-item seasonal salad area of roasted vegetables, imported cheeses and homemade soups. Hailed for its “flawless meats” by the Dallas Morning News. Carvers will then swarm your table with choice cuts of sizzling beef, pork, lamb, sausage and chicken; all flame-grilled to perfection and served tableside on large sword-like skewers and accompanied by traditional side items: Brazilian cheese bread, garlic-mashed potatoes, and cinnamon-fired bananas. Enjoy our signature Brazilian cocktail the caipirinha, a perfectly aged single single malt scotch, rare wines from our award-winning list, exquisite desserts, hand-rolled Cuban cigars and live entertainment for a dining experience that is uniquely Texas de Brazil. Located at the Hacienda Mall, across the Playa Linda Resort Monday - Sunday 6:00PM - 10:30PM For reservations, please call: 586-4686 ●


Maute Grill With a huge central indoor courtyard, Maute Grill is a popular spot for families, couples, and business types. On the menu you will find delectable grilled steaks cooked to your exact specifications. Stick to the traditional Venezuelan cuts such as solomo (sirloin), lomito (tenderloin), or the ever-popular punta trasera (top rump). Be sure to order a side of perfectly handfashioned arepitas (little arepas) and yucca. Delicious! Located at the Paseo Herencia Call: 586-1120/586-1130

Located at Renaissance Mall, Renaissance Marketplace & Paseo Herencia



Quiznos Sub

While most people associate Sbarro with our legendary pizza, customer have been delighted to explore the other fresh items on the menu. What truly separates Sbarro from the competition is the fine ingredients that Sbarro insist on. Value is very important. “Finally the quality of our food goes hand in hand with our generous portions, and each of Mama’s Sbarro recipes are prepare without fail as she would have served her own family”

For people who crave something better to eat, Quiznos is the premier quick-serve restaurant that offers inspired sandwiches, because only Quiznos has the passion and imagination to deliver one-of-a-kind, toasted handcrafted sandwiches that satisfy minds, mouths and stomachs. To bring everyone a little Mmmmm... Toasted subs, Soups and Salads.


Pescaderia Zeerover located at Savaneta was founded 30 years ago by Mr. Eric Bisslick with the aim to fishermen sell their fresh fish and fresh shrimps on a daily basis. Zeerover is a Pescaderia where one can eat fish and shrimps accompanied with typical Aruba food such as: Pan Bati – Funchi – Batata hasa – Banana hasa. A taste of Aruba!


SaltSal An interesting aspect of this simple mineral compound, Sodium Chloride, is that its separate elements, Sodium and Chloride, are poisons, but when combined, become an essential dietary component. Nations from all corners of the globe have their own folkloric tales involving this everyday element of our lives, often imbuing it with mystical properties. Many cultures have a tradition of bringing bread and salt to those that newly inhabited a home, so they will have all they need for a blessed and harmonious life in their new abode. European folklore varies from country to country, but nearly all have a story of a father that turns away one of many daughters, because when he asks how she loves him compared to the others, his child replies, “The way food loves salt,” or some variation. Thinking it

Un aspecto interesante de este compuesto mineral simple, cloruro de sodio, es que sus elementos por separado, sodio y cloro, son venenos, pero cuando se combinan, se convierten en un componente esencial para la dieta. Naciones de todos los rincones del mundo tienen sus propios cuentos folclóricos relacionados con este elemento cotidiano de nuestras vidas, a menudo impregnando con propiedades místicas. Muchas culturas tienen una tradición de llevar sal y pan a los que habitan una casa por primera vez, para que así tengan todo lo necesario para una vida feliz y armoniosa en su nueva morada.  El folklore europeo varía de país a país, pero casi todos tienen una historia de un padre que aleja a una de las hijas, porque cuando él le pregunta cómo ella lo ama, en comparación con los otros, la respuesta de su hija es “De la misma


Sal...t “When life hands you lemons - break out the tequila and salt”

means little; the girl is cast out to make her own way in the world. Depending the country, the story may be short or long, but in the end a feast is held because the girl wins the heart of a prince or some other aristocrat, and her errant father is invited to the wedding feast, which the daughter insists be prepared without salt. Invariably, upon tasting the lackluster meal, the father bursts into tears, reminded of how badly he treated his child for her astute observance, life is sweeter with salt. Since ancient times, the value of salt as a preservative has influenced societies, not the least, the ancient Amerindians and colonists of Aruba. In early times, there were three commonly used natural salt pans located in Boegoeroei, near Palm Beach, the Oranjestad harbor area of Rancho, and in Savaneta; the latter still can be seen along the shore road at the western end of Spaans Lagoen.

forma en que la comida ama la sal” o alguna variante. Pensando que no significa mucho, la chica es lanzada a hacer su propio camino en el mundo. Dependiendo del país, la historia puede ser corta o larga, pero al final una fiesta se lleva a cabo porque la chica gana el corazón de un príncipe o un aristócrata, y donde su padre errante también es invitado al festín de bodas, el cual la hija insiste en ser preparado sin sal. Invariablemente, al probar la comida insípida, el padre se echa a llorar, recordando lo mal que trato a su hija por su observación sagaz : la vida es más dulce con sal. Desde la antigüedad, el valor de la sal como conservante ha influido en las sociedades, y no menos importantes, también a los amerindios y los antiguos colonos de Aruba. En la antigüedad hubo tres ollas de sal natural usadas comúnmenteenlaisla, una ubicada en Boegoeroei, cercadePalmBeach,otra en la zona del puerto de Oranjestad llamada Rancho, y en Savaneta, este último todavía puede ser visto a lo largo de la carretera de la costa en el extremo


A very particular natural construction allows sea water to trickle into the pans where it evaporates under the intense tropical sun, leaving behind a ready supply of natural sea salt. The residents of Rancho, famous as a fishing center, deployed the salt pans for preserving the catch. Neighboring islands of Curacao and Bonaire have enormous natural salt pans, producing a product of such purity, its export is an important part of their economy. Aruba has neither the land mass to produce the quantities, and, for some reason, the salt is not as pure, so it was never a viable export. Since the establishment of the refinery and the import of packaged table salt, the salt pans have been forgotten. The reconfiguration of the Oranjestad Harbor in the 1950’s eliminated the Rancho salt pans entirely.

occidental de Spaans Lagoen. Una construcción natural muy particular permitequeelaguadelmaralleguealosmoldesdondeseevaporabajoelintenso sol tropical, dejando atrás un suministro de sal marina natural. Los residentes de Rancho, famoso por ser un centro de pesca, desplegaba las salinas para la conservación de sus capturas en pesca. Las islas vecinas de Curaçao y Bonaire tienen enormes salinas naturales, produciendo un producto de alta pureza tipo exportación y es una parte importante de su economía. Aruba no tiene ni la extensión en tierra para producir esas cantidades, y, por alguna razón, la sal no es tan pura, por lo cual nunca fueunproductodeexportaciónviable. Desdeelestablecimientodelarefinería y la importación de sal de mesa envasada, las salinas han sido olvidadas. La reconfiguración del puerto de Oranjestad en la década de 1950 eliminó las cacerolas de sal de Rancho por completo.


Activities / Actividades


laces of interest

/ S itios de interes

If you prefer to tour on your own, get out and discover the natural Aruba, the attractions and sites that have made our island famous and that are unique because of their unlikely combinations. Alto Vista Chapel: The chapel was built in 1952 on the site of the original, and first, Catholic church built in Aruba in 1750 by a Spanish missionary, It is a special place for peace and contemplation, surrounded by the Aruban countryside. Peace Labyrinth: Modern “pilgrims” walk the labyrinthine path as one of many tools to enhance prayer, contemplation, meditation, and/or personal growth. On your own terms walk the labyrinth. Enter and follow the path. It may be joyous or somber. It might be thoughtful or prayerful.


Si Ud. prefiere salir a pasear por su propia cuenta, salga y descubra la Aruba natural, los sitios y las atracciones que han hecho nuestra isla famosa y que son fuera serie, por sus incomparables combinaciones Alto Vista Chapel: La capilla fue construida en 1952 en el sitio de la original, y la primera la iglesia católica construida en Aruba en 1750 por un misionero español, es un lugar especial para la paz y la contemplación, rodeado por el campo de Aruba Laberinto de la Paz: Sus crecimiento personal. En sus propios términos caminar por el laberinto. Entrar y seguir el camino. Puede ser alegre o triste. Puede ser que sea reflexiva o de oración.

Ayo Rock Formations: Considered a sacred site by the island’s original inhabitants (the Arawak Indians). Rock drawings, dating back thousands of years, are found at this site, where huge stones appear to have been scattered like marbles by an errant giant.

Formaciones rocosas de Ayo: Considerado un lugar sagrado por los habitantes originales de la isla (los indios Arawak). Pinturas rupestres, que datan de miles de años atrás, se encuentran en este sitio, donde enormes piedras parecen haber sido esparcidos como canicas de un gigante errante.

Bushiribana Ruins: The remains of gold smelter that was built of natural stone in 1825 and functioned for most of the 19 century. In its 90 years of operation, produced some 3 million pounds of gold.

Bushiribana Ruinas: Los restos de la fundición de oro que fue construido de piedra natural en 1825 y funcionó durante la mayor parte del siglo 19. En sus 90 años de operación, produce unos 3 millones de libras de oro.

California Lighthouse: Designed by a French architect in 1910 and constructed on Aruba between 1914 and 1916. It’s named after the S.S. California, a wooden sailing ship that sank near shore.

California Lighthouse: Diseñado por un arquitecto francés en 1910 y construido en Aruba entre 1914 y 1916. Es el nombre de la SS de California, un velero de madera que se hundió cerca de la costa.

Casibari Rock Formation: Clusters of huge tonalite rocks sit together in an area just north of Hooiberg. This rock formation, unique to the more typical features of the area, inexplicably rises up from the desert soil to create an unusual setting.

Casibari Formación de roca: Los grupos de rocas enormes tonalita se sientan juntos en un área justo al norte de Hooiberg. Esta formación rocosa, única de las características más típicas de la zona, inexplicablemente, se levanta desde el suelo del desierto para crear un entorno inusual.

The Donkey Sanctuary Aruba: is the refuge for wild Aruban donkeys. Nearing extinction, the foundation to save the Donkey cares for growing number of the wounded or neglected animals. All support for their feeding and health care comes from volunteers and donations.

El Santuario de burros: En vías de extinción, la fundación para salvar el burro se preocupa por el creciente número de animales heridos o abandonados. Todo el apoyo para su alimentación y cuidado de la salud proviene de voluntarios y donaciones.


Fort Zoutman And Willem III Tower: The oldest building in the country, It is proud symbol of Aruba’s national heritage and a fitting place to hold the Bon Bini Festival every Tuesday evening (6:30 – 8:30 pm) celebrating the island’s culture and history.

Fort Zoutman y Willem III Tower: El edificio más antiguo del país, es símbolo orgulloso de la herencia nacional de Aruba y un lugar apropiado para celebrar el Festival Bon Bini todos los martes por la noche (6:30 - 8:30 pm) la celebración de la cultura de la isla y de la historia.

Lourdes Grotto: On a drive to the northeastern coast from San Nicolas is a unique Roman Catholic shrine built into the rocks. The grotto is located in Seroe Preto (black hill). Every year, on February 11 a procession leaves from the St. Theresita church in San Nicolas to the grotto, where a mass is performed.

Gruta de Lourdes: En una unidad a la costa noreste de San Nicolás es un santuario católico romano único construido en la roca. La gruta se encuentra en Seroe Preto (negro colina). Cada año, el 11 de febrero una procesión sale de la iglesia de San Theresita en San Nicolás a la gruta, donde se realiza una misa.

Baby Bridge: formation of coral limestone cut out by years of pounding surf. There is no admission fee or set hours for visiting, but you’ll find a few refreshment stands nearby open daily. It is a very popular spot. Cunucu Arikok: An old farmhouse made from adobe is an remainder of those times. Cactus hedges and stonewalls were built to protect against goats, sheep, and donkeys. Natural Pool: or “conchi” called “Cura di Tortuga” is a secret, hidden pool surrounded by rocks on the windward coast is a perfect getaway for a moment of total relaxation.


Puente de bebé: formación de caliza coralina cortada por los años de fuertes olas. No hay cuota de admisión o las horas establecidas para la visita, pero usted encontrará un refresco pocos bosques cercanos abierto todos los días. Es un lugar muy popular. Cunucu Arikok: Una antigua granja de adobe es un resto de aquellos tiempos. Cactus setos y muros de piedra fueron construidos para proteger contra las cabras, ovejas y burros. Piscina Natural: o “conchi” llamada “Cura di Tortuga” es un grupo secreto, escondido rodeado de rocas en la costa de barlovento es una escapada perfecta para un momento de relajación total.

Arikok National Park A visit to Arikok National Park, the island’s vast surreal outback, is must see attraction that offers a unique journey through Aruba’s fascinating natural and cultural heritage. Discover the many types of flora and fauna and all the hidden treasures secreted throughout the rock formations, cacti forests, dry riverbeds and amazing surfside vistas this special land holds to experience nature the way it should be-untouched and unspoiled. As a visitor to Arikok National Park you personally contribute to our nature conservation, education and ongvoing environmental research through the funding provided by entrance fees to ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy this important natural legacy of our beautiful island. At Arikok National Park, the pathways lead you to an authentic cunuco house, built from mud, straw and cactus wood surrounded by a traditional wall of   stones built without mortar.



Arikok National Park/Diego Marquez


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Atlantis Submarine Take an exciting voyage to depths of 130 feet below the Caribbean Sea on an unforgettable guided tour aboard the Atlantis Submarine. Explore Aruba’s mysterious underwater realm where you can witness the remains of two shipwrecks, spectacular coral reefs and an abundance of colourful sea life. The submarine is US Coast Guard approved, environmentally friendly, fully air-conditioned with large view ports which allow you to relax and enjoy the wonders of the deep.


Ron Steens

My Aruba Experience! Over a decade ago I decided I wanted to do something else with my life. Being a teacher gave me the opportunity to move from the cold parts of Europe to tropical Aruba and teach here. It is interesting to teach children in Dutch (the official language of Aruba) when they speak Papiamento, Spanish and / or English (and sometimes a combo of these languages) at home. There are cultural differences in a classroom and it is amazing to see how –somehow- it all comes together. I can say in all honesty that Aruba’s beaches are the most beautiful ones I have seen so far “The clean water and the temperature of it, the different shades of  blue, the white is a gorgeous scenery”. The experience of new cultures triggered me to do more with my photographic skills.  I  got enough inspiration being and living on this very island.  Natural light and spontaneous composition are just perfect here in Aruba! Shooting pictures of people with the sun too high in the sky, taking picture after picture. Life is much calmer than in any given country. People take it easy, have enough time to smile and laugh away worries or stressful situations. Stress is not a word often used anyway. There is no hurry either because where do you need to go? Where you need to go is a good place for breakfast, lunch or dinner and we are in luck since there are so many great restaurants to choose from. Whether you are looking for international cuisine, Argentinean, Surinam, Indian, amazing sushi or a fast burger, it is all available. In other words: living on an island where people love to spend their vacation is a blessing. We still have work to do and bills to pay but it is so much more fun…


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Budget Rent a Car Budget Rent a Car licensee (George Drive Yourself Service N.V.) has been serving visitors, local residents and various government agencies for the past forty seven years. We offer quality vehicles, courteous and friendly service at very reasonable rates. We are always ready to fill your car rental needs. We offer a wide range of vehicles: economy, compact, intermediate sedans, SUVs’, mini-vans and two and four door jeep wranglers. Whatever your car rental needs, we will do our best to make getting around Aruba as comfortable and hassle-free as possible for you!


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Friendly service, new cars and low prices are part of our every day offer. Whether you are renting a car for business or pleasure, or you need a car or van, Europcar has the right rental car for you. We understand the environmental impact of car rental, that’s why we wholeheartedly embraced a sustainable development program and are proud to be the first rental car company at ARUBA with certified ecological commitments: The Europcar’s Green Program! After all, what’s good for the Earth is good for our drivers.


More 4 Less Car Rental If you want to go topless and have some fun in the sun, then the genuine TJ/Jeep Wrangler is the one! As we are the biggest supplier on the island we can guarantee you the best deals. Please visit our 593-2864 /588-7255 / 593-3849

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Enjoy the most of Aruba! Discover Aruba by helicopter, for one of your most unforgettable memories. Fly in one of our Robinson R44 helicopters piloted by one of our highly trained and experienced professional pilots.

Rancho Notorious Take a tour through Aruba’s Natural wonders and enjoy breathtaking sights on the way. You’ll view with excitement the Lava rock formations, or cacti dating back hundreds of years, or the ever-changing North coastline with waves crashing wildly onto the rocky shore. Share the ‘Cunucu’ with rabbits, iguanas, goats, parakeets and donkeys. Watch and listen as the trupials and prikichis sing and soar in the cooling breezes and

Choose one of our tours and you will experience a smooth and safe ride with spectacular views.

Island Tour 25-30 minutes Beach Tour 15 minutes

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just imagine the simple life lived by our ancient Indians up in the hills. Rancho Notorious (named from the movie 1942) specializes in small groups, beginners and personalized tours with friendly, attentive, multi-lingual guides, with your safety and enjoyment in mind. The bar at the ranch provides refreshments, t-shirts, caps and much more. Rancho Notorious offers free round trip transportation for participants of the tours. Rancho Notorious is located a short five minutes from high rise hotels.


Aruba Heli-Tours Enjoy the most amazing view of Aruba by helicopter. This experience is rated amongst the most memorable attractions in Aruba. Make your stay in Aruba complete and enjoy Aruba by air! You will fly in one of their Robinson R44 helicopter which is piloted by one of their highly trained and experienced professionals. This helicopter is widely spread around the globe and used by many companies for its good handling and safety record.


Alhambra Casino Where Aruba Goes To Play

Step into Alhambra and you’ll discover a world of excitement, making it a favorite of locals and out-of-town visitors alike. With Aruba’s friendliest employees, first class service, and thrilling casino action – it’s a whole new game at Alhambra and you’re invited to play. Take a spin on any of the 460 Slot and Video Poker machines, or try your hand at the 16 Table Games. The casino also features daily promotions, a live Sports Book, and progressive Bingo. Whatever your game, be sure to join the Player’s Club. Membership is free and you can earn points that are good for cash back, gifts, dinners and more! Casual dining is available at the full-service restaurant in the casino and the Shops at Alhambra has a variety of stores and restaurants to enjoy. Located along picture perfect beaches, Alhambra is only minutes away from downtown Oranjestad and open daily from 10am until 4am. For information call 297-583-5000 or go on-line to

Stellaris Casino The place to play. Aruba’s largest casino, located at the Aruba Marriott Resort. Enjoy a premier gaming experience at our Vegas-style Aruba resort casino. The Stellaris Casino features over 25 gaming tables and over 500 exciting and the latest coinless slot machines. Enroll for the VIP Players Club and enjoy downloadable credits directly into your favorite slot machines. Popular machines are Sex and the City, Wheel of Fortune Machines and the latest in slot technology, come and experience it for yourself. Stellaris Casino is the place to play, with the most popular bingo on the island and great weekly promotions. Adding a note of extra playfulness to the mix, you’ll find a coupon that you can present at the VIP desk at the Stellaris Casino.


Important Numbers FOR YOUR INFORMATION Emergency 911 Horacio Oduber Hospitaal 587-4300 Intituto Medical San Nicolas 584-8833 Air Ambulance 582-9197 Airport Genarl Information 524-2424 International Operator Assistance 121 Local Information Operator 118 PHARMACIES Botical Eagel 587-6103 Botica Santa Ana 586-8181 Botica Oduber 582-1780 Botica Central 585-1985 Centro Medico 584-5794 Botica San Lucas 584-5119 Botica Kibrahacha 583-4908 Botica Trupial 583-8560 AIRLINES American Airlines 582-2700 Arkefly 582-0804 Aruba Airlines 588-3000 Avianca 588-0059 Copa Airlines 585-2672 Cotinental Airlines 588-0019 Delta 588-5623 Ducht Antilles Express 588-1900 Insel Air 582-2663 Jet Blue 588-5388 KLM airlines 582-3546 La Venezolana 583-7674 Spirit Airlines 582-7117 Surinam Airways 582-7896 Tiara Air 588-4272 United Airlines 582-9592 Us Airways 800-1585 MUSEUMS Archeological Museum Of Aruba 582-8979 Aruba Numismatic Museum 582-8831 Historical Museum Of Aruba 582-6099


Enjoy the most

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of Aruba! Discover Aruba by helicopter, for one of your most unforgettable memories. C








For information and reser vations: 731 9999 mail:

Uni for your spa

Treatments are personalize for more information contact us. Los tratamientos son personalizados para mas informacion contactenos Tel: (297) 583-3919 Cel:(297) 566-9422

Bushiri Karting Speedway Come experience the thrill of outdoor karting in Aruba! Excitement and adventure under the Aruban sun. Forget fi shing or horseback riding, come on over to Bushiri Karting Speedway and experience real 9 horsepower, 45 mph highspeed performance Karts and hairpin turns. It will definitely make your vacation an unforgettable one!. NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE KARTS BAREFOOT OR IN SLIPPERS!

Red Sail Sports

Explore the island in a jeep, on a catamaran or discover Aruba’s underwater world while scuba diving. Offering a variety of fun activities for the whole family: • Half Day Luncheon Snorkel and Dinner Sail • Antilla Snorkel, Sunset and Caribbean Sail • Scuba Diving, Jeep Safari, ATV Adventure • Island Bus Tour, Submarine Tour • Wind & Kite Surfing.


Fly in one of our Robinson R44 helicopters piloted by one of our highly trained and experienced professional pilots.










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Choose one of our tours and you will experience a smooth and safe ride with spectacular views.

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TANZANITE STUDS AA Color, 14kt Gold 15 and 90-92 L.G. Smith Blvd. • Oranjestad, Aruba Tel: 011-297-588-9812 • 1-877-ASK-EFFY ALASKA • ARUBA • BAHAMAS • CURACAO • GRAND CAYMAN • GRAND TURK ROATAN • SAN JUAN • ST. KITTS • ST. LUCIA • ST. MAARTEN • ST. THOMAS SINCE 1979 *May not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Price noted represents final selling price and does NOT include any applicable local sales taxes.

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