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Introduction—The Importance of Play


ACTIVITY: Clippy Peg Creatures


ACTIVITY: Creature Pebble Crawlies


ACTIVITY: How to Make a Birdfeeder


ACTIVITY: Salt Dough


ACTIVITY: Animal Face Disguise


ACTIVITY: Recycled Insect Hotel


ACTIVITY: Den Building


Local Activity Groups and Resources

10. Online Resources

www.artworkscreative.org.uk | 01274 256 919 ArtworksBD1 Artworks Creative Communities


Introduction - The Importance of Play All children need to be truly creative is the freedom to commit themselves completely to the effort and make whatever activity they are doing their own. What's important in any creative act is the process of self-expression. Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings, fostering mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creative activities help acknowledge and celebrate children's uniqueness and diversity. Be sure to offer children a wide range of creative materials and experiences, being creative is more than drawing or painting; there is also photography, music, field trips, working with wire, clay, paper, wood, water or shadows, the possibilities are endless. It is important to provide children lots of time to explore materials and pursue their ideas. Encouraging children to make their own choices is important. Children should be permitted frequent opportunities - and lots of time - to experience and explore expressive materials. Put your emphasis on the process of creativity and not on the finished product, what children learn and discover about themselves is vital to their development. Show your support for the creative process by appreciating and offering support for children's efforts, independence and control are important components in the creative process, this is especially true when working with children with disabilities. For further information on the importance of play visit: www.pbs.org/wholechild/providers/index.html


Benefits for parents / care providers: Playtime is valuable time: Children learn through play. During play children often imitate valuable adult behaviours, stretch their imagination and reinforce creativity, and feel like they have accomplished something. When you play with a child you add to these benefits by making the child feel important and valued. Playtime is a time for parents to relax and unwind. It distresses their life and helps them focus on what is truly important, their child. Play helps parents / care providers better understand the children's desires, abilities, and developmental stage. Because you are involved in an activity that the child enjoys the conversation is low-key. The child is more likely to listen to you and you are more likely to really listen to the child.

Playing Together as a Family Spending meaningful time together and having fun strengthens bonds, builds confidence and helps create better emotional wellbeing. Together you will learn how to communicate with each other better whilst teaching your child how to interact with others, most importantly this time together will create memories that will last a lifetime. This time is beneficial to adult too by giving you the opportunity to put the phone down and step away from the television or monitor and enjoy you’re the time you have together.


ACTIVITY: Clippy Peg Creatures Create a clippy creature that you can clip onto wellies or wherever!

Materials:   

Wooden peg Thick card Paint brush & paint/felt tips

  

PVA glue & spreaders Template Bits to stick

Let’s get making! (1) Choose which creature you would like from the templates provided… or make your very own wacky creature! (2) Place the template onto a piece of cardboard and draw around it twice. Then cut out the two shapes (3) Now colour in or paint the two pieces of card, make sure you paint one of the pieces on the opposite side (4) How are you going to decorate your creature?? You could add spots or stripes, add some eyes, what can you find to stick on? (5) It’s time to stick on the peg! Make sure that your creature is dry and arrange both of its sides so that they are on top of each other on the table…so that one decorated side is facing down on the table and the other side is on top with its decorated side facing you. Paste the glue on to both sides of your peg and stick in-between the undecorated sides of your creature, in a left to right direction. Leave to dry (6) Let’s see what you can peg your creature on, just press on the sides and it will open




ACTIVITY: Creature Pebble Crawlies Perfect for those who’ve always wanted their own pet creature! Materials:

    

      

Large pebbles Acrylic paint Paint brushes Adhesive sticky pads Cardboard

Bits to stick Felt tips Found pebble/stone Paint (optional) PVA glue & spreaders Scissors Stick-on eyes

Let’s get making! (1) Select a lovely pebble, this will be your insect’s body (2) Place your pebble onto the cardboard, now then, how many legs do you think your creature crawly needs? Trace around your pebble then outline the legs, cut out the shape, and put to one side (3) Next…the body - What colours do you want it to be…bright and cheerful or shady and terrifying? Get painting! (4) Whilst the body is drying have a look at it’s legs, how do you want to decorate these? Are they hairy or glittery or something else? (5) When everything is dry stick the pebble body onto the legs using the sticky pads, you might need a few to make sure it’s secure (6) Finally stick on the wobbly eyes and it’s alive!!


ACTIVITY: How to Make a Birdfeeder Materials:


A plastic 2-litre milk bottle (with an adult) (rinsed and dried with labels

(1) Use the knife to cut


      

a hole through the lid.

30cm of string/twine

Push through looped

X2 20cm pieces of dowel/ twig

string, knot under lid and screw back on

Bird seed

(2) Draw a ‘door’, with

Craft knife

the Sharpie, on each side


of the bottle 2.5cm above the base

Sharpie pen

(3) Cut the doors out


(7) Tie the bird feeder

carefully with the knife

(4) Pierce a hole 1cm

to the branch of a tree

below the middle of

(or washing line) and dis-

each door. Push

cover what birds visit

through the dowel to

your garden

form a cross inside

(6) Use the spoon to fill the bottom of the feeder

To decorate:

with bird seed

    

(5) Decorate your feeder. Ensure all paint/ glue is dry before Step 7. If you are using tissue to decorate with the seal it with watered down PVA glue to ensure that your design is waterproof


Acrylic paint Coloured tissue PVA glue Sharpie pens Stickers

ACTIVITY: Salt Dough For a 3D project that requires baking as well try sculpting with salt dough, it costs next to nothing to make . Recipe :

2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

1 cup of water

Method: (1) Pour two cups of flour into a large bowl (2) Add a cup of salt and one cup of water (3) Mix and knead with your hands until smooth…if it’s not sticking together slowly add water until smooth (4) Roll out on a board with a rolling pin about a centimetre deep (5) It’s now ready to be cut into shapes, you can also use biscuit/ pastry cutters instead of a knife (6) Put shapes onto a greased baking tray, from here more details can be added, stick extra bits on with water, finer details can be impressed with a pencil or found things (7) When finished put into the oven on a low heat – gas mark 1 or 2/120 oC. The baking time depends on the thickness, bake half an hour for every half centimetre (8) When it’s cooked, and cooled, press underneath at the thickest point, if it’s hard it’s ready, if it’s soft it’ll need to go in for a bit longer (9) Once hard it can be varnished or painted with acrylic or poster paints


ACTIVITY: Animal Face Disguise What’s your favourite animal...real or imaginary?? Create it in the maskmaking challenge and disguise yourself at will!


   

Cardboard Scissors Glue sticks Elastic

   

Felt tips Glitter Bits to stick Hole punch

Let’s get making! (1) Choose from the templates which mask you would like to make … or draw one from your mind! (2) Draw around the templates onto the cardboard and then cut out. (3) Decorate using the felt tips and stick on bits that you fancy. (4) When you finished ask an adult to help you cut out the eyes, you can use the coloured vellum to stick behind the eyes if you have some. (5) When you are happy with the face you have created, use the hole -punch to make a hole either side of the face, just below the eye line. (6) Cut a length of the elastic, thread it through one of the holes and tie on. Thread the other end of the elastic through the other hole, hold the mask to your face and fit the elastic around your head… you might need a bit of assistance to do this, (7) Now the transformation is complete…see if anyone can recognise you in your new disguise!


ACTIVITY: Recycled Insect Hotel Materials:

Will attract:

Woodlice, solitary bees, ladybirds

x2 plastic 2-litre milk bottles (rinsed and dried with labels removed)

   

String or twine

and bumblebees STEPS: (with an adult) (1) Use the Sharpie to


mark halfway on the bot-

Craft knife

tles and with the knife

Sharpie pen

cut in half. Keep one top (with lid) and two bot-

(6) Hang outside, facing


southwards, from a branch or hook

(2) Stack the pieces on top

(5) Tightly pack each sec-

piece on top, with opening

of each other, the lidded

tion with different mate-

facing you. Mark two dots

rials and use dried grass

where each two sections

to fill gaps. Ensure noth-

meet on the inside of the

ing sticks out, as it will

bottles with the Sharpie

get wet and rot

(3) Pierce holes through the

(4) Use a further piece of string

marked dots and tie the pieces

to tie a loop to the top piece

together with string and double

threading through the handle

knot to secure

*Natural materials such as; dry grass, seed heads, pine cones and hollow plant stems can be found on walks or in the garden 11

ACTIVITY: Den Building Building a den is great for encouraging children's imagination and reinforces their sense of self Dens can be made inside or outside using everyday household items, or outside dens can be made using discarded branches and foliage

Items for construction could include:

Bed sheets


Broom handles


Cardboard boxes

Pots and pans (for role play)

Clothes horse/area

Ropes and ribbons

Clothes pegs


Ideas for settings: 

Behind sofas

Low-level cupboards

Spaces, corners and nooks and crannies

The wooden clothes horse is the all time classic prop

Under tables

Remember: Den building is a lot of fun and children may appreciate adult help, but do be aware of taking over and building your own design. Dens are often special and private places and that should be respected


Local Activity Groups & Resources Baker Ross Online arts and craft store BakerRoss.co.uk BEES City of Bradford YMCA environmental education department. Bees-YMCA.org.uk | 01274 371303 Bradford Capital of Cycling A community hub in Bradford City Centre for all things cycling –based, such as’ bike maintenance, bike buses and learning to cycle CapitalofCycling.org Bradford Forest Schools Network A group of individuals and organisations who wish to develop Forest Schools in Bradford district. BradfordForestSchools.co.uk Café West A healthy living centre, in the heart of Allerton and Lower Grange, focusing on promoting health and wellbeing in a warm and friendly environment. CafeWest.org.uk | 01274 488499 Cycle-re-Cycle Making cycling affordable through selling recycled bicycles and low cost servicing and repairs. Cycle-re-Cycle.org.uk | 07835 840989

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Get Out More Helping people engage better with nature to feel better in mind and body GetOutMorecic.co.uk | 07974 935105


Online Resources BBC Learning An online library of learning and activity resources. www.bbc.co.uk/teach/five-ways-to-keep-your-kids-learning-at-home/z4966v4

Families Online What’s on listings for families and activity and play inspiration www.FamiliesOnline.co.uk Learning 4 Kids Fun and simple ideas to do with your kids that promote creative play and learning www.Learning4Kids.net Play England A national organisation (focused on England) campaigning for the importance of play in children’s development, great resources and evidence reports. www.PlayEngland.org.uk Play Scotland A national organisation (focused on Scotland) promoting the importance of play in children’s development, great resources and signposting. www.PlayScotland.org RNIB Play ideas for children with visual impairment www.RNIB.org.uk/family-friends-and-carers-resources-parents-blind-or-partiallysighted-children/lets-play The Wild Network A network of organisation, activists, parents and carers focusing on creating more opportunities for play in nature. www.TheWildNetwork.com


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