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Today we live in times of great changes in the world. And “The Art”, as an organic reflection of life, has always expressed great human and cosmic themes.


We present in this edition a great human quality, much needed in times of transformation: “The Patience”. Cultivated with fine technique by Ingrid Siliakus,she presents constructions of laborious work. To admire Ingrid`s work , as told by herself, is a meditation on the accuracy, concentration and patience. A multidimensional journey, reminding us the infinity of space, oppositions in a continuous circular complementary expansion. The Life.




Ingrid’s artwork is created is



remarkably by her spatial thinking capabilities. Only a few are as gifted as she is.The artist, living in Amsterdam (Netherlands) is an autodidact. By means of self study she became crafted in paper-architecture. This art form has its roots in Japan (founded by professor Masahiro Chatani). Paper-architecture is best described as the art to form objects out of one single sheet of paper. By securely cutting and folding three dimensional forms are shaped. The paper sculptures with than consists out of more than one side are made from several of these objects created out of a single piece of paper. The basis of this cutting and folding is the design. This process can take weeks and even months of precise drawing and calculations even




at a hundreds of a millimetre. The objects are designed layer by layer. A typical characteristic of Ingrid’s work is the complexity and high level of detail. Her designs are architectural as well figurative as abstract. It is not a surprise her


artwork is internationally acknowledged. aper Architecture is the art of creating an object out of a single piece of paper. Before the final design is finished, something like 20 to 30 (sometimes even

more) prototypes are made by Ingrid. Drawing paper architecture designs to Ingrid is as building: first one layer, with a single shape, will be drawn and than layer after layer are added. This process continues till she is satisfied with the result. All separate prototypes are cut and folded, to be examined by her. To design a pattern from scratch, the artist needs the skills of an architect to create a two-dimensional design, which, with the patience and precision of a surgeon, becomes an ingenious three-dimensional wonder of paper. After the design stage, creating a paper architecture art work is done by a combination of detailed cutting and folding. The paperweight Ingrid uses for her creations varies from 160 to 300 gram.


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Oleg Nelipovich 8

“The multitude of the electronic music has given a huge impulse to me. And fantasies had found their form.� ARTwALL



w e i v r e t n I .When did you first discover your creative talents?


I wonder if I ever saw it as a talent myself, or that I realized this by the responses of others on my work that I had displayed on Internet.

. Could you tell us about some of your work? My work especially is inspired on buildings. Next to some architect masters form the Netherlands, the Catalan Architect/artist Antoni


Gaudi was an inspiration to me. The paper-architecture design of his masterpiece the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) especially turned out successful. My work ‘Reflection of Sagrada Familia’ was based on the paper-architecture design of the Sagrada Familia. Next to buildings, I also designed abstract pieces, but still with architectural elements involved. The work of M.C. Escher especially has been in inspiration as it comes to these abstract pieces.What I like about paper-architecture, is that I myself never know exactly how a design turns out till I cut and fold it. It al-

ways is a surprise to me as well to see how a design - I worked on for weeks or months - finally turns out.

. Any influences or anyone you look up?


A large influence on my work is the Dutch artist M.C. Escher. I do look up to his ingenious mind.

.What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep your.Describe yourself in 5 words. self motivated? Being asked for exhibitions for instance keeps me going. In general that people appreciate my work keeps me motivated.

I find it hard to describe myself, so here are some keywords: perseverance, observant, patience and impatience at the same time.

. How will you describe your Lastly, any words of advice for style? aspiring artists? I am not sure if I have a certain style. Maybe I do not even like to think about it in terms of style, since any label can be an restriction as well.

. What is your approach to art? Actually I have no background in art whatsoever - I am an autodidact. Very basically my approach is that I like something or I don’t. To me it is that simple. What I like is Art Nouveau, Art Deco and surrealistic art for instance.

If you are going to follow an educate in art, please do not let an education overrule your artistic talent. Use it as a tool and be very critical about the teachings that is offered to you in an education. Also without an education you can become an artist: your artistic talent already is in you, an education cannot teach you this. I am the living proof that without a background in art, you still can be an artist, if you have a talent that is.


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Ingrid Siliakus

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SILVER EXHIBITION 69 Smith Street Gallery 69 Smith Street Fitzroy, Victoria Australia (October 9, 2011 - November 6, 2011) An exhibition as part of the 25th anniversary of the IAPMA organization. EXHIBITION BODEGRAVEN Toon werken Cultureel Centrum Bodegraven (het Evertshuis) Spoorstraat 15 Bodegraven Netherlands October 6, 2011 - November 17, 2011) Exhibition at het Evertshuis together with painter Adri Langbroek. PAPER & TYPE (PRINT)


Korean Craft Museum Heungdukro 302, Heungduk ku Cheong Ju City Zuid Korea Cheongju International Paper Art special exhibition 2011.


Current o


on going Exhibitions 27




Surrounded by silent privacy Ingrid builds around her


a shield of sacred tranquility starting a very particular kind of intimate ritual projecting with precise cirurgical movements three dimensional paper structures only built to be inhabited by visions of people who are capable to slow themselves down in order to watch them with no hurry in order to grasp their delicate barroque musical counterpoint. No chances for the ones for whom time is just money they will find no easy answers for their pragmatic demands they are anxiously after solutions where you just find visual enigmas Ingrid ‘s palaces and buildings belong to another kind of perception of time and space where language is dictated by visual poetic interplays Slow down and stop in front of these images please spend some of your precious time listening to the delicate barroque musical counterpoint of Ingrid’s inner music

Igor Marques (visual artist and poet)


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