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Resources to get your music out there > BY NINA LAPRES At some point you’ll need to show that people other than your Mom like your music. Below are some outlets where you can send your stuff in order to beef up your press kit. Alarm Magazine—Accept/review (


All About Jazz—Allow submissions for reviews, sign up for events/gigs ( All Indie Magazine—In-depth advice for musicians in terms of promoting and submitting their music ( Alternative Addiction—Accept and submissions (


Alternative Press—Always accept submissions for reviews or publication in the magazine, promotion advertisements ( American Songwriter—Lyric contests, advice/ applications to aid songwriters in writing and business management ( Babysue—Accept submissions for review (babysue. com) Bluegrass Today—Allow submissions for reviews or marketing opportunities ( Blue Suede News—Allow submissions and promotion for artists of Rockabilly, Blue Suede or 1950’s inspired musicians ( CMJ New Music Report—Allow opportunities for marketing, links to resources for musicians (cmj. com) Consequence of Sound—Accept submissions for review, publication on website ( Direct Current—Allow ‘reciprocation,’ bring artists to spotlight and also have access to labels and managers ( Epitonic—Allow submissions for reviews on independent music ( The Fader—Own their own record label. May accept submissions. ( Guitar International—Accept submissions at (—Accept submissions ( Independent Music Promotions—Always looking 12

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for artists to cover for reviews. Also help artists learn about promoters and putting their name out there. (—Become a member of the website in order to submit music for a review. Indie Music Digest—Allow services for music reviews. You can send them LP’s, EP’s, press packs and other promotional material (indiemusicdigest. com) Indie Rock Cafe—Allow digital submissions for review or promotion (





1. HEAD NORTH They may be a young, but they don’t sound it. Head North hits home with huge raunchy guitar lines, aggressive drumming and an emotional complexity behind raspy vocals. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 1. Pentimento 2. The Tradional 3. Cedar Kites

Inyourspeakers—Support artists, publicists, labels and PR firms (

POP/ROCK (Relix)—Contests. Gig listings on their ‘reverbnation’ page

2. WILD THINGS—Allow submissions for reviews (

Wild Things formed with a goal to create a sound that’s both energetic and poppy. After listening to their single “Little Ships,” which was released on New Year’s Day 2015, you’ll be tempted to tap your foot and dance along.

The Metal Den—Links to labels, promoters, managers, etc. Also have their own promoting company that allows submissions for unsigned bands. ( Music Connection—Allow submissions for reviews or promotion for members of their ‘AMP’ service ( Music Korner—Submissions accepted for music reviews or band interviews ( Pitchfork Media—Allow links or submissions of music for promotions ( Regional Music Magazine—Education and promotion for artists in their own local boundaries ( Rock on Request Magazine—Accept submissions for reviews or promotion ( Shared Music Review—Promote artists on website in order to gain attention from fans ( Something Else! Reviews—Allow submissions ( Spacelab—Allow submissions for music promotions (the SYFFAL—Allow submissions for reviews or promotion on website ( Vintage Guitar—Review Guitar oriented independent CD’s. email at music@vintageguitar. com (

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 1. Royal Tongues 2. Parade Chic 3. Smart House


3. AMERICAN LOW Vocalist/lead songwriter Mike Brady isn’t afraid to name names. His lyrics are honest and his music is loud. American Low sounds like an early 90s emo band with grungy guitar tones and hard hitting drums. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 1. Made Violent 2. Humble Braggers 3. Pitch Black


4. DEAN CHATHAM He’s sleek, smooth and still in college. Dean Chartham is Buffalo’s newest addition to hip-hop scene and he’s not going anywhere. Some of his beats are mellow and laid back, but his attitude is energetic and in your face. This is the type of artist you listen to while cruising down Elmwood on a sunny summer day. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 1. Chae Hawk 2. Mic Excel 3. Quinton Brock


5. A HOTEL NOURISHING Drummer Cam Rogers and Guitarist/vocalist Sonny Baker push the boundaries for the alternative/experimental genre. Comprised of only two members, A Hotel Nourishing is musical duo that mixes elements of post-punk, math rock and jazz to create a sound that’s complex and unique. If Fugazi had a baby with Frank Zappa, this group would be the result. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 1. All Them Witches 2. Malarchuk 3. Gas Chamber

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