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Join the gas industry’s business leaders, policymakers, strategists and traders to discuss, debate and formulate solutions to the key issues affecting today’s European gas market


Joao Manso Neto, Chairman of EDP Gás, Deputy Chairman of Naturgas Energía

Fernando Bergasa Cáceres, CEO, Naturgas Energía

Francisco Martinez Corcoles, CEO, Iberdrola Generación SAU

Bernabé Unda, Consejero de Industria, Innovación, Comercio y Turismo, Basque Government

Carlos Mata, Board Member of EDP Gás

Stefan Judisch, CEO, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

Simon Cattle, Head of Supply & Trading, BP Gas Marketing Ltd

Gareth Griffiths, Chief Commercial Officer, E.ON Energy Trading AG







24-25 November 2009 • Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Bilbao, Spain

JOIN THE DEBATE: Independence and Interconnection in European Gas


he annual European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC) is Europe’s premier event for gas industry leaders, bringing together business leaders, policymakers, strategists and traders to discuss, debate and formulate solutions to the issues affecting today’s European gas market.

Delegates will benefit from top-level networking, an opportunity to listen to and debate with the gas industry’s thought-leaders and be part of an elite group setting the agenda for the European gas business over the next few years. This year’s two-day conference is focused on ‘Independence and Interconnection in European Gas’, with a strong emphasis on trading, security of supply, renewable energy and its impact on gas, European and international projects and the effect of the global economy on the future of European gas. The highly topical programme, put together by an independent Advisory Board comprising senior members of major European gas organisations, will be looking beyond Spain and the immediate region to pan-European issues; it is its international focus and serious debate that ensures attendance at the highest level each year. Champagne roundtables, which are now synonymous with the EAGC, look in detail at current topics; and new for 2009 is the introduction of a dedicated roundtable discussion on LNG.

NATURGAS ENERGÍA SUPPORTS EAGC Naturgas Energía, one of the most significant players in the Spanish energy industry, is hosting EAGC jointly with sister company EDP Gás. “We are looking forward to welcoming the 24th edition of EAGC, one of the most important international forums for the gas industry, to Bilbao,” says Joao Manso Neto, Chairman of EDP Gás and Deputy Chairman of Naturgas Energía. “During the two day event, we will be focusing on current market issues centred around independence and interconnections within the gas industry in Europe – an important theme for Naturgas Energía in view of the Euskadour pipeline, one of the two key infrastructure projects connecting the Iberian Peninsula with the rest of Europe.”

See who’s registered to attend at © FMGB Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa, 2009.


Hear from 50 influential speakers from the world’s top gas organisations

Meet Europe’s most senior gas business leaders and decision-makers

Understand the commercial issues impacting on Europe’s gas future

Conduct business and develop new industry contacts

Participate in discussions that will set the agenda for the future of European gas

Enjoy spectacular business networking in an intimate environment

Discover valuable market intelligence for your business

CHAIRMAN’S WELCOME James Ball, President Director, Gas Strategies


ne year on from the realisation that the economic climate really was heading into hostile territory, a large number of the key players in Europe’s gas business are looking forward with very different plans and aspirations. Fear and hope have each flourished in that year and we look out from a very different context than that of the recent past. While many conditions are much worse, some are much better, depending on your perspective. The key executives of the European gas business, who will gather for the 24th European Autumn Gas Conference at the end of November, will be considering what has changed forever, what is probably short term discomfort or a welcome window of opportunity and how the changing organisations that will shape the future of Europe’s gas business will behave. More and more organisations driving Europe’s gas business have shifted their business models from a national focus to regional optimisation and beyond. “European” market trading is already a misnomer as the impacts of global gas sway both supply possibilities and trading choices. And while utilities diversify and extend their global footprints, the upstream majors are busy narrowing their focus. Not only a special “LNG in the Round“ session at the end of the event will consider Europe’s growing global connections, but also the panel of traders who are paying more attention to global LNG than ever before. It would have been hard enough to cope with economic uncertainty and tightened credit markets last year. But fears over security of gas supply roared back to centre stage too. Last autumn, the troubles between Russia and Ukraine were a fading memory. By winter some countries faced their worst ever gas shortages. And while many countries found open markets took them through the crisis with no disruption, political knees still jerked and panic measures were called for. EU-wide concern to make European gas supply more diverse and more secure remains high on the agenda and will be a theme of this year’s EAGC. We will be asking where the security will come from and, more importantly, who will pay for it, especially in times of falling demand?

A central part of this year’s event is a session built around an extensive survey of gas executives on their companies’ investment activities over the last year and aspirations now. Only a year ago, there was a heady confidence amongst 57% of attendees that they would be grabbing market share and seizing opportunities from the less bold. Yet the IEA says investment dropped 21% last year. Did the brave words come true for some? How much austerity set in instead? And what will happen, for what kind of player? A clutch of chiefs will decipher the results and project their own views. While times may be mixed for capital expenditure, these could be great times for optimisers and traders…if their companies have credit and the will to play the market so many banks had to abandon or scale down activity in? How have they fared and what does the coming year look like? EXECUTIVE ADVISORY BOARD We will look at the local and Spanish market, especially in light of the almost trans-European drive to push up the share of renewables This year’s programme was developed with the guidance of the Executive Advisory Board comprising some in the energy mix; is wind and rain the foe of gas as some predict, of the leading gas experts from major companies or friend as hydro and wind turbines increasingly require gas-fired throughout Europe. power to cover for the fickle swings in their energy sources? ● James Ball, President Director, Gas Strategies This year’s EAGC is in Bilbao in the Basque country of Spain ● Guy Broggi, Head of LNG Supply, Total Gas & Power on the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula – a market ● Ieda Gomes, Vice President New Ventures, South Asia, which is at once a gas island and a key crossroads. It features BP Gas Marketing Ltd diverse European corporate investment; international ● Piet Kager, Manager Business Development, suppliers by pipe and LNG and; a constantly changing energy NV Nederlandse Gasunie market. With a host of LNG import terminals built to serve ● Georg Krud, Senior Vice President Strategy Gas Supply, diversity aspirations of importer and exporters alike, E.ON Ruhrgas AG security has long been a strategic driver. Join us there to ● Massimiliano Marches, Vice President Gas Supply, look back on a tumultuous year and unroll the future.

WHO ATTENDS? Commercial professionals operating within the European gas industry, including: Company Directors • Presidents • CEOs and Vice Presidents • General Managers • Commercial Directors • Traders • Originators • Negotiators • Consultants, Analysts and Advisors • Sales and Marketing Directors • Bankers, Lawyers and Financiers • Regulators

Eni Gas & Power Division

● Edouard Sauvage, Vice President Gas Supply, GdF Suez ● Tony Smith, New Ventures Manager, Challenge Energy Limited ● Jonathan Whitehead, Managing Director, Head of EMEA Commodity

Sales & Structuring, Barclays Capital


CONFERENCE PROGRAMME DAY ONE – Tuesday 24 November 08:50–09:00 OPENING WELCOME dmg world media (uk) ltd 09:00–10:45 Session 1 – DIGNITARIES & KEYNOTES Introduction by Conference Chairman James Ball, President Director, Gas Strategies Day One Co-Chairman Carlos Mata, Board Member of EDP Gás Co-Host Address Joao Manso Neto, Chairman of EDP Gás and Deputy Chairman of Naturgas Energía Co-Host Address Fernando Bergasa Cáceres, CEO, Naturgas Energía Ministerial Address Bernabé Unda, Consejero de Industria, Innovación, Comercio y Turismo, Basque Government Keynote Address Francisco Martinez Corcoles, CEO, Iberdrola Generación SAU Keynote Address Domenico Dispenza, COO, Eni Gas & Power 11:00–11:30 Refreshment Break 11:30–12:30 Session 2 – IBERIA INTERNATIONAL Spain is the fourth highest gas consumer, behind the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France, and level with the Netherlands. The Iberian Peninsula remains one of the most diversified markets receiving gas from 10 different sources. Last year’s expansion in the number of terminals, storage tanks and gas emission capacities along with ongoing initiatives (Medgaz project) and the short and medium term forecasting of the development of connections in Europe through the north of Pyrenees (Euskadour project), draws a picture of the Spanish gas system which is seeking a target for expansion but also to increase security of supply, both within the peninsula and within Europe. As for supply, regasification plants, as well as Spanish legislation, which promotes diversification by setting a natural gas maximum rating of 50% from the same country, are the key points that have enabled our country to remain outside the crisis in Europe created by the Russian gas supply.

Opening Remarks from the Chair Carlos Mata, Board Member of EDP Gás Transport and Distribution Juan Ramón Arraibi, Managing Director, Naturgas Energía Regulated Market Iberian Gas Market Enrique Palomino, Managing Director, Naturgas Energía Liberalized Market Paper Fabrizio Dassogno, Chairman of the Board Galp Gás Natural SA & Board Member of Galp Energia SGPS SA 12:30–14:00 Lunch sponsored by Eni Gas & Power Division

14:00 –15:30 Session 3A (Panel) – TRADED MARKETS TODAY: IN, OUT, SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT


Views of the future state of the global economy have gone from a forward slash future to an L shaped, then a W and now seem to be settling on a V shaped recovery. Commodity markets went into freefall last year as the full impact of the financial crisis started to affect the wider economy. Demand collapsed, and with it prices. New supply projects were cancelled, delayed or are being renegotiated. But the longer term fundamentals in many commodity markets have not gone away, with supply issues threatening already to rear their ugly heads again, leading to a gradual recovery in prices. The exception is Natural Gas…. …in some cases. And the cause of this is a breakthrough in technology to economically extract unconventional gas which has flooded the North American gas markets. Now pundits are telling us that there is a paradigm-changing technological breakthrough and unconventional gas will result in cheap gas forever. Very unlikely. The details will change, but gravity and greed will ensure that the broad business model will always survive. Nonetheless, the North American gas market is still flooded and cheap. The drilling decline will eventually raise prices, but world LNG’s great gas sink is no longer so attractive. So here we are in Europe surrounded by pipeline gas and yet increasingly concentrating on world LNG and US rig rates; dealing with the effect of all this inevitably leading to long lasting changes in the gas industry. The LNG industry has turned from being a total sellers’ market, concentrated in the Pacific basin to one which is far more balanced between buyers and sellers, and with an increasing focus on the Atlantic basin and short term transactions into liquid, tradeable markets. The long anticipated Atlantic convergence between North West European prices and Henry Hub has largely occurred, and this is before the new liquefaction destined for the spot markets and the associated regasification facilities have even got into full swing. The next few years are likely to see the industry having to adapt the way LNG portfolios are optimised and managed. The skills, competencies and relationships required to effectively manage an Atlantic basin LNG business are vastly different to the traditional Pacific basin LNG business, and we already see significantly different approaches and business models. The LNG world is today moving towards a bifurcated model, in which a significant portion of the industry is adamant that it will not, or can not, change, and the rest entering into a world of regas slot options, transatlantic spread options, index swaps, time spread hedging (now that the contango justifies floating storage again) to name but a few. This session will explore some of the dynamics of the new LNG industry when it starts interfacing with liquid, wholesale markets. We will hear from a wide cross section of companies who are at the forefront of the changes occurring.

Some opinion leaders and energy stakeholders had identified fossil fuels as the main competitor for the development of renewable energies or, from the other point of view, had announced that the success of renewable technologies was the main threat for the coal and natural gas markets. But the fact is, that so far, real experiences have shown the synergies and mutual benefits between renewable installations and, specifically, natural gas availability for electricity generation. Spain is probably one of the best examples for this integration of renewable sources and natural gas in the same electric system. The success story of the renewable energies in Spain for the last 10 years have been complemented and supported by the unprecedented increase in the number of Combined cycle power plants using natural gas. As a result, the unpredictability or non-continuity of wind and sun are being backed by the flexibility of combined cycle plants, and natural gas infrastructures have benefited from great developments supported by the increase in renewable installed power. In this session, the TSOs of the natural gas system (Enagas) and the electricity grids (Red Eléctrica) will present their views on this issue, explaining how this interoperation between natural gas and renewable energy affect their daily operation and the guarantee of supply as well as the pros and cons. To visualize the whole picture, energy companies will show why and how they are including in their electricity generation mix both renewable sources and natural gas as key strategic investments for their business.

Opening Remarks from the Chair – Jonathan Whitehead, Managing Director, Head of EMEA Commodity Sales & Structuring, Barclays Capital Gareth Griffiths, Chief Commercial Officer, E.ON Energy Trading AG Kevin Alger, Head of Gas Trading, RWE Trading GmbH Arturo Gallego, Gas Trading Manager, Iberdrola Philippe Vedrenne, Managing Director, Gaselys Taraneh Azad, Head of Energy Sales, Europe, Goldman Sachs

Opening Remarks from the Chair José Ignacio Hormaeche, CEO, Ente Vasco de la Energia (EVE) When the wind blows, when the gas flows (the respective pressures on the grids) Discussion

15:30–16:00 Refreshment Break 16:00–17:15 Session 4 – THE STATE OF GAS INVESTMENT The global economic and financial crisis has led to falling stock market prices, weakened energy demand and lower oil and gas prices. Energy investment has dropped dramatically world wide. According to the IEA oil and gas budgets for 2009 have already been cut by 21% (circa $100 billion) when compared to 2008; a total of 20 large scale upstream projects worth $170 billion have been cancelled and another 35 projects have been postponed by 18 months. All combined this will cancel or postpone 30 bcma of future gas supply. So far in 2009 no LNG project has been granted final investment decision. Projects with high marginal costs and long lead times were the one that suffered most particularly in non-OPEC countries. The huge uncertainty on when the economy and energy demand will pick up again combined with the squeeze on capital availability is impacting long term investment decisions for oil and gas companies. Although it is very difficult to predict the future right now, it is certain that in the long term the world will face gas supply constraints again reflecting the ongoing cuts in investment. This panel aims to debate the following questions: • What are the long term prospects for gas supply and demand in Europe in the face of the present investment decisions? • What is the short and long term investment strategy for IOCs and NOCs and Utilities in E&P which will impact European supply? • How is the economic crisis impacting investment in European infrastructure? • What is the role of Government and the private sector in ensuring that long term security of supply will not suffer from short term decisions?

Opening Remarks from the Chair – James Ball, President Director, Gas Strategies Global oil and gas markets – Christof Rühl, Chief Economist, BP plc Security of supply and demand: different sides of the same coin? – Stefan Judisch, CEO, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH Programme subject to final confirmation. The conference will be delivered in English - translation will be available in Basque and Spanish.

DAY ONE – Evening


DAY TWO – Wednesday 25 November


09:00 –11:00

14:30 –17:00



‘LNG in the round’ – An LNG roundtable forum

• Are we approaching the next Russia-Ukraine crisis? Prof Jonathan Stern, Director of Gas Research, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

Opening Remarks from the Chair James Ball, President Director, Gas Strategies Has the “European“ champion replaced the “national“ champion as the guarantor of gas security? There is no single note route to security Turkey’s contribution to European commerce and security Paper Martin Herrmann, CEO, RWE Transgas

• Caspian (where is Caspian gas going to flow) Dr Jennifer Coolidge, Founder & Executive Director, CMX Caspian Gulf Consultants Ltd • Over supply of gas in the short term, how will different players respond? Graham Freedman, Senior Managing Consultant, Wood Mackenzie • Title to be confirmed Vyacheslav M Mischenko, Director, Russian and CIS, Pace Global Energy Services LLC 20:30–23:00 Gala Dinner – Museo Guggenheim hosted by Naturgas Energía and EDP Gás

11:00 –11:30 Refreshment Break 11:30 –13:00

Session 5 – REINFORCING SECURITY AND DIVERSIFICATION OF SUPPLY IN TIMES OF UNCERTAIN EUROPEAN DEMAND While Europe is facing the most uncertain gas demand outlook in decades, where the paradigm of unlimited growth in consumption is challenged by a mix of crisis-induced demand destruction, advances in other energy sources and both current and mandated improvements in efficiency of energy use, it is at the same time of the highest importance to pursue new projects allowing both an increase in overall volume availability and the development of new routes and / or sources, able to restore confidence in security of gas supply; this has been severely shaken by growing concerns about a future “gas crisis” affecting the whole Continent. This session will examine, in the words of the very players involved, the status of some of the most relevant of such projects, to better understand how they fit into such new market reality and what role they can actually play for further reinforcement and diversification of the European gas market.

Opening Remarks from the Chair Massimiliano Marches, Vice President Gas Supply, Eni Gas & Power Division ITGi Project Elio Ruggeri, CEO, IGi Poseidon SA Mediterranean menu How Poland’s projects are shifting the security agenda Slawomir Hinc, Vice President Finance, PGNiG Euskadour, in the context of the European and Iberian markets interconnection Carlos Mata, Board Member, EDP Gás 13:00 –14:30 Lunch

For this session, we will change the format with all participants seated ‘in the round’ facing the issues together, facilitated by a panel of key players leading off the discussion. Global LNG is changing the face of gas markets worldwide. After more than 30 years of unabated development, the LNG industry is now in a position to change the worldwide background of the main natural gas markets in America, Europe and Asia. We are currently witnessing a pause in such development in the Atlantic basin while Asia is furbishing its weapons of massive LNG development with Australia as the new focus in a role comparable to the one Qatar just played 10 years ago. How the gas industry is swallowing the current depression in demand and prices in the various areas of the world has to do with what was achieved by Qatar, Yemen, etc and what will be achieved when Australia eventually wakes-up. To talk about the future consequences of the new supply wave, what is maturing in Australia, and the state of the world markets, representatives from Japanese Buyers, IOCs already involved in the global LNG scene and European actors will gather for the LNG roundtable, to debate and to give their respective points of view on the day.

Joao Manso Neto, Chairman of EDP Gás, and Deputy Chairman of Naturgas Energía

Fernando Bergasa Cáceres, CEO, Naturgas Energía

Carlos Mata, Board Member of EDP Gás

Stefan Judisch, CEO, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

Simon Cattle, Head of Supply and Trading, BP Gas Marketing Ltd

Christof Rühl, Chief Economist, BP plc

Gareth Griffiths, Chief Commercial Officer, E.ON Energy Trading AG

Fabrizio Dassogno, Chairman of the Board Galp Gás Natural SA & Board Member of Galp Energia SGPS SA

Slawomir Hinc, Vice President Finance, PGNiG

Prof Jonathan Stern, Director of Gas Research, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

James Ball, President Director, Gas Strategies Simon Cattle, Head of Supply & Trading, BP Gas Marketing Ltd Senior Representative from Osaka Gas Carlos Martins de Andrade, LNG Manager, Galp Energia 17:00 End of the Conference

Further information on the EAGC, including the full conference programme and online registration is available at


NETWORKING PLAYS A KEY ROLE AT EAGC The EAGC has built a formidable reputation for facilitating highlevel networking; a chance to meet other gas professionals to do business, exchange information and make introductions. Social functions include: ●

Welcome Reception Monday 23 November 18:30-22:30 Gran Hotel Domine, Bilbao Official Gala Reception Tuesday 24 November 20:15-23:30 Hosted by Naturgas Energía and EDP Gás Museo Guggenheim, Bilbao The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, designed by American architect Frank O. Gehry, is a perfect example of cutting-edge architecture of the twentieth century. The building itself is an architectural landmark for its innovative design and a suggestive backdrop for the EAGC 2009 Gala Reception. Delegates will be treated to a private tour of the museum before dinner, where they will be able to appreciate all the art treasures on offer. After that attendees can enjoy a taste of Basque cuisine, served by the famous three Michelin star chef Martin Berasategui. The evening offers the perfect opportunity to network with fellow gas professionals, whilst enjoying exceptional food, entertainment and hospitality. ●

Daily lunches and networking breaks

ADDITIONAL EVENT HIGHLIGHTS NEW FOR 2009! LNG ROUNDTABLE The dedicated ‘LNG in the Round – an LNG Roundtable’ will be held on the second day of EAGC. Involving some of the most influential players in the LNG business, it will be an event-within-an-event aimed at shaping the future of the European LNG market through influential and thought-provoking debate. If your business is in LNG, you simply can’t afford to miss out. For more information visit

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Practical implications for contracting and operating in an evolving LNG market The state of LNG Markets and prospects ahead: • Where the new supplies will go • The impacts and duration of very low Henry Hub prices • The prospects for greater global price convergence • Whether it is more plausible to consider “Business as Usual” is just around the corner or if this scenario is fading in credibility What this means for commercial operations and agreements: • Operational changes • Revisions in prices or terms • Impact on new agreements • Short term trading Who should attend the workshop? Business executives in the gas and LNG business, particularly: • Commercial and Marketing Managers • Business Planning and Strategy Executives • Gas Traders • Business developers expanding LNG operations Workshop Leaders: Pat Roberts – Managing Consultant, Gas Strategies Pete Thompson – Manager, Gas Strategies This workshop is sponsored by Gas Strategies’ Commercial Arrangements team. About Gas Strategies Gas Strategies is a specialist professional services organisation providing commercial gas advisory services globally. We operate in all sectors of the supply chain: upstream, midstream and markets, and cover the full LNG value chain. We offer a strong business model, in which our integrated service lines synergise to bring powerful solutions to our clients, meeting their specific needs through Consulting, Training, and Information Services. Monday 23 November 15:00-18:00 Places are limited. A registration link will shortly be available on the EAGC website ( For further information on the Pre-Conference Workshop contact Cordelia Hutchinson on +44 (0) 203 180 6514 or email

INTERESTED IN SPONSORSHIP? Hundreds of industry professionals from 31 countries met in Italy last November at the EAGC. 44% of delegates were CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors or Directors. The European Autumn Gas Conference can promote your market position, expertise and put your employees face-to-face with the most influential decision-makers operating within the market. To find out how to get involved and to secure your position alongside some of Europe's leading gas companies, view the sponsorship page at or email

EXHIBITION STANDS Coffee breaks offer the perfect time to talk to this year’s event sponsors and visit the small exhibition area. For a list of participating companies visit

TECHNICAL TOURS Technical Tours will take place on Monday 23 November, to offer delegates a unique opportunity to see Spanish gas projects in action, visit key facilities and meet people actively involved. Tour 1: Bahia De Bizkaia One of the largest energy projects ever undertaken in the Basque Country, it comprises of a re-gasification plant (BBG – Bahia de Bizkaia gas) and a combined- cycle plant for generating power (BBE – Bahia de Bizkaia Electricidad) occupying some 230,000sqm in the outer area of Bilbao Port. Tour 2: Zabalgarbi Energy Recovery Plant A waste to energy plant which uses part of the waste collected in Bizkaia to generate electricity which is then uploaded to the power grid. For delegates intending to attend the Renewables conference session, this is ideal in demonstrating the use of alternative energy technologies as a complimentary energy resource to gas. For further details email or call +44 (0) 203 180 6514

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Why Bilbao? Bilbao’s LNG terminal, regasification plant and headquarters of key players in the industry, make it a natural venue to host EAGC. Considered one of Spain’s cultural capitals and home of the worldfamous Museo Guggenheim, Bilbao is based in the north of Spain and plays host to fantastic restaurants, museums and nightlife.

Why Spain? Spain, with its diversity of gas supply ranging from the Medgaz direct pipeline from Algeria, due to start up at the end of this year, to interconnectors with France; and with Bilbao on the export route from Qatar – and already the beneficiary of one of Qatar’s mega LNG tankers; provides a classic example for many countries around the world.

Bilbao Exhibition Centre The modern Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) is located in the metropolitan area of Barakaldo, 10 minutes from Bilbao’s cultural city centre and 20km from the international airport. Served by a Metro line, BEC is easily accessible and its great flexibility and versatility make it the perfect venue for the EAGC. For venue information visit

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DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT “Good networking and programme at the same time” Andrea Stegher, Head of Planning and Business Development, Stogit SpA “A must-attend event” Guglielmo Olivieri, Gas Development, Enel Trade “The gas place to be” Abel Noordanus, Business Manager Gas & Power, Port of Rotterdam Authority “Very useful to stay in touch with the international industry” Giovanni Baroni, Business Development Director, Gas Plus SpA

Receive preferential rates at several Bilbao hotels. For a list of participating hotels and to book visit or email


REGISTER YOUR PLACE TODAY! REGISTER ONLINE Book your conference place online at DELEGATE FEE: €2,350 – 10% discount applies for group bookings of 3 or more. Your delegate fee includes: ● ● ● ●

● ● ●

Entrance to all conference sessions, delegate lunches and Champagne Roundtables Access to the Pre-Conference Workshop (subject to availability) Invitations to the Official Welcome Reception and Gala Reception Conference documentation including an Abstracts book and access to online presentations Airport transfers Two-day Metro pass and City map, courtesy of Naturgas Energía Access to the Technical Tours programme (subject to availability)









WORLD HEAVY OIL CONGRESS November 3 – 5, 2009 Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

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EAGCC Conference Bilbao 2009

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