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One Thought vie about his dreams. Akira Kurosawa made a mo , wrote them as a script He got himself a cameraout of his dreams and and made short movies nightmares. the same. For This book is an attempt tondopersonally two years now I have bee ing dreams I had. cataloguing the most impact , many of them have lot a Many of them don’t say t the y are all legitimate only hidden meanings. Buand out-of-control mind. dreams from my sleeping ares and dreams from I can remember my nightm ys of today. Dreams when I was a kid to the Idawa s going through at can reveal a lot of what e up with feeling much that moment, and to com I was experiencing in more intensely than what nt me to the right the moment. They could poi me. Some of them just dilemma that was hurting re. dazzled my mind even mo le, ruthless. Some of them Some of them are terribthe m are beautiful, are mysterious, some of can try to explain, some I m colorful. Some of the of them I can’t.

The Theater of Colors

I was arriving home with my dad and grandmother, when a green slime was thrown at us. We went up and helped grandma to climb the step of the elevator that was as high as my nose. Arriving in the apartment, we saw that Jacques Benchimol and his family were there. They invited us to go to their place later. We washed ourselves, but I wasn’t very dirty, and had no necessity to have a shower. The bathroom was weirdly in the middle of the living room and the water was flowing and wetting the carpets. Fania recommended a play for us to go to. I went down to the street and realized that the building was all covered with a white substance that people were throwing at it. I tried to complain to one persn but was ignored. They were all dressed in white. Suddenly, a guy with glasses called me to a corner and apologized for using me as a participant in the show. I chased him and immobilized him. We were taken backstage. He explained to me what happened and tried to calm me, but I kept immobilizing him. Then I started to stare at people and realized that they were all dressed in green, in yellow, blue, gray. Everyone was waiting for their turn to go onstage. In the play they popped up from things that were made of their dress color. The show ended with the sentence: “Men, don’t believe in colors.”

Two Moons To R.L. I woke from a dream In which in the sky there were two moons One mine one yours With the sea they were four And two more in the mirror of my room In the beach I saw you naked with my camera I frame both moons that full filled the sky I took some pictures that I would reveal after a baby was born powerless a man was walking to his hanging the street was still tortuous the only sure thing was the beach not even sure was the moon because there were two

not even you naked, not even your hair of light not even the faces, the holes and the craters not even my kept desire of panther not even the notice of spring not even the waterfall of twelve floors

the only sure thing was the beach that would wake up in front of me

but what was dream existed everything that was unsure and its features everything that was, including you in my arms and the second moon.

I woke up, the sea persisted, but nothing was there I thought about telling you but I couldn’t My pictures were burnt out.

Army Cowboys I was in the agency and took my pants off while working. I pissed on the floor. Then I went home, that was the Paula Freitas penthouse, and there was a huge cabinet where we started to look for things. Me, Aar達o, Diana and Dad. And so, we started to find things, specially Lindt chocolates and other candies that were old. After that I went to some kind of platoon and I had to run as hell. I ran and ran in a road, nonstop. My left pinkie broke and the bosses used a lit cigarette as a cradle to relieve my pain. And that took away my pain. At that moment a blonde guy, looking like the character of Juno, was trying to commit suicide. We warned the officers, who ignored and ridiculed the man, pretending he did not exist.

We started to run again, while the officers took two black kids that were trying to help the suicidal man and took them to a hidden place. The dream suggested that they were beaten and then taken to an airplane. In that airplane the officers had a secret chamber, where they saw videos and had a video conference with two small girls that were their psychologists. They would tell the girls their perversions and because of that the girls looked sad. There was also a screen broadcasting a bunch of semi-naked women (with their breasts showing) and guys similar to Freud talking about sex and singing a song from a Cartoon about a cowboy.

Director’s Cut

A square with the name of destroying a childish-crayo

f a movie director that I don’t remember is on-drawing city.

Dream in a Dream

I was in a trip to Israel. Jorge Drexler was a guide together with me. Somehow, his head got injured. Me and my friend, Abro, were hunted in a temple, people started to throw stones at a beautifull stained glass. I cried of anger. But the image of me, Abro and the temple was only a dream that I woke up from. And we were in a room, and Jorge was going to take a shower while me and some other guides talked. We went down some stairs and I saw many students, the ones we were guiding in the trip. We all went to an open beach where I found my friend Anipe. We kept walking, talking about my eye, and we reached a place that looked like Punta del Este.

AIRPORT TRAP I am leaving the country, when my exit is prohibited. Soon I go to a place that looks like a living room of a rich person, where some kind of agent makes me read a report with a detailed schedule of everything I do. He says that I am becoming a different person, and therefore I can’t leave the country. He says that I’ve been aggressive, sympathizer of Zionism, with too subversive ideas, etc. He tells me an episode that I have been violent. I get very angry.

Crash and Laughter

I went rock climbing with my friend João. In that place we didn’t need a rope, and we had many places to grab, like a kid’s game. We started to climb more and more and when the night fell, João asked me to stop. He told me that we would continue another day, that he couldn’t find the grab spots. We rappelled and we drove some friends back home. Our mutual friend Wolo had a blue New Beetle. We left everyone in their places and stopped by a house where someone was using a computer in the dark. Later on, we went to Lapa and joined my other friends Cláudio and Bruninho. We tried to enter a club, but they had no power although the music was on. Then we met Mari. She was in a narrow street that had stripes of black cloth between a block and the other, on all the street’s extension. My friends grabbed each

one a piece of tissue, that stretched would reach the end of the street; they pulled and were promptly thrown by the elasticity.Mari told me that she was throwing a party. She invited me and I thanked and said that in retribution I would write a poem for which she would give me the first line. I went back to Wolo and now his Beetle was an old one, that he told me that he exchanged for an anchor that he brought from Israel. He told me later that the only part that was still missing was the mustache and that Rodrigo gave him. We both went into the car, and he was driving crazy. Wolo told me that it was OK, since the old Beetle was to waste indeed. The Beetle even rolled in the air and fell in a small cave, but me and Wolo just laughed. He used reverse to get out of the cave and we went to the second party, where we met other friends.

THE INNER DOOR Some friends (Bocão and Ricky), are in a castle that is mine. Inside the castle many people walk: people that I know, and strangers as well. In a room, Ricky asks me if I remember how to open a giant door that is on a wall. I focus and remember all the moments and procedures to open the door. If you make a mistake, the door can kill you. Inside the door there is a small tunnel that leads to other mechanism that opens a small door which holds a room full of jewels. I tell Ricky that a key is missing, that it is in another castle, but that I will show how to start opening it. The first part is to answer a question. The door is like one of those with two parts, like a closet, and each part has a different answer on it. I need to press the right one, but I can’t remember the

question anymore. I have an impression that the right answer is a Manichean dichotomy, and I manage to open the first part. After, I need two keys, and one of them is in another castle. We look for the first one in our surroundings. Meanwhile the door starts to talk. We can’t find the key, and I scream to them to leave the door immediately. They all leave, and the door closes spitting a big column of fire. Nobody dies, but everyone recognizes the dangers of the door. We walk inside the castle and Bocão asks me what is inside the door. I tell him that it looks like a treasure from Australia and he proposes me to give a present to someone.


My father expelled me from home because I couldn’t find my flipflops.

One Thought

Nine Dreams and On Thought  

Project for my Indesign class based on my dream journal. Enjoy it!