ArtTOUR International - Magazine Feb 2012

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“The Blurriness makes me think that perhaps we are all transparent, maybe not just in the eye of the camera, but to those around us as well” Shifra Levyathan


“In Motion 15” Photograph by Shifra Levyathan

Shifra is a fine artist concerned with the spontaneous world that surrounds us all but few perceive. Her high-velocity photographs in color and, more recently, black & white are enrobed in a wide array of atmospheric digital after effects, perfected to create an unfurling retinal sensation in the viewer. We see light refracting light as harmony and transition in the midst of an urban landscape are reduced to glittering abstraction. Serving as a type of virtual anamnesis, each photo, or “Faded Memory,” creates a snapshot of culture that evokes a recollection at once highly specific and general. A roving artist whose work features a deceptively homogenous albeit geographically diverse terrain, Shifra captures the fast-paced play of light and shadow against urban architecture, human figures and the colossal structures of the natural and artificial world. Born in Israel, Shifra first exhibited her work, then intimate drawings in ink, in 1977. She has a Masters in Art History and recently published a book of her photography entitled "The Third Eye is My Inner Eye."

February 2012