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ERIN ZERBE “CONTROL� Erin Zerbe was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. She earned her BFA in Communication Arts and Design with an emphasis in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA. During her time here, she was an exemplary student and community member, and received such honors as The Kinetic Imaging Department Award of Excellence, as well as being selected the Student Ambassador for the Arts at the Tasmeem Design Conference in Doha, Qatar, 2006. After graduating, she stayed on to teach adjunct as well as work as a news editor for Channel 12 News, Richmond, VA. After earning her BFA, Erin worked as a freelance multimedia artist, doing extensive work for such clients as The Chrysler Museum of Art. After working with The Chrysler Museum of Art, Erin applied her knowledge and skills with web media to the competitive business of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Using her design skills, Erin worked to help clients develop strongly designed websites that rank well within the highly competitive search results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Taking this knowledge even further, Erin

July 2012