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The South African Print Gallery Dealers in South African Master and Contemporary Fine Art Prints

Voelklip Reflexion by Joshua Miles. Reduction Woodblock.

Simonsberg by Lyn Smuts. Etching and aquatint

Wardrobe by Judith Mason. Lithograph

Lord of the bees by Judith Mason. Lithograph

Memory diderot by Fritha Langerman. Etching

Miss Priss by Robert Hodgins. Lithograph

Daar gat die Yellow Pages! By Dominic Thorburn. Intaglio

Record Print by Niklas Wittenberg

Mineworker by Velile Soha. Linocut

Ceremony (Series- Memory Myth and Ritual) by Eunice Geustyn. Lithograph

Blood at the Root (Series- Memory Myth and Ritual) by Eunice Geustyn. Lithograph

Force (Series-Without Master) by Eunice Geustyn. Etching and watercolour

Die Damme by Joshua Miles. Reduction Woodblock.

Die Hoop Duine by Joshua Miles. Reduction Woodblock.

While the bulls brawl, the grass gets hurt no.2 by Vuyile C Voyiya. Linocut

Table Mountain by Lyn Smuts. Hard/Softground/Drypoint

Paradise by Claudette Shreuders. Lithograph

Smiling meant not that you understood, but you were happy not - understanding. Kathryn Smith. Two colour combination lithograph and gravure print

Sunlit Interior. Peter Heck. Silksceen

Gasworks by Jonathan Comerford. Linocut

The Messenger by Jonathan Comerford. Linocut

Tribute to David Koloane by Sam Nhlengethwa. Lithograph

Tcibi in the Apple tree by Xgaiga Qhomatca. Eight Colour Lithograph

Holiday in Cape Town in the 21st Century. Katherine Bull. Etching

Large head from the back by Johann Louw. Lithograph

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