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Winter 2010 Vol. 6, No 1

50 years 1960-2010

Panther Paw Prints Ranney Lower School Anthology

Panther Paw Prints

Ranney School 235 Hope Road Tinton Falls , NJ 07724 732-542-4777

Graphic by Sabrina S.


Ranney School

Panther Paw Prints Volume 6, Number 1 2010 Winter Edition

The Panther Paw Prints is an anthology of art, poetry and essays created by the students of the Ranney Lower School, Beginners through 5th grade. Cover illustration by Kevin X. Art Direction: Barbara Levine Graphics designed by the students of the 4th and 5th grade graphic arts elective.


Panther Paw Prints A message from Mrs. Marshall... In keeping with our school’s green initiatives, we bring to you this year’s edition of Panther Paw Prints in electronic version. Most significant about this year’s winter edition is its tribute to Ranney School’s 50th anniversary. Glancing through the publication, I encourage you to see the trends that capture the imaginations of our students today, but also to share my comfort in knowing no matter the decade, 1960 or 2010, our students still draw renditions of their families, bright and hopeful self-portraits with teeth missing and freckles around their noses, landscapes with rainbows and sun shining down on peeping flower blossoms, and poems that chant with rhythm and rhyme. The anthology is an open book into the minds and hearts of our students. I commend them and their teachers for stepping forward in offering final work samples to be published. Their confidence and excitement in sharing their work has set a high standard for our second edition, to be published in June, assuring all students will have been highlighted before year’s end. Finally, I extend my appreciation to the talents of our anthology’s advisor, Mrs. Barbara Levine. Barbara’s artistic eye and care in building our students’ confidence and pride, as they dare to express themselves, is evident in the layout and selections of the edition we present to you. I invite all of you to peruse the following pages and enjoy! Sincerely, Patricia Lee Marshall Lower School Head


– Starlette D.

“I like to go to the library.”


“At Ranney School, I like to play with my friends and to color.”

“My favorite things are eating snack and painting.”

– Daniella A.

50 years “My favorite thing to do at school is go to art.” – Jack S.

– Arielle M.

“My favorite thing to do at school is to swim.” – Anna B.

“At Ranney School, I like to play with puzzles.”

“At Ranney School, I like to play in the playroom.” – Sofia H.

– Nicholas F.

“I like to build with the blocks.” – Aedan P.

“I like coloring at Ranney School.”

“At Ranney School, I like to play on the turf.” – Kristen T.

– Malachy C.

“I love painting.”

“My favorite thing to do is to play with Jason.”

“My favorite thing about Ranney School is the playroom.”

– Riya S.

– Salvatore P.

“At Ranney School, I like to go to the gym.”

– Sienna L.

– Derek F.

“My favorite part of Ranney is the gym.” – Harrison S.

“At Ranney School, I like to play with playdough.” – Dakota V.

“My favorite thing about Ranney School is playing with my friends.” – Seth T.

“I like to play in gym.” – Curtis C.


Anna B.

Lindsay B.

Gabriella S.

Seth T.

Kaitlyn K.

Salvatore P.

Sofia H.

Sienna L.

Kristen T.

Riya S.

Lily D.

Curtis C.

Derek F.

Malachy C.

Aedan P.



Harrison S.

Hunter S.

Gabrielle M.

Starlette D.

Jason W.

Jack S.

Asher T.



A splash of color!

Dylan O.

Nicholas F.

Arielle M.

Michael K.

Parson G.

Daniella A.


“We can say happy birthday.”

“I really like school and everyone makes me really happy.”

– Jack S.

“At Ranney School, I love to play on the playground.”


“To celebrate Ranney’s birthday, we can make the school clean and shiny.”

50 years – Lauren F.

– Ashley A.

– Gavin D.

“I love seeing my big sister Ashleigh and her friends when they visit our class.”

“We can sing Happy Birthday to Ranney School.” – Chantal M.

“I love to play on the playground.”

– Lucia Z.

– Andrew R.

“I like playtime!” – Nicholas B.

“I like my new friends and seeing my brother on the playground.”

– Andrew P.

“We should have a birthday party.” – Scarlett H.

– Chaz H.

– Ella Z.

– Grace N.

“We can sing Happy Birthday.”

“I love my teacher and my friends.”

“We can have a birthday party for the school.”

“I like playtime and gym.” – Akshay M.

“I like seeing my brothers everyday in school because they are special.” – Emilia R.

“What I love to do best is to play on the playground.”

“It’s a nice quiet place and I love it being a nice school!” – Tomas M.

“We should have a big party.”

– Christian V.

“The teachers are very nice to me!” – Colette C.

– Brandon S.

“I like to play on the playground.” – Laney B.

“I like the teachers and seeing my brother and sisters everyday.” – Emma B.

“I like the playground outside.” – Ryan B.


Andrew R.

Ashley A.

Chaz H.

Scarlett H.

Colette C.

Akshay M.

Ella Z.

Lucia Z.

Our Portraits! 9



Andrew P.

Chantal M.

Emilia R

Gavin D.

Jack S.

Laney B.

Ryan B.

Tomas M.


Grace N.

Lauren F. Brandon S.

Nicholas B.

Emma B.

Christian V.

Family Portraits 11

– Mustafa A.

“My favorite thing is swimming.”

“Happy Birthday, Ranney!”

– Morgan C.

“I like aftercare. It’s fun!”

– Ashley A.

50 years – Joey A.

“I like when we have swim.” –Marina D.

“I like when we play on the playground.”

“I like when we eat snack.”

“My favorite thing is math.”

“My favorite thing is when we do projects.”

– Margo D.

– Alexis N.

–Gabriella C.

– Lily E.

– Shailen V.

– Evie E.

“I liked learning about penguins.”

“I like going on the playground.” – Reese T.

“I love Ranney because I have so many friends!”

– Tucker S.

“My favorite thing at school is work time.” –Winston K.

“My favorite thing is making new friends.” –Jill C.

– Elle M.

“I really like when we have work time.” – Tommy B.

“I love to play on the playground.” –Sydney M.

“My favorite thing is that my brother is here with me.” – Melanie W.

“I like to play outside.”

“My favorite thing about Ranney School is when we have lunch.”

“At Ranney School, I like when we eat lunch.” – Audrey A.

“My favorite part of Ranney School is when we do work.” – Devin O.


“My favorite thing about Ranney School is the gym.”


Audrey A.

Anthony S.

Reese T.

Madison C.

Isabela R .

Elle M.

Brooke J.

Anthony F.

Joseph A.

Christopher M.

Marina D.

Sydney M.

Hayley R.

Gabriella C.

Ria S.



Cynthia C. Anisha M.

Jillian N.

Alexis N.

Ashley A.

Danielle F.


Zachary B.

Maya J.


Tucker S.

Melanie W.

Morgan C.

Matthew R.

Brandon P.

Sophia A.



Margo D.

Samantha L.

Thomas B.

Read what we are writing! Devin O.


Lily E.


Evelyn E.

Mustafa A.

Shailen V.

Michael B.

Winston K.

Jett P.

Jill C.

Lauren F.


– Amar A.

“You should come to Ranney…it is a great school!”

“Ranney School has great teachers!”

– Reese R.

1st Grade

“I get to go to school in a great new building!”

“I love going to the lunch room. It is really cool and I like to eat!”

50 years – Aidan S.

– Charlotte C.

“I like Ranney because we are allowed to go to science before second grade.” – Anna C.

“We have a really cool playground!”

“My favorite thing to do is using the computers.”

– Jillian C.

– Emily G.

I love that we are the PANTHERS!”

“I love our library…it is really awesome!”

– Lara C.

– Charlie C.

“I like learning how to create new things in art.”

“I like celebrating classmates’ birthdays.

“Ranney has a lot of fun stuff going on all the time!”

– Priscilla E.

– Isabella A.

– Abigail S.

“I like going to the nurse.”

“I like coming to Ranney School because I have a lot of great friends.”

– Sophie G. “My favorite thing about Ranney is being with my friends.” – Daniel P. “I like school work best.”

– Annabella A.

– Gianni F.

“I like reading, math, and playing soccer outside.” – Matthew R.

“In Ranney, I like recess.” – Siobhan J.

“I like math and science best.” – Elena R.

“I like doing homework best” – Benjamin S.

“I like math, art, and swim class at Ranney School.” – Maria R.

“I like playing football outside and science.” – Aaron H.

1st Grade

Abigail S.

Tatiana L.

Reese R.

Annabella A.

Evan W.

Jillian C.

Benjamin S.

Deven B.

Tatiana B.

Elena R .

Emily G.

Myron K.

Samantha J.

Jake B.

Isabella A.


1st Grade I can tell it’s fall because the leaves fall and change colors. It is fun to jump in the leaves and to rake the leaves. by Brooke S. I can tell it’s fall because the leaves fall off the trees. by Aidan O. For Halloween, I like to go trick or treating. I like to do this because you get lots of candy. My favorite part of Halloween is when you get to dress up in a costume. by Emerson G.

A tricky tom turkey did not want to be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. This is how he kept from being served that day… Tricky Turkey Tom ran into the woods. He saw a bat and a spider. When he was safe in the woods he got a splinter! by Anna C.


For Halloween I like to give people candy. It is fun to give the people candy. My favorite part of Halloween is when I put on my costume at school. by Julian B.

I am thankful for… Family, God, Animals, Home, Water and Food. by Ava P.

I am thankful for… Brother, Sister, Food, Family, Eyes, and Friends. by Adam R.

For Halloween I like to go trick or treating. I like to do this because you get to have candy. My favorite part of Halloween is when you get dressed up in your costume. by Sarah P.

A tricky tom turkey did not want to be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. This is how he kept from being served that day… The turkey ran out the door and ran away. The turkey was safe in the woods. by Priscilla E.

Graphic by Kaitlyn S. and Sabrina S.

1st Grade

Aidan S.

Akio B.

Amar A.

Charles C.

Charlotte C.

Dylan R.

Gordon R.

Hubert W.

James G.

Lara C.

Morgan R.

Matthew K.

Zachary S.

Simar A.

Mackenzie H.


1st Grade Skiing is so fun! I like to jump in the snow Isn’t snow so fun? by Gianni F.

I play in the snow I like to ski in the snow I like to splash snow by Daniel P.

I like winter time I like to have snowball fights Snow days are so cool! by Siobhan J.

I like snowball fights Making snowmen are so fun! Snow at school is cool! by Maria R.

Hockey is so fun. The Generals is my team I score hockey goals. by Matthew R.

Roll around in the snow Throw snowballs at my brother Make snow angels now. by Sophie G.

I love winter because I could build a snowman. I could make snow angels in the snow. My favorite thing is to play. by Ethan T. I like winter because I like making snowmen. I like to jump in the snow. by Fatima A. I love winter because I can go tobogganing with my dad. I like to play football with my dad in the snow. by Aaron H. Graphic by Hazem A.


I love winter because we get to drink hot chocolate, go snowboarding, have snowball fights, go sledding and make snow angels. by Nedal C.

1st Grade

I love winter because my family all comes over. I like to go skiing and sledding. I like when it snows, we have snowball fights. by Dylan W. I love winter because I like to make a snowman, ice skate, drink hot chocolate, snowboard and ski. by Anabelle B. I love winter because I can ice skate and build a snowman. I can roller skate indoors. I can also play with my toys, play with Evan and play with my cat. by Alexandra K. I love winter because there is lots of snow and I have lots of snowball fights. I go skiing too. I get to drink hot chocolate. by Trent R. I love winter because it snows. I drink hot chocolate and have snowball fights. I go out and play and ice skate. by Haeun K. I love winter because I drink hot chocolate. I like to ice skate. I love to sled and have snowball fights. by Paris H.

Graphic by Ali S.

I love winter because I can have snowball fights and go riding my sled. I go ice skating, make snowmen and make hot chocolate to drink. by Jordan A.


– Connor M.

“At Ranney School, I can learn new cool stuff and make new friends.”

2nd Grade

“Ranney School is special because it is the perfect school for me.”

“Ranney School is the best school in the world!” “My favorite thing about – Priya V. Ranney is the library because you can check out books.”

50 years “Ranney School takes care of you.”

– Sara D.

– Trey D.

– William G.

“I love the recorders in music because of their sound.”

“I like the new building at Ranney School.”

– Tara C.

“I like the after school activities, Chinese and art.”

“I like going to specials because it gives me lots of exercise.” – Tommy J.

– Michael C.

“My favorite part about Ranney School is swim.”

“I like math in Ranney.” – Hunter D.

– Marisa R.

“At Ranney School, I love to make things, read and play soccer.”

– Christian J.

“My favorite thing about Ranney is how the library is so quiet!” – Olivia K.

– Lilly B.

– Evan K.

“I love my teacher. I have good classmates and a very nice classroom.”

“I like Ranney School because I like to learn.”

“I like art because it is fun and you get to make projects.”

–Ethan M.

– Mikey C.

“Ranney is special because of dress down days. Everyone is so nice.” – Olivia E.

“I think Ranney is special because my teacher and my friends are so nice.” “Ranney School is special – Jatin N. because the classes are small.” – Jane M.

“My favorite subject is art because I am very, very artistic. ” – Jackie B.

“The teachers at Ranney School are special to me.” – Derek V.

“Ranney School is the best because they teach you what you want.” – Mason L.

2nd Grade

Jenna W.

Charlotte C.

Connor M.

Shrish V.

Mason L.

Tommy J.

Talullah M.

Olivia E.


2nd Grade

Christian J.

Mira C.


Alexander F.

Josh C.

Jackie B.

Max N.

Marisa R.

Sophia C.

2nd Grade First I was a small, tan seed. Next I was a medium sized sprout. Then, I was a pretty flower. Later, I was a small, green pumpkin. After that, I was a pumpkin who was almost an adult. Last, I was a smiling, carved pumpkin. I was never cold. I was always hot because I had a big light in my body. I was never eaten, just my seeds were. by Maria N.

First I was a white, small seed. Next I was a small, green sprout. Then, I was a yellow flower. Later, I was a small, green pumpkin. After that, I turned into a beautiful, orange pumpkin. A farmer put me in a wheel barrow and took me to the store. by Nelly F.

First, I was a tiny seed. Next, I grew into a sprout. Then, I turned into an orange flower. After that, I was a small, green pumpkin. Finally, I was a full grown, round, orange pumpkin. Someone picked me and they turned me into a Jack-o-lantern. They put me outside. by Dylan A.

A Pumpkin Story...

First, I was a small seed. Next, I was a sprout. Then, I was a seedling. Then, I was a small plant. My flower turned orange. After that, I was a small, green pumpkin. Finally, I was a full grown, orange pumpkin. Someone picked me and carved me into a Jack-o-lantern for a party. by Sarah F. Graphic by Will D.


2nd Grade Ginger Ice Nice presents Great fun Exciting Raining Baking cookies Riding sleds Eating Awesome snow Delicious

Giving It is fun to go in the snow Never be sad Get presents Eat cookies Raisins Birthday Really happy Eat good food At a fire Doing fun stuff by Anthony V.

by Jane M.

Goblins are freaky Halloween is scary October is fun Scary stories Trick or treat by Jack W.


Thankful for my family Happy to share Always be giving Nice to everyone Kind to others Sharing with my family Giving food to others I’m so lucky Varun and Riya are the best! I’m so thankful Now it’s Thanksgiving Gobble gobble by Rohan S.

An apple falls to the ground Under a branch I lay in the shade Turtles can come Until the pumpkin pie is ready, I’ll go My mom tells me to put a coat on Nuts can fall by Krystal T.

Apples are yummy! Umbrellas are great Teachers are back to work Use coats to stay warm Many pumpkins are growing New things pop up every day by Olivia K.

2nd Grade

Caroline C.

Aidan S.

Sara D.

Priya V.

Scott H.

Jatin N.

Corri V.

Katie D.

Tara C.

Trey D.

Derek V.

Ethan M.


2nd Grade Once there was a reindeer named Dave. He was on an adventure. He went to China. He lead the sleigh because he dropped presents at the Christmas tree. He helped Santa go through the chimneys. He is very strong. He can see the children. He has a multi-colored nose. It makes it snow on everyone. It can also make the snow stop. by Hunter D.

he Fun e Name: T


s: Ingredient Family Presents Operation Snow Markers Party


Once there was a reindeer. His name was Nearf. His nose was green, blue, black and red. He flew all over the world with his glowing nose. The power went out in the city on Christmas Eve. Santa couldn’t see where he was putting the presents. So, Santa went to Nearf. Then, Nearf helped Santa put the presents in the right place with his glowing nose to light up the room. by Christian J.

nd ext, you a N . : e s s n u o io t h Direc your u and comes to er that, yo y ft il A m . s fa t , n t e s s , e Fir tion. Then ill open pr a r w e y p il O , m e fa e gam your n, you can play th snow. The y e il h t m in fa r y . u la yo our family side and p t y u r o fo o e g r u n t you ca w a pic kers to dra y can party! r a m e s u can mil and your fa u o y , n e h T . of: Alexa P n e h c it k e From th Graphic by Meilina A.


2nd Grade

Ana Sophia K.

Arlette C.

Michael C.

William G.

Evan K.

Lilly B.

Eli W.

Mikey C.

Kieran F.


3rd Grade

“I congratulate Ranney School on all the winning banners in the gym.”

“One if the things I like about Ranney School is that everyone is so sweet and nice.” – Bobby M. “I think the books in the – Sami S. “I like Ranney School. It library at Ranney School are is the best school in the wonderful!” “My favorite subject whole world.” – Mason K. “Ranney is special because is math because it is – Kayode O. it has so many cool things. fun and I am so good The teachers are nice too.” at it.” – Mikayla D. “Congratulations on – Brooke F. “My favorite thing is the Ranney’s 50th Golden panther because it is a “It’s a good thing we Anniversary!” strong and cool animal.” have art in Ranney –Jacob E. – Aaryan R. School because I can’t live without it.” – Gaurav S. “I love Ranney School “My favorite activity is track because of my friends.” because I love to run.” “I love the Halloween parade – Lindsey M. –Richard L. because we dress up and walk around the school.” “I am a new student at – Ethan B. “I love the pool and Ranney School and I have the smart boards at brothers in the Middle “Ranney school is special Ranney School.” School.” because of the science – Shana F. – Paul C. “I love my friends lab.” at Ranney School.” – Sathya E. “My friends are my favorite – Gianna P. things about Ranney School. They make me happy.” “Ranney School teaches us about – Haley B. many things. My favorite subject is math.” “I have good friends and I – Zen R. “I love computers. We especially like recess because I like football and soccer.” get to play tons of “I love Ranney School – Cole R. computer games.” “I like playing soccer at because of the clock tower.” – Jack C. recess.”

50 years – Alex G.

– Jacob F.

3rd Grade

Ana C.

Luke D.

Shana F.

Shayna F.

Ethan B.

Armani R.

Brooke F.

Katherine G.

Lindsey M.

Sofia W.

Noah C.

Jessica M.

Bobby M.

Hannah V.

Raza Z.


3rd Grade

Gianna C.


Mia G.

Joseph S.

Mason K.

Thomas M.

Samantha M.

3rd Grade A snowflake is like a soft blanket when it falls from the sky. –Mikayla D.

A snowflake is as delicate as a crystal. –Sophia M.

A snowflake is as bold as a brisk winter day. –Eric G.

A snowflake is as beautiful as a diamond. –Ethan G.

A snowflake is as graceful as a dancer moving across the floor. –Paul C.

A snowflake is as soft as a fluffy teddy bear. –Olivia P.

A snowflake is like a white ghost. –Sathya E.

Snowflakes fall like leaves. –Kavi O.

A snowflake is as graceful as a feather falling down. –Kayode O.

A snowflake is as white as a marshmallow. –Gianna P.

Graphic by Makoto B.


3rd Grade Snowboarding No school on break Outside Winter Icy Not warm Ground

Winter is white all over. The snow is puffy white. The snowflakes are feather like. There might be a winter wonderland. If I want to play football in the winter, there needs to be snow. If the ground is wet, then the snow must have melted. Winter is blizzard season. When it is snowing on a Monday, it will be a no school day. by Cole R.

by Jacob F.

So cold Not warm Outside Wow Invierno No homework Ground by Don C.

Snowball fights No school Outside Winter I like pie No homework Gone sledding by Jack C. Graphic by Olivia N., Lauren W., Kyra C.


3rd Grade

Brandan W.

Haley B.

Luke A.

Sami S.

Trinity D.

Taylor R.

Zen R

Mackenzie S.

Jacob E.

Anmol A.

Samantha R.


3rd Grade

Ava J.

Catherine V. Gaurav S.

Aaryan R.

Cameron C.

Jake K.

Himani N.


Richard L.

3rd Grade Martin Luther King Jr. made blacks

and whites come together. He changed laws that were unfair. He helped this nation come together at last. Finally, he made freedom. I have many dreams for our country. We should act nicely to one another and get along better. We should not do things that would kill or upset one another. There should be no racism or other stuff that is wrong. by Michael D.

Martin Luther King Jr. said that it

doesn’t matter about your skin color. It matters about what is inside. Blacks and whites should be together. I have many dreams for our country. Nobody should be turned away because of their skin color. Nobody should be judged by height or width. by Austin R.

Martin Luther King Jr. did many

things for our country. His dream was for us to get along. I have many dreams for our country. My dream is that we don’t kill animals for fur. My other dream is that no more wars occur. by Sophia S.

Martin Luther King Jr. made our

country a better place and he made schools for black and white people. I have many dreams for our country. My country should stop littering, stop pollution and stop cutting down trees. by Ariana M.

Graphic by Ali S. and Chris N.


– Alex R.

“The campus has become more beautiful as the years have gone by.”

“I like Panther Hall.”

– Ankur G.

– Katy M.

4th Grade

“Every year Ranney School gets better!”

50 years “It is very educational and teachers are very nice.”

“I like Ranney because of all the special and wonderful things it has to offer.”

“Ranney is a great school.”

– Jackie E.

– Amanda S.

– Blake V.

“Ranney School has better food, teachers and activities.”

“I love Ranney School because of all the wonderful teachers.”

“You can meet a lot of friends at Ranney School.”

– Matthew R.

– Luke G.

– Emma N.

“I love Ranney School because it is a challenge every year.” – Carmine M.

“I love Ranney because of all the nice teachers and how fun it is to learn here.”

“We have a lot of school spirit!”

“Most of my friends are at Ranney and I know my way around the school.”

– Emily S.

– Jared C.

– Abby G.

“I love Ranney because there are lots of nice teachers and fun activities.” – Victoria C.

“Ranney School has great teachers and they give us extra recess.” – Will D.

“I love Ranney School because they have a pool.” – Paul J.

“The teachers and the subjects are my favorite things about Ranney.” – Jari W.

“My favorite thing about Ranney is the campus.” – Caroline F.

“There are really smart teachers.” – Anisha G.

“I like how well the teachers teach.” – Alya H.

“My favorite things are the teachers, the science lab, and instrumental class.” – Abby B.

“I have had an amazing experience with all of my teachers.” – Madison C.

4th Grade

Meilina A.

Amanda S.

Matthew R.

Veronica S.

Stefan R.

Seth B.

Chip J.

Luke G.

Abigail G.

Sydney L.

Ankur G.

Sabrina S.


4th Grade I am thankful for my dog because he is so loving,

cute, and funny. My dog is so funny that if there is a spoon on the floor he will bark for an hour, and if there is anything on the floor it will be gone in a second because he will eat it. I love my dog so so so so so so so so so much! by Eric S.

I am thankful for my family because if you get

scared they will be there. When I am sad or happy they are there any time. I am thankful for friends because if you get bullied your friends will be there for you. When your family can’t help you, your friends will help you.I am thankful for food because some people are starving and I am glad because I have food. by Alex R.

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for

my mom and dad because they are both nice and caring. I am thankful for my big brother because he plays soccer with me outside. I am thankful for my sister when we need another player for a soccer game. Then it is my big brother and my little brother against my sister and me. by Abby B.

I am thankful for my family. If they had not

chosen me I would not be here. I would be living in a poor house and starve because my mom could not even feed herself, let alone me. by Jari W.


I am thankful for my friends because when I

need help they are always there for me. And when I need someone to play with they are there. When I go to a new classroom and one of my friends goes too I am not lonely. I am also thankful for my family. They adopted me from the orphanage. They pay for me to go to Ranney and they take me places. They love me no matter what I do. That’s what I am thankful for. by Katy M.

I am thankful for Abby and Katy. I am

thankful for them because they are loyal. They are nice. We never get into a fight. Abby is honest and Katy is crazy. We always go to each other’s houses. At recess we always play soccer. Abby and Katy are very smart. Abby is good at math. Katy is good at understanding people. Katy is social. Abby is athletic and Katy is too. by Anisha G.

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful

for my mom. My mom is amazing. She always is so helpful. She always makes me feel better if I am upset. I LOVE MY MOM!! I am also thankful for my dad. My dad always tries to help me and my mom when we need it. I LOVE MY DAD! I am also thankful for my sister. MY sister is always so funny and will do stuff with me. She includes me. I LOVE MY SISTER! by Caroline F.

4th Grade Laura L.

Katie J.

Sarah C.

Carmine M.

Rachel C.

Charles C.

Jackie E.

Sarah K.

Kayla C.

Madison C.


4th Grade


Blake V.

Alya H.

Christian P.

Kaitlyn S.

Louie M.

Varun S.

Jack T.

Chris D.

Derek G.

4th Grade The Fashion Experience

A Girl Sleepover

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Well, I am because it will be great! Once upon a time, there was this girl who was a fashion designer and her name was Madison. She designed beautiful outfits for models and magazines. It was a great opportunity of a lifetime! These magazines were sold in almost every store and they were so popular. This girl designed a shirt for girls that had polka-dots in pink and orange. They had all different colors, but the pink and orange were the most popular. The clothes were sold at Target. She also worked for Abercrombie. She made shorts, tank tops, jeans and sweatshirts there. If you decide to become a fashion designer like Madison, the fabric is a huge square and this is how she does it. If it is a tank top, you make a “U” shaped neck, and it has a thick strap. If you are designing something for Abercrombie, then you would add the Abercrombie symbol in the left bottom corner. The symbol is a moose. If you wanted to design white shorts for Abercrombie, you would add a blue moose on the inside banner to make it look cool. Then you have to put a zipper and a button in it. In another book of this series, you will hear about modeling and regular books with fashion stories.

A perfect sleepover for girls is one with candy and ice cream. Basically, food that’s not good for you. As a girl, I know what we do. It starts off by getting dropped off at your friend’s house. Then, it all starts. Right when you go in, you run with your friends up to their room. Then you start the plans for what you want to do. It usually starts with a game, eating, or a movie. After all that, the real fun starts. When it’s not cold, you can go swimming or you can do something like making cupcakes. After that, most girls go to their computers and watch music videos. Then you talk about what is happening at school or something. Then you make something or eat something. Sometimes if they have pets, you play with them, or you try to find their pets. Once you find the pet, you feed them and play with them. Then you go to sleep and wake up between 4:00 and 7:00. Then you watch TV somewhere in their house. Next, you eat for the third time in less than 24 hours. Usually you get dressed and do something on the computer. Then you leave and do something with your parents.

by Madison G.

By Lily E.

Graphic by Hazem A.

Graphic by Craig C.

Graphic by Makoto B.


4th Grade Sunshine vs Rain by Victoria C.

ABAB Poem by Paul J.

I saw a football It bounced all around, Weird shape for a ball, It’s not even round! I love to play, It’s really fun I’ll play all day, I’m never done!

I love the sun It is so much fun I wonder why rain is so mean Instead of rain, it should rain beans Or pink polka dot balloons Or green and pretty spoons Then the rain stopped and I see A rainbow right in front of me.

Seasons of the Year by Jared C.


by Jacqueline C. Elephants have long trunks They also like to sleep in bunks They are so cute And wear fuzzy boots They can’t wait for lunch Their favorite drink is punch One elephant’s name is Dave He is very brave.


In autumn all the leaves fall And you can see people in the mall In the winter as you go north you can see snow As you go north there’s no lawn to mow In the spring all the buds bloom In outdoor weddings you can see the bride and groom In the summer you go to camp and the beach There’s no school or teachers to teach.

4th Grade

Baseball Glory by Will D.

I’m at bat I feel like I’m going to be sick I hit the ball and hit it so flat I was so mad that I had a fit I got on base And the pitcher hit my teammate It hit him in the face At first he was in a shocked state But he got on base That was the game and we clapped It was very exciting to play in a game Although I slipped on a base mat Then forgot all the excitement And all the fame.

Candy Crazy by Emily S.

I was out eating a lollipop Then I saw a Reese’s Cup I threw out my lollipop and it went POP! I bought the Reese’s Cup and the wrapper flew up Then I went home and craved hot cocoa I chomped on a melted Snickers bar Then my dog Coco was loco And I got sick in the car!

My Dogs

by Emma N.


by Maddie B. Candy sweet yummy tasting eating munching sweetarts Kit Kat peas carrots growing cropping disgusting terrible horrible vegetables

Orka and Sam are my dogs They love to play and sleep They always love to eat logs They like to honk the horn like beep! Then Sam starts to dig a hole But Sam always gets yelled at Sam might chew a mole Or a flying bat with a pretty hat.


“My favorite thing about Ranney is seeing my friends every day and knowing that today will be a great day.” – Chris N.

5th Grade

“My favorite part about Ranney School is the great environment. For example, the kids, the teachers, the principal and all the stuff we have.”

50 years “Everything at Ranney is great especially in the Lower School Building. We have a homeroom, computers and a science lab.”

– James W.

“My favorite thing about Ranney School is the sports facilities.” – Robert J.

“My favorite thing at Ranney is the smartboard. It is very cool because it has a touch screen and you can also draw on it.” – Anthony M.

“Not many schools have an upscale sports field like Ranney has. When I play on the turf field I feel like I am a professional soccer or lacrosse player!” – Matthew S.

“My favorite thing about Ranney is all of my friends. I never want to leave my friends until 12th grade! Everyone is so caring here. It is like my home away from home.” – Rebekah L.

“This school means a lot to me! I have been here since Pre-K and my brother Edward came as a beginner. My other brothers went here too.” – Helena A.

“Ranney School means a second home with people who are my friends. I learn and play and everyday I come back for another day of adventures.”

“I love my friends at Ranney School. They are fun to hang out with. I also love the teachers because they help you with your work.” – Grace H.

“I like the track and turf field because when it is raining, it sucks up the water and you can still play.” – Austin D.

–Jules P.

“Panthers stand proud for 50 years. We stay united.” – Brittany H.

“This is my first year at Ranney and my friends have helped me so much. When I am sad they make me feel happy and they play with me at recess. This is what I am thankful for at Ranney.” – Taylor K.

– Jillian R.

“My favorite thing at Ranney is the clock tower. It is very tall and big and cool to look at.” – Christopher R.

“My favorite thing at Ranney is the pool. I am lucky to have one at my school.” – Miles F.

“My favorite thing about Ranney School is how big the campus is.” – John T.

5th Grade

Alex S.

Julianna P.

John T.

Anjali M.

Michael I.

Pooja N.

Ariana M.

Chris R.

Grace H.

Alanna B.

Miles F.

Veronica R.

Brittany H.

James D.

Taylor K.


5th Grade I am a boy who likes football and I am a guy who loves DSes.

I wonder what it would be like being the last guy on Earth. I hear birds every morning. I see my sister every day. I want a DSI. I am a guy who loves DSes. I pretend I can fly. I feel happy when school is over. I touch my DS when I play it. I worry that school will never end. I cry when I get hurt. I am a guy who loves DSes. I understand people when they talk to me. I say hello every morning to my mom, dad, and sister. I dream of no more school I hope that school ends fast I am a guy who loves DSes.

by Evan M.

space. I wonder what it is like to be in space. I hear people talking about football. I see people going to the end zone. I want to go to space some day. I am a boy who likes football and space. I pretend that I am going to space. I feel the pressure on me on the last play of the game. I touch the ball when I am playing around passing it. I worry if the shuttle I’m on in space explodes. I cry when I have to leave a relative. I am a boy who likes football and space. I understand every single play. I say that football is the best sport. I dream that I will be in the Superbowl. I try my best to become a star at football. I hope that I will be able to visit Jupiter. I am a boy who likes football and space. by Robert J.


I am a fun and smart person.

I wonder if being in middle school will be fun. I hear my alarm clock every morning. I see people studying hard. I want to be successful when I grow up. I am a fun and smart person. I pretend that I am a doctor when I play games with my friends. I feel good when I give clothes to charity. I touch the hearts of my family when they are in need. I worry about test and work. I cry when my animal dies. I am fun and smart. I understand life is hard. I say hello to everyone. I dream of becoming a doctor. I try to care for everyone. I hope I will become a doctor when I grow up. I am fun and smart. by Amanda A.

5th Grade

I am a boy who loves to have I am a future doctor.

I wonder if I could be the best doctor. I hear people cheering for me. I see myself being successful. I want to help people. I am a future doctor. I pretend I am the smartest person in the world. I feel I can help the world. I touch the patient’s heart. I worry about people around the word. I cry out, “Clear!”, when I shock the patient’s heart. I am a future doctor. I understand that people need help. I say I can help anybody. I dream that I am a doctor. I try to be helpful to people. I hope to be successful. I am a future doctor. by Evan K.

fun. I wonder what it would be like to live under water. I hear the crackling sound of dry leaves on Halloween. I see the festive sights of firecrackers on the 4th of July. I want a car that can fly. I am a boy who loves to have fun. I pretend to be a giant. I feel the numbing feeling of snow on my hands. I touch the soft wavy feeling of grass on my feet. I worry about my grades. I cry when a relative dies. I am a boy who loves to have fun. I understand when I get a bad grade. I say “Hooray” when I accomplish something. I dream about being able to run at 100 mph. I try to do my best at everything. I hope someday I have a family. I am a boy who loves to have fun.

I am a girl who loves to play baseball. I wonder what it is like to be famous. I hear everyone yelling. I see the future. I want 1,000,000 friends. I am a girl who loves baseball.

I pretend that I can fly. I feel glory in my heart. I touch everything I see. I worry I will lose all my friends. I cry when I am lonely. I am a girl who loves to play baseball. I understand that I will fly. I say I will fly. I dream of going to the sun. I try not to think about dying. I hope the Earth will not explode. I am a girl who loves to play baseball. by Anna C.

by Keenan M.


5th Grade

Chethan G.

Liam F.

Shane K.

Leigh B. Noah A.

Patrick M.

Ian D.

Colt L.


Nicholas R.

5th Grade

Akash V.

Farah M.

Markar K.

Emma D.

Lauren W.

Craig C.

Kyra C.

Julek F.

Makoto B.

Chris N.

Hazem A.


Ali S.


5th Grade

Graphic by Makoto B.

My family takes care of the environment by recycling plastic, paper, and regular trash. We put plastic in one can and send it to the recycling center. My family also recycles paper by putting it in another can. Then we ship it off to another recycling center. Also, we get cars that do not pollute the atmosphere as much as other cars. Our cars are energy efficient. In order to save electricity, my family turns off lights when we are not using them. We also plants trees in our backyard. My family uses solar energy to power our house, and they are not making pollution. We save plastic bags to put clothing in if we are giving clothing to the poor. My family also uses a shower that does not waste water. If we waited a long time it would soon stop. My family also uses light bulbs that use mercury which save energy. When we wash our hands or brush our teeth we do not let the water drip. by Victor C.


My family and I help the environment by putting water bottles and other plastic in the recycling bin. By doing this, plastic is re-used and less garbage is produced. We also turn off the lights every time we leave a room in our house. This helps conserve electricity. We also save energy because ever since my two brothers Andrew and Paul left for college, we don’t ever turn on the air conditioning and heat in their rooms. Another way we help the environment is through the trees we planted in our backyard. These trees produce oxygen for us to breathe and remove pollutants from the air. All of the things my family and I do may seem easy and simple, but they have a big effect. If everyone did these things, our earth would be a lot cleaner. Other ways my family helps the environment is by re-using products such as towels. My mom makes my family re-use our towels every time we get out of the shower and she washes them after we use it at least 2 times. We always use our paper wisely by using both sides. This saves our trees. We usually drink tap water instead of bottled water because it’s better for your teeth and it helps to stop air pollution. I sometimes give birds food, like our bread. I love to help the animals in our environment. By Helena A.

5th Grade My family and I protect the environment by recycling plastic bottles, newspaper, cardboard boxes, and even cans. Every two weeks or so my dad and I go to recycling and put in all of our cardboard boxes, newspaper, and magazines. We also save energy by turning out lights when we are not home. My dog even is good at protecting the environment. Graphic by Olivia N. When we are finished with water bottles, we put them in my dog’s little pig toy that he has by Velcro straps. Then he chews on the side of the pig when he wants to chew. My family and I should probably start separating paper, When we recycle the newspapers and magazines, the plastic and glass. Right now we have been putting paper in people at the factories can re-use that paper. We re-use the garbage, and glass, plastic and metal cans have been paper so we do not waste trees. My family also uses both mixed together. Last year we started taking the caps off of sides of paper. When my mom goes to the supermarket, our water bottles when we found out that water bottles she uses canvas bags and not paper or plastic bags. My (and others) don’t get recycled when the caps are on. My family and I also carpool with other families to save family also buys recycled toiletries and paper towels. We gasoline that can pollute the air. Fossil fuel is an air buy ones that are not non-organically bleached. pollutant. My family can also save paper by making the Mom says we take cardboard, newspapers, and catalogs font smaller to also save paper. to Kanes Lane. Kanes Lane is the recycling center in Middletown. We have considered doing compost, but by Myles F. we have too many squirrels and skunks in the area. The little critters would get into it and eat it. Mom wants a rain barrel to water our plants. We also take short showers to help conserve the earth. We are trying to get better with turning off the lights when not in use but my little brother is still getting used to the habit. Right now I try to use both sides of the paper and re-use my water bottle. We are not perfect environmentalists but we are getting better. By Aidan D.

Graphic by Chris N.


5th Grade

Matthew T.

Taylor G.

Bret S.

Olivia N. Tara R. Matthew S.

On the pages of our sketchbooks... 56

5th Grade

Evan S.

Max C. James W. Caroline B.

Jillian R.

Rebekah L.

Teddy M.


5th Grade Even when I am having a bad day, I know that I am a lucky person. I am thankful for so many things. First, I am blessed with a loving Grandpa, Grandma, Father and Mother, and wonderful friends. Furthermore, I am glad I am a very healthy person. Second, I am thankful for my mom because she helps me study. She pushes me to the next level by making me study for two hours every weekend morning. I am thankful for my Grandpa and Grandma because they always love to visit me. Also my Grandma makes killer lasagna and cookies. I am thankful for my dad because he helps me exercise and stay healthy. This is why I am thankful for my family. My dad is the best dad ever! I am thankful that my dad teaches me how to play a lot of sports. I am thankful for being able to play paintball because I love it. I am thankful for school because of my teachers that helped me and guided me through the year. As a result, fifth grade has been the best grade! Fourth, I am thankful for my friends because they help me and we have a lot of fun. Earlier on Saturday, my mom threw me the best birthday party ever! When I walked in everybody yelled SURPRISE!!!!! Having parents who care so much about me means the world to me. Finally, I am so fortunate for my family. I am thankful that my father taught me how to play sports, so I want to thank my parents for giving me such a great life. by Anthony M.

I may not be the president, but I really do have wonderful life. I go to a wonderful school, have a loving family, and great friends. Whenever I am sad, I think of how lucky I am. Having wonderful parents and a great brother makes me realize what a wonderful life I have. All the time I think about how lucky I am. I go to a wonderful school, and my parents make a lot of sacrifices so I can go to a wonderful school. I learn something new every day and have teachers that encourage me to do my very best. Furthermore, I have a mom who tells me I can do anything, and dad who helps me study. I also have a very nice brother who never tells me I am annoying and we never fight. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful life. Even when I was little I could make friends easily. I am very thankful that I have the courage to just walk up to someone and say, “Hi, my name is Samantha. What’s yours?” I am also thankful that I can read very well. Reading is something I love to do and I am thankful for all of the books that I have. When I am upset or sad, reading can take my mind off it. I am also thankful for the trips my family takes, especially the one to Colonial Williamsburg. Although I was sick, we went anyway and I loved it. I am also thankful for my grandma’s house in Maine, because we take so many trips there. I am very thankful that our family is able to go on trips. Furthermore, I am happy that I live in a wonderful house with wonderful parents and an excellent brother. I am also thankful for my great friends who can cheer me up when I am sad. Even when I feel horrible I know that I have a great life. On Thanksgiving and all the time, I will be thankful for all that my family has done for me. by Samantha B.


I love my family because they are so kind. My dad is a home builder. He inspires me every day. My nanny Diana works great with my family. Diana is very kind. My brother and sister help me study. My mom loves me and always helps me so much. Diana is a great person. My nanny has been with my family since the triplets have been one. She always pushes me through school, and so do my parents. I am very lucky to be a triplet. My brother and sister always help me study all the time. Being part of a triplet means we always have someone to play with and that is the fun part. Having a great mom and dad, an awesome nanny, and my brother and sister make me very thankful. I am fortunate that I am athletic. I am thankful I am athletic because if I am good at baseball my goal is to get a scholarship on a Division 1 baseball team. That’s my goal. I am also thankful I go to Ranney. I am thankful I go to Ranney because Ranney gets you a great education. My parents sacrifice to send us to a good school. I always try to do my best in school and I think I’m doing pretty well. I always feel very thankful because birthday parties are always fun. I usually do something different every year. My favorite part of my parties are the presents. When I see people arrive at my party I am so happy. Ranney field trips are great because we do something different every year. Field trips are so much fun because you get to leave school and learn outside of the classroom. I am thankful for all these fun events I get to experience. I am so thankful for everything, especially my family, Diana, Reina, and Meta. When I give this to my parents, I will remember to say thank you so much for everything they have done for me. My parents are always there for me, and I want to thank them for giving me such a great life.

5th Grade Even when I am having a bad day, I know that I am a lucky. When I am upset I always think about my loving family. They are always there for me. Even when days are rough and everyone is down, my family is always there for me. My parents are always trying to do the best for me. My dad works hard to pay for school. My mom is always encouraging me to do my best. I would like to thank my sister for always giving me advice. My brother is always playing with me. Finally, I am always thankful for my family. I am very fortunate to have many skills and talents. For example, I have a wonderful singing voice. On top of that I am a fast swimmer and I am very athletic. Because my parents push me to do my best, I am very smart in school. My parents make sure our family is well taken care of. I am fortunate enough that my parents pay for me to go to such a wonderful school. They always make sure we have food. A lot of people in the world don’t get food and water, but we are able to eat and even go to a nice restaurant. I am very fortunate that I have clothes, a house, and school. Finally, I am happy that I have such wonderful life. My family will always be in my heart. I am happy with the life I have. by Ayodele O.

by Austin D.


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