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The Flowers Protocol

The Flowers Protocol May is the month of fresh cut flowers. We usually wonder, Is there a protocol for giving flowers? Flowers speak to us, they tell the story of our lives. Sometimes they speak of friendship, love, or death. They welcome and farewell our lives. Flowers are the psychic expression of human nature. Giving flowers is showing feelings, sometimes positive and some negative. Flowers are always the perfect gift.

The flowers folklore ď‚ž

There are different theories about the birth of this institution. The oldest was born in the East. In this respect, Islam has an old legend: An angel was expelled from Paradise by Allah by falling in love with a mortal woman. The angel only could only be forgiven if a certain flower was planted around the world. When he told his girlfriend, despite the difficulty, she promised to help him in his task. So much love and sacrifice moved to Allah, who granted immortality to the woman and opened the gates of Paradise to lovers.

Flowers as a gift, the meaning behind it 

It’s a gift you do not forget, even though the flowers are perishable, people remember who gave them and what kind of flowers made up the bouquet. It is an ace under the sleeve. The language of flowers is attributed to the Greeks, although others refer to the Turkish harems. Their language is based on the color of the flower and their different species:

The white color symbolizes purity, innocence and naive. It is the ideal color for weddings flowers. In fact, White rose and orange blossom are the classic flowers of brides. Also the white flower jasmine means kindness. The color red symbolizes passion, love and ambition. Give red roses or red carnations symbolize passion and love.

The language of flowers is almost universal, however, you should never give to a Japanese a bouquet of four flowers, it is the bad luck number in that country. And better not to think of white and yellow flowers: among Orientals are frowned upon. A wedding bouquet should always have at least a dozen flowers and, in any case, avoid the number 13 (just in case). In Russia never give flowers in even numbers, always odd. The Carnation in China, is a symbol of marriage petition.

The flowers protocol  

Choose the right flowers, for the right occasion