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Teacher of the month Student of the month Show Review   VAPA Council                           NOV ISSUE, VOL 1               • This year, VAPA council   has been working hard   to create VAPA events and  to help fundraise. VAPA   is a small learning school that has many   students with potential   in art, music, and   theater. VAPA Council helps   in creating banners to promote   events, organizing   events and much more!   is VAPA Council Not only   fundraising for events,   wants to make but also VAPA   the best small school   ever! Thanks to Ms.Tinajero, our sponsor, VAPA   council has

"Dia De Los Muertos"

proven to show that we are beinning to be one of the best councils at South East High School.

• Article Written • By: Bryana Aranda & Nancy Torres

Mr. Larkin Mr. Larkin is VAPA’s teacher of the month . He teaches chemistry for our small school. This is Mr. Larkin’s first year teaching at South East High School. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where he studied chemical engineering. He feels the best advice to give students is “To work harder than you think you can and ask questions.” One of the reasons he decided to become a teacher was that he believes all students can succeed and wanted to see it happen in Los Angeles. Mr. Larkin would like the see the student population to know “that I’m never going to give up on my students.” -Olivia Gallegos, Reporter

Macias Casas Macias Casas is VAPA’s student of the month. Macias is a senior and is greatly involved in VAPA and after school classes. She has a strong commitment to VAPA and while maintaining good grades, she participates in criminology, national honors society and is a Jaguar Scholar. Her life motto is "to serve and protect." She is inspired to one day become an FBI agent. Casas is applying for colleges this fall and hopes to get into Cal State University Sacramento. -Justin Gonzalez, Reporter

Performing Arts show Review Southeast High School’s theater program has amazing talented students who put their hard work and talent together, in order to create these wonderful shows. Thanks to Mrs. Chavez, we have had amazing shows over the past 7 years. This year “Las Americas” show brought us cultural dances and music from many Latin countries all Choreographed by Mr. Eli Romero, Valerie P and Eneri Torres. We also had our yearly “Spooktacular” the Halloween show everyone was anxious to see! Performing students are allowed to get into characters and show their spooky side.

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& other info found on SEHS Website @ Small Schools (tab) Visual & Performing Arts

“Las Americas” The highlight of the show "Las Americas" was the beautiful Aztec dance done by the group "Ketzalitzli"

“Spooktacular” The Theatre Department danced to the gorgeous song "masquerade" which is from the play "The Phantom of the Opera" Student performers were from the 5th period "Advanced Theatre" class.

SEHS VOICES...We had a special performermance by students Giselle Rivera & Genesis Chavez. They sang well known Latin American songs "La Bamba" and "Sabor A Mi" Giselle Rivera said that "Singing is her EVERYTHING and love's to show people what she is most passionate about.

One our our own VAPA Council Members, Fernanda Napoles perfomed as a desperate mother, also known as "La Llorona!"

Our VAPA Small School has wonderful teachers who are always supporting their students. We caught up with Ms. Mangiliman and Ms. Luevanos.

Who you going to call? "GHOST BUSTERS" !!! This year for the "Halloween Spooktacular" the girls became the Ghost Busters and there were two boy "ghosties" running around. It was something different and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Cartoon Artwork by: Victoria Lopez

VAPA Council Newsletter Staff: Bryana Aranda - Editor-In-Chief Justin Gonzalez -Reporter/Photographer Olivia Gallegos - Reporter Nancy Torres – Writer Victoria Lopez - Cartoonist


NOV ISSUE created by SEHS VAPA Council

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