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Reach Farther . . . Stretch

Positive Impact Partners, LLC is a full-service marketing, events, and advertising agency – serving the greater New York/New Jersey/Northeast area. We are experienced in health, legal, sports, non-profit, professional, and business marketing for companies and individuals who want to reach farther, stretch wider and step higher – towards success.

With over 100 years of combined experience within our team, we are confident that we can create positive solutions for your events or marketing needs. We work diligently with our clients to achieve winning results – no matter what the challenge. Whatever your target is, we can help you make that positive impact that opens the doors to your future.

h Wider . . . Step Higher

Our mission is to provide clients with a competitive edge in their respective genre. We create and maximize opportunity using a true teamwork approach. We draw from our well of vast experience to plan, execute and track marketing strategies that ensure success. Whether it be a branding strategy, an advertising campaign or an internet program – Positive Impact Partners has the know-how to confidently say “We’re on your team.” We are comprised of friendly, responsive professionals with expertise in sports, business, marketing, advertising, fundraising, design, entrepreneurialism, events, internet and more. Our professional team can brainstorm, plan and execute your visions – successfully.

NON-PROFIT & EVENTS What if it rains on your parade? As a non-profit executive, you know that events are extremely important. But perhaps the labor and unexpected surprises when running a successful event are sometimes more than you bargained for. We can help. Positive Impact Partners is experienced in creating and executing non-profit events. Whether the objective is exposure, or fund raising, our detail-conscious team works with your end goal in mind, exploring all options to achieve your objectives and maximize your event’s outcome. From tents to talent, we handle your events from start to finish, whether it be a walk or run, gala, groundbreaking, golf outing, award ceremony or other occasion. We have successfully planned and managed a myriad of events for many charities and non-profits in the northern NJ and New York region. Rain or shine, we are there from the first tent-raising to the last hot dog.

MEDICAL & HEALTH What’s your “marketing health” plan? Positive Impact Partners is an experienced marketing and advertising firm that understands the needs of medical practices. Your specialty is health care – ours is expanding the reach of your practice with solid marketing expertise that includes designing strategic solutions for the specific goals you wish to accomplish. Your time is too valuable to spend on the mundane marketing tasks required to make your practice a success. Let Positive Impact Partners take over such tasks as social media exposure, advertising in the right publications, or creating mailings or newsletters. Our team of experts can develop a marketing plan that covers a large menu of choices from direct mail to web development. Just as your patients place themselves in your hands for healing, place your practice in our hands to produce a healthy, client-driven marketing plan to give a booster shot to your success.

LAW & ORDER How “balanced” is your client base? Standard marketing gets you standard clients. Every law firm is familiar with the old stand-by marketing ideas – yellow pages, web site, classified ads. But will this get you more of the types of clients and cases you want? Or are the scales uneven? Positive Impact Partners can help you get your specialties on-track. We can develop a marketing plan that is focused on your expertise, your locale, or any other goal you may have – to get the the types of cients you desire. We’ve worked with several area attorneys, and have successfully assisted them in achieving specific, focused goals, whether it be more clients or more recognition. Let Positive Impact Partners take over such tasks as social media exposure, advertising in the right publications, or creating a web site that is fully optimized and directs your clients right to your office.

BUILDING BUSINESS You don’t need another salesperson. Effective marketing isn’t just about getting more phone calls. When we meet to discuss your plans for growth, we will talk about what you want your client base to look like. Not just now, but as your business expands. Sure, your cold-calling and letter-writing efforts may get you more inquiries . . . but do you have the time to spend on goal-achieving marketing? No. You are too busy doing the stuff that brings in the cash from your existing customers. Let us relieve you from the pressure of trying to balance marketing with manufacturing, or sales with service. If you are like many professionals or entrepreneurs, simply increasing the amount of time you spend on the phone isn’t your goal . . . and it never was. After all, aren’t you busy enough? You want qualified clients from viable markets. Together, we can lay out a strategy that makes sense for your marketing dollar.

SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT Can you hear the crowds cheer? Yes, you can – otherwise you would not be in the business you are in. But your vision needs to leave your brain and become tangible. Without marketing, that can’t happen. At Positive Impact Partners we can not only publicize your vision, but keep the word circulating among the crowds. With over 70 years of sports and entertainment marketing experience within our team, we know what works and what doesn’t. Let us keep you in the game, and not in the office, by executing your marketing plan, as you continue to build your team, facility, or performance schedule. From merchandise sales to event planning, advertising to TV commericals, we can create a step-by-step plan to make your vision a reality.

BUILDING DREAMS What is your “marketing blueprint?” You’re a designer, a creator, a builder. You are a hands-on provider, yet lately your hands are tied up in executing the myriad of tasks needed to get your firm exposure. Burning the midnight oil, addressing post cards and negotiating ad pricing is not what you envisioned your days would be like when you started out. That’s where we come in. Positive Impact Partners can lay out a blueprint of marketing and advertising for you, including your web site, ads, direct mail and more. We’ll take over the unending pile of tasks associated with marketing your business. We’ll get your ads in the right publications and manage your marketing so you can stay creative – and building people’s dreams.

EDUCATION & TRAINING Are you getting an “A” in marketing? Whether you manage a day care, private school, or university – the challenges of getting the word out about your school and/or programs can drive you to the edge. At Positive Impact Partners we can get your goals on target and keep the word circulating via the right advertising venues. Your facility and your curriculums grow on a daily basis – keeping up with the marketing tasks that are birthed by such growth can be daunting. Let Positive Impact Partners plan and execute your marketing needs so you can attend to the operations that affect the day-to-day coordination of your educational facility.

HOSPITALITY Too much on your plate? Even if your business is seasonal, marketing must take place year-round. A busy Restauranteur, Hotel Manager or Chef cannot take time out of serving customers to post social media blurbs, write blogs or build that web site that will reach the local public. Let Positive Impact Partners execute all those tasks for you. Whether you are just opening up, or, have been around for centuries, today’s marketing techniques can be overwhelming. From menus to media, we can keep your establishment in the forefront of the genre of clients you desire.

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Positive Impact Partners • 20 Murray Hill Parkway • Suite 290 • East Rutherford, NJ 07073 Ph: 201-939-8601 Fx: 201-939-0676 Web:

Positive Impact Partners • 20 Murray Hill Parkway • Suite 290 • East Rutherford, NJ 07073 Ph: 201-939-8601 Fx: 201-939-0676 Web:

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