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To our Students and their Families Arts Unlimited Southwest, a 501 (c) (3) notfor-profit organization, is designed to offer you many opportunities to grow, and provide you with experiences that you will remember and use over a lifetime. While we hope that your time here at AUSW will enrich your lives in your growth as creative individuals, artists, and musicians, we pray that you will make a real difference in the life of your community. In this student booklet, we seek to address many of your questions and concerns, but please ask for further information where you still need answers. Thank you for your interest and support of AUSW. We are eager to work with you and look forward to an exciting year full of mutually enriching experiences.

Hortensia Bryce Executive Director

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Mission/Philosophy Mission Statement: Develop the expressive and creative abilities of children and adults in music, art and language in a safe, supportive setting to empower the individual, impact the learning of children that may be at risk and foster greater artistic involvement in the wider community.

Philosophy: 

All who come to Arts Unlimited Southwest contribute to the success of the program and the security of the environment we provide.

Each person has been endowed with talents/gifts that, if nurtured, will enhance the life of that individual and may then spill over in service to others.

When an individual’s passion is ignited, endless possibilities open up.

The journey towards success begins with literacy.

Arts Unlimited Southwest does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, sex, ethic origin, or religious belief in its admission, financial aid or other educational policies.

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Policies for Registrations, Payments, etc. Registration:

Forms for registration are available at or in the office. There is a non– refundable registration fee of $15 for each semester. Please follow the steps outlined.


Payments for the entire month of classes (4 or 5) are due on or before the 5th of each month. These may be made online or in the office.

Rescheduling of Classes, Lessons:  

When there are school closures due to snow storms and other dangerous weather conditions, or if parents/students call to reschedule 24 hours prior to the time of the class. In the case of teacher absence

Attendance and Student Responsibilities     

 

Students are expected to attend lessons/classes weekly and practice regularly. Student absences are not excused automatically. After three (3) missed lessons without notification, a student will be removed from the schedule. Unless paid for, student lesson times will not be guaranteed. If a student does not show up for a scheduled lesson, and no prior arrangements have been made to reschedule the class 24 hours in advance, the student’s account will be charged for the lesson. It will appear as ‘Absence Charged’ on the student’s account. Students are expected to bring all of their music and instruments (where applicable) to every lesson. Students are expected to participate in recitals at least twice per year and may be invited to take part in concert-type events held by the school.

Note: We insist on regular attendance so that both teacher and pupil take their lessons seriously, and maximize the potential for student learning and growth.

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Policies for Registrations, Payments, etc. Picking Up and Dropping Off students Parents are responsible for their children’s safe and timely arrival to their classes at AUSW and their departure. AUSW cannot maintain responsibility for students once they have left their class.

Scholarships: 

It is the responsibility of the parent or student to notify the Director when problems arise, whether financial, instructional, or personal. Every effort will be made to respond to individual need.

Scholarships approved for a semester are renewable with a written request and upon satisfactory completion of the previous semester’s work (in areas of attendance, punctuality, behavior, and prompt payment.

NOTE: Applications for scholarships are available online at, or in the office.

Recording Release:

Students enrolled in classes at Arts Unlimited Southwest give permission to AUSW’s agents and employees to use photographs (still, motion or video), voice recordings from classes, performances, Open House events, or other school related activities for the purpose of, and not limited to, advertising, display, editorial, fund raising, public relations, broadcast, and news publication.

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Code of Conduct Show respect!      

Follow instructions. Have a positive attitude. Be attentive. Be a team player. Encourage and support one another. Eat before or after classes, not during rehearsals. Ask permission before taking anything! No hitting, “cussing”, name calling, drugs, alcohol, or weapons of any kind. (We all want to be in a safe and fun environment!)

Get the most out of AUSW!

 Practice daily.  Be on time and show up for all classes.  Come prepared to learn with music folders and instruments.  Treat all instruments with care.

Obey Mall boundaries

 Stay away from the fountain.  No running or playing in the hallway.  Respect other businesses within the mall.  Only go into stores with an adult.  Be polite to other customers.

Concert Ethics Show respect!  Be on time with music in hand, and instruments out, ready to


 Follow your Director’s instructions. Things can change during

the concert; therefore, be ready to adjust.

 Be respectful of other performers. If someone is performing,

please listen. That person has also spent time and effort preparing something for you, their audience.

Prior to the concert

 Extra rehearsals may be necessary to ensure that everyone

will perform at the highest level possible.

 Know your music. Practice regularly so that you are prepared.  Attend each rehearsal scheduled.

Enjoy Yourself  

Concerts happen in the moment and can be fun and enlightening for everyone. Music is a special experience that we want you to enjoy! 6 6

Contact Information Guitar:  Alexis Rivera:  Ben Blanchard: Piano:  Syuzanna Kaszo:  Erika Martínez: Strings :  Dr. Mugur Doroftei: New Horizons Band :  Adrián Villalobos: Accounts Manager:  The Navigator Gold (Jeser Ordóñez)

Director, Music Together, Voice:  Hortensia Bryce: Arts Unlimited Southwest: 1663 W. Henderson St. Ste 29 Cleburne TX. 76033 817.760.7750

Please cut and return this portion to the office:

Students’ / Parents’ Contract

By signing this contract, you admit that you:

1. Have read the above Recording Release statement and accept it. 2. Agree to abide by the policies of the school as outlined in this Student Information Booklet.



Signature of Student or Parent




1663 West Henderson Street Ste. 29 (Inside the Nolan River Mall) Cleburne, Texas 76033


Student Information Booklet for Arts Unlimited Southwest  
Student Information Booklet for Arts Unlimited Southwest