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Sketchbook Issue 1


a sketchbook by Anne Jenkins during 2013-2014

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2015 issue

ART Strolls with a sketchbook June 2015

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All photos & illustrations by Anne Jenkins

Publisher & Editor Anne Jenkins 302-393-6629

Š Anne Jenkins 2015 Anne Jenkins, the magazine author, illustrator ,and photographer, retains sole copyright to her contributions to this magazine. All rights reserved..

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List of Contents

4. A Trip to Maine

17. Heading to the Caribbean

7. New York, New York

18. Puerto Rico

9. Detroit, Michigan

20. St. Croix, U.S.V.I

12. Baltimore ,Maryland

23. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

13. North Carolina hide-away.

26. About the artist

16. Smith Island, Maryland.

27. Links to sites of interest 2015


A TRIP TO MAINE, 2013 I was never much for sketching, I had a couple of spira bound books I occassionally dipped in to. Over the past few years, I’ve been influenced to explore journaling by my friend and gifted journal keeper, Rosemary Connelly. So, this is all her fault. During my art fellowship year in 2013, I took a private sculpture workshop in Maine with Anne Alexander in her studio near Portland. I’ve always had a great interest in sculpting and wanted top try it.

Afterwards we took a week’s holiday exploring some of the scenic Maine coast. Falling in love with Maine is easy to do. And I also fell in love with recording our travel days in a journal. In fact I bought my first proper journal in I use Moleskin mostly or homemade ones with leftover 300 lb paper. I carry my small bag of brushes and palette with me everywhere I go.

No surprise - we indulged in seafood... We bought lobster frequently from the local fishmongers to cook in our wee cottage and without a doubt Maine has the most delicious long neck clams. 2015


Stonington Harbour on Deere Isle

We visited the Waterfall Arts Center and fun farmer’s market in Belfast.

We walked on vast, deserted shale beaches en route to Arcadia National Park

New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town… we often do day trips up to the city

Above: view from the bus heading in to the city Below: Family reunion picnic in Central Park… the view from my blanket after a good lunch! 2015


Quantanamera Cafe - a Cuban restaurant on 8th Ave.. cool murals all over the walls and fabulous food

The guard at the old Whitney Museum - a Roy Lichenstein exhibit

A quick 2-day trip to Detroit, Michigan I flew up with Frontier - the flight attendant got interested in my sketching while I waited. She took my sketchbook and wandered down the aisle showing it to people. Then she sat with me and we chatted about art for quite a long time. It was a fun flight.

Eastern Market facades around the main “square�

Vivio’s Bar at the Eastern Market - superb mussels.. can you say jerk mussels in coconut sauce?

I could have spent hours and hours at the Detroit Institue of Art… a magnificent museum. I tried in vain to capture the feel of one of Riviera Diego’s murals to the working man but gave up. They are just jaw dropping and wonderful. 2015


Enjoying an excellent seafood lunch at Tom’s Oyster Bar with a rabid crowd of Red Wings fans!

Detroit airport - waiting at the boarding gate, heading home 2015


A visit to Baltimore, Maryland … Camden Yard for baseball.

Above: Camden Yard Ball Park’s Bullpen Picnic Area Below: Collage sketch of the park … loved the bright orange everywhere. The people sitting around us couldn’t believe I was sketching while the game was in progress.

North Carolina In July we packed the cats in the car and set off for 10 days at Ellijay… it’s not the town of Ellijay. It’s our secret hideaway favourite house in North Carolina. Always generously loaned to us for much needed escapes by our dear Nevada friend, John Cook. I sketched a lot and made a book for him. We love our “second home.” Chaussettes was not crazy about the 12-hour car ride.

She objected for all the 12 hours in the car . .. and then, when we got there. sigh 2015

We were so happy to pull in to the driveway, cross the stream on the wood bridge and up the steep wee road in the mountains to the secluded welcoming house. And a large glass of wine to fortify us after Chaussettes’ Oscar winning performance.

Chaussettes quickly adapted - and then didn’t want to leave. 2015

Although at times they were rather alarmed at the wild life, even when we explained it was a good snake! Ellijay is one of our favourite places in the world. It’s always a privilege to stay there and we love it - we feel very protective of it. It’s a place of peace with character. 15

At the end of September we caught the last ferry for the season to Smith Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay… it’s a step back in time. No cars, 2 places to eat and a few homes and churches.

Smith Island, Md.,

It’s famous for it’s crab and peace and quiet. This dilapidated looking old store is Ruke’s - they serve the best crab cakes in the world. No qualifier, they just do. Toe curling good and fresh. And it’s about as atmospheric as all get out. This is the view of the crab huts from the primitive porch, where you eat.

Puerto Rico & St Croix, U.S.V.I In November 2014 we headed south for 10 days to Puerto Rico and St. Croix… flew Jet Blue on a plane happily called “Do-Be-Do-Be-Blue.” After a great flight we took off in our Enterprise car rental and headed straight out of San Juan to the quieter beaches on the North Eastern tip of the island. 2015


Puerto Rico We stayed down at the surfers area of Isabela. Our landlady at the Air B&B left a bowl of tropical cheer to welcome us. I felt at home immediately the garden was like a Durban garden! We found an excellent baker just down the road from our hill top residence where we bought yummy breakfast goodies. And every day en route home we stopped at a hole in the wall for a variety of alcapurria & pastelles.

We fell in love with Ponce in the South. It reminded us so of Europe with grand old mansions, shady welcoming parks and fabulous public art. In fact, we fell in love with the whole island - it’s people, it’s food and it’s beauty. 2015


St. Croix, U.S.V.I After 5 days we boarded a tiny Cessna with 3 others and 2 crazy fun pilots and flew to St Croix where we picked up a hire car to explore the island. Our AirB&B was up a hill overlooking Christiansted in a very nice efficiency apartment owned by a delightful and helpful host, Dwayne. Lazy days of wandering around the island, eating at quiet spots, wandering empty beaches and doing rum tours followed! We both loved the less touristy aspect of St/ Croix. Only about one cruise ship comes in every month and it’s a laid back fun place. Although we were aware the lack of the hordes of tourism does impact the local economy and many there are struggling. That said the people were unfailingly friendly and cheerful.

When we visited Fredrickstedt the first time, we felt we had the town to ourselves. Then we went back on the day the once a month cruise ship arrived and what a difference!

Sandy Point beach was pretty much our private playground

You just can’t visit sunny St. Croix without visiting Cruzan Distillery & Captain Morgan, now can you? We prefered the Cruzan tour - it was so much fun I never got to sketch!

We loved St Croix - it was laid back, peaceful and not too touristy. 2015


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

in February - a trip to do a self guided tour of the magnificent Philadelphia murals - there are over 3,000‌ we barely made a dent. Lunch and a good wander about the Reading Termindal market to end a lovely day. 2015


and in October, back for a foodie tour of the Italian Market ‌ it is like being back in Europe. Do not miss a visit to Di Bruno's delicatessen.

We made a quick trip back in December to Philly for the Christkindlesmarkt Markt and a walk down memory lane of years past in Germany

There were many more sketches and quite a number of trips… this is a sampling of the fun of sketching when you travel. Go ahead and try it. You’ll enjoy it. And it certainly gets some conversations going ….

Please visit me on my facebook pages and my website 2015


About artist & publisher Anne Jenkins I am an artist and a passionate arts advocate. I was honoured to receive a Delaware Fellow of the Arts award in 2013. My 7-panel burlap installation art, created for my Fellowship, on “The Underground Railroad,” plus five of my paintings were on exhibit for 3 months at the Biggs Museum in Dover. Two paintings from my ’Women of Courage’ series were in an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, GA.

© 2015 Anne Jenkins All rights reserved (302) 393-6629

I‘ve run two of my own galleries in Milford and in Georgia, where I received a GA Producer of Distinction award and was a guest speaker at the Georgia Governor's Conference on Tourism. In 2009 I completed an artist in residence in Colorado where I worked with a well known printmaker. My full time art career started in New Orleans way back in 2002. Thanks & I hope you enjoy my travel sketches.

Anne 26

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Art Strolls with a sketchbook  

Travel. Art. Fun. Build great memories as you travel - a few examples from the sketchbook of artist Anne Jenkins

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