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Discover how much fun the great outdoors can be at a day of outdoor skill classes and an overnight camping experience in St. Louis’ most famous park, FOREST PARK! A day full of outdoor adventure on


A night of camping under the stars SATURDAY night!

°Explore awesome outdoor

°Experience the outdoors

WOW is open to anybody anyone age six and up who wants to get introduced to the outdoors.

activities like fishing, camp cooking, archery, geocaching, canoeing and kayaking . . . plus more!

Registration fee is $15 per individual

°Lunch included

or $20 per individual if camping overnight.

during an overnight campout in Forest Park!

°You’ll learn how to set up your own tent

°Enjoy campfire fun and a story teller performance

Includes equipment for all activities and lunch. Tents provided for campers on request, along with a hotdog cookout Saturday night and breakfast snacks on Sunday.

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