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LaVita “Phoenix” Bell is a new up and coming writer within the St. Louis Arts arena. She is the author of the stage show Respeck My Shoes. Like all artists, she has a very unique story and it has propelled her to be fearless and unstoppable. To know her is to fall madly in love with her spirit and tenacious attitude. She just makes you want to move right along with her. Let’s get to know Phoenix Bell. Tell us a little about you, who is Phoenix Bell?

My desire to be my own boss, my children, and my willingness to be Gods voice. Where can individuals interested in being a part of your productions reach you? I can be emailed at I’m on Facebook as well Phoenix Bell

Phoenix Bell is a woman who discovered her power, her continuity, her inate ability to use her experience against her fears, hurts and revel in her triumph over disappointments, anguish, and self destruction.

This shows that if you follow your dreams and put in the work, you too can become successful. There are plenty of people who have rallied behind Phoenix and we are looking forward to RESPEK MY SHOES and all that the brand brings.

Where did you come up with the concept for Respek My Shoes?

Delilah Conswalo - Hang 10 Productions

In my sleep actually. Its funny that after an argument with my then live in “child of God” I slept, I saw it, and I heard it. I woke up like. “WHAT????” after I fell back to sleep, I dreamed of shoes. The next day, God began to speak to me and show me many aspects of womens covered up shame that needs to be exposed including my own. So God is using me as a catalyst for change in how we see ourselves and each other. You have hit the ground running with this production, who are your inspirations? Legendary Maya Angelou. My spirit met her at age 13 when my uncle brought me her book “ I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings.” I never thought in a million years that I would tap into theater, so I don’t know anyone in theater (except my grandmother) who would inspire me to go in the theater arena. What do you have coming up next? My production company, Phoenix Rise Productions has a neo-jazz concert coming, another book, and some other great happenings in the works. What keeps you motivated?

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