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ARTSpring 2013 Annual Report

Table of Contents 1. Introduction Foreward...........................................................................................................3 Aspirations and Competencies....................................................................4

2. Direction Public Programs..............................................................................................6 Research Streams...........................................................................................9 People.............................................................................................................12

3. Impact Quantitative Assessment............................................................................17 Qualitative Assessment...............................................................................18

2013 was the third year of ARTSpring's existence.

What began as a small network of artists pooled together for a community event in the Winter of 2010 has evolved into a durable hub that connects arts practitioners with one another and with organizations of all kinds.

1. Introduction

The best way to describe ARTSpring is simply to talk about the public programs that unfold thanks to these connections. This year about twenty separate art improvisations occurred, mostly in Shanghai, China, including unstructured "playshops", relatively structured workshops, art installations and actions, and more multi-faceted exhibitions and fairs. "Improvisations" is a helpful term to describe all these things, with its emphasis on experimentation, relative openness to accident and continuous evolution. These are distinguishing qualities of ARTSpring's public programs, along with an emphasis on crossing cultural knowledge from within China and without and from traditional and contemporary arts practices. This report offers a brief review of these programs, the research interests they relate to, and some of the people involved. We’ve compiled this primarily with a view to what’s ahead, but also as a guide towards understanding what all this activity is worth. One conclusion is that ARTSpring accomplishes a lot with very little money. This is possible because of the many people whose contributions fall outside the ordinary patterns of market exchange. For all those mentioned herein, and many others that are unnamed we simply repeat: thank you! Since ARTSpring is fundamentally concerned with enhancing communication, explicit communications channels such as the website, email newsletters and online publications deserve mention. Considerable time goes into administering these channels but it is always in service of fostering sensual encounters beyond the scrolling of eyes on the page. We are continually weighing what administrative tasks --including the compiling of this report-- are most critical to this goal. In the end it does not serve anyone’s interests to be communicating for communication’s sake. Instead, we are engaged in a search process, adjusting what we are talking about and the way we are talking, so as to better serve our aspiration of influencing society’s embrace of an aesthetics of ecology. Hopefully this document will also serve as an invitation to be part of this experiment. If you see something interesting here, or something interesting that was left out, please get in touch! George Kaye, Administrative Coordinator

Aspirations Competencies

1. Introduction

Aspirations Competencies

1. Introduction

Studio Sp

Pr int M ed ia



sh op s

ions, Act

W or k


git al &



Exhibitio ns, Instal lat

Public Programs

2.Direction Direction

ps o sh y a Pl


2.Direction Direction

Public Programs 2013 SUMMARY Program Name



Lead Practitioner(s)


(FY Feb 1, 2013 - Jan 31 2014)

Research,Stream:,Written,Language Ecographs:+Elements Ecographs, Ecographs, Ecographs:+Nature+Scriptorium

K11,Chi,Art,Space,,Shanghai Ecodesign,Fair,,Shanghai NestGSV,,Redwood,City,,CA Gongyi,Xintiandi,,Shanghai

May,>,November March,30,,April,,13>14 June,1 January,19

George,Kaye George,Kaye Christie,Ma George,Kaye

Workshop,>,six,workshops,for,children,and,adults Workshop,,Exhibition Workshop,>,part,of,Girls,Innovate,day Exhibition,>,fringe,event,of,PSA,"Aesthetic,City",

Research,Stream:,Storytelling H.A.L.+Salon Howl Talk+About+Art Talk+About+Art Draw+&+Write

Studio,5,,Shanghai Studio,5,,Shanghai Studio,5,,Shanghai ROOMS,,Shanghai Studio,5,,Shanghai

March,23 June,3 June,21 November,17 November,23

wm,Butler Tom,Mangione George,Kaye George,Kaye Sheila,Seiler

Playshop,>,literature,,music,,art,salon,evening, Playshop,>,poetry,reading,&,drawing Playshop,>,tiny,colloquium,evening Playshop,>,tiny,colloquium,within,ROOMS,event Playshop,>,creative,writing,/,drawing,night

Research,Stream:,Revisiting,Waste, Urban+DNA Ring+Cycle

Ecodesign,Fair,,Shanghai Ecodesign,Fair,,Shanghai

April,13>14 April,13

Xu,Zhifeng George,Kaye

Installation,>,sculpture,with,waste,products, Action,>,re>cycling,ride,with,bells





George,Kaye,,Monika,Lin Playshop,>,labyrinth,of,rice,paper,with,a,surprise

Research,Stream:,Beautiful,Questions Eco+Quest(ions)+ Xindanwei/Ecodesign,Fair, Shanghai Research,Stream:,Mapping,Territories In+the+Room ROOMS,,Shanghai

2.Direction Direction

Public Programs 2014 GOALS Our goal in 2014 is to continue creating contexts for public programs (better described as improvisations) to unfold. We will continue to emphasize sequential improvisations and cyclically occuring improvisations that have the potential to grow in terms of their complexity and reach. Cross-cultural programs are a priority, which combine traditional and contemporary arts practices and Chinese and nonChinese cultural knowledge. We will continue to be looking for opportunities to bring audiences from different cultural backgrounds together, and staying vigilant to new ideas that arise. In 2014 we will begin seeking more opportunities to introduce arts practices with distinctively Chinese cultural associations to venues outside of China.

ang uag e


en L ritt W

Gift Giv

2.Direction Direction

ial c Fa

on i s es r p Ex

Research Streams lling

Te Story



isit ing

ful Qu

Wa ste

estion s

2.Direction Direction 2013 SUMMARY Written'Language

When%speech%is%written%down%a%change%occurs%in% our%perception%of%language%itself.%%How%might%we% relate%differently%to%the%world%around%us%if%we%had% an%oral%people's%sense%of%language?


Our%instinct%for%discerning%good%stories%and%for% generating%them%is%related%to%our%sense%of%ourselves% as%moral%beings%living%with%the%consequences%of%our% actions.%%What%new%stories%may%be%stirring%that% reflect%and/or%re?frame%our%contemporary% attitudes;%what%art%practices%might%stimulate%their% telling;%what%is%the%essence%of%a%good%story?



Waste%is%universally%reviled,%yet%is%universal.%%What's% more,%what%was%waste%enigmatically%becomes%a% resource%with%a%mere%change%of%mind.%This%is% empowering%(there%is%so%much%waste%around%to%set% our%minds%to)%and%also%concerning%(there%is%so%much% that%may%be%turned%to%waste).%%How%might%we% awaken%our%minds%to%the%threats%and%opportunities% that%lurk%in%the%dual%life%of%materials? Faces%are%strongly%implicated%in%our%capacity%for% empathy,%which%is%strongly%implicated%in%our%ability% to%self?regulate%our%behaviors%for%collective%welfare.%% What%opportunities%are%there%for%extending%our% responsiveness%to%the%human%face%into%the%more? than?human%world?%%

Research Streams Mapping'Territories

Maps%help%us%to%connect%the%stunning%diversity%of% environments%that%support%life,%building%our% awareness%of%the%ecosystems%within%us%and%around% us.%%What%systems%are%as%yet%unexplored%that%may% be%illuminated%by%maps?%%%What%inventive%mapping% techniques%may%bring%new%light%to%the%patterns%that% connect%all%life?%


Questions%can%be%portals%to%new%awareness.%Here's% one:%What%form%of%art%might%foster%our%reverence% for%questions%as%portals%to%new%awareness?%


Gift%giving%is%how%we%perpetuate%a%virtuous%cycle%of% exchange%that%is%qualitatively%different%from%the% closed%loop%of%market%exchange.%%Artists,%who%are% gifted%from%the%start,%are%natural%proponents%of% cultures%of%giving.%%What%new%formats%might%enrich% such%cultures,%and%what%occasions%are%appropriate% to%them?%

2.Direction Direction

Research Streams 2014 GOALS Research streams help to organize ideas in the germination process and help people to identify the general basis and direction of programs. However a strict concentration on existing research streams impedes the emergence of different ones. Our goal in 2014 is to continue balancing exploration in a handful of research streams that provide continuity and identity to programs while sustaining an openness to new perspectives and spontaneous occurances. Storytelling and Facial Expression are both of special interest in the coming year. Like all the research streams these two are closely related, and our goal is to realize ways of artistically integrating the knowledge that comes from examining each in isolation. In terms of methodology, action-research comes about through a frame of mind, i.e. approaching programs and activities as research. Documentation, writing (b)logs, and (re)searching related literature occur in response to these key action-research opportunities.

2.Direction Direction

s er



ha mp

ion s

Arts P ractitio ners


rat Administ


rtn Pa

Vo lun tee



2.Direction Direction

People SPONSORS name


Museums K11 Chi Art Space




Public Agencies Hunan Neighborhood Commercial Enterprises GIGA - Ecodesign Fair

Good Gift Fair(1) Urban DNA Ecographs Eco Quest(ions)

2014 goals There were many conversations with would-be sponsors in 2013. In 2014 our goal is to provide resources and leadership to a handful of these organizations while strengthening relationships with current sponsors through implementing cross-curricular initiatives, thematic workshops, installations and other improvisations, enhancing each organization's success in connecting with their public. Our focus is on working with international schools and experimental schools, museums of art and museums that highlight art, neighborhood and district level cultural agencies, and businesses that are actively nurturing cultures of creativity.



2014 goals

Civil Society Organizations Roots & Shoots HeZhong Green Foundation Oasis Environmental Futian Recycling Xiaofei Mingjian

Ecographs Ecographs Ecographs Urban DNA Eco Quest(ions)

Art & Culture Organizations Helinshe Xinchejian Desire Lines Green Drinks HALiterature

Ecographs Ecographs Draw & Write Ecographs Howl

Civil society and the arts are going through an exciting period of expansion in Shanghai, and 2013 was a year of making many new friends. Our goal for 2014 is to continue cultivating new alliances while building on current cooperations. We are focusing on environmental advocacy, education and arts organizations with operations in Shanghai, with a secondary focus on organizations in metropolitan Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, San Francisco, New York and London. The numerous partnership opportunities include sharing space, materials and administrative resources, cross-promoting activities, participation in fairs and events, referrals, jointly organized events and more.

2.Direction Direction



2014 goals

Robin Andersson Chen Chao Chen Lian Meina Chen Jaki Faulkner Fong Jianwei Han Pan Li Yunxia Ma Huidi Qin Xiaochuan Jiffy Shi Jack Sommers Bonnie Wang Alicia Wei Xia Shafei Sofia Yao Zhang Lehua

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Beijing Beijing Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai

At whatever level of involvement, volunteers and champions during 2013 were acting on the common belief that art can help transform our quality of life. Our goal in 2014 is to continue to make opportunities for this impulse to be directed towards collaborative programs of excellence. Developing effective communications channels that facilitate any degree of involvement in program germination, growth and/or propagation is a key goal. We are focused on creating structures for recognizing contributions and enabling people to bring their contributions to bear on ARTSpring's organizational evolution.

2.Direction Direction

People ARTS PRACTITIONERS name Place Visual Artists Berlina Li Monika Lin Ken Miao Loes Venker de Noo Wang Xin Dryden Wells Xu Zhifeng Zhang Yi

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai

Performing Artists Ding Yiyin


Writers wm Butler Effy Hong George Kaye Shelia Seiler

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai

Teachers Gong Muzhi Esther Qiu Christie Ma

Shanghai Shanghai San Francisco

2014 goals Arts practitioners that led or participated in programs in 2013 experimented with a diversity of mediums and ways of working. Our goal in 2014 is to sustain a dialogue with this community while continuing to initiate conversations with visual artists especially as well as performers, writers, teachers etc. We will continue to identify situations where it is possible to play successfully on conventions, with an emphasis on ideas that are consonant with aesthetics of ecology.

2.Direction Direction



Full Time George Kaye


Part Time Effy Hong Lu Jinjing Christie Ma Gong Muzhi

Shanghai/London Shanghai/Beijing San Francisco Shanghai



2014 goals


Beginning in 2014 donors may provide financial support to Ecographs by giving directly to

Institutions Individuals Kaye Family


2014 goals ARTSpring's administrative needs in 2013 were met by a small handful of people. In 2014 our goal is both to distribute the workload among a wider base of support, and to continue to build every program's capacity to provide income commensurate with the cost of living. The Studio on Jiashan Lu in Shanghai will continue to provide a friendly work environment in the coming year, and work schedules will continue to be flexible and adaptable to individual circumstances.

Fractured Atlas, a US-registered non-profit organization(2). In China, individual patrons will be able to give directly to programs via purchasing art from the remainders program(3).

Notes (1) The Good Gift Fair, normally held in December, was postponed in 2013 to accommodate discussions about site and timing changes. Arrangements are underway for a series of smaller quarterly events beginning June 2014. (2)

Fractured Atlas is a fiscal sponsor of Ecographs. Donations are 100% tax-deductible in the United Sates. Fractured Atlas charges a 7% administration fee and the remainder is disbursed directly to fund Ecographs activities in the US and development of the website.


Through the Remainders program donors and patrons will be able to bid on and purchase selected remaining artifacts of ARTSpring improvisations. The remainders program is pending registration of and/or operating agreement with a China registered company that can issue fapiao to purchasers.

3. Direction Impact

3. Direction Impact

Quantity 2013 Public Measure Total number registered event attendees Total estimated number of actual event attendees Total online publication downloads Total newsletter subscribers Total Weibo followers* Total WeChat Followers*

2013 Money Revenues Sponsor Remittances Public Contributions (event attendees) Donor Contributions Total

Amount 350 2500 162 274 111 18

Amount (RMB)

Comment Most public programs in 2013 involved groups of 10-50 participants. Roughly 50% of attendees were young adults and working professionals, 50% families and children. We will continue to emphasize personal experiences among small groups, relying on the initiative of participants via derivative projects and propagation on social media for magnifying effect. * Social media will get more administrative attention in 2014, but we will continue to strongly rely on partner networks for distribution.


14,582 2,100 53,170 69,852

Throughout 2013 ARTSpring operated as an unregistered, voluntary hub without legal protections or bank accounts. Therefore all monetary transactions were handled directly between the respective payee(s) and payor(s). This statement is a summary of verified transactions that occurred in connection with public programs as if ARTSpring were clearing these amounts.

6,200 6,470 9,182 48,000 69,852

While new revenue and expense categories are anticipated in 2014 (i.e."remainder" sales, grant revenue, space leasing and maintenence etc.), ARTSpring will continue to operate on an informal basis until the impetus to fulfill staffing needs and pursue funding opportunities precipitates a change.

Expenses Practitioner fees (artists, teachers, writers, etc) Adminstrator Compensation Materials, Transportation & Misc Program-related costs Studio space rental Total

Net Income


3. Direction Impact

Quality Ecographs: Elements

Quality Ecographs: Elements

3. Direction Impact

3. Direction Impact




3. Direction Impact


3. Direction Impact



Quality Urban DNA

3. Direction Impact

3. Direction Impact

Quality Eco Quest(ions)

3. Direction Impact


H.A.L. Salon

3. Direction Impact


In the Room Talk About Art


Ask About Art

3. Direction Impact

3. Direction Impact


Draw & Write into the Nite


Nature Scriptorium

3. Direction Impact


3. Direction Impact

Nature Scriptorium

Contact Us!

ARTSpring 169 Jiashan Road, No. 5, Shanghai, China 200031 Tel: +86 021 6433 2546 Email: WeChat: art-spring

Artspring 2013 annual report  
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