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he core business of any school is education. In understanding this, we need to recognise that in the 21st century, young people will learn differently to their parents and will face challenges that will inform their learning into the future. Education shapes lives and provides possibilities and it is imperative therefore that the education we provide allows students to be “successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens”. This is a powerful challenge to schools to develop students who enrich our nation and our world and enable us to move forward with authenticity.

Girls and their education are our core business. We aim to challenge their thinking, open their eyes to opportunities and enable them to develop their critical and creative talents that will allow for a genuine contribution to their local, national and global communities.

Old models of instruction are no longer viable where students were exposed to curriculum content and assessment tested what had been taught. With the understanding that knowledge is no longer perceived to be finite but represents endless possibilities, the focus has shifted to the way in which meaning is made, with the student at the centre of her own education. She has a virtual world at her fingertips and uses the technology available to her to explore it. Google is not a search engine; it is a verb and represents the action of searching out information. Critical literacy is vital in enabling students to test the validity of the material they encounter, assess its integrity and discern its purpose. So what does all of this mean for us at Brigidine? It essentially challenges us as educators to develop in students the skills to search out knowledge and question its ‘truth’ and provide a learning environment which enables this to occur. Simply put, a student in the middle of a classroom discussion on the role of the Bourbon monarchs in bringing about their own demise and creating an atmosphere ripe for revolution, can access historians and research papers online which support or challenge their thinking. This is the immediacy of the knowledge world we inhabit.

In testing opinions or the knowledge of others, we are not simply being cynical. Our aim is to use cynicism to test the validity of data and knowledge and then use this to grow and enrich our understanding. In enriching our understanding, we gain ownership of our learning and this enables academic success. And in the midst of this is the reality that it is girl-centred learning we are talking about. We are able to create an environment in which girls are nurtured, challenged and empowered to act. Girls are leaders in their learning community, encouraged to take risks, enjoy the positive discrimination which occurs in a girls’ school, have their achievements celebrated and thrive in a connected community. Research tells us that girls like to know the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’. They are relational and solve problems through dialogue and social connection. Their understanding often comes through narrative. Understanding gender differences and being in an all-girl school enables girls’ learning to thrive. Girls and their education are our core business. We aim to challenge their thinking, open their eyes to opportunities and enable them to develop their critical and creative talents that will allow for a genuine contribution to their local, national and global communities. Mrs Jane Curran – Principal

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Issue 1 May, 2011

2010 HSC Results


1:1 Laptop Program


Teaching and Learning


Commencement Mass


College Musical


New Staff


Camps and Retreats


Brigidine Student Leaders Day at Randwick


Pilgrimage of Hope


Antipodeans Abroad


Snowy Mountains Hike


Brigidine College P&F Association


Inter-house Swimming Carnival


Co-curricular Sport and Clubs


Back to Brigidine


2010 HSC Results Brigidine High Achievers in 2010


Congratulations to all girls from the Class of 2010 for their achievements in the HSC and their contributions to the life of the College. Last year, the College produced excellent HSC results with 35.2% of the Class of 2010 achieving an ATAR of 90 or more. Four Brigidine girls: Sophia Brindle, Imogen Carlisle, Elise Gillard and Rebecca O’Brien received Premier’s Awards for their achievement of 90 or more (Band 6) in at least 10 units of study and three girls achieved an ATAR over 99. Rebecca O’Brien DUX of 2010, ATAR 99.6: has commenced a Bachelor of Commerce/Liberal Studies at Sydney University. Rose Moloney ATAR 99.25: has commenced a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and International Studies at UTS.

Elise Gillard ATAR 99.1: has commenced a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University. Imogen Carlisle ATAR 97.75: plans to build on her love of sport by studying for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy at Sydney University.



Sophia Brindle ATAR 97.5: has commenced a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy at Sydney University. High Achievers Rebecca O’Brien and Rose Moloney placed equal 4th in the state for Ancient History. Suzannah Curby placed 20th in the state for English Standard. Gabriella Vawdrey was nominated for a University of New South Wales Academic Achievement Award. The College community sincerely thanks our dedicated staff for their hard work and expertise and our parents for their support and encouragement of the Class of 2010.


1. Eleanor Biles, Camilla Brown, Genevieve Daneel and Sigrid Westhoff were nominated for selection in OnStage, the showcase of exemplary HSC drama works with their group performance On Court. 2. Jessica Gilder was selected for exhibition in Texstyle, the showcase of HSC Textile and Design works, with her Major Textiles Project.


3. Shannah Connell was selected for exhibition in OnStage with her Major Work in Drama (Poster/ Promotional Design). 4. Kathleen Stevenson was selected for inclusion in ArtExpress, the showcase of HSC Visual Arts, with her Visual Art Body of Work. 5. Sophia Brindle, Rebecca O’Brien and Imogen Carlisle, Class of 2010.


1:1 Laptop Program

It has been an exciting start to 2011 as we position Brigidine girls as true 21st century learners.


ll students are now equipped with their own personal laptop computer that has all day battery life. The rollout of approximately 950 laptops was completed during Term 1 and the excitement level on each rollout day was palpable. Not many schools have been able to complete such a massive rollout in such a short time and this is testament to the commitment of Brigidine College staff and in particular the work of the IT working party, which began planning for this project in 2010 by developing policies, handbooks and a framework for teaching and learning. In the background the IT department worked on increasing our wireless coverage, server capacity and created new operational policies and laptop images. In conjunction with a laptop for every student we have also built a support model that maximises student access with a ‘swap and go’ program. In the event of a computer issue or problem we can supply the student with an equivalent laptop

The Bridge May 2011

computer with all the same Brigidine College applications and configuration and when the issue with the original laptop is resolved we then swap back again. This process keeps a working laptop in a student’s hands thus maximising the learning opportunities. Equipping each girl with a laptop provides increased opportunities for ‘anywhere anytime learning’. In addition, some routine aspects of learning can be more quickly completed and students can move on to other tasks of problem solving, collaboration and analysis, which are expected skills in the workplace. Ultimately, it is not just about laptops, wireless access points, networks and servers, but it is about how technology is a catalyst for new learning opportunities. Students have resources on their Brigidine College supported laptop to provide ‘anywhere anytime learning’ with a consistent school and home technology environment. Mr Greg Boyd IT Manager

6 The Bridge May 2011

Teaching and Learning Gifted Education learning to the Extension courses in those subjects for the Higher School Certificate. In the general teaching classes, there are two groups identified for extension. Each teacher is asked to ‘know’ their students and consider their characteristics, their motivation, their volition, their self-management skills and personalities. Opportunities for Year 10 girls to accelerate have been offered in Studies of Religion, opening pathways to University courses in Year 12. Assessment that challenges each girl to engage in critical thinking and seek creative solutions to the problems she is researching is encouraged. The inclusion of educational technologies in the learning process has opened up new possibilities.


nabling students to achieve their potential has long been a driving force in teaching and learning but it is clear that for those at the extremes of the ability continuum this task has been much more difficult to achieve in practice. This is especially true for those with intellectual potential that places a student in the top 10% expected for their age cohort. Students possessing and using this potential are referred to as gifted and if this is developed to a level of superior mastery, students are described as talented. An awareness of the intrapersonal and environmental catalysts that can transform natural abilities into systematically developed skills present opportunities to make a difference. Each gifted and talented girl is unique, with her own set of behaviours, interests and aptitudes all developing at different levels, different rates and emerging over different periods of time. Three main characteristics seem to stand out; that is, the capacity to learn at faster rates, the capacity to find, solve and act on problems more readily, and the capacity to manipulate abstract

ideas and connections. An awareness of these and their implications are significant contributors in determining the curriculum interventions required for such girls. The success of the Learning Support department in adapting curriculum structures, adjusting curriculum content, creating new curriculum opportunities and individualising learning plans to enable each girl with learning difficulties to progress suggests that this strategy should be one mirrored for students with learning needs at the other end of the continuum. Effective methods of identification utilising diagnostic data, pre-testing, assessment results and nomination are crucial for success with regular tracking of achievement to monitor progress. A variety of strategies are in place to develop each girl’s potential. Specialised class groups are created to extend the most able girls in English and Mathematics with further courses being developed in Stage 5 to connect

Integral to the success of modifying curriculum with appropriate differentiation to meet individual needs is ensuring that teachers are provided with professional learning. Brigidine College St Ives has entered a National Partnership with other independent schools to develop meaningful programs for gifted students. The opportunity to share ideas, evaluate existing programs and consider alternative strategies with committed leaders is invaluable. We have also employed a consultant, Bronwyn McLeod of Gateways Education who is a specialist educator of gifted and talented children, to work with the English and Science departments. They will be renewing their Year 7 programs, considering interesting, inspiring and challenging topics that will engage the girls. The rich learning for teachers will enable new ideas to be implemented into other year groups’ programs. The co-curricular activities that offer further opportunities for enrichment and extension in the Honours Program, Clubs and Societies will continue to capture the different talents of the girls in a breadth of challenges. Mrs Sue Martin Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

7 The Bridge May 2011

Honours Program “The Honours Program has certainly been one of the most valuable experiences I have undertaken during my time at Brigidine. It has provided endless opportunities to become involved in school and community life, to enrich aspects of my learning, to consider, in greater depth, present world issues, and to work collaboratively with other girls from my year group.” Claire Feather, Year 12


he Honours Program is open to academically gifted girls from Years 8 to 12 and has been operating at Brigidine College St Ives for 10 years. The program aims to encourage students in the pursuit of excellence and to foster leadership qualities. Emphasis is placed on the holistic development of each student. Girls are required to be involved in a wide variety of challenging activities that are both stimulating and rewarding. To graduate with Honours, girls are required to meet pre-determined academic entrance criteria and to maintain their academic performance. They either complete additional research assignments each year or compete in the Future Problem Solving Program. Honours students in Years 9 and Year 11 are required to write a Principal’s essay on a topic set by Mrs Curran. In addition,

they must be involved in co-curricular activities at the College and are required to give service to the College community and the wider community. Honours students are invited to compete in a variety of academic competitions, such as the Asia-Wise Competition, The Aurecon Bridge Building Competition, The Year 8 Geography Trivia Competition, the Da Vinci Decathlon and the Commonwealth Essay Competition. Mrs Betsy Harvey Honours Program Coordinator

“The Honours Program has enabled me to broaden my experiences within the College as well as in the wider community through College service and community service. It has given me the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions, building team work and problem solving skills. It has increased my understanding of global issues through the extra research projects we have completed. It is an extremely enjoyable and valuable program to participate in and I think it has made me a more aware and knowledgeable member of society.” Manisha Ediriwira, Year 12

8 The Bridge May 2011

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Learning Support


earning Support is a broad umbrella term which encompasses a range of needs across a particular school setting. One of the distinguishing features of Brigidine is our commitment to support girls across the spectrum, be it with high support needs within an inclusive environment, supporting the development and improvement of literacy, numeracy and organisational skills or accommodating the behavioural needs of students. Naturally most of the girls’ needs are best addressed within their regular classroom context so the importance of differentiated learning tasks combined with the teacher’s awareness of the students’ particular learning style and needs cannot be understated. This student focused model of planning their educational needs, in collaboration with parents and teachers, ensures that we look creatively at all the options available rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This has enabled us to introduce some specialised courses such as Fitness, Cooking and Music Therapy for specific students. Early identification of needs and close monitoring of progress are also vital components to better supporting student needs. Having smaller class sizes in Mathematics and English in Years 7-10 as well as the opportunity for additional support classes in Years 7, 9 and 10 through the Literacy Application Elective are fantastic initiatives. This ensures that girls in need can access the support they require whilst also ensuring that they do not miss out on regular class work. Mixed ability classes likewise ensure that labelling and negative images are not fostered. From Year 9 an elective designed to build skills for living and working ensures a more successful transition to the workplace through a variety of TAFE options. Mrs Helen Thomas Head of Learning Support


Commencement Mass


he Feast of St Brigid was celebrated at Commencement Mass in February when the College community gathered together for the opening of the school year and a celebration of the Eucharist. At the Mass we continued the fine Brigidine tradition of asking God’s blessings on all for the coming year. We were graced with the presence of special guests including Sr Dorothy Costigan, Sr Val McKenna, Sr Margaret Doyle and Ms Anne Garvan, Board Chair. The mass was celebrated by Fr Jim McKeon from Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral Parish in Waitara. Fr Jim inspired an uplifting liturgy motivating those present to witness the strength of God’s word in prayer, scripture, hymn and sacrament. Alongside Father, the student body led by Georgia Boyle our College Captain and Cristina Olizon our Liturgy President, prepared a prayerful tribute to St Brigid. Combined with the request for blessings for the school year, the girls challenged the community to “follow in the steps of St Brigid, as a woman of peace - a woman of our time”. Cristina said “It gave me great pleasure as Liturgy President to offer this reflection as part of the Thanksgiving for our Eucharist. From the Gospel, Matthew

The Bridge May 2011

challenges us to have Christ with us in our times of worry. Likewise St Brigid, as a Saint can also provide such nourishment. Our work together in the Brigidine community flows from the spark of St Brigid”. As Georgia mentioned in her introduction, St Brigid lived in fifth century Ireland over 1500 years ago, yet she is still “a woman for our time”. Her story can become our story as we follow in her footsteps. There are key aspects of St Brigid’s life from which we can draw inspiration. St Brigid was close to nature and inspires us to show our concern for the environment, reverence and respect for the land and connectedness to creation. She provides a model for equality and encourages a potent image of womanhood; a feminine face of God. St Brigid was well known for her compassion, sense of justice and concern for the poor. Her life inspired unity and reconciliation and her sense of genuine hospitality became legendary. Today, St Brigid asks us to be guided by her to care for nature, have concern for the poor, and to search for our connection to God, family and others. Mr Bill Gleeson Assistant Principal, Religious Formation

10 The Bridge May 2011

College Musical A Glorious Feeling...

This year’s musical production was a theatrical adaptation of the classic MGM film “Singin’ In The Rain”. Starring 70 talented students from Years 8 to 12, the cast played out a classic love story against the backdrop of a Hollywood motion picture studio in the 1920’s. Along with singing tunes like the title song, Good Morning, You Are My Lucky Star and Make ‘Em Laugh, the students performed tap dance routines, the Charleston and played audience to a series of comic movie screenings. Congratulations to each performer who helped to bring a screen legend to the stage. On behalf of the cast and the production team, thank you to the Brigidine community for your generous support of the show – we had two soldout evening performances as a result of your enthusiasm! Mr Chris Rutherford Drama Mrs Ros Boyd Music


New Staff join our College Community

The College welcomed twenty new staff members in 2011 including: Anne Reading English teacher, Bill Gleeson Assistant Principal Religious Formation, Joshua Holmes Head of PDHPE and Sally Dickens Sports Clubs Assistant.

Introducing... Bill Gleeson (photo above) joins the College as Assistant Principal Religious Formation. Bill’s role encompasses spirituality, prayerfulness and ensuring that the Brigidine charism is maintained. He will lead and support the College in the key aspects of liturgy, retreats, service and formation programs to strengthen Brigidine College’s foundation as a Catholic school and community. Bill has over 35 years experience in Catholic Education, most recently as Religious Education Coordinator at St Pius X Chatswood. Prior to the St Pius appointment he worked in a range of schools as a teacher and in management positions. Mr Gleeson has a passion for long distance running, touch footy, bushwalking, travel and history. He is a country boy from Bathurst who loves his family and has a fondness for Massey Ferguson tractors.

Di Lawrence may be a familiar name to some as she has previously been on staff at Brigidine. Di established the Development Office here at the College in 1995 launching a range of initiatives that included the first publication of The Bridge. As Director of Development and Community Relations Di will oversee a breadth of functions which assist our community, ongoing development of the College and relationships with its community. These functions include enrolments, publications and website, events, alumni, archives and fundraising. Di has worked in many roles in the education sector and comes to us from Santa Sabina College, where she led the Development and Community Relations team after a number of years at Ravenswood. Di tells us she is a keen (though not very talented) soccer player.

Sally Dickens (photo above) joins us this year as Sports Club Assistant. Sally will be working four days a week in the Sports office with David Chant and both Sally and David can now be found in the newly refurbished sports office in the gym. Sally will assist David Chant with all sports matters relating to the College including supporting the Teachers in Charge and our Parent Convenors. Sally comes to us with a strong background in sports administration. She spent over three years at Ravenswood School for Girls in Gordon assisting the PDHPE and sports office and managing athletics, cross country and swimming carnivals, sports awards and maintaining the database. Sally spends her free time assisting with the running of the West Pymble Football Club and for purely social reasons enjoys playing Futsul during the summer months and “old ladies” soccer over winter. Continued page 12

The Bridge May 2011

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Wendy Baxter has been appointed as Alumni Coordinator and is at the College on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. As the College contact person for alumni, ex staff and past parents her role is to keep the Brigidine College St Ives Community in touch and connected. Wendy is the administrator of the alumni database and our Brigidine St Ives Facebook page and she’ll personally represent the College at reunions and Back to Brigidine events. Wendy has a work background in sales and marketing and is a past parent of Brigidine.

The College is pleased to welcome our new staff 2011

Kay Ahearne

Cristina Barbara

Riju Bhatia

Veronica Buttarello

Marina Carvin

Kerry Flynn

Maria Lee

Megan Pickwell

Michelle Schumann

Veronique Wilson

Emma Woods

Sharon Skuce

Kay Ahearne, Religious Education Cristina Barbara, Learning Support Wendy Baxter, Alumni Coordinator Riju Bhatia, Information Technology Veronica Buttarello, Languages Marina Carvin, Religious Education Sally Dickens, Sports Club Assistant Kerry Flynn, TAS Assistant William Gleeson, Assistant Principal Religious Formation Joshua Holmes, Head of PDHPE Diane Lawrence, Director of Development and Community Relations Maria Lee, Music Megan Pickwell, Learning Support Assistant Anne Reading, English Michelle Schumann, TAS Veronique Wilson, Languages Emma Woods, Social Science Sharon Skuce, English Olga Pasfield, PDHPE Marie Whiting, Religious Education Olga Pasfield

Marie Whiting


Camps and Retreats

The Bridge May 2011

A student in Year 9 was asked to write an evaluation of her camp experience. When asked what she was proud of achieving and how the camp experience changed her as a person, she wrote: 1.

“I am extremely proud that I completed the massive hike, (including carrying all my belongings for me to survive) as well as cooking and sleeping in tents. I did all of this without having a major meltdown as well. From now on in my life, the second I start to doubt myself I can now say – I CAN DO THIS! This is because I doubted myself on the hike, yet I completed it. Spending every waking moment with one another has allowed us to become as close as sisters.�



1, 2 , 3 & 4. Year 7 Camp at Collaroy 4.


e are very proud of the individual and communal achievements of all of the girls who attended Camps and Retreats this year. They were supported and nurtured by our College staff, who also faced many arduous walks, challenging experiences and some physical deprivations. The community completed the activities together and learnt more about themselves and others in a unique and challenging setting. All agree it was hard at times, maybe a lot of the time, but

they were able to come through it and learn more about coping with challenges, dealing with discomfort and taking risks - all important lessons for life not easily taught in the classroom environment or in the comfort of home. For every student that tried something new and challenging, for every one that faced a fear and overcame it and for those who walked with others and shared the troubles of the journey, I am equally proud.

The College sees the Camps and Retreats program as an integral part of the holistic development of all Brigidine girls. We always learn from each experience and will evaluate the camps and their suitability for our students and our relationships with our external providers. Planning for the 2012 program has already begun. Mr Brian Loughland Assistant Principal, Pastoral Care

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14 The Bridge May 2011







1. Year 8 at Crosslands, Galston Gorge 2. Year 8 at Crosslands, Galston Gorge, preparing for their trek and overnight camp 3. Year 11 Retreat at Elanora

4. Year 12 Retreat at Tallong Murulan 5. Year 12 Retreat at Tallong Murulan 6. Year 11 street Retreat at Randwick 7. Year 12 Retreat at Tallong Murulan


15 The Bridge

Brigidine Leaders Student Leadership Day at Brigidine College Randwick


ver a number of years, the students of Brigidine College Randwick and Brigidine College St Ives have ‘lost’ some of the original links and connection established during the early years of the St Ives College. To re-establish this connection, the first gathering of student leaders from both Brigidine colleges took place in February at Randwick and included prayer, reflection, discussion, sharing of ideas and a tour of the Randwick College and Convent (now Brigidine House) which are over one hundred and ten years rich in tradition and history. Our girls were surprised and in awe to see the Brigidine College Randwick grounds, ancient Morton Bay fig trees and older style decorative buildings. The students delighted in the opportunity to join in prayer and reflection on a number of significant and inspiring women in leadership roles. Some time was spent chatting over morning tea, as the girls shared their favourite hobbies and general interests. As the day progressed, our girls enjoyed sharing with each other the challenges and responsibilities of being leaders in a ‘Brigidine tradition’ College within a Christian Catholic environment. They were equally

May 2011

surprised at how welcome, hospitable and friendly the Brigidine Randwick girls were… as were the Randwick girls at the friendly, open and welcoming manner of our St Ives girls to them. By the end of the day all had noted the many similarities between each other, which gave ‘birth and life’ to new friendships and a strong desire to continue the connections made. Not surprising is the establishment of new Facebook communication between the leaders of these two Brigidine Colleges. In the future, we hope to include students and staff from Brigidine College Indooroopilly, Queensland in these gatherings. Our students truly form the richness of the tapestry which is the ever evolving Brigidine story begun in 1807 and spanning across the years to 2011 and beyond. Sr Chanel Sugden csb

16 The Bridge May 2011

Pilgrimage of Hope A Bridge to India

“Do small things with great love” – Mother Theresa


other Theresa’s words and deeds inspired some senior girls to spend part of their summer holidays working with Indian children so they embarked on a journey of a lifetime to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). The Pilgrimage of Hope project is one of the international outreach opportunities offered by the College. It involved three weeks of service to the ‘poorest of the poor’ for Madeleine Borrowman, Catherine Dell, Sydney Eismen, Laura Flannery, Rachael Harris, Bronagh Marley, Natalie Mendes and Kelly-Anne Turner. The girls were supported by teacher Ms Talisa Salmon and ex-student Hannah Goodwin (Class of 2010) as pastoral care leader. The Pilgrimage of Hope is part of the Social Justice program offered to Brigidine girls that encompasses both local and international initiatives. Our girls were encouraged to serve alongside Mother

Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity Sisters in Homes for the destitute and dying, for the sick and mentally ill, for orphans and abandoned children, and in a rooftop school for street children. Faced with the intense suffering of a range of vulnerable people, the students were challenged to really be ‘present’ and to work. From their overwhelming initial reactions to the extreme squalor, the noise, the sickness and the poverty, they realised that the faith and joy of the people supported them more than they could have expected. As Catherine said, “You have no choice but to cope with what is there.” They did more than cope and each began a journey that was more than just physical. Transported to a world so different from their own, they learnt to be completely connected - by giving time and love to the needy, inspired by Mother Theresa’s words, “Do small things with great love”.

17 The Bridge May 2011

The Homes provide shelter, food, love, education and above all, hope for the future. The students fed, bathed and played with the children, and tutored in English and Maths. They assisted with physiotherapy exercises and sat with the sick, singing to them to provide love and support to people who have no-one. They cuddled and held, they washed and cleaned - they gave of themselves. The girls are still reflecting on the individual highlights of their pilgrimage: the paraplegic boy who considered the visit by the Australian pilgrims to be the best fifteen days of the year; the crowd of children who wanted to be touched first rather than receive food or gifts at the orphanage; the peaceful and pristine leper colony built on the rubbish tip. The impact of such a journey is enormous for these girls, and also for those whose lives they touched in India. The pilgrims all had a strong sense that what they did in Kolkata is not about changing someone’s life forever, but about making a difference in that moment, for that person. As Bronagh said, “Mother Theresa’s inspiration of Empty Hand Service is so powerful and has profoundly affected me”. These pilgrims want to return, but know that their Kolkata experience can also be found here in Australia.

For more information please visit

18 The Bridge May 2011

Antipodeans Abroad Community Service in Vietnam transport, food and activities for each day. We started in Hanoi, a city characterised by its limitless motorcycle traffic and wonderfully cheap shopping. Here we appreciated a ‘soft landing’ into the Vietnamese lifestyle by having our two star hotel already booked and allowing us to establish our footing in this new land.

Between 28 December 2010 and 19 January 2011, nine Brigidine girls from Years 11 and 12 were lucky enough to experience a whole new world. Armed with nothing more than the bags on our backs and the infinite support of our leaders, we unearthed Vietnam in a daze. The country was a whirl of colour and culture, offering opportunities of perpetual discovery. Over three weeks, we made our way down the country’s length, working as a team to manage our funds, accommodation,

Then it was off to our community service project. We hiked for two days into the remote White Thai cultural village of Phay, where we were greeted by smiles and welcoming “xin chao’s” from the locals. On behalf of Brigidine, we shared our compassion by donating building supplies, money, educational resources and our time. The team spent five days labouring at a local kindergarten, building two toilets, a shower and a water filtration system for the community. It was during these days that we made friends we will never forget; from the ever-happy children, to the ever-helpful locals, the Phay Village is now a part of us.

we headed for the country’s capital. On the way, we spent a night in Halong Bay, kayaking and climbing caves; three days in Hoi An, relaxing and appreciating some much needed retail therapy; and the last two days in Hoi Chi Min City, visiting the Cu Chi tunnels and the War Remnants Museum that we had learnt about in our studies of the Vietnam War. For all nine girls, I can confidently say that it was three weeks we will never forget. The country welcomed us with open arms, and we responded with open eyes and open hearts. Our awareness and compassion flourished, and so too did our friendship as a team. All our thanks go to Ms Jo Baker and Ms Sally Collins (Antipodeans Leader) for being such amazing and encouraging leaders; and also to the Brigidine community, without whom this opportunity would not have been possible. Georgia Roach Year 12 student

Following this unbelievable experience, our team hit the road once more, catching every mode of transport available to us as

Snowy Mountains Hike Brigidine College and St Pius We set out by bus for our 100km hike late at night on Thursday 2 December to arrive at Round Mountain in the Kosciuszko National Park at 6am. At this point we picked up our 16-19kg packs and started walking. It was one of the most gratifying things I have done in my life. The hiking team consisted of nine Brigidine girls from Year 10 (Clare Hansen, Emily Scotter, Chloe White, Laura Douglass, Olivia Cook, Olivia Flynn, Sophie Pentelow, Vanessa Trabucco and Camie Rubinstein), two Brigidine staff, Mrs Ryder and Ms Abercrombie, five staff members from St Pius and twenty-four Year 11 Pius students. We made a great team and worked well together. The trek was not only a great opportunity to get to know the boys from St Pius, it also allowed us to build great friendships with the eight other girls from Brigidine. We left as acquaintances and came back as great friends due to the challenges we overcame collectively and the accomplishments we achieved together. I am certain that friendships were built that will last forever.

The teachers were so encouraging and understanding. They all helped us make it through in different ways and it is safe to say that without them, we wouldn’t have made it the full 100km as successfully as we did. Mrs Ryder was an amazing support network. She always said what we needed to hear to get us to the top of the mountain, or reassured us that the camp site was out there somewhere. I along with the other eight Brigidine girls am so grateful to her for her constant support and the time and effort she spent preparing us for the trek, organising equipment and answering our hundreds of questions.

Over the five days walking we crossed many deep rivers, climbed many mountains, set up and dismantled camp every morning and night, and most importantly were completely self-sufficient. Every single thing we used, ate, wore and needed, we carried for the full five days. Every piece of rubbish was carried until we arrived at the end of our journey in Thredbo. It was a good feeling to be able to live completely self sufficiently and put our lives in perspective when it came to the material things we have come to depend on back at home. Overall it was an experience that I will never forget. I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity to participate in the expedition. Clare Hansen Year 10 student

19 The Bridge

Brigidine College P&F Association: Your ‘Quiet Achiever’

May 2011

The P&F Association has certainly been busy already this year hosting the Year 7 Parents Cocktail Party and the Year 8-12 Parents Cocktail Party and assisting at the College Open Day. The Executive committee and the College thank all parents and volunteers for assisting to make these events a success. At the Year 8-12 Cocktail Party we were fortunate to have educational psychologist Dr Andrew Martin as our guest speaker, who provided a fascinating and visionary insight into the emotions and dynamics of the busy and ever-growing complex lives of our daughters.


Planned for July is the Pymble Players presentation of the ever popular Agatha Christie play Arsenic and Old Lace, with planning in progress for additional events later in the year. In the past the P&F has also quietly provided significant support of the College through a number of substantial contributions for the purchase of important items such as laptops and pods, lockers, curtains and fans to Bowie Hall, outdoor tables and umbrellas, canteen renovations and more recently air conditioning in some classrooms. These items have been primarily funded from the P&F levy and have been targeted as items on a College ‘wish list’ which are of particular and immediate benefit to all our girls. This year we are considering improving the comfort of Bowie Hall, particularly in high summer, as a valuable contribution to our girls. Options include installing air conditioning and upgrading existing fans. Achieving these improvements for such a large space in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient manner is challenging however, it is hoped to conclude this review and implement the solution in time for the summer heat.






1. Megan Ng, Adrian and Fiona Foung, Sindy Hardcastle, Hiromi Grace, Gina Gainsford

George Poljak P&F President 6.

2. Stephanie and John Frykberg 3. Vince and Belinda Carmody, Rebecca and Sean Gartner 4. Bob and Michelle Allan, Alex and Cathy McMichael 5. Narelle and Graham Fury with Clare and Craig Fanning


6. Key note Speaker Dr Andrew Martin 7. Anita Webeck, Brita and Jarrad Van Heyst 8. Year 8 - 12 Parents listen to educational psychologist Dr Andrew Martin, who provided a fascinating insight into the complex lives of our daughters.

20 The Bridge May 2011

Inter-house Swimming Carnival At a new venue for Brigidine with two pools, racing, cheering, great participation, and of course the rock lobster – the College Inter-house Swimming carnival was held on 15 March at Ryde Aquatic Centre. Having the girls in the one stand resulted in an amazing atmosphere, so ably led by the House Captains. It was an incredible sight to watch the entire school dancing in unison to the Rock Lobster. Congratulations to Year 12 for this initiative that indeed brought the school together as one. This year we had age championship races in the main pool with 25m Inter-house races in the lower pool. Congratulations to Lourdes who won the carnival with 999 points. Second place went to Fatima on 841 points, Kildare third on 677 points and Prague in fourth place with 613 points. Congratulations must go to Kildare for winning the war cry competition and to Georgia Nolan (Year 7, Lourdes) for coming first in the competition to design the cover of the carnival program. A big thank you to all the parents who supported the Carnival through their attendance, to the staff who made the event run so smoothly and of course to our enthusiastic girls. Mr David Chant Sports Club Development Coordinator

2011 Age Champions 12 Years 1st

Samantha WIlcox



Orla Flynn



Katie Menzies/Georgia Nolan



Marion Ribout



Olivia Findlay



Jasmine Follett



Louisa Bartels



Brooke Menzies



Gemma Nicholas



Tierney Seeto



Madison Spencer



Harriet Bradbury



Johanna Stokoe



Nicola Cowan



Monica Courtney



Chelsea Woodward



Bronagh Marley



Ashlee Page



Ellen Hester



Rebecca Baczkowski



Tegan Grunwald


13 Years

14 Years

15 Years

16 Years

17 Years


21 The Bridge May 2011

22 The Bridge May 2011

Co-curricular Sport and Clubs Term 1

Life Saving Jordon Louis of Year 9 has been honoured with the title of Sydney Northern Beaches Junior Life Saver of the year along with her teammate Jake De Kort of Collaroy Surf Life Saving Club. The award recognises and rewards outstanding younger members of the surf-lifesaving movement who have shown an advanced level of maturity and leadership potential. Jordan recently competed at the NSW SLC titles and won two gold and one silver medal in the R&R and March Past events at Kingscliff. Gemma Nicholas of Year 8 has recorded some excellent times in the Cole Classic and Palm Beach/Whale beach swims. Most recently she represented Queenscliff SLSC in the 13 year old events at the Sydney Northern Beaches Surf Life Saving Championships held at Collaroy. Gemma won gold medals in the Surf Swim, Surf Swim Teams and silver medals in the Ironwoman and Board Relay.

Indoor Soccer Elizabeth Trupiano of Year 9 represented NSW in the National Junior Futsal (indoor soccer) championships in January. The National Championships were held in Canberra and her team came third in the tournament.

Nicola Simmons of Year 10 was selected for the U16 Girls Vikings Australian Futsal Team - selected from National Futsal Championships held earlier this year. The team will travel to New Zealand in July for the World Junior Futsal Championships.

Water Polo Madison Spencer of Year 9 and Johanna Stokoe of Year 11 were selected to represent their region at the State Water Polo Under 18 Championships in early February and played in the SN B Breakers White (development) team. These girls were also selected to play in the All Schools Water Polo Championships on Monday 21 February in the NSWCCC Opens Water Polo team. The girls enjoyed the challenges and experience of playing in an NSW All Schools trials event. Marion Ribuot qualified for the Under 13 Development Squad for State Water Polo representing the Manly Breakers. Congratulations to the Brig 1 Open Water Polo team who were undefeated after five weeks of competition by the end of Term 1.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (DEAS) On 3 December 2010, the final day of school, 16 girls set off for a 50km hike as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. There was great excitement as they were farewelled by parents and friends. The group hiked from Guthega to Charlotte Pass over four days. These girls have worked so well together since commencing their Bronze award in Year 9 and were well guided by Dee Gadsby throughout their awards.

Softball Rachael Sechi of Year 12 competed in the Under 19s National Championships in January and her team won the final 7-0 against ACT. Rachael was the catcher and this was her fourth year as a member of the NSW State softball team. She was also selected in the Australian Under 19s Squad of 23 players to compete in Japan from 26 March to 5 April. From this squad the Australian team of 17 players will be chosen for the World Cup being held in South Africa in December. Amelia ‘Mim’ Cudicio of Year 10 was selected in the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC) team to play at the NSW All Schools titles after helping the Broken Bay (BBSSSA ) team win the CCC titles in early February.

23 The Bridge May 2011

Gymnastics Emma Nedov of Year 10 has received confirmation from Gymnastics Australia that she has been selected for the Australian squad for gymnastics which includes consideration for the Olympics in 2012. It is a great honour to be selected at this level and we congratulate Emma on this fantastic achievement.

Touch Jane and Clare Vanzino of Year 8 played in the Manly Warringah U14 Touch team that recently won the State Championship for the second year in a row. Tayla Perrin of Year 9 was selected for BBSSSA Touch team to play in the U15 NSWCCC Championships being held in Term 2. Brigidine College sent three Touch teams to the Broken Bay Gala days during Term 1 and the 15 year olds team made the semi finals.

Athletics Nina Osada-Phornsiri of Year 8 qualified for the Athletics Australian Junior Championships in March and won a national title with her success in the U14 High Jump and jumped a splendid personal best of 1.58m.

Race Walking Congratulations to Amy Bettiol who achieved first place in last year’s Australian All Schools Athletic Championships conducted in Victoria where she competed in the Under 16’s Women’s 3000 Meter Race Walk. Amy went on to win the national U18 5000m Walk at the Australian Junior Championships in mid March. She beat her personal best and came very close to a World Youth qualifying time.

Golf Tess Clarke of Year 7 represented Brigidine College St Ives at the NSW CCC Golf Championships. Tess plays off a 24 handicap and carded a net score of 68 to score a Silver medal.

Equestrian The Equestrian NSW Interschools Competition was held at Horsley Park on 3-6 March, and Brigidine fielded a team of 8 girls and their horses. They all did exceptionally well at their various events, and the team finished 15th out of 58 competing schools! For a small team of 8 this is truly outstanding. Taylah Collins: 22nd showman, 24th 2B dressage and 11th 2D dressage. Ellen Thompson: 6th eventing, 2nd jumping, 4th and 7th jumping - 80cm. Jess Tripp: 1st, two 2nd, 3rd, two 6th, two 7th, 9th place in jumping in the 90cm and 1m events. Jess’s placings earned her 1st place overall in the 90cm class.

Sam Tripp: 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 13th and 15th places in jumping in the 1.10 and 1.20m events. Sam’s placings in the 1.20m class put her in tie 1st overall! Abby West: 19th and 23rd in jumping. Clare Miller-Bliss: 6th in 4D dressage and 11th in 4A dressage.

Swimming Allie Gillis, Year 8 has been swimming with the Special Olympics team for two years and practices every Thursday night, all year round. Recently, in the Special Olympics State Championships Short Course she won 1st place 100m Freestyle, 4th place 50m Freestyle, 1st place 50m Backstroke and 2nd place 25m Butterfly. Congratulations to girls who participated in the BBSSSA (Broken Bay) representative Swimming Carnival at Homebush in March. Many personal best times were achieved, as well as girls placed first, second or third. Eight girls progressed to the next round of competition.

24 The Bridge May 2011



Tennis Tildesley Shield: Brigidine finished in 21st place out of 26 schools in the annual Tildesley Shield a three day tournament involving all IGSSA schools. While not a great result overall, under the guidance of coach Sarah Atkins and with a committed approach from all team members there is much to look forward to from our players over the next few years. BRIG 9 Tennis: Won Div 4A IGSSA. Year 9: Chloe Hyde, Year 8: Mimi Dennis, Maddie McCauley, Stephanie Muir and Isabella York.

Basketball Brigidine sent three Basketball teams to the Broken Bay Gala days during Term 1 and the Opens Basketball team made the semi finals. Well done girls! Alison ‘Ali’ Bell of Year 10 competed as a member of the Sydney Northern team at the Special Olympics State Basketball competition held in Orange in early April. Her team were placed second in their division and also won the inaugural trophy for sportsmanship and performance. Ali was also chosen to represent Sydney Northern in the torch run.

Sailing Congratulations to the small group of students whom Mrs Mandy Doyle took to the NSW State Teams Sailing regatta and who returned with the Spirit Cup. The NSW Secondary Schools Teams Racing Championship was held from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 April at Woollahra Sailing Club. Sailing in Pacers, ten teams from nine schools put on a magnificent display of sailing and Brigidine entered a team in this competition for the first time. They were awarded the Spirit Cup, a testament to their exceptional sportsmanship and enthusiasm and

received some sailing vests which will be presented to the following girls: Pia Doyle, Hannah Lanz, Islay Dumas, Elise Lieberman, Jill Chambers, Catherine Lanz and Genevieve James.


Netball Georgia Marshall of Year 9 has been selected in the final squad for CCC Netball team.

Public Speaking Isabel Owen, Senior Vice Captain and Georgia Boyle, College Captain participated in the Lions Youth of the Year Award. Georgia successfully competed against students from Manly Selective High School and Barker College and went on to represent the region in the final at Bankstown Sports Club. Although she was not selected to proceed onto the State Final, she was a wonderful ambassador for the College, speaking with sincerity and eloquence. Our CSDA Public Speaking team did a great job in Round 1 held at Marist Sisters’ College, Woolwich in early March. The team included students from Years 7 to 11: Claudia Bailey, Ella McCrindle, Jasmin Singh-Brar, Brooke Menzies, Emily Gregg, Danielle Bennett, Courtney Herringe, Courtney Hume, Brigitte Maskine and Ashley Wick. All students performed at their very best and Claudia, Ella, Jasmin, Danielle and Courtney Hume were selected to take part in Round 2 of the competition. All speakers were worthy competitors on the night and Danielle Bennett of Year 10 progressed into the finals which were held at Brigidine College St Ives. Catholic schools from all over the metropolitan area take part in this competition each year and 39 schools were represented. Danielle Bennett was awarded 3rd place, a wonderful achievement.


1. Samantha Tripp and her horse Mavis represent Brigidine College St Ives Equestrian Team 2. Isabel Owen, Year 12 at the St Ives Lions Club Youth of the Year Award

3. Brigidine Sailing Club entered a team in the NSW Secondary Schools Teams Racing Championship and returned with the Spirit Cup. 4. Sailing Club coach Elyce McClelland and Islay Dumas of Year 8.


Back to Brigidine

Changes at Brigidine

Commemorating our Kildare connection


he annual Reunion for the Pioneers and 1960’s era Alumni was held in April and the participants had a wonderful time as they chatted, laughed and reminisced about their years at the College. 2011 is the United Nations International Year of Forests and in keeping with the theme ‘Forests for People’, the Alumni presented a pair of oak saplings to the College as part of the Liturgy held to commemorate the Pioneers’ Reunion Day. The oaks were propagated from the tree that Bishop Daniel Delany, founder of the Brigidine community, brought to the first Brigidine College in Australia in 1807. The propagated oak trees came from the original oak that grows on the site of St Brigid’s monastery in Kildare, Ireland.

The Pioneers and 60’s era Alumni are proud foundation members of the ever growing Brigidine College St Ives community and were delighted to present the trees as a powerful sign of life continuing and flourishing at the College. The oaks will not be planted on the College grounds due to regulations restricting the planting of trees which spread over a large area, but will be lovingly nurtured and tended to by our ground staff for the enjoyment of present and future members of the ever growing Brigidine College community.

After 14 years at Brigidine, I made the very difficult decision to retire and to leave the best job in the world. To finish my career in the role of Alumni Coordinator has been a great joy and I look forward to continuing my association with Brigidine. The decision to move on has been made all the easier by the appointment of two people who will continue to nurture and develop the relationship of alumni with the College. Wendy Baxter has been appointed as Alumni Coordinator, commencing in January 2011. She has a great love for the school and many will remember Wendy as the mother of Andree, College Captain 2000. Since Andree left Brigidine, Wendy has been a loyal past-parent, assisting at social functions and more recently, at external exams. Di Lawrence also returns to the College as Director of Development, bringing with her a wealth of experience, professionalism and a deep understanding of the culture of Brigidine. There is no doubt that the role of Alumni within the Brigidine community will be well-guided by both Wendy and Di and under their stewardship, that relationship will continue to grow and develop, with ‘strength and gentleness’. Helen Carlson Alumni Coordinator 2009-2010

The Bridge May 2011

26 The Bridge May 2011

Births, Deaths and Marriages Births Amy Rose Clark to Kate Reilly - Class of 1991 - and Mike Clark– sister for Thomas Emma Hunt to Iris Hunt (nee Stockl) – Class of 1990 - and Scott Hunt– sister for her 3 brothers

Louie Frederick to Nicole Rando (Class of 1994( (waiting on more information) Tyler Powell to Jessica Powell (Upton) – Class of 2001 - and Mark Powell Ashleigh May Elliot to Kim Elliot (Bayer/ Dujmovic) – Class of 1997 and Simon Elliot

Beryl Dermond, mother of Margaret Torrens, Class of 1960, Juennifer Murray, Class of 1965 and Patricia Razzi, Class of 1967. John Landrigan, father of Ann (Class of 1978), Margaret (Class of 1980) and Jenny (Class of 1981). Christine Perrin, mother of Bernadette Perrin (Class of 2001).

Aleksandra Maia Sharp to Nicole Sharp (Pearson) – Class of 1989- and Michael Sharp - stepsister to her twobrothers

Joshua Wickham to Jenny (Douglas) – Class of 1992 - and Nigel Wickham, a brother to Gemma, Sophie and Holly.

Alexander Maytom to Nicole Maytom (Howarth) – Class of 1996 - and Shane Maytom

Emilie Hrnjak to Michelle Hrnjak (Tanner) – Class of 1992 and Michael Hrnjak

Betty Davy, History teacher 1976-1979, mother of Helen Lowe

Dilan Jayamanne to Dilini Jayamanne (Fonseka) – Class of 2001 and Angelo Jayamanne

Anne Robinson, Acting Librarian, wife of Ted and mother of Edward and Fiona

Jett Woodley to Petra Woodley (Bayfield) – Class of 2005 - and Alex Woodley, a brother for Harper Beau Bryce to Terri Cowley – Class of 1985 - and Richard Bryce, a brother for Jay. Jack Joseph Taylor to Jenny Taylor (Kelleher) – Class of 1995 - and David Taylor Liam Andrew Robinson to Alison Robinson (Patchett) – Class of 1997 and Craig Robinson Chloe Elizabeth Bell to Heather Bell (Galvin) – Class of 1997 - and David Bell Willow Mia Peschardt to Fiona Peschardt (Ritchie) – Class of 2001 - and Jack Peschardt.

Deaths Jim Miller, father of Sherry Fenn (Class of 1971), Elaine Tromans (Class of 1975, Sue Hogan (Class of 1997), Jacki Thornton (Class of 1979) and husband of Carol Jim Mortimer, father of Nicole Osborne (Mortimer), Class of 1992 Antony Orton, father of Angela Orton (Class of 1965) and grandfather of Louise Orton (Class of 2000) Marshal Douglas, father of Jenny Wickham (Douglas), Class of 1992.

Past members of staff:

Marriages Louise Keogh (Brady), Class of 2003 to Adam on 9 October in St Brigid’s Chapel at Brigidine College. Louise Sellars (Anderson), Class of 1999, married Mark in October Sarah Rossato (Lee), Class of 1999 married Paul in November Nicole Maytom (Howarth), Class of 1996 married Shane on 5 March Petra Woodley (Bayfield ), Class of 2005 to Alex Tarnee Jacobson, Class of 1993 to Richard Zarzeczny on 5 September Ainslie Heffernan (McNamara), Class of 1991 to David Heffernan on 23 January Kirsten Kerrisk (Pines), Class of 1995 to Michael in January Mellisa Langelage (Lewis), Class of 2000 to Björn on 27 November Emma Kindred (Colton), Class of 2000 to Scott on 16 October Lisa Falvo (Trani), Class of 2002 to David on 20 February This list has been compiled from information supplied by Alumni. If you have information for 2011 please contact Mrs Wendy Baxter, Alumni Coordinator on

Kirsten Kerrisk (nee Pines), Class of 1995 and husband Michael Kerrisk with Cieren


Kerry-Ann O’Sullivan

The Bridge May 2011

Class of 1976 Dr Kerry-Ann O’Sullivan (College Vice Captain 1976; Teaching Staff /English Coordinator 1981-1997) has received a 2010 Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. This national award was presented at the NSW Art Gallery on Monday 2 August 2010 and has a prize of $10,000 for research and development. Kerry-Ann is a Senior Lecturer in Education at Macquarie University and has been acknowledged previously with a number of awards for her teaching and her research. Kerry-Ann has developed an innovative website, e is for english. Her citation reads: For excellence in supporting English teachers at critical points of professional transition through the innovative provision of high-quality, engaging and research-led ICT resources.

Where are they now? Imogen Cranna Class of 2004 I had quite a busy and exciting year in 2010 and I feel as if my artistic endeavours are starting to come to fruition! Since 2009, I have been a member in youMove Dance Company (www.youmovedance. which is based in Parramatta at the Connect Studios. Through youMove I have had opportunities to work with Sydney independent choreographers for performance seasons at Riverside Theatres and to perform in well-known events such as the Sydney Festival Opening Night. I have also had the chance to develop my multimedia skills with the interactive program ‘Isadora’, which I first came across on secondment in 2007 with choreographer Shona McCullagh. This year I was employed as a media artist specialising in ‘Isadora’ for a dance

production in development by Vicki van Hout and I presented a self-devised multimedia performance installation called ‘Tyche’. This piece combines my love of multimedia, dance and music and I performed it at the Manly Arts Fesitval, at the Eramboo Open Studios and Exhibition and for the Sydney Fringe Festival in a triple bill of dance called ‘Three Steps Towards...’ I see ‘Tyche’ as a lifelong project and I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to perform my own work in Sydney.

28 The Bridge May 2011

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Class of 2009

Zoe Demidjuk Class of 2001

Edwina Thompson Class of 2004

Zoe graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney in Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours majoring in Geology in 2005.

In October this year Edwina held a photographic exhibition at the College. Edwina’s photos were taken on her father’s 80,000 acre sheep station in South-West Queensland. There were photos of frogs, grasshoppers, outback sunsets, flowers and plants and all the things that came to life after a lot of rain in January in 2009. “It looked amazing out there, so I hope everyone gets to share a piece of my life out with my dad. He would take me for a drive around the property and be very patient while I sat in the grass waiting for a frog to hop past in front of me, or be swamped by mosquitoes in the paddock with lots of water lying around. My sister, Stef (Class of 2002) spoke of the exhibition as a collection of photographs celebrating the life and hope that comes ‘after the rain’.”

“I really enjoyed science with Mrs Greig (or Miss Harrison as we knew her) at Brigidine. I have been working with SRK Consulting as a Consultant Geologist since my third year of university and transferred from Sydney to Perth in 2008. In early February 2011 I will also be going to Toronto, Canada two years. With SRK I have worked on a broad range of projects from iron ore to rare earth elements and have travelled to India, New Caledonia and around Australia, meeting a lot of young geologists and fieldies that have come from all over the world to work in Western Australia. The photo is of me on site logging diamond core at Rio Tinto’s West Angelas’ Deposit E in June 2010.

Congratulations to the following exstudents who received their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards from the NSW Governor, Professor Marie Bashir AC: Emma McRobie, Lucy Cull, Sarah Kennedy, Clair De Souza, Claire Purnell and Joanna Mayne.

Valeria Sanna Class of 1992

Kim, Class of 1997, is happy in her new job as a learning and development specialist with AMP and Michelle having a great time working in marketing in London.

Although she was only at Brigidine for a year as an exchange student, Valeria enjoys keeping in touch with her friends from Brigidine via Facebook and copies of The Bridge. Now living in Milan with her husband Enrico Boccata and four-year old daughter, Sofia, Valeria is a filmmaker running her own independent production company “BentoBox”. While at Brigidine, Valeria’s host-parents were Lesley and Maurizio Mencio and her host sister was Melinda Mencio.

I really think Brigidine played a significant role in each of the girls’ development and their ability to make their way in the world. I love receiving the magazines – keep them coming!”

“It is with great pleasure that I keep track of the school’s activity and life through your magazine and let me thank you for the excellent work you do. Thank you very much: I send a big sincere hug to all people at Brigidine ‘old’ and new!”

Rando Girls “Nicole, Class of 1994, is doing well and is a project manager with Vodafone, she is also expecting her first baby in two weeks – my first grandchild!

Edwina is planning another exhibition in 2011 and her work will be profiled at St Ives Shopping Village this year.


The Cornell Sisters Class of 2006 and 2008

Julia Kensy Class of 2001

Liesl Cornell, Class of 2006, was a member of the recently successful Australian U23 Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team that won the World Championships in Florence, Italy.

“After completing her HSC Julia enrolled in an Arts degree, taking majors in history and politics. She graduated with honours and was awarded a two-year scholarship to study global history at universities in Germany and Austria. After graduating with distinction from her European course, she completed an internship with the UN in Vienna, where she was involved in organising conferences. At these conferences, she assisted in planning programs designed to make positive differences to the lives of men and women and their families who have been affected by HIV and AIDS.

Jenny Cornell, Class of 2008, has recently returned from a 10 day cruise on the Young Endeavour as part of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme.

Julia is now based in Tehran, where her work is similar to the work she had in Vienna. She organised a conference in Tehran in January. Representatives from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as many European nations attended the conference. Julia is enjoying working in a country that is so different in so many ways. She finds the Iranian people welcoming and generous, and she feels very much at home. She is learning Farsi, which is much more difficult than German.” Thanks to Julia’s mother, Helen, for sharing Julia’s experiences with us.

Lauren Ansell Class of 2003 After leaving Brigidine Lauren studied graphic design and worked as a freelancer. She also spent time travelling and obtained a certificate in ministry leadership. Lauren has since achieved a Bachelor in Social Work from Sydney University and is now working in the child protection sector in Out of Home Care as a case manager and is undertaking post graduate study in therapy for children. In 2008 Lauren married Joel Wardle who is a primary school teacher and songwriter. Lauren and Joel plan to take their skills abroad in the future.

The Bridge May 2011

30 The Bridge May 2011

Class Reunions The class reunions for the Classes of 2000, 1990 and 1980 were celebrated in October 2010. These reunions also coincided with Reunion Day which was held at the College on Saturday 23 October. The 10 year reunion for the Class of 2000 was held on 9 October at the Sands Hotel, Narrabeen and was organized by Andree Baxter. It was great to see so many attending with some people travelling from interstate and rural NSW. There were also a number of apologies from those still moving around the world. Current and former staff members – John Bowie, Maree Lindsay, Di McDonald, Marilyn Lucas, Glenda Chidrawi and Helen Carlson – also had a lot of fun, mostly trying to remember all the names! The 20 and 30 year reunions for the Classes of 1990 and 1980 were held at the Greengate Hotel over the nights of 22 and 23 October. Organisers Bridie O’Sullivan, Kate Parsons and Karen Doyle and their wonderful teams of helpers encouraged former students from all over Australia and overseas to attend. Kerry-Ann O’Sullivan and Marilyn Lucas, former members of staff, attended the Class of 1990 reunion with apologies from Michael Palme who was on long-service leave. “The night was excellent and it was as if we only left yesterday but with a little more knowledge and common sense under our belts. All the girls were absolutely lovely. In fact I think we look better now that what we did 10 years ago.” Pamela Vandersande, Class of 1980. The Class of 1990 organised a raffle at their reunion and raised over $500 for Shara Ferrari,who was recently in a coma and is now in rehabilitation. This was an outstanding effort from her classmates. On 23 October former students from all of these class groups joined former staff, Sr Anita Murray csb, Sr Maureen Keady csb, Marie Duffy and Moira Spiteri, in tours of the College during the afternoon. It was wonderful to hear all their stories and recollections and to also hear the shrieks of laughter and recognition as they roamed around the school. A very special afternoon for everyone.

31 The Bridge

Reunion Dates 2011 Class of 2001: October 2011 Details to be confirmed Class of 1991: October 2011 Details to be confirmed Class of 1981: October 2011 Details to be confirmed Class of 1971: October 2011 Details to be confirmed

Contact Wendy Baxter, Alumni Coordinator on 9988 6200 or Join the Facebook group: Brigidine St Ives to connect with friends and be notified of Brigidine St Ives Alumni reunions.

May 2011

32 The Bridge May 2011

Term Dates 2011 Term Dates for Students

2012 Term Dates for Students

Term 2

Term 1

Friday 24 June: Term 2 ends

Monday 30 January: Staff Professional Development Day

Term 3 Monday 18 July: Staff Professional Development Day Tuesday 19 July: Students Commence Friday 23 September: Term 3 ends

Tuesday 31 January: New Students’ Orientation Day Wednesday 1 February: Term 1 commences Term 2 Monday 23 April: Term 2 commences Friday 22 June: Term 2 ends

Term 4

Term 3

Monday 10 October: Staff Professional Development Day

Monday 16 July: Staff Professional Development Day

Tuesday 11 October: Students Commence

Tuesday 17 July: Term 3 commences

Friday 2 December: Term 4 ends

Friday 21 September: Term 3 ends Term 4 Monday 8 October: Staff Professional Development Day Tuesday 9 October: Term 4 commences Tuesday 4 December: Term 4 ends

The Bridge May 2011 Editor: Alison Windmill, Development and Community Relations Department, Brigidine College St Ives Design:

The Bridge  

May 2011 issue of the the Bridge, the Magazine of Brigidine College St ives

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