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Dear Artists, The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago is pleased to invite you to submit new, exciting, original works for The Annual November Members’ Exhibition (NOVSHO/20) to be held at The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago from Friday 27th November until Friday 18th December. Please follow the criteria listed below for submission to our jury. Artists working in the following genres are invited to submit: Paintings & Drawings (including ink, pastels, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, oils, gouache etc) Sculpture, Ceramics, Fabric, Photography and all new media. This is a juried exhibition which seeks to showcase the best of our artists of Trinidad and Tobago. Our panel will review submissions and score them to select the works for the show. The Vision: There is NO THEME for the exhibition, but, the curator is looking for works that best define who you are as an artist, what defines us, motivates us, inspires us, a sense of place. Looking at these works we must get a sense of our rich and multi-ethnic and cultural diversity, our biological diversity and especially our creative diversity. We have decided to add a wall of only 12’ X 12” cubes, all equally priced, similar to our 70th Anniversary wall. This is to encourage sales of Christmas gifts which we feel is a fair price point. So far, we hope to use the main back wall of the gallery just for this purpose. If you would like to be on the exhibition committee, please call us at 622-9827 The following pages outline criteria for participation in the NOVSHO/20 Please read this carefully and follow the guidelines.

Peter Sheppard – President/ Curator The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Board of Directors Peter Sheppard – President, James Solomon – 1st Vice President & Ag. Treasurer, Wulf Gerstenmaier – 2nd Vice President, James Armstrong – Asst. Secretary, Tessa Alexander Sloane Seale (Director), Che Lovelace (Director), Karl Doyle (Director), Wendy Perriera-Aqui (Director), Antonio Figuero (Director). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3-7 St. Vincent Avenue, Federation Park, Newtown 190333, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Tel: 1-868-622-9827 Email: Website:

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Important dates to remember. Timeline for NOVSHOW/20 Fri 6th Nov


Deadline for (Phase 1) electronic Submission. Please complete online form: and also email HI-RES images to subject line NOVSHO20

Sun 15th Nov


Selection by Jury

Mon 16th Nov


Selection Notification

Fri 20th & Sat 21st


Phase 2 Submission of Accepted work

Mon 23rd Nov


Final Cut Notice

Thu 26th Nov


Buyer’s Preview

Fri 27th Nov

12pm-8pm (subject to change)

Opening of NOVSHO

Sun 29th Nov


Christmas mART (Tentative)

Wed 9th Dec


Movie Night (Tentative)

Fri 18th Dec


Closing (& Christmas Social -Tentative)

Sat 19th Dec



The Jury and selection process A committee will determine which works will be selected for this exhibition. The criteria MUST be adhered to and the more creative and sensational the work, the better. The committee and the artists can use this matrix as a guide. Artists whose work has been selected will be identified at this time.






Visual Impact/ Composition

Use of Media

Creativity/ Originality






Matrix Explained: The matrix will be given to each member of the Jury. They will award points individually and an average taken as the final score. The jury will establish a percentage point that is considered accepted vs declined. For example, any work scoring lower that an average of 20 points will not be accepted for this show. VISUAL IMPACT/ COMPOSITION (10 points) points awarded to the overall impact and composition. USE OF MEDIA: (10 points) Competency in the handling of media used. Mixing of colours, application, brushwork, penmanship. CREATIVITY/ORIGINALITY; (10 points) Points awarded for execution of artwork and new original ideas. PRESENTATION: All artwork received will be evaluated by the curator based on presentation and readiness to hang (tidy edges - painted or taped around the sides / professionally framed, with hooks and wires installed). Any works not meeting these criteria will NOT be included in this show

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GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING TO THE “NOVSHO” WHO CAN SUBMIT WORKS: Any member artist can submit works for this exhibition. Non -Members can also apply for membership by completing the online form and depositing the membership fee at any First Citizens Banks, nationwide per info in the form. Then email the deposit slip to I.

WHAT CAN I SUBMIT: Any painting, drawing, photo, sculpture, ceramic, any 3D work, installation and/or new media. Works MUST be new - if previously displayed at any other exhibition or gallery will NOT be accepted.


HOW MANY WORKS CAN I SUBMIT: 1 large, OR 1 or 2 medium OR 1 or 2 (12”x12”) cubes for a “CUBE WALL”


WHAT IS THE SIZE LIMITATIONS? 1. Submitting one (1) piece? One large piece not exceeding 36”x48” or the equivalent of (Portrait) 2. Submitting two (2) pieces? Two medium pieces no bigger than 24”x36” or the equivalent of 864sq. in) each. 3. Submitting one or two 12”x12x1.25” cubes for the 12x12 wall (all selling for $2,500.00 each.) • All works on the wall of 12x12 cubes will be offered at the same price of $2,500.00 each. You will earn $1,875.00 and the ASTT will earn $625.00 (these are to be unframed)


NAMING MY FILES: 1. Write all file names in lowercase letters 2. Only use letters, numbers, and dashes – no blank spaces 3. Include your own name and name of artwork in the file a. For example, bholder-ladyinred.jpg 4. Keep it short! Yes, be descriptive, but the shorter your file names are, the better. I’ve found that 10-20 characters is usually enough room to squeeze in your name and a description.


PRICING: Pricing is very important. Please consider the economic state of affairs at the moment. Our feedback from patrons has suggested that while they would like to support artists, especially new and emerging artists, their price point is too high. It is in your best interest to keep your selling price moderate, to help with attracting a sale. This can be calculated using the following formula. Artist Price X 4, divided by 3 = Selling Price. Eg: if you want $800.00 in your hand, 800 X 4 = $3200. 3200 divided by 3 = $1067.00 is your selling price (Note: Works arriving without a price, will not be accepted)


ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION ONLY: In the interest of Public Health, Phase one of submissions will be online using our fillable submission form You will also be asked to email high-res (300DPI) images of the works being submitted. Photograph work before framing. Deadline for Phase One online submission is Friday 6th November. Email images of the artwork accompanied by the Title to Name in the subject line, write NOVSHOW20

VII. JURYING: This will be a juried exhibition. Only submissions received electronically will be presented to panel for scoring on Sunday 15th November VIII. SELECTION NOTIFICATION: Upon completion of the jurying process, shortlisted works which have scored above 25 points, will advance to Phase 2. In this phase, artists will receive an email notice on Monday 16th November. Upon receipt of this notice, artists may proceed to having their work mounted or framed and prepared with wires, hooks etc. for delivery to the ASTT no later than Saturday 21st November. IX.

FRAMING: Works are always better framed. However, when taking your photo for submission, do so BEFORE FRAMING. If you are not framing your work, please ensure that the sides are neat and that there is a hook or wire behind it for hanging. (10 points will be deducted if there is no wires or hooks or means to hang the work and will be excluded)


COMMISSION: All works sold at this exhibition by the ASTT are subject to a 25% Sales Commission. If you are selling for $7,000.00, ASTT will deduct its commission of $1,750.00 and you will receive $5,250.00.

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CURATORIAL TEAM: During the week of 23-27 Nov the Curatorial team, will review the physical shortlisted work and install the exhibition. Another notice will be sent indication that your work has made the FINAL CUT and is an official part of the exhibition. Also, during this week, the team will complete the online catalogue, labels and media relations.


OPENING: Exhibition opens on Fri 27 Nov with just a Buyers Preview (by appointment) and public opening on Sat 28 Nov. We are monitoring the Public Health situation to determine what format the opening will take. We are examining virtual/online options as a parallel resource.

XIII. SUBMISSION: Physical submission days are 20 and 21 Nov, Noon - 6pm. Works must be properly labeled (Labels sample attached). Submission forms MUST have been sent electronically prior to 6NOV-online submission deadline. XIV. SUBMISSION FEE: There is a minimal submission fee of $50.00 for each piece selected. This in a non- refundable charge and applies to accepted works that have advanced to phase 2. This is to be paid when work is physically brought in on 20- 21 Nov. XV. COLLECTION: Exhibition closes on Fri 18 Dec and Collection Day is Sat 19 Dec. Please make arrangements to have your work collected on this day, keeping in mind that we will be closed for Christmas after this. XVI. AWARDS: The 101 Art Gallery has been the sponsor of awards at Art Society shows as they support rewarding excellence in the Visual Arts. The following awards will be given in the NOVSHO20. Best in Show, Best Painting, Best Photography, Best 3D/Sculpture/Ceramic, Best New Artist, Presidents’ Award. XVII. SPONSORSHIP: This is a very important aspect of any art exhibition. As an N.G.O., we depend on the generosity of our corporate and private sectors. Without this support, we cannot run our programmes as they should be run. We are appealing to everyone, whether you work with a large organization, a small business or even as an individual, to help support the Visual Arts. We are mindful of these very challenging times, but, every little bit helps. To make a contribution please contact us at 622-9827 or email XVIII. CONSULTATION: The Curator will be available for consultation (by appointment) on Tuesdays between 4pm-6pm and Saturdays between Noon – 6pm. This facility is being offered to artists who wish to get some guidance with respect to their work. XIX. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING/POSTS: This is YOUR show. Every participant is responsible for putting the word out. We will create a template advertising the show and you will add an image of your work to it… Each person will then share within the Social Media circles on Instagram and Facebook using @artsocietytt #NOVSHO20 #artsociety

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________ Work Submission Form

________ Work Submission Form

Artist “nom de plume”

Artist “nom de plume”

Title of Piece

Title of Piece





Year created

Year created

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CHECK LIST ▢ In your studio, chose the pieces you will be submitting ▢ Take Hi-Res (300DPI) photos of your work (before framing) ▢ Decide on titles and selling price (you will get 75% in your hand) ▢ COMPLETE ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM:- ▪

Fill it out and submit (it is not printable)

▢ EMAIL IMAGES ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Write all file names in lowercase letters Only use letters, numbers, and dashes – no blank spaces Include your own name and name of artwork in the file - e.g For example, bholder-ladyinred.jpg Keep it short! Yes, be descriptive, but the shorter your file names are, the better. I’ve found that 1020 characters is usually enough room to squeeze in your name and a description.

▢ Upon receipt of Notice of Acceptance, Prepare work for delivery to the ASTT. Proceed to framing, ▢ Prepare work for hanging (i.e. attach wires and/or hooks, display notes (for 3D works) ▢ Fill out Work Submission Forms and attach to each piece BEFORE coming to the ASTT. ▢ DELIVER WORK TO ASTT. Works advancing to Phase 2 are to be brought-in to the ASTT on either Fri 20 or Sat 21 Nov between 12pm (Noon)-6pm ▢ SHARE EVENT on Social Media. After receipt of the Final Cut, share our event in your social media.

For further information, please feel free to drop us an email to with NOVSHO INFO in the subject line.