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Board of Directors Meeting 2012-10-24 Executive Meeting Call to Order - Meeting called to order at 19:12 Attendance: Leanna Carlson, Cat Siversten, Penny Fahlman, Elaine Kerr, Lisa Redpath, Wendy Young, Ivan Paquette, Philomena Hughes, Zelda Craig, Amanda O’Leary, Elizabeth MacRitchie, Doug Hofstede, Keith Carlson, Darcy Kinder Regrets: Roy Spooner Round Table Introductions 1. Preliminaries: a. Approval of the Agenda Motion - to approve the Agenda made by Zelda Craig Seconded by Ivan Paquette. b. Approval of the Minutes Motion - to approve the Minutes from September 24, 2012 with corrections made by Penny Fahlman Seconded by Ivan Paquette 2. Reports: a. President’s Report (Leanna Carlson)- verbally presented b. Treasurer’s Report (Penny Fahlman) – report not ready yet c. Executive Director Report (Wendy Young)- written report – also: Calendar has come in. Meeting with Minister of Arts & Culture Bill Bennett. 2 Spirited - Tuesdays Oct 23 to Dec 4 at the Native Friendship Centre 3. Old Business: a. Studio Fair – New Rep from the Board for next year to attend meetings (possibly 6) regarding Studio Fair to keep abreast of any possible upcoming situations. Cat Siversten will volunteer with Elaine Kerr. b. Policy Manual (Elaine) – Leanna and Elaine to meet in the coming months to complete Policy and Procedures project by the end of our fiscal year. 4. Previous Action List: a. Studio Fair Rep to be identified – Cat and Elaine b. Peter Hvezeda – Wend to follow up - Peter not able to join Board c. Penny to make final adjustments to the proposed budget for the AGM – complete d. Keith to send ideas about Core Review to Wendy - complete 5. New Action List: a. Wendy to contact Tourism to put a plan together for collecting stats for Studio Fair next year. Zelda and Cat will assist. b. Elaine and Leanna will have a draft version of the Policy & Procedures by the end of February 2013 to present to the Board by the end of March 2013. c. Board members are encouraged to check the Agenda on the website (available on the Friday prior to the meeting) and to watch/follow City Council Meetings on television to keep abreast of issues and current events (also check the website). d. Wendy to send out the two documents The Board Development Documents. e. Elaine to contact Tess Healy in January 2013 to inquire about Board Development for current Board.

f. Wendy to contact Executive to set up a time to complete signing authority g. Elaine to draw up a calendar for next meeting booking all future meetings 6. New Business: A. Executive Position- Motion - that Elaine Kerr will be the President; Darcy Kinder will be the Secretary; Penny Fahlman wil be the Treasurer made by Leanna Carlson. Seconded by Cat Siversten. All in Favour. Leanna will remain as Vice-President temporarily. B. New Director Briefing a. Constitutions- Every person should read b. Board Development – Future session(s) requested with Tess Healy C. Authorized Signatures –Keith Carlson moves to make the four Executives have signing authorities. Seconded by Zelda Craig. All in Favour. D. Scheduling of tour of Studio 2880 – After the Meeting tonight E. Next Meeting (tentative) Nov. 28, 2012 @ 17:15hrs 7. In Camera Session Meeting adjourned at 18:59 hrs

OCTOBER 2012 BOD Minutes  

Minutes from the BOD

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