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Irina Negulescu the paintings of

story by Paola Hornbuckle

People ask me what do the underwater women in my paintings mean, what do they tell us?” explains Irina Negulescu during a sunny Sunday morning in her studio on India Street in downtown San Diego, “and I think they want space; freedom of expression. I like to capture the essence of their femininity through the movements they make underwater. Every painting, more or less, represents a self portrait. I like to capture fluidity and dance since I always listen to beautiful, uplifting music when I create each piece. I don’t like when people interpret my underwater paintings as women drowning.” Irina confides that she tries to always be positive and not dwell on the unfortunate - despite a difficult upbringing -and makes sure that her paintings are happy, colorful and airy. The sensual otherworldliness, striking rich colors and ethereality of her paintings are her trademark.


ArtsNFashion Magazine Winter Issue 2011  

The arts can be an extraordinary vehicle for education and multi-cultural understanding, as well as a source of beauty and inspiration. Cove...

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