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During that time, Caelum Entertainment was established by Gaetano Lattanzi.  Eventually, the financial rewards of working his father’s business also gave Farrowtone the freedom and the time to adapt his song writing to the music of today. He continued to go to New York to write and record.  Farrowtone discovered the popular style of music being played in the local clubs in San Diego and New York.  His style of writing and his music seemed to fit very organically into the new wave of House music.  It was another unlikely encounter by Gaetano that gave Farrowtone the last push he needed to put his music first. Gaetano met a radio promoter that had heard his music. Given the opportunity, the promoter was sure he could move his music to radio stations nationwide.  Gaetano and Ryan agreed, and the national radio push began.  Within weeks of the release, Farrowtone’s song “Bedroom,” was picked up and made its way to #8 on the ACQB charts.  “It was amazing to watch my song climb the charts with people like Colbie Callet and Katy Perry.”  But, as with much of the music industry highs, there was a harsh reality to the industry. Record labels quickly took notice to the unsigned stranger on the charts and within days the song was pulled off the air. “At first it was frustrating. But I knew I had a hit and that was exciting.”  What is Next for Farrowtone? For the past year, Farrowtone has been unstoppable, working the club circuits hard, performing with some of San Diego’s hottest DJ’s and in San Diego’s best venues, including the House of Blues.  As an artist, it is important to Ryan to stay true and dedicated to his home town. He is dedicated to being known as the POP, R&B/Soul/House artist from San Diego.  With a national chart topping hit single and a strong fan base, he knows his hard work and passion for music are paying off.  Ryan and Gaetano are ready to shop Farrowtone’s first EP.  They have just released what they believe to be his best song to date, “Just Let Go” which is available for download on iTunes.  In the coming months, they will be releasing the video to “Just Let Go” and will be embarking on the biggest promotional push by his team so far.  While the journey has been long and filled with many lessons, Ryan Farhood - Farrowtone - knows he has only just begun.

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The arts can be an extraordinary vehicle for education and multi-cultural understanding, as well as a source of beauty and inspiration. Cove...

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