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music Ryan met Linda Holland, daughter of world renowned Motown writer Brian Holland. Brian Holland was part of the trio Holland-Dozier-Holland, considered to be one of the greatest songwriting teams in popular music. Linda agreed to manage Farrowtone. This relationship gave him the opportunity to sit down with Brian Holland and learn to write music. Ryan describes the experience, “I have never been a star-struck person. But knowing what he had done and what he had accomplished, the feeling was very surreal. I knew all the songs I grew up loving and that made me love R&B, Brian had written most of them.  It was an honor. I was learning from the best.”  He credits his writing abilities to the time he spent learning from Brian.  He continued to write while working odd jobs.  He even worked as a make-up artist and skin care specialist for companies such as NARS and Kiehls.  But it was a chance encounter by Ryan’s Mother, Jeanette, which brought Gaetano Lattanzi back into his life.  During a trip to New York, she went into a restaurant owned by Gaetano’s family, “Paper Moon Milano”.  Jeanette asked the waiter if he knew Gaetano and gave the waiter her son’s phone number. Within an hour, Ryan received a phone call from Gaetano. They made a pact to reconnect and work more on recording.  

Motivated and excited about what lay before him, Ryan made his way to LA in search of the

family comes first


 Money was tight.  Ryan was having a hard time making ends meet. “My dad came to me and told me how much he needed me.”  Beat up by Los Angeles, and more than discouraged, he moved back to La Jolla to help his father with the family business.  He also worked with Gaetano on his music.  As he learned his dad’s business and managed his father’s investments, he would fly to New York to record music on weekends. All seemed to be going well, until October 2008. “I remember my mom called while I was driving and asked me to rush to the hospital.” It was hard to believe this was happening, as the stress and tension of his father’s business life was overwhelming.  While his dad laid in the hospital bed, he promised his father he would take over the business. Ryan knew his family had to come first and he had to make sure his mom was taken care of. For the next four years, he put his dreams on hold and worked to secure what his dad had spent years building. 


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