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farrowtone at the House of Blues

the story behind the music industry

Ryan helped his Dad with the family business during the week and focused on his career in his off-time, but the pressure to take over his Dad’s company was increasing.  He knew that wasn’t part of his own plan as he felt he had a gift in his voice that was meant to be shared. It was a matter of getting his music into the right hands. Ryan quickly learned that though there were many hands extended in his direction, “the right hands” were not always easy to find. He met a man in the music industry who he describes simply as The Deceiver.  “He seemed like a good guy. He was from a group I knew was successful.  But I was young, and this guy promised me the world. I paid him a lot of money. We recorded a few of my songs and he promised to get them out there. It never happened.” Ryan soon realized he had been taken advantage, so he decided it was time to take things into his own hands and go to Los Angeles. Motivated and excited about what lay before him, Ryan made his way to LA in search of the dream.  “I worked as an errand boy at Larrabee East Studio and as an assistant for the head engineer at Will Smith’s studio. I wanted to learn the business, so I listened intently to everything and learned all I could,” he recalls. It was a one chance encounter that led him to one of the most memorable experiences of his life.  


ArtsNFashion Magazine Winter Issue 2011  

The arts can be an extraordinary vehicle for education and multi-cultural understanding, as well as a source of beauty and inspiration. Cove...

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