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TONE story by Chrissy Mulder graphic design by Katie Sundberg

san diego roots

 San Diego’s own Pop, R&B and House Singer! He has soul! He has a voice love songs are created for, combined with the talent of a veteran Motown song writer and for Ryan Farhood, his dream is that the world will notice what the people of San Diego already know. There is an artist, from the heart of San Diego, dedicated to bringing Pop, R&B and Soul into the House.  Raised in the coastal community of La Jolla, California, Farrowtone, as he’s known in the music industry, was born on October 24, 1978 to Barry and Jeanette Farhood.  A dynamic blend of cultures sculpted the person that he has become today. Ryan’s father is Persian and his mother is half Cuban and half Puerto Rican.  A loyal San Diegan, Ryan has lived in the prestigious community of La Jolla the majority of his life.He loves his community and feels it’s important that people know where he’s from. “San Diego is an amazing place. But in the music industry, it’s highly underrated.  San Diego needs to be put on the map musically and culturally.  I’m from La Jolla, a beautiful place from the ocean to the hills. It’s my home. I want to represent it, ” says Ryan.


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