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Level three - for heads of department and directors 5-8 February 2012, Cambridge This programme is specifically designed for established arts marketers working at head of department / director level who are responsible for leading strategic direction for their organisation/team. Participants will work with industry experts, leading business thinkers, and peers from across the sector to explore the changing role of leadership and organisational development in the arts today. They will augment existing, high-level marketing skills, with business planning, organisational development, financial strategies, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills to generate the confidence, credibility and resilience required to perform effectively as a leader at the highest level within the arts and cultural sector.

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Programme 5th to 8th February 2012 Augment your high-level marketing and audience development skills with organisational development, business planning, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.



Organisational development address these changes head on and will explore the role of the marketing department in shaping the organisation’s future.

John Knell, Co-Founder Intelligence Agency We are witnessing profound changes in society today. This opening keynote will

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

Issues to be covered are broad and diverse including business planning, leadership, strategic partnerships, finance, and the impact your arts organisation has on society. Learn how to transform your organisation and your role within it.

Module one


Business models, plans and organisational development This workshop will set participants on the journey to devising and creating the right business planning approach for their organisation, for their artistic policies, and for their audiences, visitors and participants.

Diane Ragsdale Is there any such thing as a standard business model for the arts? The elements required to create a relevant and effective business model and plan for an international touring theatre company, for example, may well be very different to the elements of the plan required to guide a regional contemporary gallery.

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

Participants will be given a framework and tools to assess and review their current business model and to help them plan a direction for the future of the company. A business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. This session will explore what this means for the arts and how to adapt business thinking for the sector.

Module two


Financial strategies financial difficulties as a result of the recession. This workshop will explore how to create a financial strategy which not only offers long-term financial viability, but also enables you to remain mission-led and audience-focused.

Susan Royce, Change management consultant Susan works at the ‘sharp end’ of change – most of her work is with organisations and leaders that need or want to make radical changes in how they operate. This includes work with Arts Council England as part of the Sustain funding for arts organisations that were having

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

It will explore the cost and revenue building blocks of the business model, highlighting how to identify appropriate income streams which take into account predicted revenue, cost and risk factors, and your organisation’s aims. How might you craft the optimum financial strategy so that your organisation can fulfil its objectives and thrive during the next business plan period?

Module three


The external environment Diane will provide delegates with a model to help them review their external relations strategy in line with the business plan and mission, and in line with the changing external environment, to ensure that the company remains relevant, meaningful and present in its community today.

Diane Ragsdale This workshop will bring delegates together to explore the changing external landscape in which our organisations operate.

This will include looking at partnerships, collaborations and alliances; sponsor and funder relations; press and media influence; board and staff input; and other stakeholder relationships.

It will recap on environment scanning (i.e. current PEST influences) and will show how to use this information to inform our business models and plans.

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

Module four


Leadership in the arts and cultural sector leadership style and how this fits with the skills required to effectively implement strategies and change.

Mark Wright, Learning Design Consultant and Facilitator The process of business planning, marketing and audience development planning, creating a digital strategy and organisational development plans (etc.) implies new thinking and change for the company and for your team. This session will build on the planning process by exploring your personal

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

Together with the executive coaching (optional) and reflection sets, this session is designed to help participants generate the confidence, credibility and resilience to perform effectively as leaders at the highest level within the arts and cultural sector.

I think it’s fair to say I was buzzing before, during and now after the event. The content was inspiring, the people lovely, the organisation excellent and it was great to get back to Cambridge. After AMA retreat level three, October 2010

Round table discussions


The changing role of leadership

Peter Bellingham Managing Director Welsh National Opera

Tony Butler

Director Museum of East Anglian Life The arts are increasingly working in a more open, interactive way with audiences and visitors – from co-curated exhibitions, to crowdsourced performances, to online discussion, and user-generated marketing – the divide between the public and the arts organisation is increasing being dissolved. Who is the ‘director’, who is the ‘marketer’, who is the ‘audience’? As these roles and others merge within the connected world of co-creation, what does this mean for the very nature of leadership?

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

Sue Coffer

Administrative Director Northern Stage

Faith Liddell

Director Festivals Edinburgh This connected way of working requires agile, flexible organisations that are ready to respond to the views of a broad range of partners and stakeholders and it therefore requires agile, flexible leadership to thrive in this connected world. Participants will be given the opportunity to quiz a number of guest leaders from a range of arts organisations. These guests will act as round table hosts, providing you with the rare opportunity to chat to them in a small group context. Hear first hand how some of the business leaders working in the arts today are developing a more flexible, collaborative leadership style.

Module five


Planning and creating a change plan for your organisation This session will explore how to develop a state of mind within your team to help the organisation to become more agile, daring and responsive.

Mark Wright, Learning Design Consultant and Facilitator

Participants will discuss how to develop a culture of creativity that will support their team and / or organisation in its bid to remain vibrant and meaningful in a society where change is rapidly becoming the status quo.

Managing change successfully – moving your organisation forward to meet new goals with problems anticipated and disruptions minimised – is demanding.

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

Business planning working groups


The working groups will be asked to put their business planning skills to the test to outline a strategic direction for the organisation for the next 3–5 years and to outline what needs to change or develop in order to achieve a balance of artistic excellence, public engagement, and financial stability.

Each group will be given a case study from a fictional arts organisation (this will be sent out in advance for delegates to read and make a few brief notes on).

The business planning exercise will involve delegates working together, collaborating with peers from across a range of different art forms, to solve business planning challenges.

Each group has a maximum of five minutes for their presentations followed by a discussion on the key themes and ideas arising from the presentations.

Reflection sets

On the last day of the AMA retreat, each group will present their recommendations and plans to the rest of the cohort.


Each day the participants will be allocated time to spend within their ‘reflection sets’. The purpose of these sets is to provide time and peer-support to reflect on and explore how the theory applies to them, to their current organisation, and to their future career ambitions. Each set will provide a safe learning environment for participants to review the strategic options and future directions open to them.

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

Sunday 5th to Wednesday 8th February 2012 The Møller Centre, Cambridge AMA retreat photos by

Location Møller Centre, Cambridge ‘The Møller centre was an excellent venue choice. The atmosphere was perfect for a retreat. The food was of a very high standard and there was plenty of it!’ After AMA retreat in March 2011 The Møller Centre is a residential training and conference centre in Cambridge with stunning architecture, creative working spaces, great food and contemporary accommodation. Located at the crossroads of the UK’s main transport network, being just one mile from the M11 motorway and a short taxi ride from Cambridge railway station with its frequent express services to London Kings Cross (45 minutes), London Liverpool Street (1 hour and 15 minutes) and Stansted Airport (30 minutes), it is easy to get to.

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

Cost and bursaries

£950 +VAT

The cost is £950 +VAT for AMA members. Non-members must join the AMA to take part in this programme.

Arts Council Wales, Audiences UK and Creative Scotland will be providing bursaries to selected candidates.

Membership starts from just £30 +VAT. Email for more information on membership.

Arts Council Wales bursary Arts Council Wales will provide four bursaries at £750 each for either AMA retreat (level one and level three) depending on demand. These are available to heads of department / directors (or equivalent) working within an arts organisation in Wales.

The cost includes: - three-day intensive training course with highly experienced trainers and guest speakers - three nights accommodation in the Møller Centre - all meals during the programme e.g. extensive breakfast and lunch buffet plus wide choice of refreshments - Learning Log folder with handouts, presentations and further reading materials To book your place, please fill in the short application form on the last page of this brochure and return it to by 21 November. Please also take a look at the booking terms and conditions

Arts Marketing Association / AMA retreats

download bursary application form

Audiences UK bursary Audiences UK will provide one 50% bursary (£475) for a head of department / director (or equivalent) of one of the UK’s audience development agencies. download bursary application form

Creative Scotland bursray Creative Scotland will provide one full bursary (£950) for somebody who works at head of department / director level (or equivalent) within the arts, culture and creative industries in Scotland. download bursary application form

* Bursaries may not be awarded to more than one person from the same organisation.

It’s rare that you attend some training that really affects how you think and feel about what you do. The AMA retreat cajoled, stimulated, intrigued and when necessary prodded me into some fresh thinking with a big, sharp stick. And an added bonus - I have met some wonderful people who were so generous with their thoughts and their company. Without doubt a unique getaway for the marketing mind.’ Carol Jones, Head of Marketing, Chapter Arts Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Book now by completing the simple application form (see next page) and return it to by 21 November. Please email if you would like a Word version of the application form. w: t: +44 1223 578078

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marketing leadership programme BOOKING FORM: AMA retreat – level three – heads of department and directors 5 to 8 February 2012, Cambridge Please complete this simple booking form and return it to the AMA office by 21 November 2011. You can e-mail it to or post to: AMA, 7a Clifton Court, Clifton Road, Cambridge CB1 7BN. We will contact you within 5 days of receipt of your booking to confirm your place and send you a confirmation letter and invoice. Name: Job title: Organisation: Email: Telephone: Address:

2. How long have you been working at head of department / director level? Up to 1 year

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Up to 5 years 3. Are you a current AMA member?



*Please note that you must be a current AMA member to take part in the AMA retreats programme. Membership starts from £55 for a 6 month trial membership. For more information and to join, go to or email If you have any queries, please contact Anne Freitag at

Arts Marketing or on 01223Association 578078./ AMA retreats

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