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Questioning the creation and perpetuation of racialized pejorative usage may be a new, but vital, part of the dialogue within a modern understanding of Whiteliness. “When white feminists proclaim that white women are primarily women, this is an extension of an essentially white privilege.” (Alcoff, Visible Identities, 210) The cause and effect, of this irrational backwardness is explained by Alcoff as “alienation” and as an “unintelligible mess.” This process is dehumanizing. Faucette’s advice for cultivating a new mode of communication is to, “start identifying our f*ck ups, and not just learn from them, but acknowledge the hurt they cause other people.” Alcoff suggests working together through a futuristic transformative approach in which we share history and share present cultural elements rather than a set of obscure fundamental centrisms. She writes that, “we must tell the full story of white racism in all its complexity.” (Alcoff, Visible Identities, 217) To paraphrase Alcoff, “In order to conceptualize a nondominating and antisupremacist identity” we basically need to abolish the dichotomous version of self and look for ways to acknowledge the past but also work to creating an “inclusive human community.” As multi-dimensional beings, we must create new strategies for building and securing a protective layer, rich in truth, education, necessity, and survivalism, between ourselves and the oppressors or oppressive tactics. Pejoratives do hurt people and identity does matter since those who divert from norms are subordinate and servile. -Nik de Leon

Anarcho Feminist Dialogues: Preview  

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