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Best Pro Evo Commentary Quotes “And the ball now.” Stating the obvious there Peter. “Finds himself in the box!” “What can he conjure up here?” Who is he, Harry Potter? “Stolen off him.” Thief on the pitch. “Gets it.” “Rooney!” When Marlon King shoots. “He’s on the rampage.” “A mis-timed lunge gives away a free-kick.” “He just summed up is chances and thought ‘Let’s have a go.’” “So they squandered their advantage Trevor.” “It must have shaved the top of the bar.” Good grooming is essential in football. “On the ball here.” “The ball has eluded the defence.” “Yellow card is out here.” “Gives it a go.” “Good pass.” He does like stating the obvious doesn’t he? “It may have been a mis-hit, it was off-target though.” WTF?! “The players are looking encouraged by that goal.” You don’t say. “There’s a man in space.” Really?! “Goal in sight here!” “He’ll have to be on his toes for the rest of the game.” “A big roar from the crowd!” “Directs his header on goal!” “He finds the best option is to punch it.” “And he dispatches one.” Usually arrives within 3 working days. “This has potential.” “That was outrageously confident.” “He’s in the box now.” “Some of the crowd thought that was in.” After the ball sails out of the stadium. “Sneaks into the box!” Assassin on the loose! “Lifts it high.” “Oh yes Peter” as if Trevor Brooking’s been smoking pot. “There’s pushing and shoving – they’ll be getting their handbags out next.”

Pro Evo Quotes